Lunch for Good #1 Recap

September 25th, 2009 by J.R. Johnson Leave a reply »

Our first Lunch for Good event took place yesterday afternoon, and it was fantastic! The caliber of participants and the compelling conversation captured just what we’d envisioned for the event. Responsible participation in online communities, and it’s potential benefits, proved to be a truly rich topic for the first installment in this three-part series. This is an issue very close to us at, discussed daily as we’re building and growing our community. Gathering together leaders and engaged members of our industry is one of the key ways we can begin to really push for dramatic change in the tone of online contribution. As we discussed, leading by example is essential.

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We were particularly interested to hear the consistent themes emerge around balancing accountability with anonymity. There was also a thread of discussion around what exactly the sum of online contribution would look like if we could encourage more participation from the majority of people online who merely consume, rather than contribute. Questions about how that waterfall of opinions and information could be managed arose, which drew a direct connection to what we’re doing with the Similarity Network. It was yet another moment of validation that smart filtering and finding the content that’s best for you will be imperative as user generated content evolves and grows.

As October approaches, we’ll be in touch with more details on the next Lunch for Good — which will focus on sparking more critical thought in online content contribution. Yes, another powerful and thought-provoking subject!

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