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reviewed We Are the Void. August 29, 2010
posted in Music Matters
We Are the Void
Dark Tranquillity seems to be a band incapable of producing anything less than a great album. Most bands go through a history of releases comparable to topography, with varying heights of accomplishment. …
reviewed Dead As Dreams. April 05, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Dead As Dreams
There are a lot of very special black metal bands and black metal albums. But there is no album that achieves the same terrible perfection and establishes its own echelon of superlative mastery as Weakling's …
reviewed For a New Liberty. March 25, 2010
For a New Liberty
It might change you too, if you pick it up and read it with an open mind.    The thesis of this book can be summed up as "libertarianism is a justified social philosophy and only it …
The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical
You can put this book in the "anarchocapitalist" camp of libertarianism (as opposed to the "limited" government type of libertarianism), but this is probably the least inspiring anarchocapitalist book …
reviewed Love Metal. January 31, 2010
posted in Music Matters
Love Metal
why do people like this. It sounds like sissy music that insecure, emotionally damanged losers would buy to try and show how they have stuff in their music collection that appeals to chicks. But seriously …
reviewed Presque Rien: Luc Ferrari. January 25, 2010
posted in Music Matters
So I don't write a lot of reviews for Amazon products anymore, too busy and all that, y'know...but la dee da, I'm wandering around and I stumble across THIS! and so I am inspired to write something brief …
Economic Science and the Austrian Method
Hoppe's little book here is less than a 100 pages but i feel that I could write millions of pages about the wealth of ideas contained inside. This is economics written in the grand old philosophical spirit, …
reviewed Vertebrae. January 24, 2010
posted in Music Matters
I can no longer count the number of masterpieces in Enslaved's voluminous output. _Vertebrae_ may or may not be this band's finest work, but in either case it is a soul-stirring journey through a band …
reviewed The Eye of the World. May 03, 2009
The Eye of the World
The purpose of this review is to discourage people from starting _The Wheel of Time_. I will argue that it is not worth it, and I think the reasons are compelling. If you want more specific details about …
reviewed Death Magnetic. March 12, 2009
posted in Music Matters
Death Magnetic
Bob Rock is gone.    Okay a few more words. While it is still fun to call them Metallicker for all the tripe they've put out, this is a great metal album, the kind of stuff that they do best.
reviewed The Great Revival. February 01, 2009
posted in Music Matters
The Great Revival
this is definitely the worst music i've heard in at least 10 years. I hope the song "Friends" isn't about anyone because they would be gravely dishonored to have this song created as a tribute. i would …
reviewed The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked.... November 03, 2008
posted in Music Matters
The Crucible Of Man (Something Wicked Part II)
If you are going to listen to this album for the first time, I am going to ask you to do something. It will be hard, because you'll want to listen to it as soon as you pick it up, of course. However, …
reviewed Colors. August 31, 2008
posted in Music Matters
I am very thankful for the day a kind fellow named Dr. Chandler who recommended this band to me several years back. From the beginning, with their remarkable self-titled album, Between the Buried and …
reviewed Stabbing the Drama (Dig). August 21, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Stabbing the Drama (Dig)
i might look at this album differently from most Soilwork listeners. I would say _Stabbing the Drama_ is a big improvement over _Natural Born Chaos_ and _Figure Number Five_, and it's sort of a medium …
reviewed Ruines Humaines (EP). August 21, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Ruines Humaines (EP)
this is a marvelous obscure EP, and i am confident you have not heard of this group or their short disc, so i want to tell you about it. Amesoeurs is a two-piece (Neige, who does vox, guitars, synth, …
reviewed The Book Of Heads. May 12, 2008
posted in Music Matters
The Book Of Heads
_The Book of Heads_ is a collection of etudes for solo guitar that John Zorn wrote for Eugene Chadburne, an experimental musician somewhat in the vein of Derek Bailey, doing avant-jazz and free-improvisation …
reviewed Demigod. April 26, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Behemoth is the heaviest, most brutal, and most awesome band out of Poland. they are currently one of the best, if not THE BEST, death metal bands out there, playing a sort of blackened DM with absolutely …
reviewed Kristallnacht. April 19, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Sometimes we enjoy a musical experience not because it is nice and fun, like a pop song, but because the experience is challenging and incites an uncomfortable emotional reaction that is very powerful. …
reviewed Soundscapes 2: Blessing of Tears. April 02, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Soundscapes 2: Blessing of Tears
The "Soundscapes" are more technologically sophisticated frippertronics and while the concept itself is not original, the effectiveness of tools is nonexistent without a good ear for sound. With _A Blessing …
reviewed Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked .... March 24, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Pt. I)
Like many Iced Earth fans i got into the band at the time of _Something Wicked This Way Comes_ and impatiently awaited the full concept album for years and years. i was a little leery after _The Glorious …
reviewed Paradise Lost. February 14, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Paradise Lost
Shame on me. I'd had low expectations for this album, probably because I'd almost forgotten Symphony X existed (it'd been five years since _The Odyssey_!). And that's just not cool. Symphony X holds a …
reviewed Irreversible (2002). February 13, 2008
Irreversible (2002)
I never review movies, I don't have much that's helpful to say about 'em so why bother? But "Irreversible" was so tragic and brutal and emotionally damaging, to write something about it seems to release …
reviewed Unrest. February 04, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Henry Cow, the most political of the original Rock-in-Opposition bands, had for a motto "radical politics demand radical music." In 1974, _Unrest_ continues this philosophy in the middle ground between …
reviewed Enemy of the Sun. January 27, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Enemy of the Sun
With that voice sample, unsettling with its subtle insinuation, and a portentous bass riff, so begins the apocalyptic _Enemy of the Sun_ by Neurosis, the band's fourth album and greatest up to that point. …
reviewed Systematic Chaos (W/Dvd) (Spec). January 21, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Systematic Chaos (W/Dvd) (Spec)
When it comes right down to it, ALMOST all of Dream Theater's albums are great in some way or another, although I must say I have not yet heard a note of _Octavarium_ for some reason. Underlying all of …
reviewed Viides Luku: Havitetty. January 01, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Viides Luku: Havitetty
Moonsorrow's _VIIDES LUKU - HÄVITETTY_ (_Chapter V: Ravaged_) is so huge it makes the bands previous epic standards seem puny by comparison. And I have to say, as great as Moonsorrow's grandiose Viking …
reviewed The Sound of Light in Trees: Bark Bee.... December 09, 2007
posted in Music Matters
The Sound of Light in Trees: Bark Beetles and the
If run your finger along the surface of a polished wooden table, it will feel smooth to you. Yet if you were one one-hundredth of your current size, your touch would reveal numerous blemishes and fissures …
reviewed Wurdah Itah. December 06, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Wurdah Itah
Magma's "zeuhl" music is a tough sell -- merging minimalist composition, opera, jazz, 20th century classical, and rock music sounds fine enough, but when it's so otherworldly and indiosyncratic one might …
reviewed Apostasy. November 30, 2007
posted in Music Matters
good death metal makes me feel all nice. The latest Behemoth album is NICE. Extremely awesome brutal death metal is not without various precedents, but Behemoth of Poland has a certain magic and consistency …
reviewed Canada Songs. November 12, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Canada Songs
One of the most lovable & sick albums in my collection, Daughters' _Canada Songs_ is a technical and rabid onslaught, with that ineffably disturbing excitement only the best grind delivers. The thing …
reviewed Les Morts Vont Vite. September 05, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Les Morts Vont Vite
Shub-Niggurath is an entity in H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulu mythology. People would sometimes come into contact with the otherplanar entities such as Shub-Niggurath and would face the not-so-great consequences …
reviewed Where Is the Green Parrot?. September 01, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Where Is the Green Parrot?
Peter Cusack creates startlingly remarkable, intricate soundworlds and _Where is the Green Parrot?_ will leave you enraptured by the complex, charming sounds of the world itself. These are not simple …
reviewed In the Absence of Truth. September 01, 2007
posted in Music Matters
In the Absence of Truth
wow, i just busted this album out again and it's definitely one of my favorites from 2006 (good year!).     heavy, beautiful, mysterious...masterful.    you might …
reviewed In Praise of Learning (Original Mix). July 23, 2007
posted in Music Matters
In Praise of Learning (Original Mix)
The previous Henry Cow / Slapp Happy collaboration, _Desperate Straits_, seemed at its root more of a Slapp Happy album with masterful, yet peripheral, contributions from Cow's personnel. _In Praise of …
reviewed Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte. July 22, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte
Pulsing electronic tones, sustained and modified -- spiky dissonance on piano -- indefinable noises -- a scattered array of percussion sounds. Tied together by a strange logic where neither seems to exist …
reviewed Burn the Priest (Rmx). July 16, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Burn the Priest (Rmx)
it is nice that Epic Records has rereleased this obscure 1998 disc. whether one sees this album as continuous with Lamb of God's work or a separate identity, it is a must-have for anyone who needs a purely …
reviewed Blood Mountain. June 20, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Blood Mountain
With all the prosaic 'metalcore' bands clogging the arteries of America's "new wave" of metal, Mastodon is like a quadruple bypass of pure awesomeness. Their sound is unique and their songwriting skills …
reviewed The Red In The Sky Is Ours. June 20, 2007
posted in Music Matters
The Red In The Sky Is Ours
everyone who has ever explored Swedish death metal has At the Gates' _Slaughter of the Soul_, or at least had a metal-loving friend play it for them. that's a bloody good metal album! and rightly considered …
reviewed Drunken Forest. June 16, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Drunken Forest
the eagerly-awaited third Death Ambient cd is stunning. it explores an even greater variety of bizarre musical worlds than their first two discs which are fantastic in their own right. The trio is Ikue …
reviewed Tales From Twilight World. June 14, 2007
posted in Music Matters
Tales From Twilight World
this is the first great Blind Guardian album, and despite its differences to their latest, _Twist in the Myth_, there is a "unity in differences" that has set the rails upon which this band has ridden. …
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