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1960's Battle of Sexes Comedies

  • Nov 8, 2011
  • by
I am a child of the 60's. I grew up in that decade and relate to and appreciate all things related to the time period. One of my favorite film genre's from the 1960's is battle of the sexes comedies. The one thing about all of these movies is that there was never any sex. After all most of these were made in the early 1960's. I tried to include a variety of different types with different stars to compare in my list . This is in no way a definitive list but its a good cross section of the genre.
Boy's Nigh Out
I have placed Boy's Night Out at the top of my list. It is probably my favorite on the list. Its a Doris Day Rock Hudson film without Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Kim Novak plays the beautiful blonde bombshell who takes up residence in apartment to be the companion to the four men who share this New York apartment. The men are James Garner,( who also made several battle of sexes films with Doris Day), Tony Randall (also present in several of Doris Days films), Howard Duff, and Howie Morris. The movie is written with both sophistication and slapstick humor. James Garner's mother is played by the always delighful Jessie Royce Landis. Rounding out the cast are the wives Janet Blair, Patty Page, and Janice Rule. There is never any sex in the film. Kim Hunter's character is in reality a grad student writing on human sexuality using the men for her subject in her thesis. And the ending with the entire cast meeting up in the apartment at the same time is both slapstick and hysterical. Watch for a brief cameo by Zsa Zsa Gabor in the last few minutes of the film.
See the full review, "Boy's Night Out - One of my favorite 1960's Battle of the sexes comedies".
Lover Come Back
This could almost be number one of my list. I like it almost equally as much as Boy's Night Out. Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, round at the cast. There is sex in this one, but only after Doris and Rock get high on some alcohol infused candies and end up getting married in Elkton, Maryland. The marriage is annulled until nine months later when they are married once more just as Doris enter the delivery room for the baby she conceived on the origianal honeymoon., The movie contains many similarities in story to Pillow Talk, which is the better known of the two films but not my personal favorite.
One Two Three (1961)
Billy Wilder directed this fast paced (one, two, three paced) film which stars James Cagney. Wild, fast paced and full of laughs. It has elements of a 60's battle of the sexes humor, along with humorous moments from the cold war in East Germany involving the formula for Coca Cola.
Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell
Gina Lollobridigia stars in this movie about World War II veterans returning for a reunion in Italy and wanting to meet the now adult child they have been supporting. The only problem is Gina has told four men they are the fathers and they are all back for the reunion. The musical Momma Mia borrowed a lot of elements from this movie.
Come September
Gina Lollobridigia returns to my list again. This time with Rock Hudson. Also starring Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. There are wonderful scenes of Italy in this film which I love. And Gina and Rock have wonderful screen chemistry.
That Touch of Mink
Doris Day and Cary Grant. Also starring Audrey Meadows and John Astin. This is a typical will she or won't she film with Doris. She has to be the worlds oldest virgin in this film. When she leaves to meet Cary Grant for a weekend in the Bahama's her roommate Audrey Meadows is dissolved in tears over the decision. Looking at it today you almost have to wonder why she is so upset. Was she perhaps in love with Doris herself? Nay! Its the early 60's. She is just worried about Doris's virginity.
Move Over, Darling
Remake of Cary Grant's My Favorite Wife. After Marilyn Monroe's death and the unfinished film Somethings Got To Give, they decided Doris should take Marilyn's place and they renamed it Move Over Darling. Once more James Garner appears on my list here. This time his mother is played by the wonderful Thelma Ritter.
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara on a list of 60's sex comedies. Watch McLintock and then tell me its not a battle of the sexes comedy.
How to Murder Your Wife
Jack Lemmon, Virni Lisi, and Terry Thomas star in this wild film. Did Jack murder his wife? Why does Terry Thomas hate women? Will it all work out with a happy ending? Of course.
Man's Favorite Sport?
Howard Hawks waited over 30 years to try and remake Bringing Up Baby. There is no lion in this film, but if you watch it, it will be obvious he was trying to recapture the screwball pacing of Bringing Up Baby. Paula Prentiss is directed to try and talk as fast as Catherine Hepburn in this film and to play basically the same character. As much as I like Paula, she is no Catherine Hepburn. And Rock Hudson is wonderfu, but again no replacement for Cary Grant. Not one of my favorites.
If a Man Answers
Sandra Dee tries to be Doris Day. Bobby Darrin tries to be Rock Hudson. They have about as much luck as Rock and Paula above had trying to be Catherine. If you haven't seen this one give it a pass.

What did you think of this list?

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November 13, 2011
These were good movies.
November 09, 2011
Great idea for a list!! I used to watch these types of films, but I'm bad about remembering the titles; I remember McLintock and I think I remember How To Murder Your Wife, as I always liked Jack Lemmon - I'm sure I saw some of these as I always like Cay Grant, Tony Randall and Rock Hudson - I remember watching some Gina Lollabridigia when I was a kid and always thought she was so pretty. Nice list!!!
November 09, 2011
Thanks so much for the comment. I had fun working on the list. It brought back lots of fun memories.
November 09, 2011
I remember watching a few movies that had Peter Falk in them too; I don't remember if they were "battle of the sexes" movies, but they were funny nevertheless. It's hard to find a good comedy these days!
November 08, 2011
Great list! I love this time period and the theme but, haven't seen any of these. Thanks for giving me a starting point.
November 08, 2011
Your welcome. This is a good starting list. There are many others from that time also, but I wanted to give a good variety.
November 08, 2011
I so love this list! I've seen 1/4 of the movies on the list. Will have to check out the others. Somebody's got to make similar lists for other eras, too! Great list, Larry :)
November 08, 2011
Its a fun list. Thanks for checking it out.
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