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Best Follows for Karaoke Lovers

  • Sep 30, 2009
  • by
Do you love karaoke? Do you want to find out how to find the best places to go and songs to sing? Maybe you are a little nervous getting up in front of a group and need a few tips? Then you should definitely be following these awesome Karaoke Tweeps!
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Karen Hartline (khartline)
Karen Hartline (khartline) on Twitter
Ms. Hartline not only has the moves you should pay attention to when hitting that karaoke stage, but she's also got the pipes. Her epic performance of Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' from the top of the Whuffaoke Winnebago outside of the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC blew everyone away. Thinking about it gives me the chills. Whuffaoke Cast & Crew Member
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Tony Bacigalupo (tonybgoode)
Tony Bacigalupo (tonybgoode) on Twitter
Tony B (as many of his friends like me who can't pronounce his name refer to him) is the reigning champion of Cog-aoke from SXSW 2009 and 'brings it' to the karaoke stage in a special way. His air guitar is rivaled by nobody else as it involves him putting air INTO the guitar while performing Come Sail Away's incredibly long musical interlude. A karaoker who can rock an interlude is a karaoker everyone should admire. Whuffaoke Cast & Crew Member
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Alex Hillman (alexknowshtml)
Alex Hillman (alexknowshtml) on Twitter
Rap, contrary to popular belief, is a very difficult thing to pull off on the karaoke stage, but Hilly does it with the edge of a real gangsta'. This white boy from Philly has the ability to get the crowd hoppin with their hands in the air. He's also whipped together a mighty fine crew of karaokers in Philly. I was impressed with the scene he's built around this contact sport. Huzzah! Whuffaoke Cast & Crew Member
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Liza (lizasperling)
Liza (lizasperling) on Twitter
Liza may not have started out her journey with the Whuffaoke team as a huge karaoke addict, but she not only caught up, but bypassed the rest of us in her overall karaoke knowledge and prowess as the tour went on. She wasn't on the road with us, but she was the producer who made the road rock. Whuffaoke Crew Member
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Emma Persky (emmapersky)
Emma Persky (emmapersky) on Twitter
British coder come photographer come fashionista come technical guru come karaoke crowd whipper upper, Emma Persky is the kind of fun-loving karaoker you want out with you at every chance. She made me fall in love with the more brit-pop flavored karaoke fare. Warning though: don't let her buy you champagne. Whuffaoke Cast & Crew Member
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Whuffaoke or Bust! (whuffaoke)
Whuffaoke or Bust! (whuffaoke) on Twitter
Ah Winnie! The Karaoke Winnebago we all love. She put-putted us across America and up into Canada and will be making another appearance in 2010. She gave us all sorts of hell, but she made it and carried a great deal of karaoke love and music as she went along. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!
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The R{VIP} Lounge was the original inspiration for us karaoking across America. For 2008 and 2009 SXSW Interactives, Tony, Alex, Emma, Karen and I spent some lovely times touring around Austin, enjoying the concept. Thanks to the team behind RVIP for inspiring us!
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TechKaraoke ™ (TechKaraoke)
TechKaraoke ™ (TechKaraoke) on Twitter
TechKaraoke, although trademarked, is the culmination of all that is good in the world. Geeks, booze and karaoke! Started in New York City by Brett Petersel and Tom Limongello, it's inspired a worldwide craze of the same setups.
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Brett Petersel (brett)
Brett Petersel (brett) on Twitter
Brett is a karaoke lover, a mashable events director and an all-around good guy to know on the NYC scene. He is also the brains behind mashing up Karaoke and Geeks. Very awesome.
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Tom Limongello (toms)
Tom Limongello (toms) on Twitter
Tom is Brett's co-hort on the TechKaraoke inception and also brought us FailWhale parties. He's the one who alerted me to the TechKaraoke craze in the first place.
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Aaron Brazell (technosailor)
Aaron Brazell (technosailor)
I didn't know what to think of this TechnoSailor dude at first. He was a little cocky and seemed to think the East Coast could outdo the West Coast in bringin it karaoke style. But I give him props for his karaoke talents and his general wit and wisdom. (p.s. I still smoke him in a power ballad)
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Frederic Guarino (fredericguarino)
Frederic Guarino (fredericguarino)
Newly to Montreal (just like me), Frederic can always be counted on for a good karaoke tear...only catch is that the songlist needs to include 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'. I dig a karaoke-love who knows his strengths.
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Raina (raina1up)
Raina (raina1up) on Twitter
Raina is not only the undisputed Karaoke Rockstar, but she also wrote a book on it. Really. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide To Karaoke Domination" is a MUST READ for karaoke enthusiasts everywhere. *LOVE* her!
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techkaraokesf on Twitter
Our little spin-off of TechKaraoke in San Francisco is all grown up and sees at least 50 people each month. I'm so proud!
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Yama (jyamasaki)
Yama (jyamasaki) on Twitter
Yama was my brother in crime for bringing TechKaraoke to San Francisco. He's awesome and draws a killer karaoke crowd!
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Estella Tse (craisin)
Estella Tse (craisin) on Twitter
Estella (and Chrstine, whose twitter I don't have on my list!) have taken over TechKaraokeSF since I moved and Yama got swamped. They keep the spirit alive. Estella has also done the most amazing sappy love ballad rendition I have ever experienced. Epic.
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Roger Niner (rogerniner)
Roger Niner (rogerniner) on Twitter
Speaking of epic, if there was a photo under the definition of epic in the dictionary, that would be Roger Niner's. Really. He's the best karaoke KJ in the UNIVERSE. I'm not kidding. He's ruined me for all others. Go wherever he is. (or @redtikisf)
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Sandra A. (ohsanderella)
Sandra A. (ohsanderella) on Twitter
Sandra was Yama and my cohort on the TechKaraokeSF scene and made all sorts of stuff happen when I was dropping balls. We lost her to Texas, but we trust she's stirring up all sorts of karaoke hell there!
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redtikisf on Twitter
Eileen is also epic. Her KJ style is edgy and fun and she is really great at making everyone sound great and feel good. We spent many TechKaraokeSF nights, including her birthday, being in her awesome and capable KJ hands.
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Laura Fitton (Pistachio)
Laura Fitton (Pistachio) on Twitter
Although Laura doesn't tweet much about karaoke, you want to see this woman perform. She has a keen way of using parts of the immediate environment as props. She also will not hesitate to do a stage dive. She brings it and then some.
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Gregarious (gregarious)
Gregarious (gregarious) on Twitter
Gregarious is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. He will make your karaoke night one to remember. I will always remember when he took down that speaker system that night (it was great because the KJ was being a jerk anyways).
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Joey deVilla (AccordionGuy)
Joey deVilla (AccordionGuy) on Twitter
Joey not only sings, but performs the songs on his accordion. There is NOTHING cooler.
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Wendy Koslow (wellred)
Wendy Koslow (wellred) on Twitter
Wendy has pipes that bring a karaoke audience to their knees...but she won't make you feel bad to go up next. She picks stuff that challenges her in interesting ways. She's a fab performer AND a team player.
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Erin Bury (erin_bury)
Erin Bury (erin_bury) on Twitter
I love Miss Bury's voice. She usually sings more folk/country style tunes, but I'm going to push her into singing Alicia Keys someday.
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Brian Raftery (BrianRaftery)
Brian Raftery (BrianRaftery) on Twitter
Last but not least...and only because I haven't had a chance to meet him IRL yet...Brian ALSO wrote a book on Karaoke, "Don't Stop Believin': How Karaoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life". His life was transformed by karaoke and so can you! (he'll be on the karaoke panel at SXSW 2010 if it's picked!)

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October 02, 2009
So I am bit biased, but great list, Tara!
September 30, 2009
I really want to go to a Karaoke bar now! Fun read, great list!
September 30, 2009
Great list Tara. I must say, since i've known you, i've developed a new, heightened love of the art of karaoke. Now if i could only sing.
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