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reviewed As Good As It Gets (1997). January 28, 2002
I hate to admit it, but I've never been a fan of Jack Nicholson.Also, I've never been smitten with the lovely Helen Hunt.Lastly, Greg Kinnear has always been REALLY too smarmy for me.However, somehow …
reviewed The Handmaid's Tale (1990). January 28, 2002
A very strange visionary tale that I believe suffers in adaptation from book to the silver screen, THE HANDMAID'S TALE does boast a very solid performance from an exuberant Natasha Richardson and an unusually …
reviewed Star Trek: Generations (1994). January 25, 2002
I've always been a fan of Star Trek, primarily on the small screen, but this silver screen crossover for THE NEXT GENERATION crew -- with a bit of baton-passing from select members of the classic cast …
reviewed Bound (1996). January 25, 2002
Before they braved the cybernetic waters of THE MATRIX, the Wachowski Brothers wrote and directed, a marvelous little undiscovered gem of a film noir thriller about two lesbians double crossing the mob …
reviewed Leon - The Professional (Uncut Intern.... January 25, 2002
Personally, I thought the US theatrical release of THE PROFESSIONAL was stellar entertainment ... but then I happened across LEON THE PROFESSIONAL, the original uncut international version ... and I was …
reviewed Waterworld (1995). January 25, 2002
WATERWORLD was released in the mid-nineties to great suspicion in the world-wide press: "What? A motion picture cost $200 million to make?"While the flick certainly doesn't look like a $200 million film …
reviewed Save the Last Dance (2001). January 25, 2002
I would imagine that it isn't difficult, in today's Hollywood, to write and produce a teen movie ... but, based on the current crop of teen-marketed releases, I think it's increasingly difficult to do …
reviewed Superman - The Last Son of Krypton (1.... January 23, 2002
Bruce Timm and Paul Dini prove that lightning can strike twice when they switched creative gears from the dark streets of Gotham City to the bright lights, big city look of Metropolis. This animated epic …
reviewed Sling Blade (1996). January 23, 2002
The depth of this film cannot be measured in mere words; it must be experienced in a single viewing for one to fully appreciate what can be done simply in film these days ... without movie stars with …
reviewed No Way Out (1987). January 22, 2002
Back in the beginning of his cinema career, Kevin Costner made intelligent choices about the films he made, and NO WAY OUT -- to this day -- stands as perhaps his finest performance yet. This clever whodunnit …
reviewed You Can Count on Me (2000). January 22, 2002
Largely a science fiction and/or action and/or blockbuster comedy person, I still read the newspaper reviews on YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, a small film from Paramount Classics that was greeted warmly by critics …
reviewed Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (1982). January 22, 2002
STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN.I remember it well. Despite the predominantly youthful audience, you could still hear a pin drop during Spock's death scene.The film works so well on so many levels but …
reviewed Farscape Season 1, Vol. 10 - Nerve/Th.... January 22, 2002
FARSCAPE, in my humble opinion, has usurped the STAR TREK throne as presenting the finest science fiction show on television (and, hopefully someday, on the silver screen). In these two very special episodes, …
reviewed Voice. January 22, 2002
posted in Music Matters
Neal Schon has done the unthinkable ... he has taken some of the finest rock, pop, and other songs written, and he has removed the lyrics, inserting instead his driving guitar solos ... and it works! …
reviewed Tombstone - The Director's Cut (Vista.... January 21, 2002
Although I'm a greater fan of the Lawrence Kasdan / Kevin Costner version of Wyatt Earp's life, TOMBSTONE -- the Director's Cut -- is a marked improvement from the original threatrical version. Several …
reviewed 12 Monkeys. January 13, 2002
12 Monkeys
Pros: Acting & directing     Cons: A bit confusing at times     The Bottom Line: Intriguing concept and I really don't think you ever 'get' all the plots involved    …
reviewed Running Scared (1986). January 07, 2002
The only fault to RUNNING SCARED is that they never made the intended sequel, STILL RUNNING. However, as a side note, do NOT pick up the DVD for the purported 'outtakes' advertised on the packaging; it's …
reviewed Bullets Over Broadway (1995). January 04, 2002
Bullets Over Broadway (1995)
If you have a dark sense of humor, Bullets Over Broadway is for you. Chazz Palminteri is quite amusing as a mobster who discovers his own playwrighting talents. John Cusack expands his role to playing …
reviewed Not Another Teen Movie. December 17, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Not Another Teen Movie
Pros: Some jokes were pretty funny; Some of the cast was good     Cons: They cut at least 30 pages from the script; potty humor is WAY too much     The Bottom Line: …
reviewed Not Another Teen Movie. December 17, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Not Another Teen Movie
Pros: Some jokes were pretty funny; Some of the cast was good     Cons: They cut at least 30 pages from the script; potty humor is WAY too much     The Bottom Line: …
reviewed Bruce Campbell vs. Army Of Darkness (.... December 02, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Bruce Campbell vs. Army Of Darkness - The
Girl, "But I thought you said I was pretty..."  Ash, "Honey, you got real ugly."One of my all time favorite quotes from Ash's final adventure with the Necronomicon. After the unfortunate opening …
reviewed Manhunter (1986). October 20, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Manhunter (Full Screen Edition) (1986)
To be fair, you shouldn't compare a film to its sequel, or even compare it to the book on which its based. But in the case of Manhunter, it's really, really hard not to. Even if you don't, Manhunter just …
reviewed Rites Of Passage (1999). September 06, 2001
Rites Of Passage (Widescreen Edition) (1999)
I enjoyed this movie. Really, I did. But to say it's one of the best human dramas in years is a bit of a stretch. The acting is respectable enough, with all of the movies characters turning in solid performances. …
reviewed Battlestar Galactica (Movie). August 10, 2001
posted in Movie Hype
Battlestar Galactica - The Feature Film
There is no question that this movie and the subsequent series was made possible by the success of the movie Star Wars. Just like Star Wars was made possible by the success of the original Star Trek series. …
reviewed Little Deuce Coupe/ All Summer Long. July 29, 2001
Little Deuce Coupe/ All Summer Long
The Beach Boys Harmonies do soar on this reissue of two of their early releases. However, the more completely developed songs are on the All Summer Long Collection. The better collection starts off the …
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