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I Couldn't Do My Job Without Following These Tweeps!

  • Oct 1, 2009
  • by
Working for a start up in the social media / web 2.0 / UGC space, there's a posse of folks that comprise my most essential column in TweetDeck... call them social media pundits, tech influencers, or what you will -- in my world, they're among the best, brightest, and most provocative to watch in the industry. This list is by no means exhaustive though!
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J.R. Johnson (JRLunch)
J.R. Johnson (JRLunch) on Twitter
ok, well he's my boss... so he's kinda gotta top the list, right? ; ) seriously though, J.R. holds a WEALTH of knowledge when it comes to UGC, and his passion for building Lunch is both inspirational and contagious. plus, it's fun to watch his OCD quirks play out each week = )
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Michael Arrington (arrington)
Michael Arrington (arrington) on Twitter
what can I really say, he's Arrington, right? can't really function without getting his take on the events of the day in the tech space. note to self: upon meeting in person, refrain from a handshake!
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Jeremiah Owyang (jowyang)
jowyang (Twitter Feed)
super super smart guy, eh? i'm partial to how analysts think, so I enjoy his tweets. love his analysis and excited to see what he does in his new role. steady stream of tweets that get me thinking and keep me informed.
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Caroline McCarthy (caro)
Caroline McCarthy (caro) on Twitter
among the women in tech that I follow, I probably RT @caro the most! her tweets are the perfect mix of news, tech insider humor, and cool girl-wit.
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Sarah Lacy (sarahcuda)
Sarah Lacy (sarahcuda) on Twitter
c'mon, she's the sarahcuda. must-follow, period.
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paulcarr (paulcarr) on Twitter
just bleeping hilarious!!!! i've always had a soft spot for profanity, and paul fills my daily quota with an added dose of brit wit and equally off putting yet engaging charm (kidding paul ; )
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Karen Hartline (khartline)
Karen Hartline (khartline) on Twitter
I'm sort of convinced she has a clone or two, b/c who can be in so many places at once? karen is one of the most in-the-loop tweeps in our space, and I'm sure to know the latest social media happs by following her. she also happens to be a karaoke vixen, which is always a lovable trait.
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Charlene Li (charleneli)
Charlene Li (charleneli) on Twitter
a think tank in and of herself. insightful and in the know.
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Tara missrogue Hunt (missrogue)
Tara missrogue Hunt (missrogue) on Twitter
gotta admit, part of why I dig tara so much is that she totally gets what Lunch is all about : ) added to that, she's super smart, and on a killer speaking circuit - which means a steady stream of topical, timely and interesting tweets. if you want to be looking forward to this industry's evolution, follow tara!
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Robert Scoble (Scobleizer)
Scobleizer (Twitter Feed)
an icon, and full of more uber-techy info than I can hope to process on a daily basis. another must-follow though.
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Jason Calacanis (Jason)
Jason Calacanis (Jason) on Twitter
another staple of the scene. heavy tweeter - be prepared for a steady stream of updates!
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SF New Tech (sfnewtech)
SF New Tech (sfnewtech) on Twitter
one of the highest quality event series going in the bay area, and put on by one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. awesome mix of start ups to track each month, and great commentary tweets surrounding the events.
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Veronica Belmont (Veronica)
Veronica (Twitter Feed)
super in the mix, and girl geek extraordinaire!
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Harry McCracken (harrymccracken)
Harry McCracken (harrymccracken) on Twitter
great news source. heavy techie.
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smcsfsv (smcsfsv) on Twitter
great way to stay connected to what many of the advocates in the space are discussing.
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Sarah Perez (sarahintampa)
Sarah Perez (sarahintampa) on Twitter
smart, funny, and interesting - sarah always brings her own take to stories, and I really enjoy her pieces.
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drew olanoff (drew)
drew olanoff (drew) on Twitter
I #blamedrewscancer for how iconic he's become, and for the reliable "stop. showertime." daily tweets = )
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Sean Percival (seanpercival)
Sean Percival (seanpercival) on Twitter
fun to follow - somehow always tweeting breaking news it seems ... you know, need-to-knows, like when the sonic boom's going to hit : )
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Stowe Boyd (stoweboyd)
Stowe Boyd (stoweboyd) on Twitter
prolific blogger and social tech speaker/tracker - if he's tweeting about something, it should be on your radar.
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louisgray (louisgray) on Twitter
a sharp pundit with strong opinions - gives me my dose of super techy tweets
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SXSW (sxsw)
sxsw (Twitter Feed)
steadily stalking, with fingers crossed for our SXSWi panel submissions!!!
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Francisco Dao (TheMan)
Francisco Dao (TheMan) on Twitter
can't really track the L.A. tech scene without watching this guy, and Twiistup remains one of L.A. tech's most well attended and anticipated events.

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September 09, 2010
Sweet list! Thanks Melissa!
October 07, 2009
I love me some social media and tech tweeps!  I'm totally snagging a few of these.  Thanks for the list! :)
October 07, 2009
I feel like my profanity intake is dangerously low. I guess I'll start following paulcarr! Thanks!
October 02, 2009
October 01, 2009
Um, where am I? :)
October 01, 2009
i started to get into all of you guys, but that's a different list ; ) truth be told, I COULD do my job w/o following you since you're like three feet away. now... people I couldn't watch TV without following... look for your cameo there to be sure!!
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