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reviewed Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronic.... February 21, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
BE WARNED: The advertising information contained here at Amazon and elsewhere boasts that the DVD release of ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES: THE PLUTO CAMPAIGN contains an audio commentary ... …
reviewed Diary of a Sex Addict (2001). February 20, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
This is the most ridiculous and absurd piece of trash I have ever seen.I picked it up on the recommendation of the local film critic flyer, and, first off, let me explain that DIARY OF A SEX ADDICT is …
reviewed Close Encounters of the Third Kind (T.... February 13, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
There's been a raging argument since this film's release back in the late 70's: which is the better science fiction film, STAR WARS or CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND?I think those who've engaged that …
reviewed Superman - The Movie (1978). February 13, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Mark my words:You won't find a finer translation of a comic book character to the big screen ANYWHERE.Bar none.SUPERMAN - THE MOVIE is the seminal superhero flick, featuring the greatest creation in comics: …
reviewed Farscape Season 1, Vol. 9 - Through t.... February 13, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
I've argued the point as loudly as I can across all of cyberspace: FARSCAPE has usurped the mantle of STAR TREK by producing, unarguably, the most intelligent science fiction for television ever.A product …
reviewed The Arrival (1996). February 13, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
THE ARRIVAL is the small science fiction film with visionary ideas you happen across every now and then. Its limited theatrical run didn't generate the kind of buzz other flicks generate, and that fact …
reviewed George Lucas in Love (1997). February 12, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
... if you haven't seen this amazing short that is both a parody of SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and STAR WARS rolled together.Hilarious in all regards, GEORGE LUCAS IN LOVE plays for just over nine minutes, but …
reviewed Star Trek - Insurrection (1998). February 12, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
For those of you counting, odd-numbered (Star Trek I, III, V, VII, etc.) suffer from the curse of underperforming, so STAR TREK: INSURRECTION never really had the chance.With a television quality story …
reviewed Total Recall (Special Limited Edition.... February 12, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Ah, long ago there was a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't concerned with making socially relevant films ... his mainstay was the science fiction / fantasy / action genre. When he was at the height …
reviewed Used Cars (1980). February 11, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
I can remember seeing USED CARS in its original theatrical run, and I can remember laughing at the assortment of characters that Robert Zemickis and Bob Gale (the uberlords behind BACK TO THE FUTURE and …
reviewed J.R.R. Tolkien - Master of the Rings .... February 01, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Produced at as joint production between Cromwell Productions Limited and Eagle Media, J.R.R. TOLKEIN: MASTERS OF THE RINGS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF THE RINGS (not to be confused with an unauthorized …
reviewed The American President (1995). January 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
When Hollywood plays politics, it's largely liberal, and it's largely for the Democrats. Rarely can tinsel town take a conservative idea and grant it a positive spin; sadly, they just don't have an imagination …
reviewed Pleasantville (Widescreen Edition) (1.... January 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
A meandering film, at best, with little or no internal logic to its plot OR the conclusions reached by the principle characters, PLEASANTVILLE is worth a single viewing for the stellar performances of …
reviewed Wild Wild West (Widescreen Edition) (.... January 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Wil Smith lost an incredible amount of his Hollywood clout by starring in this stinker, loosely based on the highly entertaining television series of the same name. Kevin Kline is absolutely wasted in …
reviewed The Road Warrior (1982). January 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
An incredible apocalyptic fairy tale, George Miller's THE ROAD WARRIOR paved the road for lesser films that followed this mini blockbuster about an ex-cop named Max daring the wastelands of the Australian …
reviewed Where's Marlowe (1999). January 30, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
A marvelously quirky comedy the likes of which Hollywood should turn out more consistantly! Cult fave Miguel Ferrer (currently starring in NBC's 'Crossing Jordan') turns in an exceptional performance …
reviewed Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993). January 29, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
A stellar cinema biography of the short but memorable life of Bruce Lee (played by newcomer Jason Scott Lee). Lauren Holly plays his wife, met during his years in school, and together they experience …
reviewed Meet the Parents (2000). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
Again, I find myself at odds with society.Millions of people are enraptured with MEET THE PARENTS if for no other reason than Ben Stiller's surname being 'Focher' (you can just imagine the pronunciation …
reviewed The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship.... January 28, 2002
posted in Music Matters
Reportedly, Howard Shore campaigned for this -- the opportunity of a lifetime to score the seminal THE LORD OF THE RINGS film series. His efforts do not disappoint here, as the motion picture soundtrack …
reviewed America: A Tribute To Heroes. January 28, 2002
posted in Music Matters
Celebs pulling together in support of the funds needed in the aftermath of the events surrounding 09/11/01, A TRIBUTE TO HEROES aired politely and courteously on multiple networks.The eclectic mix of …
reviewed Shrek (Two-Disc Special Edition) (2001). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
One of those rare occasions where I dramatically disagreed with society, I found SHREK to be entirely predicable and, rarely, engaging. The jabs at the commercialization of fairy tales (aka Disneyland, …
reviewed Analyze This (1999). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
A complete surprise, ANALYZE THIS hits you from the get go with remarkably funny characters juxtaposed against the grim reality of mob life ... to an extent.Crystal plays a shrink who inadvertantly gets …
reviewed Hour of the Gun (1967). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
The HOUR OF THE GUN is a remarkable achievement for its time, following the exploits of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and company AFTER the gunfight at the OK Corral ... and it's fascinating.Jason Robards …
reviewed As Good As It Gets (1997). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
I hate to admit it, but I've never been a fan of Jack Nicholson.Also, I've never been smitten with the lovely Helen Hunt.Lastly, Greg Kinnear has always been REALLY too smarmy for me.However, somehow …
reviewed The Handmaid's Tale (1990). January 28, 2002
posted in Movie Hype
A very strange visionary tale that I believe suffers in adaptation from book to the silver screen, THE HANDMAID'S TALE does boast a very solid performance from an exuberant Natasha Richardson and an unusually …
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