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1.[ELIMINATION CHAMBER WWE TITLE]SHEAMUS VS JOHN CENA VS TRIPLE H VS KOFI KINGSTON VS RANDY ORTON VS TED DIBIASE-excellent opener right here that was also the first time all six participants made it into the match without an elimination. There is of course many great moments in the match but the big story here was the relationship and eventual lack of one between Legacy members. Everyone looks great here but it is Cena that eventually wins, also Kofi gets it the worst. But the celebration would not last long as Mr. McMahon came out and made a match on the spot, Cena versus Batista. Cena got a punch in but The Animal would maul him and take the title after a Batista bomb.

2.[I-C TITLE]DREW MCINTYRE VS KANE-to me this match felt like it was something that we could have gotten on Raw or Smackdown. It wasn't a bad match but it felt like a TV match and not a PPV one. Drew did well here working over Kane's limbs and Kane used his size to his advantage. But Drew would keep the belt in a decent match between the two.

3.GAIL KIM & MARYSE VS LAYCOOL-this was supposed to be a match between Gail and Maryse as it was the finals of a tournament for the Divas title. But because of some comments made about the Divas on Smackdown it became a tag match against Smackdown's Laycool. But it would really be Gail Kim against Laycool as Maryse refused to tag in. once again another decent match but it could have been better.

4.[US TITLE]THE MIZ VS MVP-this was a good match in which both participants had their tag partners here, and getting involved of course. Still great match between these two with back and forth action with a slight edge to Miz. In the end it would be Miz standing tall after Show helps him out, good match.

5.[ELIMINATION CHAMBER WORLD TITLE]UNDERTAKER VS JOHN MORRISON VS R-TRUTH VS REY MYSTERIO VS CM PUNK VS CHRIS JERICHO-another good chamber match but this one seemed more like past ones with eliminations happening at random times. I remember watching this and being surprised when Punk was eliminated early. Still like the previous one every one gets a moment to shine and prove why they were in the match. The match comes down to Taker and Jericho and they battle it out for a while until HBK comes out. Of course you all know he cost Taker the match after some sweet chin music. Naturally I loved the ending here since Shawn is my boy.

Special featuers include an interview with Jericho after his win, Edge making his Mania pick, and a video about HBK and Taker.

http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Elimination_Chamber_2010-56-1438668-236169-GOOD_CHAMBER_EVENT.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Elimination_Chamber_2010-56-1438668-236169-GOOD_CHAMBER_EVENT.html Tue, 7 May 2013 18:30:14 +0000
<![CDATA[UFC 58: USA vs. Canada Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> This was the event that the UFC held that pit US fighters against those from Canada, and for the most part it was a good event. Of course like another time BJ Penn would get cheated in my opinion. I don't think their should really be a country vs country thing going on in MMA because it is [Mixed Martial Arts] and that is styles from all over the world that every fighter has to be well rounded in, this isn't wrestling [which I love] that can have a story line like this. Any way this event would see the first BJ Penn vs GSP fight and still to this day I believe that Penn won, that is just me though.]]> http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_58_USA_vs_Canada-1432702-215053.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_58_USA_vs_Canada-1432702-215053.html Sun, 6 Nov 2011 05:02:07 +0000 <![CDATA[ PENN WON THIS WITH OUT A DOUBT, JUST ADD THE SCORES CORRECTLY]]>

UFC 58

This was the event that the UFC held that pit US fighters against those from Canada, and for the most part it was a good event. Of course like another time BJ Penn would get cheated in my opinion. I don't think their should really be a country vs country thing going on in MMA because it is [Mixed Martial Arts] and that is styles from all over the world that every fighter has to be well rounded in, this isn't wrestling [which I love] that can have a story line like this. Any way this event would see the first BJ Penn vs GSP fight and still to this day I believe that Penn won, that is just me though.

1.ICHO LARENAS VS TOM MURPHY-we get a good first round with back and forth action and we even get our first blood of the night. A decent first round with Tom coming out on top I think. The second round starts with Icho getting taken down by Tom, Tom controls from the top for most of this. The rest of the round is them getting stood up and Tom getting the take down. The third round looks just like the second one with Tom winning by a referee stoppage, USA takes this one I guess.

2.ROB MACDONALD VS JASON LAMBERT-the fight starts out with these two just banging away at each other with Jason swinging for the fences. Then Jason slams Rob hard but both pop up right after that, but once they are back on the ground Jason sinks in a nice kimura. This is an excellent but short fight, nice and exciting and USA takes another.

3.SAM STOUT VS SPENCER FISHER-the first round starts with Fisher just coming in and taking Sam down, but he gets up quick. Fisher throws Sam masterfully but gets nailed as Sam is coming back up, then they trade blows. These two guys battle it out standing and on the ground for the entire round, great first round. The second round is just like the first and is very close, and Fisher try's some nice submissions, excellent second round. The third round is just as exciting as the first and second and they even show some good sportsmanship when one losses his mouth piece. The fight goes to a split decision and Sam Stout ends up taking this hard fought battle, Canada takes this one.

4.MARK HOMINICK VS YVES EDWARDS-if you are an MMA fan then you know who Yves Edwards is, he is a deadly man in the octagon. Good first round between these two as they exchange blows for the entire round and stay in the clinch for a good amount of time while throwing some blows. In the second round Yves takes this to the ground after he is rocked but Mark lays in a tight triangle choke and forces Yves to tap, great fight, Canada takes this one.

5.JOE DOERKSEN VS NATHAN MARQUADT-these two came to entertain the crowd in this fight as they both just go at it full force. Both deliver a great stand up game and also go at it on the ground, great first round. These two put on another great showing in the second round as both take the other down and sweep each other, and go blow for blow. The second round is just as competitive as the first, maybe more so. The third round is just like the previous two as Nathan Marquadt takes the victory for the USA.

6.BJ PENN VS GEORGE ST. PIERRE-this fight was to see who would be taking on Matt Hughes for the welterweight title, GSP wanted to avenge himself against Hughes and BJ wanted his belt back that he never lost. An excellent first round as these two just throw blows with each other and GSP get s bloodied pretty bad. A wonderful first round that BJ takes as he lands the most shots, and bloodied GSP. The second round is extremely exciting and if you really look at it this is a very close round. They both are very close on the striking but BJ lands more times clean were as GSP gets most of his punches and kicks check by BJ, but GSP did deliver some nice strikes particularly a high kick. The debate comes in were the take downs are concerned and it is very close as well, really think about it. GSP gets two take downs on Penn one of quick is right before the round ends, and while he gets points for that fighters are also judged on their defense and what they do from the bottom. BJ gets up after the first showing amazing defense and recovery time and on the second one kept working angles preventing GSP from doing any real damage. The call is yours on who won that masterfully crafted second round. The third round is full of suspense and when I was watching it live I was getting really anxious and awaiting what the final verdict would be. As far as striking goes it is another even looking fight but Penn lands the cleanest blows, and both getting take downs two for GSP and one for Penn. That right there evens it up in my mind but after GSP's second take down he gets caught in an uma plata attempt and then a gogoplata submission attempt. Once again it is your call but by my scoring that makes it a 3 to 2 round for Penn, the two of the three judges thought differently, Canada takes this one by split decision. This was an outstanding fight no matter who you were rooting for, I still feel like Penn won this fight even if by the littlest bit.

7.STEVE VIGNEAULT VS MICK SWICK-this is a pretty good fight as both exchange blows for most of the first round, with it looking pretty even. But around half way through the first round Steve shoots in and is caught up in a tight guillotine choke and Swick the victory for the US, good but short fight.

8.[MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP]-RICH FRANKLIN VS DAVID LOISEAU-this was the biggest fight of Franklin's career since Ken Shamrock in my mind because these two are very similar, great stand up and explosive fighters. Pretty good first round as they pretty much feel each other out with some nice exchanges and combos but Rich gets the upper hand, he even drops David right as the round ends. The second round ends up looking much like the first round as Rich dominates the match and even gets on top of David twice. The third round is a little more exciting as David drops Rich and starts to give it to him, but Rich recovers and gets back into the fight. Also Rich has his back at one point, still Rich takes the round, very good round. The fourth round looks much like the first two as Rich controls this fight for the most part. The final round is another Franklin round as he controls most of this round, but still it goes the distance and Rich keeps his belt and gets a win for the US.

This was a pretty good event that saw competitors from the US and Canada go at it, and in my opinion saw BJ Penn defeat GSP in a close fight.

There is a great behind the scenes feature that shows Penn coming back to the UFC, as well as other things.

Ultimate Fighting Championship, Vol. 58: USA vs CANADA]]>
http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_58_USA_vs_Canada-56-1432702-215052-PENN_WON_THIS_WITH_OUT_A_DOUBT_JUST_ADD_THE.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/d/UserReview-UFC_58_USA_vs_Canada-56-1432702-215052-PENN_WON_THIS_WITH_OUT_A_DOUBT_JUST_ADD_THE.html Sun, 6 Nov 2011 05:00:26 +0000
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1.[FATAL FOUR WAY US TITLE]KOFI KINGSTON VS WILLIAM REGAL VS MVP VS MATT HARDY-we start the night out with a four way for the us title and with the four guys involved it could have been classic. While it was far from that it proved to be a good opener. The action was well paced especially as the match went on, although I wanted Regal to win this Kofi pulls off a nice win.

2.[NO HOLDS BARRED I-C TITLE]REY MYSTERIO VS CHRIS JERICHO-the best match of the night in my opinion here. Both guys pull out all the stops here going back and forth with some great moves. Each getting their signature stuff while keeping the pace nice and quick. Still the best thing about this great match is the awesome ending. The way Jericho wins the belt is brilliant.

3.[SAMOAN STRAP MATCH]CM PUNK VS UMAGA-now these strap matches usually go one of two ways, either a straight up classic, or hard to watch. This one comes in some where in between. It is by no means even close to a classic but it isn't brutal to watch either. It is the touch all four corners stipulation thing and the action is what you would expect. Umaga uses his power while Punk uses his speed and they both use the strap in various ways. Punk pulls out the win here in a match that could have been better.

4.[EXTREME RULES ECW TITLE]CHRISTIAN VS TOMMY DREAMER VS JACK SWAGGER-my favorite match of the night because one of my all time favorite wrestlers ever Tommy Dreamer would win the ECW title once again. The thing for this match was if he lost he would leave wrestling, but he had to go through Christian and Swagger. The match was a really fun one that reminded me of the old ECW in the ways the weapons were used. Tommy seemed like he did in the old days as he took it to both guys and got the pin over Swagger. His celebration afterward was excellent and the fans were really into it, "ECW ECW ECW".

5.[HOG PEN MATCH]VICKIE GUERRERO VS SANTINA MARELLA-man it had been a long time since I had seen a hog pen match, I seem to remember Triple H in one of these as well. That match of course was back in like 95 or 96 but any way that is not this match is it. Vickie makes this a handicap match with Chavo coming in to help her, kinda funny. That of course is what this match is all about, comedy. It is a fun match and serves its purpose, Santina gets the win here.

6.[STEEL CAGE WWE TITLE]RANDY ORTON VS BATISTA-I can't stand when the champ comes out first, champ comes out last and that is just how that is supposed to work. Now this was a shorter match than I thought it was going to be but it was good. Batista really brought it to Randy here beating him all over the cage. Randy only landed offense only to try and escape. Also when watching this match again it kinda struck me as one of those cage matches from the 90's for some reason.. Batista gets the win and the title after a Batista bomb in a pretty good cage match.

7.[SUBMISSION MATCH]BIG SHOW VS JOHN CENA-now this is a rematch as I am sure all reading this know by now. This was a decent match but it really could have been better. In fact these two have had better matches before in the past. The story here was all about if Cena could get the STF on the Big Show. Of course Cena eventually gets the win after he successfully puts the STF on Show. Also it is funny how the commentators sell this match after it was over.

8.[LADDER MATCH]EDGE VS JEFF HARDY-now I have to say from the start that I can not stand Jeff Hardy, never have and never will most likely. Still going in I was pretty sure this was going to be a good match. These two have been in many a ladder match and have looked good in all of them. Like I thought this was one of the best matches of the night. There are all kinds of great spots here but at the same time it is not a crazy spot fest either. There is a cool little twist on the ending that leads to Hardy getting the belt once again. But thankfully CM Punk comes out and cashes in his MITB briefcase to get a title shot right afterwards. After a little back and forth in pin falls Punk hits his GTS for a second time and gets the belt.

This was a good event but certainly not the best ever but I do indeed love the ending here, you also get an interview with Jericho as the special feature.

http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Extreme_Rules_2009-56-1433853-214331-GOOD_EVENT.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Extreme_Rules_2009-56-1433853-214331-GOOD_EVENT.html Sun, 16 Oct 2011 05:54:30 +0000


1.THE MIZ VS JOHN MORRISON-this was a great way to kick off the event with two former partners going at it. These two were tag team champs at one point before being split by the draft. This was a good opener in my opinion with a lot of back and forth action. Miz was more of a grinder and power wrestler here with Morrison more of the high flyer. My boy Miz of course takes the win and puts Raw up one to nothing.

2.MELINA, KELLY KELLY, GAIL KIM VS MICHELLE MCCOOL, BETH PHOENIX, NATALYA-now when you look at the names here it was pretty obvious who was going to win. I mean Smackdown is literally the stronger team with Natalya and Beth, and McCool is always entertaining. The action here is your typical women's match type, short and ok. Team Smackdown had the much better team with three of my favorites, just needed the other half of Lay Cool and that would have been great. Raw of course I was rooting against here since I can't stand Melina. Beth gets the win here making it Raw one and Smackdown one.

3.[FATAL FOUR WAY WORLD TITLE MATCH]THE UNDERTAKER VS REY MYSTERIO VS CM PUNK VS BATISTA-this was an excellent fast paced match like these multi guy matches usually are. A lot of high spots followed by more high spots, and with the four guys that were in this match you get different styles. A lot of near falls and finisher after finisher make for an exciting match. But after Taker keeps his belt in tact it is what happens after that was the show stealer. Batista's heel turn as he demolishes former best friend Rey Mysterio. I loved his little speech to Rey right before the beat down, "I' am not playing.......I' am gonna rip your head off". Great stuff.

4.[RAW VS SMACKDOWN]D-X, BIG SHOW, KOFI KINGSTON, MARK HENRY, JACK SWAGGER, CODY RHODES VS CHRIS JERICHO, KANE, MATT HARDY, FINLAY, R-TRUTH, THE HART DYNASTY-I have to admit that I have always been a fan of these multi tag matches. The bragging rights thing is a good excuse to put multiple top talents against each other. As you can see from the line up there are a lot of good guys in this match and of course it was fun. Sure it may be pointless other than starting or continuing storylines and such, but I like them. Of course with any match like this you get the high spots, beat downs, and dramatic tag-ins, all are present here. The ending was cool with Show turning on Raw and causing them to loose the match and fall two to one over all.

5.[IRONMAN MATCH WWE TITLE MATCH]RANDY ORTON VS JOHN CENA-why did the champ come out first, I don't care that they announced them in the ring as challenger first then champion, the champ comes out last. Any way this match was a no DQ and no Count out Iron-Man match pitting these two rivals together. Of course you know they are rivals because that is what the storyline and video package was all about. Cena gets the first fall after making Randy tap, but Randy tapped quickly to remain fresh.

From there the match got even crazier with exploding sets and Randy trying to blow Cena up. This match was much better than I expected it to be. Not sure why there was some doubt but I was worried. The action goes every where from the ring to outside and all the way into the fans. The rest of the pin fall countdown is as follows.

Orton gets the next pin fall after a nice RKO. We get a double pin fall after another great RKO. Cena quickly goes up three to two after an AA. Orton evens it up after Legacy interferes, soon after Kofi Kingston chases them out. Randy takes the lead after getting the next fall, but Cena gets a surprise pin fall. Randy gets the next fall with nasty DDT to the outside. An AA through a table gets Cena the tie, and at the end he makes Orton tap with seconds left and is the new champ. Still that should not have happened since Orton tapped with 5 or so seconds left on the clock it should have been stopped with the thirty second rest period. Then with the 5 or so seconds Randy had the chance to get a quick roll up to tie it, should have been done that way.

Any way this was a good event with out a single match I disliked, it also has an interview with Jericho on the DVD.

http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Bragging_Rights_2009-56-1433350-214158-THE_BRANDS_GO_TO_WAR_AGAIN.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/d/UserReview-WWE_Bragging_Rights_2009-56-1433350-214158-THE_BRANDS_GO_TO_WAR_AGAIN.html Mon, 10 Oct 2011 21:59:30 +0000
<![CDATA[Baki the Grappler Quick Tip by woopak_the_thrill]]> http://www.lunch.com/ASIANatomy/reviews/tv_show/UserReview-Baki_the_Grappler-81-1402554-213587.html http://www.lunch.com/ASIANatomy/reviews/tv_show/UserReview-Baki_the_Grappler-81-1402554-213587.html Thu, 22 Sep 2011 23:39:56 +0000 <![CDATA[WWE Summerslam 2009 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> This was a good Summerslam event that had some really good matches attached to it. Of course there were some matches that were a bit lacking but over all a good event. I say pick it up especially if you are a collector. If not it still had some great matches on it you may enjoy.]]> http://www.lunch.com/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Summerslam_2009-1433847-211118.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Summerslam_2009-1433847-211118.html Thu, 4 Aug 2011 21:18:54 +0000 <![CDATA[ REAL GOOD SUMMERSLAM]]>


1.[I-C TITLE]REY MYSTERIO VS DOLPH ZIGGLER-excellent opening match right here, very well done on both parts. This match has everything an opener should have with basic and classic wrestling as well has the high risk stuff. You also get some great high impact moves as well leading to some very close near falls. Rey is always great but Dolph really impressed here with his performance. I also love the ending here with Rey reversing Ziggler and nailing the huricarana, he keeps the title. Great opener for this Summerslam and would even call it a classic.

2.MVP VS JACK SWAGGER-this match ended up being a little short but good, far from best match on the card. The action is high impact and brawl based which is fine for this short match. Over all a good match but not either ones best, M.V.P. hits the Playmaker and gets the win.

3.[TAG TITLE]CHRIS JERICHO & BIG SHOW VS CRYME TYME-do you remember when tag matches would steal the show back in the day. It has been a while since the WWE has had a great tag division. This match does not suck if that is what you are thinking but it is far from stealing the show. Cryme Tyme never really made a huge impact like they could have and Chris and Show were actually the best tag team at the time. This was a good match that got better as it went and had a classic ending. Well at least the ending felt that way to me, Show and Y2J keep the belts after a huge knockout blow.

4.KANE VS GREAT KHALI-now a lot of people hate on this match and I can see why but what did you expect. This was a battle of two monsters and one of which does not move to quickly. So of course the match is a bit slow with brawler like moves but Kane pulls out the win quick enough.

5.DX VS LEGACY-the match I was waiting for when this event happened as my boy HBK was returning. Of course you all know by now that DX entered on the tank and such for the DX army. The match its self is great and really helped put Legacy over even in their loosing effort. There is a lot of great wrestling going on in this match as well as some brawling. DX of course takes the win as the crowd was crazy for them the whole night.

6.[ECW TITLE]CHRISTIAN VS WILLIAM REGAL-this has got to be the quickest match ever. The bell rings and then Christian wins but of course he gets jumped afterwards by Regal's boys. Quick and sweet victory for the peeps, well that is at least until Christian takes that beat down.

7.[WWE TITLE]RANDY ORTON VS JOHN CENA-this match right here is one of those ones that most people either love or hate. I personally really like this match and all the multiple finishes and how they did it. To me this was a very creative way to give these two a new match. The action starts slow and builds from there especially once the finishes start. I will say that Orton keeps the belt but watch the ways he tries to keep it.

8.[WORLD TITLE TLC MATCH]JEFF HARDY VS CM PUNK-now I have never been a Jeff Hardy fan even when he first debuted. On the other side I have always been a fan of CM Punk even in his Indy days. With that said even though I don't like Jeff I will not deny his talent. Going into this I knew it would be a good match mainly because I like Punk so much. The action is great here but with few high spots involving all the weapons, which is great because they had a great showing with out all that stuff. Jeff of course goes for his Swanton off of the ladder which was a big moment. Still for me the best was the ending when Punk won the title, I loved it. Then of course the return of the Dead man made the place go crazy.

This was a good Summerslam event that had some really good matches attached to it. Of course there were some matches that were a bit lacking but over all a good event. I say pick it up especially if you are a collector. If not it still had some great matches on it you may enjoy. There is also a Diva Battle Royal in the special features.

http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Summerslam_2009-56-1433847-211117-REAL_GOOD_SUMMERSLAM.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Summerslam_2009-56-1433847-211117-REAL_GOOD_SUMMERSLAM.html Thu, 4 Aug 2011 21:17:47 +0000
<![CDATA[WWE Royal Rumble 2009 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Over all this was a good event with a few missteps but it was a good Rumble event for sure. Of course I loved HBK being apart of this show in the way that he was, it added so much to that match. Also the Rumble was great as always. I recommend picking this up with the two pack with the 2010 Rumble as well. Special features include an exclusive interview with RVD after he was eliminated and Legacy on RAW.]]> http://www.lunch.com/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2009-1433349-210670.html http://www.lunch.com/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2009-1433349-210670.html Sun, 24 Jul 2011 05:17:36 +0000 <![CDATA[ GOOD RUMBLE EVENT]]>


1.[ECW TITLE] JACK SWAGGER VS MATT HARDY-we start out with a really good opener that was for the now gone ECW title. Swagger of course wanted to make this a mat based contest working on Matt's arm. Hardy however tried turning this into more of a fight with more high impact blows and fists. Matt controlled most of the first half of the match but his arm was too worked over in the process. Swagger would retain the tile and defeat Hardy again.

2.[WOMEN'S TITLE] BETH PHOENIX VS MELINA-this match right straight up upset me and it still bothers me. I am a big fan of Beth. I think Beth along with Natie is the best female wrestlers in the WWE. This match showed off what both are really good at, with Beth showing off her strength. Melina showed off her agility but the best part was Beth beating her with her own foot. Still Beth ended up getting reversed and pinned loosing her title and many months long streak.

3.[WORLD TITLE] JOHN CENA VS JBL-now I know a lot of people were not expecting much out of this match. But to be honest this was a good match between the two with solid action that went back and forth. Of The Shawn Michaels storyline going into this was great and HBK getting involved added a lot to the match. After a super kick or two from Shawn, Cena was able to defeat JBL once again.

4.[WWE TITLE] JEFF HARDY VS EDGE-now I have to say from there tag team days all the way to now these two have good matches. This like the others was a well done match with a good pace and some good high spots due to Vickie making it a no DQ match. Also with Chavo on the outside to help Edge added to the atmosphere. Still the story here was the ending that was just wonderful Matt Hardy turning on his brother and costing him his title. Not only was it great to see that but it was even stranger to see who he helped become champ given the history.

5.ROYAL RUMBLE-I have never seen a Rumble match that I did not like and this is no different. There is just something special about the Rumble or battle royals for that matter. This Rumble was full of action with all kinds of high spots as usual. Some of the many great moments were the one night return of RVD and how Rey was able to stay in the match, you will see. But the story here was Legacy and their dominance and team work throughout the Rumble. At one point it looked like Randy Orton was eliminated but he stayed in there and moments later surprised Triple H to win the Rumble.

Over all this was a good event with a few missteps but it was a good Rumble event for sure. Of course I loved HBK being apart of this show in the way that he was, it added so much to that match. Also the Rumble was great as always. I recommend picking this up with the two pack with the 2010 Rumble as well. Special features include an exclusive interview with RVD after he was eliminated and Legacy on RAW.

http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2009-56-1433349-210669-GOOD_RUMBLE_EVENT.html http://www.lunch.com/mmaCorner/reviews/movie/UserReview-WWE_Royal_Rumble_2009-56-1433349-210669-GOOD_RUMBLE_EVENT.html Sun, 24 Jul 2011 05:16:03 +0000
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Okay this brings me to the headline James "Lights Out" Toney signed with the UFC this week.  This is great news for guys who like Toney, me.  As much as I like the 41 year old former boxing Champ and great (record 73-6-2), I am by no means under the impression that he is going to walk into the Octagon and put it to a Randy Couture.  By the way Randy has been begging to fight Toney.  If Randy was to stand up with Toney no question it would be "Lights Out" for Randy, but I can't imagine Randy making that mistake.  But we won't be talking about that fight any time soon, because Toney's first fight looks to be with Kimbo Slice, rumor in April.  If you don't know who Kimbo just do an Internet search and you will be caught up in about 10 minutes. 

I have been doing some digging and cannot find any information on Toney cross-training his boxing with grappling or any MMA.  Those that follow Toney know that he has been out of the game for the most-part, other words a non-factor in boxing.  However, a former champion who is a non-factor in boxing, facing primarily a stand up MMA fighter with very little kicking skills (Kimbo) is a huge factor for MMA fans.  If Toney takes this even 20% serious and trains some basic ground escapes to avoid Kimbo's ground game, which is limited but still there, Toney will knock Kimbo out in the first minute of the fight. 

That is my opinion of course.  I base it on my experience watching Kimbo's Internet and MMA fights. No doubt Kimbo is a good boxer with natural stand up, but when he gets somewhat fatigued he is sloppy and winded.  Toney however is a former boxing Champ, who will knock your head clean off. Regardless of how tired Toney gets (standing up of course) he can rely on technique to finish the fight. This is not "I boxed in the Air Force or College technique" this is years and years and years of mastering his technique in the boxing gym. Technique is key in boxing.  Unlike the MMA fighters who look good hitting focus mitts and shadowing boxing before a MMA fight, boxers cannot hide from the truth.  A boxers stand up technique, or lack of, cannot be compensated for using take-downs, kickboxing and wrestling. 

This addition to the UFC is pretty cool for James Toney fans and MMA fans alike.  I really don't think anyone sees Toney as a top contender for a belt but stranger things happen in the fight game.  And if anyone has every had a punchers chance in the UFC, it is going to be Toney.   Toney steps into the octagon with a ton of boxing experience, he has been hit in the face before and he is a monster.   However if he does not take the ground game and conditioning serious, his light will not shine very long in MMA.  A Toney fight will make for a great under card fight or a free fight on Spike.  MMA fans have matured they expect quality from the fighting organizations and deserve it, I hope he delivers. ]]>
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