I Left My Heart in San Francisco
I Left My Heart in San Francisco
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reviewed Boulevard. July 20, 2009
A few months ago, a friend invited me out to lunch in the Financial District of San Francisco.  "So do you want to go to Boulevard or Cosmopolitan?  Both are equidistant from my office …
reviewed The Alembic. April 09, 2011
The Alembic
A few months ago, a San Francisco Gilt City deal popped up with a pretty cool sounding deal -- a three course meal with custom created off-the-menu cocktail pairings at The Alembic, a bar in the Haight-Ashbury …
reviewed Driver San francisco. October 30, 2011
Driver San francisco
For years fans of The Driver Series have been waiting and speculating on the newest game in the series, although I felt that Driver Parallel Lines was a really great game others didn’t feel that …
reviewed Parada 22. November 06, 2011
Parada 22
Amidst wannabe hippies, hipsters and DJs hanging out at Amoeba, tourists trying to recapture the Summer of Love only to get Whole Foods instead, and street kids with all sorts of creative signs, you'll …
reviewed Rickhouse. December 19, 2011
In SF, the FiDi is often thought to be good for banking, corporate players, being close to Union Square and hotels. I never thought it'd be a great place to grab a drink but, Rickhouse has officially …
reviewed San Francisco 49ers. January 15, 2012
San Francisco 49ers
Folks, I always hate to write in bearing bad news, but you know, the San Francisco 49ers actually DID have a history before Joe Montana.     Of all the cities which you would expect …
reviewed San Francisco Giants. October 25, 2012
San Francisco Giants
Despite the juice, the cream, and the clear becoming big time factors in the home run's recent surge in baseball, looking at the all-time home run numbers can really boggle one's mind. In the …
reviewed Blondie's Pizza. December 31, 2008
Blondie's and I have had so much history together!  I remember back in the day when they were just a narrow, dark, dingy, stuffy little pizza shop in San Francisco, yet there were still lines out …
reviewed Yelp. February 14, 2009
Yelp is my go-to site to discover new local eateries and events.  As a foodie and an adventure junkie, Yelp is definitely my dream site because I've discovered so many awesome restaurants on there.  …
reviewed Shalimar. February 27, 2009
Shalimar is a chain of Indian/Pakistani restaurants in Northern California.  The one that I frequent is on Jones St in San Francisco.  So this Shalimar isn't the classiest restaurant in the …
reviewed Gordo Taqueria. February 23, 2009
posted in Secret Berkeley
Gordo Taqueria
Gordo and I go way, waaay back.  They were my introduction to Mexican food that wasn't Taco Bell, and I've been hooked since!  They've actually been around since 1977, but I only discovered …
reviewed Ike's Place. December 17, 2008
If Ike would allow it, I would worship at his feet. His sandwiches are so outrageously amazing, there are not proper words to describe the joy and exhilaration you will feel after just one bite. There …
reviewed WordCamp San Francisco 2009. May 31, 2009
Saturday's WordCamp in San Francisco had a range of excellent speakers, and while there weren't any major announcements, there was an abundance of great ideas. The two tracks mean that visitors always …
reviewed San Francisco Municipal Railway. March 03, 2010
San Francisco Municipal Railway
Yes, you can live in SF without a car. No, that does not mean the public transit system here is good. San Francisco is an extremely dense urban area, second only to New York City in the united states. …
reviewed Tu Lan. March 27, 2010
   Let me tell you a story…the man called “woopak” can go around places that most people would be terrified to go to. Honestly, whatever the so-called “bad areas” …
reviewed Eve Lounge. April 11, 2010
Eve Lounge
Last night was my first night out as a returning Bay Arean and we started it off with a bang at the home opener at AT&T Park but, that's another review. I had heard about an event at Eve Lounge …
reviewed San Francisco (movie). June 27, 2010
San Francisco
This was a film I had never even heard of before.  "San Francisco" stars Clark Gable as Blackie Norton, proprietor of the notorious "Paradise Saloon".  Norton has his fingers …
Shoes Outside the Door: Desire, Devotion, and
What happens when idealism builds bureaucracy, ascetism invites affluence, and practice of Buddhism evolves into the palaces of real estate, prime Bay Area holdings backed by some of America's wealthiest …
reviewed The Bridge. October 13, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
The Bridge
Eric Steel assembled a group of what amounts to camera people to film the Golden Gate Bridge over the course of a year. Why?      More suicides are committed on that spot of geography …
reviewed Suppenkuche. October 31, 2010
If you're ever in San Francisco (or are lucky enough to live within its vicinity like yours truly!), then you must visit Suppenkuche in Hayes Valley.  Especially when it's Oktoberfest.  …
reviewed The Bridge. March 16, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
The Bridge
Pros: some beautiful camera work of surrounding areas      Cons: depressive      The Bottom Line:    "One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied   …
reviewed Pier 23 Cafe. August 01, 2011
Pier 23 Cafe
As a San Francisco Bay Area native, I've been hearing about the wonders of Pier 23 Cafe for years now.  From the outdoor seating, to the view of the bay, the live music, the beer, and the food. …
reviewed Salito's Crab House. October 25, 2011
Salito's Crab House
A friend of mine from Phoenix recently confessed that she had never been to nor seen the Golden Gate Bridge while we were discussing plans for her first day in the City. Well, that gave me a great idea. …
reviewed San Francisco Food Bank. December 15, 2011
San Francisco Food Bank
When I had first heard of the Gilt City offer to volunteer at the Food Bank, I have to admit I was hesitant. I had never heard of having to pay to volunteer but, I had already agreed to do it. You should …
reviewed Blue Jasmine. July 25, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
'Blue Jasmine' starring Cate Blanchett
By Joan Alperin Schwartz There are many reasons to see 'Blue Jasmine' written and directed by Woody Allen, but the main one is...the stunning, complex, Oscar worthy performance by, Miss Cate …
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