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This trend has been popping up all over campus in the form of t-shirts, scarves, tank tops, leggings and more! Don't be the last to pick up on this easy, airy trend! American Eagle has a great tie-dye racerback tank for only 19.50 that I'm in love with!

Check out my article on Modern Tie-Dye here! And don't forget to peruse the rest of for even more Spring Fashion Trends!]]> Sun, 7 Mar 2010 21:50:58 +0000
<![CDATA[ CollegeFashionista 5 Favorite Spring Trends]]> my 5 favorite spring trends being worn by students at various campuses! 

Trend 1- The Studded Handbag: We saw this trend grace the runways of a/w 09 on designers such as Alexander Wang, but our CollegeFashionistas can't seem to be getting enough of this grungy hardware for spring as well. If you can't shell out $600 on a Wang bag, try this option

Trend 2- Mustard Yellow: Yellow just screams spring and our CollegeFashionista knows just how to pair this look right. Her feminine dress and oversized headpiece are a perfect spring ensemble for a stroll around campus. I'm loving this one

Trend 3- Jeggings: As college students we are always looking for comfort and style. How could we possibly retire the "jeggings" trend, when it's so practical? My favorite pair of jeggings are Charley 5.0! 

Trend 4- Trench Coat: After obsessing over London Fashion Week and the looks being worn by attendees (thanks to The Sartorialist) it's know wonder our CollegeFashionistas are donning the trench coat for spring. It's the perfect piece to hide a frumpy outfit for your 8 am Spanish class. Who agrees?

Trend 5- Lights for Males: Not just the ladies around campus are wearing pastel hues and light washed denim. Our CollegeFashionistos have stepped up their fashion sense and are daring to wear these soft color tones. 

All photos from! For more on college fashion check out

Style On,

Amy]]> Fri, 5 Mar 2010 15:54:55 +0000
<![CDATA[ Worth the subcription cost if only for "Memo to Parker and Pepper"]]> I have read Bird Talk for 15 years. The magazine has not always presented the cutting edge of behavior and science. In fact, frequently the information was disappointing. However, in recent years the information has gotten better and better and the writing less stiff and more fun.

Admittedly, I'm a frequent contributor and therefore may have some bias, but I point to "Memo to Parker and Pepper" by Patricia Sund to demonstrate the shift. There is more fun and humor, better advice and always great photos and new products to investigate in every issue.

The staff at Bird Talk honestly care about birds and the companion parrot community and this shines through in the magazine and on the website that has tons of wonderful extras. This is a magazine that all parrot parents should have arriving monthy in their mailbox. I would also suggest this in conjunction with a subscription to Good Bird magazine for great advice on training and behavior.]]> Sat, 27 Feb 2010 06:13:04 +0000
<![CDATA[ Simple Fun For The Whole Family]]>
The best part about Carnival Games is that everyone in your family can enjoy it. While in real life, a 6 year old might find the Test of Strength near-impossible, Carnival Games translates this into a simple and fun concept. Instead of swinging as hard as you can, strength is built up by shaking the Wiimote. So everyone can join in the fun while finding new ways to win prizes. Each game has a unique way of using the Wii peripherals. For example, shooting hoops uses the classic "overhead" motion of the Wiimote, similar to how you might shoot a basketball. However games like spraying water into the clowns mouth to pop the balloon is accomplished by building pressure in the gun by shaking the Wiimote. Then there are the more difficult accuracy games like throwing the football through the tire, where you have to push the Wiimote accurately toward the target on the TV. But through these different controls, you will find yourself having a blast.

Carnival Games has 2 different modes, single or multiplayer. In single player mode, you compete for tickets and prizes. Win several small prizes, and you can trade them in for a big one, just like at the carnival. Also, you have a chance to trade tickets in for other minigames like the "claw" where you control the big overhead claw to pick up a prize from behind the glass. In multiplayer mode, you can have a competition of several games, or compete head to head in single games.

From my experience, multiplayer mode is what makes this game fun. I've played this at parties or at family get-togethers. My friends and family love getting into the action and competing for fun. But keep in mind, the games are very simple, so you won't find yourself immersed in the action for long.

Now, depending on what you are looking for, Carnival Games might or might not be for you. I wouldn't suggest spending full retail price on this game because it's a very simple game, and It's not worth passing up the big name titles for. However, if you can find it on sale or used, it's definitely worth having if you are into family fun or party games.

Overall, Carnival Games is a title you will definitely enjoy if you like small minigames that the whole family can enjoy. But don't expect too much depth from this title. You can probably have just as much fun, if not more spending a day at the Carnival.]]> Tue, 23 Feb 2010 00:36:58 +0000
<![CDATA[ FANTASTIC GAME FOR ALL AGES]]> Mon, 29 Dec 2008 12:00:00 +0000 <![CDATA[ Nothing Great]]>
The only point of single player mode is to get prizes, which obviously don't exist except in the game. So your only choice is to play games based mostly on luck about 50 times until you get lucky and get the prize. The prize which you can look at, but serves even less purpose than Microsoft Xbox's gamer points. (At least those other people can see too)

In multiplayer, you can pick a minigame, which are very roughly characterized in an overdone menu selection screen that depicts signs and pictures that, if anything, take away from the overall game quality. Or, you can randomly pick 5 games, and whoever gets the most points from all 5 is the winner. However, since half the games involve mostly luck, you will find many of the games show one person getting 1, and everyone else getting 0. Furthermore, very few games let you play at the same time, which draws out the length of the game (especially with 4 people playing) You have to watch each person do there turn in between each of yours, which makes the very simple tasks this game involves even more tedious. It also pretty much takes away the multiplayer function of the game, and makes it feel not so much multi player anymore.

Many of the games are glitchy too. I have seen about three games where accidentally doing something causes the game to jam and makes it impossible to win or even play. And mind you, I have only picked up the game a few times, it's not like a play it alot.

If the game really wanted to be good, a real multiplayer, better unlockables(as opposed to one super game unlockable from each area, have more, and perhaps have the games have different properties) The menu screen would have to be redone, and the characters should integrate miis. If they wanted to have there own characters you design, they should have a least made some of the designs not butt ugly. (Or at least have on of the unlockable items be a bag to put over their head)]]> Sun, 11 Nov 2007 12:00:00 +0000