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Tweeps that Broaden My Horizons

  • Oct 7, 2009
  • by
I think it's ideal to follow people you can learn from, in one way or another. Whether it's staying in the loop on news of the day, sparking an interest in topics you wouldn't have otherwise thought of, or sharing a unique perspective -- it all broadens your horizons. These are some of the people and companies I follow that fit that bill.
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joinred (Twitter Feed)
if you don't know about Bono's organization to fight Aids in Africa, joining w/ huge brands like apple, nike, gap, etc - it's awesome. the tweets are great for keeping up w/ which celebs are working w/ the brand, stats from the fight, and activities/promotions that (Red) is putting on. inspirational endeavor and the tweets are a great reminder to stay involved.
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Etsy! (Etsy)
Etsy (Twitter Feed)
to put it plainly, I just LOVE etsy and they can basically do no wrong for me... including their twitter account. the concept and site is brilliant, and I'm an avid user. just the sight of the E logo in my stream makes me smile, and often guarantees a click through to some happy and inspiring bit of beauty. who doesn't need that bright spot in their day? very regular tweets (maybe bordering on too many, at times). also seems like they have fantastic advice for sellers, which i'm not - but very cool offering. well done guys! = )
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Jeff Johnson (JeffsNation)
Jeff Johnson (JeffsNation) on Twitter
crazy smart, and thoroughly inspirational. I must disclose, we're related ; ) but even if we weren't, Jeff is undeniably a brilliant and super dynamic guy -- who is extremely involved in a variety of good causes related to the African American community, VERY politically active and VERY opinionated, and a rising star in the media (hosting shows and on panels everywhere from CNN to BET). his tweets consist of where he is on his travels, which call your attention to topical issues and events (sometimes its a youth conference in DC, other times a documentary in the middle east) -- he also sends a lot of spiritual and inspirational tweets that are thought provoking and heartfelt.
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Josh Spear™ (joshspear)
Josh Spear™ (joshspear) on Twitter
Josh is just generally in the know about things I'm not, and helps me stay in the loop about trends as well as sharing his perspective on things I may know of but hadn't quite looked at that way. I'd actually love to see him sharing on Lunch! He goes some interesting places, and meets with interesting people, which is fun to keep up with. He posts mostly personal tweets, more so than links or comments on news or events.
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ACLU National (ACLU)
ACLU National (ACLU) on Twitter
if you're interested in staying up to date on civil liberties issues, this is a good feed. many tweets are links to blog posts, but also interesting tidbits like "banned book week" where they tweet out books that were banned over the years - very interesting perspective and reality check. good way to get the civil liberties angle on current events too.
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Martha Stewart (MarthaStewart)
MarthaStewart (Twitter Feed)
oh martha. i've followed her career and advice for many years, and her tweets are HI-larious. the funniest part is she's totally tweeting with a straight face about the little factoids and random recipie / homekeeping advice that she takes super seriously - it's just got that classic Martha tone. some of the tweets do seem like PR messages, but many sound like they could be genuinely from miss M herself.
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Julia Allison (juliaallison)
Julia Allison (juliaallison) on Twitter
wildly fun to watch, and she makes me laugh on a regular basis. Julia loves to say what most people think but keep to themselves ; ) she tweets A LOT, and it's very personal stream of consciousness style. she's undoubtedly a twitter phenom, and will help you keep your finger on the pulse of everything from fashion week, to tech industry conferences, to her dog's mood. if you're a single girl in any city, i'm sure you'll find her tweets about relationships and fun times w/ girlfriends very relatable.
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Paulo Coelho (paulocoelho)
paulocoelho (Twitter Feed)
Paulo' Coelhos book, the Alchemist literally changed my husband's life (no, seriously - after reading it, he bought a boat, and named it the Alchemist!) ... so I'm now reading it to understand the impact it had. Enjoying his inspirational messages of the day very much, which are sent out a few times each - in varying languages, which is eclectic and fun, even though I only understand every third tweet ; )
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matt rolandson (rollo)
matt rolandson (rollo) on Twitter
maybe one of the smarter people I've ever met, and also a really nice guy. rarely tweets, and they usually take some decoding - which is the fun part, but a wonderful take on life in general.
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Heather B. Armstrong (dooce)
dooce (Twitter Feed)
among the famous mommy bloggers, I find heather to be one of the most "real" -- her tweets are SO funny, if you're a mom especially - so nice to be reminded what a universal experience motherhood is. her tweets read like a streaming blog, very personal and very real. you cant' help but root for her : )
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Ling Ma (LingEatsCake)
Ling Ma (LingEatsCake) on Twitter
Ling is quite brilliant, and super dialed in to all things cool and especially fashiony. Discovered her after getting to know her killer contributions on Lunch. She's got a smart quirkiness which I find delightful, thought provoking, and often pretty funny. Very talented writer too. I only wish she tweeted more often ; )
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Jeremiah Owyang (jowyang)
jowyang (Twitter Feed)
he's also on my list of people I follow, whom I couldn't do my job without. he tweets regularly, usually with references to social media / tech news, and he brings that analysts' perspective to his tweets which is informative.
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NPR News (nprnews)
nprnews (Twitter Feed)
excellent news source, succinct and to the point tweets with links to stories. good pace - not too many nor to few tweets.
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The New York Times (nytimes)
nytimes (Twitter Feed)
a great stream of links to a variety of the publication's individual stories. I enjoy this in the same way I enjoy NPR - strong editorial voice, but broad in scope. it's a staple.
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Al Gore (algore)
algore (Twitter Feed)
I sure would love to hear more from Mr. Gore! I was excited to follow him, and now realize he very rarely tweets. still like to see the occasional post though, and am holding out hope for more.
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Sarah Cooley (sarahcooley)
Sarah Cooley (sarahcooley) on Twitter
sarah's involved in the tech scene in some very cool ways, and her tweets are personal and also blog-style. her tweets are candid and have a tendency toward a dry humor that appeals to my similar sensibility. very nice person IRL, and fun to keep up with.
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Giuditta Tornetta (joyinbirthing)
Giuditta Tornetta (joyinbirthing) on Twitter
a PHENOMENAL doula (see my review here: http://lunch.com/t/k2d), who is fairly new to twitter - not too many tweets yet, but i'm excited for her to start sharing her extensive knowledge about child birth and nursing more regularly. tweets are a mix of blog posts and personal messages.
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The White House (whitehouse)
The White House (whitehouse) on Twitter
ok, so it's not a very unbiased source of info -- but we should be paying attention to what they're putting out there and engaging since this administration is at least making some efforts - all be some of them flawed - to communicate with its constituency. the tweets are very frequent, and do give an appreciation for how amazingly busy the POTUS' schedule is.
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Bub.blicio.us (Bubblicious)
Bub.blicio.us (Bubblicious) on Twitter
covers silicon valley, web 2.0 news and events. tech mover and shaker Brian Solis is behind it, and it's a stream of the blog's stories.
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JP Szambelan (jpszambelan)
JP Szambelan (jpszambelan) on Twitter
a former colleague, and totally genuine person, JP's tweets are primarily noteworthy tech industry news and he tweets at a pretty moderate pace.
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Lunch.com (BestofLunch)
Lunch.com (BestofLunch) on Twitter
With so much amazing content on Lunch, this feed is a great way to sprinkle some of the best reviews into my day through a live feed into Twitter. The tweets include the review topic and revirew title.
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CultureofCute (CultureofCute) on Twitter
a fun new fashion blog which tweets out daily posts to their stories on a great variety of fashion & beauty products and services. energetic and almost always something I haven't heard of or wanted to know more about.
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李心宜 (aloveletteraway)
李心宜 (aloveletteraway) on Twitter
a variety of campy content, @aloveletteraway's tweets are often hilarious, sometimes eyebrow raising, and come in a very steady stream (many tweets daily). she's part of our team at Lunch, and her interests on the site are paralleled in her tweets - lots of food and fashion!

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October 11, 2009
What a great list and excellent commentary on each!
October 07, 2009
Thanks for some great suggestions- I've added a few that I had either forgotten about or didn't know existed in the Twitterverse!
October 07, 2009
Thanks for having me on this list!  Though sometimes I'm a tad bit embarrassed about my "eyebrow raising" tweets :P
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