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Yeah, The Smashing Pumpkins were given the slate to be the official replacement to Nirvana upon Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness once its leadoff single, "Bullet with Butterfly Wings," became a massive hit. It was a reasonable mistake back then since "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" held such Nirvana-esque aesthetics. It had a gloomy, downcast sound, repetitive lyrics, and only a handful of guitar riffs. Then "1979" was released and everyone - myself included - swooned over it. "1979" became the defining single of Mellon Collie for its whispiness and longing tone. Then came "Tonight, Tonight" and everyone going nuts yet again over the fantastic string instrumentals courtesy of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Yeah, those are all well and good, but nearly everyone forgot that they were just three singles from a behemoth of an album. There are two discs to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness which loosely weave together something conceptual. The Smashing Pumpkins used all that space to perform some odd experiments and turn it all into their magnum opus. Now, conceptual magnum opus albums have a habit of either being great, career-topping masterpieces or bloated, unfocused messes. When I first gave Mellon Collie a listen back in 1997 or so, I tended to lean more toward Mellon Collie being a mess, but that's why I decided to go back and listen to it again before reviewing it. At least I REMEMBER it being messy. Maybe that had more to do with my ever-growing distaste for frontman Billy Corgan's behavior.

Mellon Collie is a lot tighter and better than I remember. For all the hype about the incredible musical scope of it, on the first disc, only the first three songs sound like they're out of place. The title song and "Tonight, Tonight" are the oddballs because they introduce a swooping classical sound. The third song, "Jellybelly," could be argued as being out of place since it's experimental, but it's experimental grunge/metal, so its not entirely unlike a lot of the other songs on the album. It's "Jellybelly," though, which kicks off the real tone of the CD. It's dark but catchy, unmistakably grunge with pop notes. "Jellybelly" loses its composure at the end, but it's pretty enjoyable until you get there.

The concept of Mellon Collie, according to Billy Corgan, is a symbol of the circle of life and death. The two discs of the album are named Dawn to Dusk and Twilight to Starlight. The Dawn to Dusk side is frequently uptempo, with the instrumental stars usually being drummer Jimmy Chamberlain along with either bassist D'arcy Wretzky or guitarist James Iha. Song forms tend to alternate between rage and sweet happiness, with Iha taking the lead on the faster, angrier songs like "An Ode to No One" and "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" while Wretzky stands out on the poppier tunes like "Here is No Why." That's the general rule, but not THE RULE. "Love" is a standout example of a dark, slow plodder with Wretzky's low notes being the primary, driving force of the instrumentals.

Dawn to Dusk does have an overly long wind down time, starting with the eleventh track, "Galapagos." It consists of four songs: The one I just mentions, "Muzzle," "Porcelina of the Vast Ocean," and "Take Me Down." The strongest song there is "Porcelina of the Vast Ocean," a gorgeous track infused with classical influences but one which still overstays its welcome at over nine minutes.

If Dawn to Dusk represents the vigor and anger of youth - which a strong case could be made for - then Twilight to Starlight is maturity. The poppy sound from the first disc is completely abandoned. I don't think it's an accident that three of Mellon Collie's four singles came from Dawn to Dusk.

Twilight to Starlight features a classic rock influence right in its opening track, "Where Boys Fear to Tread." "Bodies" fuses classic rock with grunge in one of the more seamless combinations of the two sub-genres I've heard. Iha and Corgan are the stars of that song, which has dark underpinning which would sound perfectly in line with anything Ozzy Osbourne has done.

Sometimes, Twilight to Starlight opts to slow things down. At its very best, the second disc is thoughtful, mature, wistful, and nostalgic. The whole shebang can be heard in "1979," one of Mellon Collie's premier singles. At its worst, Twilight to Starlight can sound like a randomized mess which takes the worst of vocal and studio tricks in misguided attempts at experimentation. "Tales of a Scorched Earth" is a rather egregious example of this. Wretzky and Iha seem to barely show up, Chamberlain sounds drowned out half the time, and Billy Corgan buries his already-raspy singing voice under a lot of raspy, bad electronica. Those are the songs you listen to and start to wonder what the hell the whole point was.

Again, the disc tends to wear out its welcome. "Thru the Eyes of Ruby" runs over seven minutes and pulls one of those last-minutes harmony presto-changeos which bands all seemed to love in the 90's. The dominant style throughout the second disc is definitely grunge, which is sometimes mashed together with classic rock, and while the results tend to waver, you can't deny that it makes for some rather interesting songs. Billy Corgan tends to do a lot of screaming and growling here, and the one constant factor on Twilight to Starlight is that he's at his worst when he tries doing either of those things. I know a lot of people aren't too keen on the high rasp of a singing voice he possesses, but it's good for what it does, and when he wants to let it flow naturally, Corgan really sounds quite beautiful. "Tonight, Tonight" and "Porcelina of the Vast Ocean" are both sterling examples of Corgan at his vocal best. His performances don't bode quite as well on the second disc, though, especially when mashed-up experimentalism like "X.Y.U" are running well over five minutes and feature him screaming his lungs out.

While Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness tends to derive its influences from all over the place, it has a surprisingly tight and concise focus. It contains a lot of experimentation which, while showcasing some of the potential of grunge, also may have assisted in the hastening of the grunge era's death. There's a lot of classical music on Dawn to Dusk, for example, and individual songs like the stuttering "We Only Come Out at Night" lend even more diversity and interest. However, everything also results in overly long songs and wind down times, and Mellon Collie seems to have trouble finding any ground between the rough and polished, and both discs tend to run on a bit longer than need be.

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is definitely important to the late grunge era, and it's not a bad pickup overall if you're willing to overlook the flaws.]]> Thu, 12 Dec 2013 14:33:33 +0000
<![CDATA[ When The Sun Comes Up]]> His sophomore album, “Before The Sun Comes Up” showcases his unique talent to take you down a country road, into a bar and back out again at the break of dawn while making you feel like you’ve actually just done it all!

For beginners, John David Kent as pretty much done it all himself.  He has already been on a world tour and he signed to a major record label when he was the tender-foot age of 16.  He built his own studio, started his own label (Blackland/Roustabout Records), played on Letterman and Conan and had a band that produced three top 20 singles on the Texas charts and had a hit video on CMT Pure Country.

“Before The Sun Comes Up” takes you on a summer tour of the teenage years – ok, well maybe older when he gets into the honkey-tonks – but you get the idea.  Freedom.  Driving.  Partying until the dawn breaks.  Who can resist what memories and images these songs will produce as he opens for Merle Haggard or travels to festivals in France?  His road trip is taking all of us away in this new album.
“Before The Sun Comes Up”, the titled song from the album is a sometimes rocking, sometimes swaying version of what we all love to do before that old sun rises!  It’s an upbeat song about driving down the lost highway promising we’ll be together.  I can just envision those long Texas highways living for the minute, with your hand on mine…..

“Country Twang” is full of cowboy boots and turning the local honky tonks upside down just having a great time.  He has a beautiful Texas twang going on in this song accompanied by a band that sounds just like they all walked out of a honky tonk. The song is about a gal who likes to party hard and her Daddy hates it when she goes to town and she’ll put a spell on you if you give her a chance!! The song is hard country with a twang and fits his voice completely.

“Last Call” is just what it says – last call at the bar with strong instrumentals as everybody parties until the break of dawn.  Get down, get dirty, get going – party, party and party some more.  This song will not allow you to stay in your seat for very long.  I have not seen JDK in person but I would bet he is having a blast and having a ball while getting on with this song!

This awesome album rounds out with “Leaving Without You” (a lovely ballad),” Struck a Nerve”, “Should Have Just Let Me Go”,” Free to Drive”, “Until We Turn Around”, “Fight For You” and ”A Little Less Lonely”.  You can order the CD from his website or iTunes download. You can follow him on Revernation, Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube videos of this gregarious country persona.  Go on – get ya some JDK today! You’ll love it!

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Contributor
CalamityAnnie1 on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Reverbnation]]> Mon, 28 Oct 2013 20:51:40 +0000
<![CDATA[ 2Steel Girls "Train Wreck" EP]]>
Allison and Krystal Steel are beginning to rewrite history as the most famous mother-daughter duo since the Judds and started their career with their first showing at the legendary Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN.  Less than one year after the show talent scouts for NBC’s “The Voice” found them online where they sang through 4,500 contestants and found themselves in the top 64, performing on “The Voice” and being picked up by Blake Shelton for his team.

Not only are they the first mother-daughter duo to appear on “The Voice”,  they have also since appeared on the Hallmark Channel’s “Home and Family Show” singing their blind performance for “The Voice”, “Before He Cheats”.  Then wonderful things happened on Facebook when a fan started a page called “Get 2Steel Girls on the Today Show”, and within 3 weeks they were invited to perform for the “Today’s Show’s” Mother’s Day segment where they sang “Train Wreck” for the first time.

Looking for additional funding to release their debut album “Train Wreck” they started up a Kickstarter project to make it happen and fans so loved them that the CD was funded 150% and became a reality on August 10, 2013! (And since August 10th is my birthday I know they have a wonderful career ahead of them – just saying!) To date this dynamic duo had already been featured on GAC and have kudos with MTV, Rolling Stone, been named a country favorite on the “Today Show” and have numerous mentions in magazines and newspapers nationally and internationally.  The country music nation is being rocked by this amazing duo and 2Steel Girls are moving in and moving on with a wonderful tradition of life, love and music by mother and daughter!

“Train Wreck” is an album with 7 tunes: “My Mistakes”, “Fall In Love”, “Train Wreck”, “Forward”, “ON”, “Take Me Back” and “Chasing You”.  “My Mistakes” is the first song and it opens up the listener to a whole new world of country, blues, and soulful listening. Their amazing harmony plays to the deep bass and drums in this ballad – it makes the listener feel like they are maybe floating down a bayou on a star studded night, swaying to the mesmerizing sounds coming from this duo. I loved this song and it put me straight in the mood to listen to more!!

Listening to “Fall In Love” kind of took me back to my rodeo days with their mentions of one night rodeos and swinging lassos and big ropes! This song is upbeat and rocks out harder than the ballad proving that Allison and Krystal have more up their sleeves than just one beat. It’s catchy and showcases another vocal talent of these two ladies – a throaty, kind of sexy and guttural vocal as they crescendo in and out of the verses. Well done!

“Train Wreck” which is the title song is equally interspersed with their unique harmony, upbeat melody, once more showcasing even more of their ability pull the listener into the song.  The instrumentals in all the songs on the EP are equally as impressive in filling the room with “feel like you are there” vibes and they compliment the duo perfectly.

This is one strong EP – of course it is – it’s 2Steel Girls – Nashville Strong!

Please find 2Steel Girls at:

You can download the new EP at iTunes or order a signed CD on their official website.  If you are lucky enough to catch them at a show please be sure to do so – I imagine these ladies will rock your world with their amazing voices.

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Reviewer
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I still remember when every album of Pac's was supposedly all new material; it seems those days are over. Here it seems that Suge Knight has decided to remix 10 songs from his library and it is here we have Nu Mixx Klassics. Well actually two of these albums have been released, the second one may be the best of the two. This is the first one to be released.

1.2 OF AMERICAS MOST WANTED-this track was the single off of the album and featured the great CROOKED I. I actually really like this track, it is not better then the original but this is still a great remix. THA ROW HITTAS did their thing on this track; the beat is very club friendly and bouncy. Plus Crooked I kills this track along side the late 2pac, great track.

2.HOW DO YOU WANT IT- even I have to admit that this track could have been way better, I really don't like this track all that much. Here's the thing the beat from Tha Row Hittas is nice and would have been great for another artist with an original song, but it doesn't fit well with Pac's vocals on this track.

3.HAIL MARY-I really don't understand this track, they did it again. Once again the beat alone would have been pretty good, but with this song from Pac it is no where near right. This song was meant to be dark, they didn't get it right with this one.

4.LIFE GOES ON-they get a little more on track with this song, it isn't great but it still sounds really smooth and jazzy. In fact I actually love the instrumental Tha Row Hittas cooked up for this track, it's a pretty cool take on this song.

5.ALL EYEZ ON ME-while this is no where near as good as the original this track still manages to be pretty good. I actually think Pac would have got on this beat, just doing a different type of song to it. Also Big Syke is still killing it on the rmx.

6.HEARTZ OF MEN-another beat Pac would have probably got down on, just with a different topic. As far as a remix goes this one is actually pretty good, not the best on the album but good none the less. The beat doesn't compare to the original DJ QUIK beat.

7.TOSS IT UP-the hands down best song on the album, even better then the original. Tha Row Hittas went all out on this track, excellent production on this song. This version actually surpasses the original song and is more enjoyable, proof that these guys can actually make hit records, hands down the best remixed Pac song to come out of his previously released material.

8.HIT EM' UP-I can see what they were trying to get with this song, but the beat doesn't mesh well with the lethal lyrics from Pac and THA OUTLAWZ. This track is decent though and worth a listen or 2.

9.NEVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME-Pac's song to Suge so of course it's on this album, and it turns out pretty good. I like this remix, not as much as the original but this is still a good track. I recommend this song to all, give it a try.

10.AMBITIONZ AZ A RIDAH-can't believe they actually remixed this song, this song was one of the best Pac songs ever recorded plus DAZ DILLINGER produced the classic original. But to be fair this is an ok track, the beat if on its own would be nice. Give it an honest listen and then make your judgment on it.

Over all this was an ok release, the Toss it Up track is more then worth the price, get this for that track and the joint with Crooked I.]]> Fri, 6 Sep 2013 01:26:02 +0000
<![CDATA[ From]]> Robin Spielberg
2013 / Spobs Music
367 pages

Naked On the Bench: My Adventures in Pianoland is the delightful memoir of pianist/composer Robin Spielberg, one of my favorite artists ever. Robin and I have been friends for many years, so although there were not a lot of surprises for me in the book, reading it was like getting to know Robin all over again. An extraordinarily positive and upbeat person, Robin tells her stories with humor, wisdom, and total honesty. The book is divided into six parts plus a prologue, so the stories aren’t always in chronological order, but jumping back and forth in time allows the book to read like a compelling collection of short stories grouped by common themes.

The book begins with a recurring childhood dream where Robin discovers secret rooms inside her piano and is able to meet regularly with a grandfather she had never met and to hear him play. From those magical moments, we travel through the life of a budding artist from her hyperactive childhood thinking everyone must have an orchestra playing in their heads like she did to the poised and polished concert artist she is now. Quite a few chapters recount the years in New York City when Robin played in upscale piano rooms during much of the day and acted in theater productions by night. One of the founding members of the Atlantic Theater Company, she was able to juggle her pianist and acting selves for an impressive period of time, and many of those stories are enlightening, laugh-out-loud funny, and tear-jerking - some all at the same time! Robin also tells her very human stories of love lost, true love found, and the miracle of her daughter, Valerie.

What makes Robin Spielberg’s concert performances truly exceptional is the way she is able to draw her audience into her music with the stories behind each piece and her very personal and “naked” style of playing. As a writer, she is able to do the same thing, letting us see inside her head and get to know the heart and soul of a true artist - the ups and downs of a life that chooses you rather than the opposite, the joys and sorrows, the insecurities that plague all artists as well as the experiences that bring confidence and stage presence. If you love Robin’s music, this book is a must-read. If you don’t know her music, I can guarantee that the book will seduce you into Pianoland.

"Naked On the Bench" will be released on September 22, 2013. It is available for pre-order from and the softcover, ebook, and audiobook will be available from Amazon and iBook on the release date. Very highly recommended!

Kathy Parsons

8/31/13]]> Sat, 31 Aug 2013 20:49:34 +0000
<![CDATA[ Prowl somewhere else, goofballs. 13%]]>
While I know that not everything in grindcore is supposed to be taken seriously, Pig Destroyer really hurt themselves just with their name alone (yes, I know that it's another way of saying "cop killer," but it sounds goofy). It also doesn't help that the album cover, despite having gory imagery on it, looks goofy in the end, and the same can be said with the song titles and lyrics. These guys should have taken a cue from Unseen Terror on how to incorporate moments of silliness into their music.


Yes, "Prowler in the Yard" does have elements that are staples of the grindcore genre. Blastbeats are certainly there as are the aggressive guitar riffs and vocals. However, if you're a fan of the really caustic, gritty, and deathly forms of grindcore pioneered in the mid-late 80's, chances are you'll hate this. Having some restraint from over-the-top aggression can work sometimes in grindcore, the problem with this album in general is that there's TOO MUCH restraint. Too often are there breakdowns and mid-paced half-thrash riffs popping up in songs that break the bursts of aggression essential to grindcore, and it doesn't help that there's sonic elements in this album that sound too absurd, like the use of Microsoft speaking programs to narrate parts of songs. Some may say that this helps make the music sound more unique, but unique doesn't automatically equal good, as this sounds really forced and bland, despite the aggressive elements found. The vocals are more in line with modern hardcore bands than with the gravely shouts and death metal vocals found in the pioneering grindcore bands, and while this isn't a problem if these vocals are done right, they sound too obnoxious and forced here.


J.R. Hayes is the vocalist on this album, and he's among the weakest links on here. Again, his vocals are more in line with modern hardcore bands, but he sounds like he's trying way too hard to sound intense and whatnot on this album. Hayes does the occasional death metal vocals on songs like "Mapplethorpe Grey," but they sound more like a parody of death metal vocals than vocals even worthy of licking the boots of masters like Martin van Drunen, Ross Dolan, and Mike van Mastrigt. There weren't any vocals on this album that I thought were any good.

Scott Hull handled the guitars on this album, and they were forgettable above everything else, despite the frequent attempts to do more than play fast. Again, the problem is that Hull's riffs just don't grab you and make you want to bang your head furiously like what proper grindcore riffs should do, and the frequent use of restraint keeps you from feeling like you're listening to a real grindcore album. Some riffs that stuck out to me the most are the breakdown-laden riffs featured in "Starbelly," but despite the attempts to sound heavy, they sound more boring than anything else. These riffs are nowhere as heavy and awesome as the prime riffs in Electric Wizard. There were some pretty awesome, aggressive riffs in the beginning of "P*ss Angel," but that's really all I can remember that I would consider good.

Bass is literally non-existent because no bass tracks were recorded. As far as I know, Pig Destroyer doesn't have a bassist, but you think they would at least hire a session bassist for recording in this album. Maybe this is why so many of the riffs don't feel so heavy because there's no bass to bolster them.

Brian Harvey is a competent grindcore drummer, though I honestly couldn't remember much that stuck out at me.


All the songs on here range from being annoying to downright forgettable. The album goes off to a bad start with "Jennifer," as this is merely a Microsoft speech program narrating with some noise coming in near the end of it. Again, the rest either didn't grab me or just annoyed me badly. Some songs that annoyed me the most were "Mapplethorpe Grey," "Evacuating Heaven," and "Body Scout." These feature the most obnoxious and annoying vocals, and therefore, make them the least tolerable. "P*ss Angel" starts off with some decent metal riffs, but quickly loses momentum and around the halfway point, features more goofy Microsoft speech narration followed by a bunch of weird ambient noise that goes on until it ends.


The production of this album was pretty bad. The sound quality is too clean for a grindcore album, and the vocals were mixed way too high, making their obnoxious qualities all the more obvious to the listener. You can clearly hear the guitars, drums, and other instrumental elements, but again, they lack the grimy atmosphere that strongly enhances the grindcore genre.


If you're new to grindcore, avoid "Prowler in the Yard" like the bubonic plague. Instead, sink your teeth on the following albums and boxed set.

Napalm Death: Scum
Repulsion: Horrified
Siege: Drop Dead
Rotten Sound: Cycles
Unseen Terror: Human Error
Carcass: Reek of Putrefaction
Terrorizer: World Downfall
Extreme Noise Terror: A Holocaust in Your Head
Grind Madness at the BBC

These grindcore releases didn't goof around with their music, unlike this album.]]> Fri, 30 Aug 2013 02:44:19 +0000
<![CDATA[ Jared Ashley Leaves Station Strong with "Last Train To Memphis"]]>
He went from Navy singer to Lower Broadway to Nashville Star, but luckily for us, Jared Ashley is now going mainstream!  After placing 5th on the reality show in 2006, Jared Ashley took to the road to perfect his live performances and songwriting skills.  In 2010 the singer/songwriter went to the studio and released an album without help from a label.  With a self-financed album, Jared earned recognition from Blaster Records that eventually signed him among acts like Aaron Lewis and Hank Williams, Jr.

Currently in the studio with an album expected by the end of the year, Jared Ashley has released "Last Train To Memphis" to country radio.  The song is a co-write with Nick Sturms and Jeremy McComb.  Jared's vocals are impeccable on the track and reminiscent to me of a blend between Kip Moore and JT Hodges - yeah, he has the best of both rasp and ease to his voice!  This is one of those artists that could sing just about anything and I would listen.

"Last Train To Memphis" is more than just vocals, however! It is well produced and there are great lyrics behind it.  It's the tale of missing a loved one after leaving for a period of time and the return to that love. "It’s a one way track here and no going back /If I miss this, the last train to Memphis."  I could easily hear this song follow the tracks right up the charts.  After giving the song a few listens, I know Jared has made one new fan in me.  This album will quickly become one of the most anticipated albums of the year if Jared continues on this track.  The single, "Last Train To Memphis" is available for purchase on iTunes now!

To follow Jared on his ride, "like" him on and follow him @JaredAshley - this is one name you should get used to hearing!

Scotty B. - @scottyb2150]]> Thu, 2 May 2013 00:29:01 +0000
<![CDATA[ Willie makes these classic country songs sound fresh.]]> Wed, 17 Apr 2013 05:03:17 +0000 <![CDATA[Nokturnal Mortum Quick Tip by RabidChihuahua]]>
If you want a sampling of Nokturnal Mortum, check out these songs.

If you're looking for some Nokturnal Mortum albums to listen to, check out "Goat Horns," "To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire," "The Voice of Steel," and the "Kolovorot" live album and "Lunar Poetry" demo.]]> Wed, 20 Mar 2013 20:39:30 +0000
<![CDATA[AZ - Pieces of a Man Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Mon, 4 Feb 2013 07:20:14 +0000 <![CDATA[ A REALLY GOOD ALBUM FROM AN UNDERAPPECIATED ARTIST]]>


It has been a while since I reviewed anything from the east coast so I decided to go back a little and check out my man AZ's "PIECES OF A MAN". This was his second album and while a little more upbeat at times than his first album it is still a great CD.

1.NEW LIFE [ALBUM INTRO]-this more like a short song and not an intro, and it is a great album opener. Goldfinger delivered a great instrumental for AZ to introduce the album. Great opening track.

2.I'M KNOWN-the first full length song of the album is pure east coast underground greatness. AZ kills a nice somewhat eerie instrumental from Goldfinger, this seems like a continuation of the first track. This is certainly another good track.

3.HOW YA LIVIN-we follow that last track with a NAS assisted classic, the hits keep coming. Over a nice sampled ["SHOW ME"] instrumental by LES these two great mc's trade verses and create yet another classic collaboration between them. This could have been a good single if it had a video, could have been real cool.

4.TRADING PLACES-Tone & Poke drop a cool Caribbean influenced instrumental for AZ to rip to. This is another good song but I think AZ outshines this production instead of matching it. Don't get me wrong it is good but something about it doesn't mesh well with me, still a good song.


5.WHAT'S THE DEAL-Tone & Poke return and do a much better job this time and come with a cool smooth beat for AZ. AZ of course kills it and lets his girl know what it is. There is also a good hook to this song, which adds to the potential of the song.


6.LOVE IS LOVE-Goldfinger just keeps getting better on this album and drops one of the best beats on the entire with the help of AZ. There is something truly beautiful about the production on this track, it fits AZ's flow perfectly. What makes this track even better is that not only does AZ drop some gems but so does guest and fellow QB representer NATURE. This is one of the better tracks on the album, FIRM.

7.THE PAY BACK-this Gucci Jones produced track is a nice tell of vengeance against someone who wronged AZ. This is a great story type track with a nice Spanish guitar sounding track. This is another highlight of the album, good song.

8.JUST BECAUSE-over a very familiar sample provided by LES AZ drops a nice part style track about girls and balling. This while good and has a very up tempo happy sound to it is not the best song by far on the album. It grows on you and sounds like it could have been a single, a female singer on the hook would have sounded nice on this track. Still a good track and worth a listen.

9.SOSA-this has got to be one of his best songs ever, I dare any one to listen to this and not agree. Tone & Poke stepped their game up on this one and created a production that sounds picture perfect for AZ and his flow. This has a nice guitar on it and AZ kills it.

10.IT'S A BOY THING-Tone & Poke are definitely an experimental two, the beat for this song sounds nothing like what you would hear AZ on. And unfortunately it is one of the weaker songs on the album, the beat and hook sort of kill this one for me. AZ does his thing but wastes great lyrics on this track. Also I hate the title to this song.

11.PIECES OF A [BLACK] MAN-this is definitely a step up from the last track. T & P come with a much better production. In fact the beat on here is more of AZ's style that smooth dark kinda sounding instrumental that he is known to destroy. This is no different, AZ does his thing on this song.

12.LAST DAYZ-MONIFA is in the house on this track here, which I believe is the single from the album. And why not over a slow smooth beat from Kenny Smoove and Darryl Young, AZ lets all know what the deal is in these times. And you know Monifa sounds great over this smooth production, her hook is great.

13.WHATEVER HAPPENED [THE BIRTH]-we move from that smooth song into this RZA produced and featured grimy NY track. The beat to this is that WU-TANG style track that RZA is known for. AZ sounds right at home over this very New York sounding track. And of course RZA is right at home over his own production.

14.TRIAL OF THE CENTURY-once again AZ goes into story mode and tales a great street tale, and goes into detail like no other. Nashie Myrick dropped a great beat that fits the flow and concept of this song. Foxy Brown drops by for a guest appearance and Panama PI is on the hook. Another good song.

15.BETCHA DON'T KNOW-we end things on a more up beat type of song with a cool jazzy instrumental provided by Tony Dofat. AZ does a nice job as expected on this track, but I don't think this was a wise choice for an album closer. Maybe if this would have been in the middle of the album it would have made more sense.

This is a great album and I recommend it to every hip hop fan out there.]]> Mon, 4 Feb 2013 07:19:27 +0000


When Daz and Kurupt reunited after Kurupt left Tha Row west coast hip hop fans rejoiced all over and were awaiting the release of the first album the two put out back together. Well at least I was.


2.DPGC MUZIC-the first song on the album is a banger for sure and really gets you excited about this album, this is the first single. This is the perfect song to showcase these two back together. Daz and Ivan Johnson created a really hard beat that fits the Pound perfectly and will have your head nodding. Daz sounds get over this beat but Kurupt kills this track and he sounds energized about being back with Daz, as does Daz about Kurupt.


4.CUZ I'M A GANGSTA-DJ Xtra Large produced this slow pounding production that seems like it would have been right at home on the first DPG album. Kurupt destroys this track easily and delivers with some nice battle inspired lyrics, and Daz sounds great on the hook. Of course verse wise Daz lays down that distinctive flow of his we all know and love, in fact lyrically he steps it up in this one.

5.HITTIN' DONUTZ IN THA STREETZ-Ivan Johnson and Daz return to drop one of the smoothest instrumentals ever, very pleasing to the ears. The hook for this song is just as smooth and very catchy. Both Daz and Kurupt sound excellent over this beat, Kurupt adjusts his flow to fit it and this type of beat is right up Daz's ally. Great song, classic.

6.SAY IT-the same production team returns to drop another radio friendly smooth catchy beat, and succeed in creating another hit. In fact this is one of if not my favorite songs on the album. The hook for this song is extremely catchy and all of the verses are just that as well. This would have been the perfect single for the album, and with a video could have been huge in my opinion. Both Kurupt and Daz sound great on this song, I love Kurupt's flow on this song.

7.WE GITT-the same production team three times in a row and once again succeed in crafting something banging. This horn driven track is perfect for the Pound to blaze stuff to, although I feel this song is a little of a step down from the previous tracks. Still this is a good song and straight bumps.

8.U REMIND ME-once again the same production team is in the house and along with Soopafly they create another well crafted production. The hook from Men-Nefer sounds great but a little off to me. Kurupt does his thing on this song as does Daz, another good song.

9.MAKE ME A BELIEVER-Daz and Ivan create a nice piano and flute driven track that sounds like classic Dogg Pound. The hook for this song is great as well and fits the beat perfectly. Daz adjusts his flow on this track, and to me it is ok but not great. Kurupt's verse is good but if you listen to his verse it sounds like he wasn't even there to record it.

10.I LUV WHEN U-this could have been a lovely single for this album, it revives 2pac's "Late Night" instrumental. Daz and Ivan recreated this and added a little extra feeling to it and brought forth a great instrumental. Kurupt sounds excellent on this track, and Daz sounds just as good. This reminds me of the song "Feels Good" off of Daz's "RAW" album. The hook for this track sounds beautiful, the female singing sounds great. Should have been a single, the video for this on the DPG DVD was great, looked cool outside in that snow.

11.WHAT U GONE DO?-Daz and Ivan return to drop a more bass driven harder type track, in which they succeed. But it feels like it is missing something. Kurupt spits real well on this track, delivering some great verses. Daz does his thing on this track, and the hook is cool.

12.PUSH BACC-LT Hutton provides an excellent production for this track that is perfect for The Dogg Pound. This is another one would have sounded right at home on the first DPG album. Kurupt kills this track and delivers with a great hook. Daz does his thing as well on this track, another good song.

13.RIDE & CREEP-DJ Xtra Large returns and drops another banging track with this slow paced classic. And D-Sharp provides a cool hook for this song, and Daz even disses Guerilla Black in his verse. And of course Kurupt holds it down on this song. This is another classic track off of this album, great song.

14.OUTRO [FEELS GOOD TO BE A DOGG POUND GANGSTA]-Daz and Ivan return to produce the final song on the album and have created another cool beat. This is a cool ending track, and Kurupt sounds right at home on this. Daz sounds great on this track and made a very cool sounding hook. Over all a good end to the album.

This was a great album and it was great to have Kurupt and Daz back together.]]> Mon, 4 Feb 2013 07:02:27 +0000
<![CDATA[Young Noble & E.D.I. - Against All Oddz Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Mon, 4 Feb 2013 06:45:36 +0000 <![CDATA[ OUTLAW PRIDE]]>


Two members of the Outlawz come together once again to drop a nice album for all fans of this type of music.

1.RIDE IT OUT-Big Hollis produces the extra smooth instrumental for an excellent intro, EDI just lets people know what to expect from this album.

2.OUTLAW PRIDE-Big Hollis returns to produce another sure fire hit for the duo on the first song of the album. This is really an anthem for not only these two but for their movement. The spit on what they believe in and have happened to them over the years. Great opening track and could have been a nice single.

3.LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND-Big Hollis flips a familiar sample for this wonderful track were the two drop jewels over his production. Both artists do the thing on this track and Hollis really killed this one on production, another great track.

4.RULES OF LIFE [interlude]

5.CLUTCHIN ON A 45-EDI and Young Noble borrow from mentor 2pac for the hook on this one here and it fits perfectly. Both of them once again drop knowledge for all listeners out there. Big Hollis once again produces another near perfect song for the duo, I really love the violins on this track. Another good song for the album.

6.PIMPIN IN MY BLOOD-really liking the production on this one here, it feels kind of playalistic if you ask me. I guess that makes sense since the song is what it is, so I guess Tron Treez did an excellent job on this one. Naturally Young Noble and EDI do their thing on this track as well, I bet you can guess what the song is about.

7.MAKE YOU HAPPY-Big Hollis returns to drop a wonderful instrumental for these two to get down to, the beat on this one is real easy on the ears. EDI and Young Noble really hold it down on this one here, add in a wonderful chorus and you have single potential. This could have moved units.

8.SAME THANG-Big Hollis does it again producing another radio friendly beat that EDI and Noble sound perfect on. The hook for this song fits the beat perfectly and these two sound great over this track, another really good song by these three.

9.KEEP ON DOIN IT-this one right here could have been the perfect single for this album, in fact this sounds like something Juvenile would have been on. Tron Treez provided another brilliant instrumental, real smooth and soothing. EDI and Noble once again sound real comfortable on this track, another hit.

10.I WANNA KNOW-another potential single right here as not only the beat is perfect for the radio but also for clubs. This is probably the most club friendly track on the album, the instrumental alone by Big Hollis is off the hook. Of course both artists hold it down on this one and make another one for the ladies.

11.ALL FAMILY NO FRIENDS-possibly the best song on the album and really should have had a video for this one. Tron Treez really out did his other works on the album with this one as it sounds radio/club/smooth/deep all at the same time. Lyrically EDI and Noble really hold it down on this one, best song on the album.

12.BIG TIME [interlude]-produced by Sac like the last interlude

13.DON'T CHANGE-the most west coast sounding track on the album and may give the last song a run for its money as best song. Big Hollis really did his thing on this track here, kinda reminds me of his work with DPG member Bad Azz. EDI and Noble really sound great on a west sounding production, its been a while since we have heard that.

14.WE OUTLAWZ-same smooth beat as the intro except with Young Noble speaking on this one hear.

Excellent release with this one here, I recommend this to all fans of hip hop/rap.]]> Mon, 4 Feb 2013 06:44:28 +0000
<![CDATA[Escape From Death Row Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Fri, 1 Feb 2013 07:06:50 +0000 <![CDATA[ UH OH]]> Escape From Death Row CD Cover Art


This was an album that was released by Low Life and Big C Style on Low Life records that was going to help kids and stuff with the income for the album. They put not only artists that would be on Low Life records but stacked the release with well known West Coast artists. Most of which were Dogg Pound members collectedly known as the D.P.G..

1."LOW LIFE INTRO"-The intro is pretty good nothin special though

2."BACK ON THA SMASH"-This is a banging opening song with my boy Kurupt ripping it up. He provides the opening, second and final verses as well as the hook for the track. Tray Dee also brings heat to the table as he always does, and even Q does a nice job here. I love Blaqtoven's battle influenced beat here, it really fits Kurupt and Tray Dee's styles.

3."WHAT CHA GONNA DO"-This is the song I felt could have been the hit single for this album. The beat is a nice smooth gangsta'd out beat by Blaqtoven, with Daz and two future members of Doggys Angels [Cognac & Kola] spitting that West Coast flow. Every time I listen to this I can just picture a video that should have been. This track would later appear on Daz's first "Who Ride Wit Us" compilation.

4."HERE WE GO NOW"-This is a pretty good track, not as good as number three, but it is nice. Daz and Hit do very well together on this one, as well as Low Life stoppin by. This was another Blaqtoven produced track and also appeared on Daz's "Who Ride Wit Us" comp.

5."DO YOUR THANG"-I don't care what people say it does not sound dated. Hit, Crooked I, and Ric come through blazin on this joint. The beat from Wayne D is very radio friendly and Crooked I kills this track with Ric on the hook. Also I have to say Hit sounds really good over this bouncy production with his flow.

6."UH OH"-Here it is the classic track that made me love Crooked I, well I already did but this is classic. All those doubting my man should check out this joint right here as he destroys Tim Nitz orchestra production. I cannot say it enough about this track, he kills it, classic. This could have also been a hit, I highly recommend you listen to this song.

7."NOW THAT I'AM OLDER"-This has a banging beat to it once again by Blaqtoven, and has my man Lil C Style on it. Hit and Young Life also come out good on this one with every one delivering with their verse. It is always cool to hear Lil Style since he only has album out.

8."WE'RE GONNA PARTY"-A nice track to just lay back and chill to, just lay down and pop this joint in. this is another one of those radio friendly sounding productions from Blaqtoven. The hook fits well with the beat and is catchy with Silva Satin and Ruff Dogg dropping vocals.

9."ROLLIN WIT LOW LIFE"-Bad Azz stops by to drop some game on this one, one of my favorite rappers out. Bad along with Hit and Young Life each drop a verse here with Bad stealing the show over another great Blaqtoven track. Not the best song on the album from any artist but still a good one.

10."LIFE"-this might be my least listened to track on the album since I never really got into this track. I will say that Blaqtoven's production here would be right at home on a Ruff Ryder album. Every time I hear it I can picture the Lox and them on this one. Q is cool and all but this track really isn't for me.

11."HITTIN FO'"-The beat is banging and why shouldn't it be since Soopafly provided it, one of my favorite tracks on the album. Hit kills this one with his flow as it fits Soopafly's production. Soopafly himself destroys the last verse here, this one could have also been a cool single in my opinion.

12."DANCE WIT ME"-Soopafly returns on production alongside Daz and provide Q with a hit beat. Q seems more comfortable here but then again that may just be the instrumental that I like so much. Also I like the hook for this track, another good one.

13."THEY MAY F_CK WIT U"-Soopafly returns on production and on the vocals here. This is one of those classic Soopafly songs that is raw and catchy at the same time. He rips this track up over the piano driven beat. Another one of my favorites off of the album.

14."FLIP SIDE"-We end with an ok track by RBX, and Silva Satin. The beat from Blaqtoven is good but not up to par with his others. This is a good enough song but not the one to end on.

While this didn't sell like I am sure everyone wanted it to it is still a very good album. In fact even to this day I still play this album regularly. One of the best west coast compilations I own and I would recommend it to any west coast or rap fan out there.]]> Fri, 1 Feb 2013 07:06:10 +0000
<![CDATA[ ONE OF MY FAVORITE ALBUMS EVER]]> File:Kuruptstreetzizamutha.jpg


This was Kurupt's second album and by a lot of people's opinion his best to date, some like myself even consider it a classic. Kurupt is my favorite MC of all time so it isn't hard to believe that I love this album. But to be honest I really think there are songs here for anyone who is a fan of this kind of music. In fact I have never met anyone who didn't like "Who Ride Wit Us".

1."I Call the Shots"-This is one of the greatest songs ever made by Kurupt. Kurupt hits a flow like no other on this, and his younger brother Roscoe rips the song up. Organized Noize provide the beat. The brothers come so correct on this song with vicious flows and lyrics making this one of the best songs on the album.

2."Loose Cannons"-This makes me think of it as a more bouncy "Hollywood Bank Robbery" from the "Gang Related" soundtrack. The beat and the flows are excellent here with Daz Dillinger starting things off followed by Kurupt who kills it. Xzibit finishes things off on this bank robbery style track. Daz did a great job with the beat here and the effect on their voices during the song is fun.

3."Who Ride Wit Us"-One of my favorite songs to date, this banging ass beat from Fredwreck is bumpin for sure, plus the best team in rap ever [Kurupt & Daz] rip the track up. The production on here really is on of the best ever and it is no wonder this is most likely the most well known Kurupt track out there. Kurupt and Daz of course sound great together over the beat, and Bad Azz of course provides the hook.

4."Represent Dat G.C."-Fredwreck returns with another bumping beat like the last with verses from Kurupt, Daz, Snoop Dogg, Jayo Felony, Tray Dee, Soopafly, and Butch Cassidy. Kurupt kicks things off with that Young Gotti flow followed by Daz sounding great over this beat. Soopafly is next with maybe the best flow on the track followed by the OG Tray Dee and the hook. Jayo starts the next verse off with classic Felony style we all know and love, followed by Snoop's typical flow. Then after the hook Snoop returns followed by Kurupt but it is Daz's sing song style that may steal the show this time. But it is Butch Cassidy up next and he sounds great here.

5."Welcome Home"-One of the best producers stops by to create a classic on this one. Soopafly proves why is one of the best beat makers around. The instrumental here is perfect for Kurupt to talk about the place he lives in and his family. Latoyia Williams is perfect here on the chorus and sounds smooth and natural over the Soopafly production. One of my favorite tracks here easily.

6."Tequilla"-The beat is gangstafied by a long shot for sure here by Organized Crime, it holds it down for all the rides. Here we have Nivea before she had any hits of her own providing a great hook matching the tone of the instrumental. Kurupt is right at home over this bass, slow grove. T-Moe rips it up with a quick flow and adds a new element to the song. Daz ends things on a great note.

7."Trylogy"-Kurupt goes solo on this one with a nice beat provided by Bink Dogg. One of the best Kurupt songs ever with Young Gotti killing the orchasta like instrumental. The flow is lethal as are the lyrics, one of the best songs here.

8."Neva Gonna Give it Up"-This is a Dogg Pound theme song so to speak, with a beat from Meech Wells and hot verses from Kurupt, Snoop, Tray Dee, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, and Warren G. this is that posse cut that appeared on every DPG related album at the time. I really miss these types of songs, plus Nate Dogg [R.I.P.] sounds excellent here. Also it is always great to hear Warren G "Regulate" on a track.

9."Tha Streets iz a Mutha"-One of the best songs on the album, it is a strait west coast thumper to play in all rides for a long time. Daz holds it down heavy with the production here. This is a great Dogg Pound track with Kurupt & Daz ripping it like they did in their Death Row days. Very much one of my favorite songs on the album and I love the video.

10."Ya Can't Trust Nobody"-This one like the last was produced by and features Daz Dillinger and like the last is great. Also this one could have easily fit on either Daz's "Retaliation, Revenge, & Get Back" or "R.A.W." albums. The style of the production just makes me think that. Any way both are great here on another great Dogg Pound classic.

11."It Ain't about You"-Soopafly, and Tray Dee stop to show what is up for all you ladies out there. Well not all you ladies but you know the kind they are talking about. Kurupt, Tray Dee, and Soopafly all sound great over this Soopafly production. Each one of their flows match the beat perfectly.

12.Girls All Pause"-The first single from the album is one of the hottest songs on here. Bink provides one of the best productions here which sees Kurupt and Nate Dogg sounding off on the ladies here. Roscoe also stops by to drop a little quick something. Another one of the best tracks here.

13."Your Gyrl Friend"-The first of two songs from Tha Pound with this name, I think this one is better. Part two would appear on Daz's "R.A.W." album with Soopafly and Mac Shawn, it is a good song but the first one is better. Daz provides the beat again like he did for the second one as well. This one is basically about your girl being his girl and so on.

14."Ho's a Housewife"-Produced by Dr.Dre who drops a verse, and brings in Hittman for one as well, this is a remix from a song on Kurupts first album "Kuruption". This would also be on Dre's "2001" album so you know this is a great track. The original is a good song with a more lighthearted instrumental. This one fits more along the lines of Dre style which I guess is why he also used it.

15."I Ain't Sh#t Without my Homeboyz"-A great classic song, with tight verses and a smooth beat. I am sure everyone out there can relate to this song, we all have those friends we can count on one hand are really down with you. I love the instrumental that Soopafly and Daz crafted, fits the style of the song wonderfully. Everyone on the track which includes Kurupt, Daz, Soopafly, Baby S, and Crooked I drop some of my favorite verses on the album.

16."Step Up"-Daz once again does an excellent job on the production and it kinda reminds me of that old school battle stuff. Crooked I kills this track and proved why he is one of the most underrated artists ever to grace the mic. Kurupt destroys the second track and drops gems like he did during his Death Row days. Next up is Xzibit like the first two murders his verse, these guys are a deadly combination. A killer track and perfect for anyone wanting a lyrical murder session.

17."Live on The Mic"-A freestyle from Kurupt and KRS One. Both guys kill this track and it is cool to hear two of my favorites of all time together on here. Soopafly provided a simplistic beat that fits that KRS style, it felt like a freestyle session. Excellent track here.

18."Callin Out Names"-The killer diss song going at DMX, Ja Rule, and Murder INC, also Foxy Brown who he was once with. The whole thing with DMX and Foxy is what started this and Kurupt let all have it. The opening "Mutha F*** D, Mutha F*** M, only X I know is Xzibit or RBX" is now legendary and Fredwreck's beat is great. In my opinion this is one of the best diss songs out there, of course Kurupt is my favorite MC so I will be the first to admit the bias.

This is by far one of my favorite albums of all time, and very possibly my all time fav. I honestly don't think there is a bad song to be found here. I know lots of people who agree with me and some who don't, that's cool. It's a personal taste thing and for me if I was stuck on a disserted island with only five albums I can have with me this is one of them no doubt.]]> Wed, 30 Jan 2013 08:15:28 +0000
<![CDATA[ Sounds Great, No Matter The Season]]>
Turning of the Seasons, the band's debut album, was the first album that I ever purchased from the group.  Ironically, I purchased it through the mail and not at one of their performances.  I've since gone on to acquire three more recordings associated with the band:  the excellent What Dreams May Come (given to me as a gift), the wonderful Samsara (purchased at TRF), and the band's lead vocalist, dancer, multi-talented musician, Roxanne Bruscha's solo album, Lost Continents, Sunken Ships (also purchased at TRF).

Turning of the Seasons features classic and contemporary music that spans multiple cultures.  It also features original songs written by members of the band.  You might recognize a few of the tracks, particularly tracks such as Bolero and Habanera.  Some of the songs feature vocals.  Other songs on the album are purely instrumental. 

The instruments on this album are varied and include accordians, Greek Bouzouki, mandolins, Cajon, and multiple other instruments, with and without strings. 

My favorite tracks from this album are Matty Groves, Adir Hu, Turning of the Seasons, the blistering Sota, and both versions of Misirlou.  I'm drawn to Matty Groves for both its sound and its story.  It's the tale of poor Matty Groves who is seduced by Lord Donald's wife and is eventually caught in bed with her by a very angry Lord Donald.  The two fight, and the outcome isn't that pleasant.  Adir Hu and Sota are two wonderful instrumentals, with Sota being quite possibly my favorite song on the entire album.  Turning of the Seasons is an original track by the band and features beautiful vocals and solid string work.

Fans of surf guitar legend Dick Dale will definitley recognize Misirlou, or at least the second version of it on this album.  The first version features Bruscha's seductive vocals and slinks along at a pace that promises pleasure.  It is a wonderful track.  The second version is a wide open Greek Bouzouki string attack.  There's no mistaking that this song means business, and I believe that it can hold its own against Dick Dale's own version of the song.

I highly recommend that fans of faire music and/or Mediterranean, Celtic, or Gypsy-styled music give Turning of the Seasons a listen.  It will not disappoint you in the least.]]> Fri, 11 Jan 2013 20:07:31 +0000


1.INTRO-Kurupt introducing DZ to the world.

2.LET'S RIDE-over a very heavy west coast style instrumental that sounds like a Dre track Kurupt destroys the first verse letting the world know about DZ. DZ takes the last two verses introducing himself to the world. Each verse is great and this is a good and banging opening track. Great way to start the album.

3.TROUBLE-the late great Mac Dre appears on this track dropping a nice hook for DZ over a bouncy bay area type production. DZ sounds good on this track and feels right at home with another legend on a track with him. Another great track that all would most likely enjoy.

4.FAST LANE-T Nutty comes through to help out over this great track with a nice piano driven track. DZ once again sounds good on this track but it is the hook on this track that I really like a lot. T Nutty steals the show on this one though with an excellent verse to end things, another good track.

5.POP BOTTLES-this one right here would be the perfect single for this album as it is a nice mix of street and mainstream appealing. The beat is excellent and will have you nodding along with it, and the hook is very catchy. DZ does his thing on this one with each verse dropping a gem on the album. Junya does his thing on this one as well adding a different style to the track. Could be a nice single.

6.GIT UP-Gangsta Nut appears on this one kicking things off with a good verse adding another style to the album. This one is all about the ladies and what they want to do with them. The beat on this one is very mainstream appealing but the hook and content could never be edited enough for radio. DZ sounds great on this type of track as his flow matches the beat well.

7.HUSTLINAIRE-a definite single right here with a very bouncy and appealing instrumental that takes me back to the glory days of the west coast. Also the Roger Troutman like hook is amazing, always love that talk box. DZ kicks it off with one his best verses on the album followed by the great Messy Marv dropping a great guest verse. DZ ends things with another great verse and adds a great song to the track list.

8.SO FLY-Rydah J Klyde is in the house on this one dropping some smooth vocals to help the album out. This is another potential single as the ladies would love this one as would the mainstream. The instrumental on this one is so smooth and the hook is extremely catchy, perfect choice for a video. DZ does his thing again on this one, another good song.

9.LIKE ME-Minista and Guce join in on things along side DZ on this track, this is your typical bravado type track as they all hold it down. All three do their thing on this one over a hard instrumental, this is a good track. While it is not the best on the album it is still bump worthy.

10.GANGSTA PARTY-a cool bouncy West coast style beat kicks in immediately on this one as DZ and D.O.A. each do their thing. Every one sounds good over this great instrumental and the hook is cool on this one as well. Another good addition to the album, pool party music in the summer right here.

11.MY LIFE-this is a great track right here and is one of my favorites on the album, the beat on this one is great. DZ kicks it first with a great verse followed by Jesse James who kills it. 151 holds down the hook and does a great job. This is one of the best songs on the album.

12.RIDE ON-Kurupt returns with his wife Gail Gotti on this one to help things end correctly. DZ starts things off with an excellent verse and his flow is on point, great verse. The hook is great with Kurupt on it and the beat is very smooth and feels like some night time music. DZ comes back with another great verse as he kicks it a bit different. Next up is Gail Gotti who is one of the best females in the game right now, and of course she steals the show with an excellent verse. A great way to the album with DZ linking with two of the best, Kurupt is a legend.]]> Thu, 3 Jan 2013 20:51:53 +0000
<![CDATA[ LoCash Cowboys Sign with Average Joes Entertainment]]>
Chris Lucas and Preston Brust have released three singles since 2010 – “Here Comes Summer” which was extremely upbeat and high energy and made a wonderful video of the highlights of summer.  This was followed by “You Got Me”, a very catchy love song and lastly a closer to the heart ballad “Keep in Mind” which can be a tear jerker for many who can relate to the words, like Chris who dedicates this song to his late father and as well to a former member of the group, Ryan “Troop” Jones who was taken from this life too early and is now fiddling in heaven since October of 2011.

Following their releases they have enjoyed songwriting fame and huge successes first with “You Gonna Fly”, co-written with Jaren Johnston, picked up and taken to No. 1 by Keith Urban and most recently “Truck Yeah”, co-written with Danny Myrick and Chris Janson.  “Truck Yeah” was recorded by Tim McGraw who took it to gold standard quickly.

Average Joes Entertainment has produced a new video out by LoCash for Christmas  -- “What Time Is It” which features all of the band and many family members of the LoCash family including the newest member to the family, little Caden Lucas!  It is a wonderful Christmas song and video which premiered on GAC Friday, December 7, 2012.  The song will appear on Colt Ford’s new album, “An Average Joes Muddy Christmas” which features 13 tracks with many artists from Average Joes own roster including a few others. 

The album is available for purchase online at most e-stores where you can purchase either an audio CD (which I did!) or in downloadable formats.  Merry Christmas to Average Joes Entertainment and LoCash Cowboys!

Calamity Annie - CMTT Music Contributor
CalamityAnnie1 on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace]]> Mon, 10 Dec 2012 04:09:06 +0000
<![CDATA[ Katie Armiger Releases "Fall Into Me" January 15, 2013]]>
Katie cut her teeth on the road opening for artists Kellie Pickler, Jason Aldean, Craig Morgan and Luke Bryan, as well as LeAnn Rimes.  Amidst all this activity Armiger has also been engaged in writing very personal music for this new album and taping her music videos.

This artsy and energetic young lady has been compared to seasoned vocalists like Martina McBride, Shania Twain and Sara Evans. Katie’s second album, “Believe” was released in 2008 and her third album, “Confessions of a Nice Girl,” was released in 2010. She and Cold River Records are thrilled and eager for the release of “Fall Into Me.”  The album is very personal to Katie as she co-wrote all 14 tracks with some very famous songwriters – Blair Daly (Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw); Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, Terri Clark); Joe West (Julianne Hough, Toby Keith, Jimmy Wayne); Bruce Wallace (Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bently, Trace Adkins); Skidd Mills (Saving Able, Sister Hazel) and her best friend, Ashlee Hewitt.  The songs are ultra personal for Katie and mirror the last couple of years of her life, loves, struggles and accomplishments. She has poured her all into this album through her fingertips writing and singing from her heart. It is a superb album and most certainly will be a bit hit for her.

The first cut on the album co-written by Katie and Blair Daly is “He’s Gonna Change” and it caught my attention immediately because it was very personal to me as well and will probably be very personal to many who first hear it. Have you ever loved somebody so much but had such a really hard time with them but you always thought to yourself and said “He’s going to change?” In Katie’s own words – “He wasn’t really kind to her, but she always had that hope that one day she was going to wake up and he was going to be Prince Charming. As a friend, it just hurt my heart so much to see that that I needed to write a song about it and just get it out, so I wrote this song with Blair Daly. On a side note, the guy actually turned over a new leaf, so I guess I was a little wrong and people can change. But I wrote that song about a year ago, so it took that long.” The song has a great upbeat tempo with layers of vocals in the chorus and interesting instrumentals.  “When the stars come out in the middle of the day – yeah baby – he’s gonna change!”
“Man I Thought You Were” (Katie Armiger & Ashlee Hewitt).  According to Katie this song was probably one of the most personal songs she included on the album.  She and her best friend co-wrote it so it made the experience she went through extra personal.  In the words of the song -- “you would tear me down just to build me up – the truth is not what I deserved – so much for the man I thought you were….. I fell like you can only fall the first time...” And that says it all – there is really always the very first time you truly fall in love with someone and then he turns out to not be the man you thought he was. A great song we can just about all relate to at one time or another – young or old – this is a timeless song.
“Better in a Black Dress” (Katie Armiger & Blair Daly) is a song with haunting vocal intrusions and darker toned vocals rather than the high spirited lighter tones of the first two songs.  She is letting everyone know that she is one “hot mess” and it makes her “feel so good” and she “don’t need a white dress I got a black dress”!  She is not discussing a black dress for grieving either but rather that hot little black dress all ladies have (or should have – I do!) in their closet for that hot date or hot night out on the town! She is not ready to settle down as the white dress denotes but rather “hot mess it up on the town”! I’m with her on that song – I loved it!
The album rounds out with “Playin’ With Fire” (Katie Armiger, Ricky Davis, Micol Davis);
“Okay Alone” (Katie Armiger, Melissa Fuller, Dee Briggs); “Black and White” (Katie Armiger & Chad Carlson); “I’m Free” (Katie Armiger, Chad Carlson, Joe West); “Merry Go Round” (Katie Armiger, Blair Daly, Skidd Mills); “Baby You’re Everything” (Katie Armiger, Chad Carlson, Joe West); “Cardboard Boxes” (Katie Armiger, Jesse Tucker, Megan Nicole); “Stealing Hearts” (Katie Armiger & Katie Kessler); “Not Too Late” (Katie Armiger, Jesse Tucker, Tyler Ward); “So Long” (Katie Armiger, Bruce Wallace, Amanda Flynn);“Safe” (Katie Armiger & Mallary Hope – who also sings on this cut and is a lovely young lady I have reviewed and met as well).
January 15, 2013 – mark the date and be sure to snag your copy of this wonderfully personal and charming album from Katie Armiger!
Calamity Annie – CMTT Music Contributor
CalamityAnnie1 on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace]]> Mon, 10 Dec 2012 02:15:00 +0000
<![CDATA[ From]]> Chuck Cape
2012 / Chuck Cape
50.9 minutes

"In the Spirit of Christmas II" is the solo piano follow-up to Chuck Cape’s 2010 debut, "In the Spirit of Christmas." In the same vein as his first album, this is a collection of thirteen traditional and original songs of the season, updated and given a variety of treatments from soft and gentle to exuberant and joyful. Cape is a very accomplished pianist who seems to be comfortable with many different musical styles and genres, giving the album plenty of variety. Conversely, if you are looking for a full album of quiet piano music, this one probably won’t work. Most of the songs are on the peaceful, reflective side, but a few are very “big” and showy. I like the variety and Cape did a great job of selecting the playing order of the songs, giving the album a really good flow.

"In the Spirit of Christmas II" begins with a rousing arrangement of “Deck the Halls.” Big, bold, and full of fun, this is an exciting opening! “Swirls” is the first of the originals. Gentle, smooth, and very graceful, it reminds me of watching effortless ice skaters gliding across a rink or frozen lake. I’ve heard and played some funky arrangements of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” but Cape’s version tops them all! Crank up the volume and let it rattle the windows! Over the past several years, it seems like “O Holy Night” has been getting quieter and quieter, in large contrast to the passionate, dramatic versions I grew up with. Cape’s arrangement has a bit of both, becoming more powerful as it evolves. “Simple Gifts” isn’t very simple in this spirited and effervescent version - a great arrangement! “Hymn For the Appalachians” is a favorite. Slow and soulful, it has the feel of a folk song fleshed out just enough to make it a full and elegant piano solo. “Sussex Carol” is lively and very joyful - almost dancelike. “In the Bleak Midwinter” seems to have become a favorite of many instrumental artists, and Cape’s version is delicate in some parts and bold in others - a very enjoyable interpretation. “Home For Christmas” is a beautiful ballad overflowing with sincere emotions and sentimental memories - another favorite. “Once In Royal David’s City” cranks it up again with a lively rhythm and a “joyful noise” that spins and dances with delight. “Silent Night” becomes very still, gentle, and delicate, telling its story with reverence and a spirit of peace. Beautiful!

"In the Spirit of Christmas II" is a really nice addition to anyone’s Christmas music collection. It’s available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Check it out!

Kathy Parsons

12/3/12]]> Tue, 4 Dec 2012 00:06:42 +0000
<![CDATA[Kool Moe Dee - Funke Funke Wisdom Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Tue, 27 Nov 2012 00:10:34 +0000 <![CDATA[ GREAT ALBUM]]>

A little listening music


For those who don't know Moe Dee is a legend in the realm of Hip Hop and commands respect no matter whom you are, one of my favorite MC's of all time. He is probably best known for his beef with one LL Cool J, the majority of people are wrong on that topic. I believe that Moe Dee won the battle with LL and that L could not handle Moe Dee, and I know L was crushed by Canibus. I believe that this was his forth album and most [including Moe Dee] consider this his weakest effort, whether that is true or not I like it and consider it a great album.

1.INTRO-cool intro nice beat

2.FUNKE WISDON-great horn driven beat by Moe and Teddy Riley that makes the song like he says funky, love the production on this track. Of course the wisdom is there as well as Dee drops nothing but knowledge of this funky production with excellent lyrics and great delivery. One of the best songs on the album.

3.HERE WE GO AGAIN-over a very familiar sample and smooth production Moe Dee kills a party inspired track, even though it really isn't one. This track is kinda a diss to party rappers and tracks I think though I could be wrong. But when I listen to the lyrics I think that is exactly what it is. This is another great track and it still gets play from me in the ride, sounds great.

4.TO THE BEAT YA'LL-Teddy Riley returns to drop a very simple yet catchy production that will have you nodding your head immediately. It has a simple hook and a cool old school feel to it even for that time so it sounds perfect. Moe Dee kills the track with ease with a great flow and delivery, and gets at LL Cool J on this in a laid back way. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

5.HOW KOOL CAN ONE BLACKMAN BE-Moe and Teddy reunite to produce this track and do a cool job with a smooth easy going beat. Lyrically Dee does his thing on this track and drops some great verses, still something seems off. I don't know what it is but something about this track is off with me, but the horns in the chorus are wonderful.

6.BAD,BAD,BAD-some cool production on this as it kinda holds back building its self up for a nice drop when it gets to the hook. Still much like the first there is something missing, but the verses are killer for sure. Dee destroys this track unlike he has on the previous tracks, a nice battle like verse. I think that this was kind of another dig a L but you be the judge.

7.RISE `N' SHINE-ah yes one of the singles from the album and what a single it was, I still remember the video for this one. It was like a press conference or something with Dee, KRS-1, and Chuck D from Public Enemy. These three together made for a great group speaking nothing but truth and dropping killer verses like only these three could do. At the time I don't think there was any better as they prove their worth in the grand scale that is hip hop. Moe drops a great instrumental that all three sound great over.

8.MO'BETTER-Teddy returns to drop another smooth production, this time for an interlude.

9.I LIKE IT NASTY-Moe delivers on the production side masterfully once again, this may be my favorite beat on the entire album. It is smooth, cool and catchy especially the little touches added to the hook. Verse wise Dee dedicates this one to the ladies and while it is very different from the rest of the album I have a theory. I think he was dissing L again by trying to out do him in the ladies song department, it is up to you once again to judge. Lyrically it is cool but not up to par with the others but flow wise he is still on point and crisp. Another good song from this album.

10.DEATH BLOW-of course I am sure any hip hop head remembers this song as it was Dee's comeback to L's "Break of Dawn" and "Mama said Knock you Out". I personally think that Kool Moe Dee won the battle as he is much more advanced and on point lyrically and also called L out to battle live, L denied. As if you did not know Moe Dee destroys L on this track with verse after verse of vicious flows. And production wise Moe and Teddy deliver a funky old school battle influenced beat that will have all heads nodding. Love this song right here, especially since he fusses some L's stuff from his songs on here. The video of this was a parody kinda of L's "Mama said Knock you Out", classic.

11.LET'S GET SERIOUS-another funky production here with Dee dropping more battle laced verse with nice lyrics, dope Mc'n if I do say so my self. This may be another jab at L but like I said before it is up to you to decide that. Me I think it could go either way but it does sound like he is getting at L again, of course either way it is nice. Another good song that all should like.

12.POETIC JUSTICE-Moe teams with Keith Spencer and Dale Hogan to drop a fast paced funky instrumental that adds a new level to the album. Moe Dee's flow is still on point speeding it up a bit to match the beat, I love the beat during the hook. Dee kills it as expected and shows why he is respected by all in the hip hop community. Another good track that I listen to a lot, check it out.

13.GANGSTA BOOGIE-even though this track influenced a lot of artists over the years including my favorite rapper Kurupt who had his younger brother's [Roscoe] group Y.A. remake the song or at least sample it I still feel like it is not up to par with some of the other tracks found here. It is a nice track with same production team from the last dropping a harder sound this time, but it still feels off. Dee is in story telling mode here and drops good verses but still.

14.TIMES UP-the album ends on a good note with this old school sounding track, and for so reason I think of the movie "Above the Rim" when I hear this. The beat is catchy and cool and Dee does his thing on here dropping some good verses. This was a good way to end the album with Dee delivering like o other with a great flow, very precise.

Over all this may not be his best album but it is far from horrible and deserves a chance, I think it is close to classic.]]> Tue, 27 Nov 2012 00:09:55 +0000
<![CDATA[Kurupt presents Tha Penagon Vol. 1 Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Mon, 26 Nov 2012 05:43:39 +0000 <![CDATA[ EXCELLENT ALBUM]]> Tha Penagon Vol. 1 [Explicit]

A little listening music


This is a great album with the great Kurupt who as you know is my favorite rapper out there. This album has some great production from Teknizzle who did the whole album and some great tracks by Kurupt and company.

1.INTRO-great introduction with Kurupt letting you know what to expect over one of the coolest sounding instrumentals ever from Teknizzle.

2.2 MANY-Tek's production has that classic west coast feel on this and kind of a Dr Dre type feel to it. Of course Kurupt sounds excellent over this production and kills the first verse. Young De [this song first appeared on his "Audio Hustlers"] kills the second verse followed by an excellent B Real of Cypress Hill. Also the hook is really catchy and matches the style of the track well.

3.IF U WANNA RIDE-Tek production is amazing on this track with an Asian influenced sound with some great horns added in as well to make it harder. Gail Gotti who is Kurupt's wife destroys the first verse with a killer flow and also delivers a great hook. Slo Stallone takes the second verse and does a great job and Kurupt kills the last verse. Still I think it was Gail who stole the show on this one, great single right here.

4.NUTHIN-all the same players from the last song are here along with Problem, and of course Tek supplies a great beat for all of them to destroy. Slo Stallone as maybe my favorite verse on this track with a great play on words here, Problem shows why he is one of the best from the new west. Gail is great on the hook along side hubby Kurupt.

5.GUN 4 GUN RMX-two of the Four Horsemen [Killah Priest & Kurupt] are on this one with Nas, and this is another excellent track. Priest starts it off with a great flow and verse and I love what he says in his verse. Next up is Nas with a very catchy flow with a great and real verse about some things, his flow is perfect on this. Kurupt ends things off with one of the best verse lyrically on the album, love the 17 swords thing. Tek delivers once again with a wonderful instrumental that all sound great over.

6.WALK AWAY-this is possibly the best song on the album because Kurupt destroys this track on all the verses, and he sounds great on the hook. This is the Kurupt that lyrically mashes every thing he touches, his style and lyrics on this track are amazing. Also Tek's production on this track is flawless.

7.HOOD IN YA LIFE-Kurupt and his brother Roscoe come together on this one over a bouncy Tek production. Kurupt starts things off with a good verse and sounds great on the hook, love the beat on this one. Roscoe destroys it on this one though with a great verse and flow, he sounds tailor made for this type of track. They share the last verse and of course deliver on it, good track.

8.LIFE WE CHOOSE-now this is with out a doubt a classic here with Tek's wonderful deep production. The thing that really makes this is A Dub on the hook as he supplies some wonderful vocals on the chorus. Kurupt of course spits excellent over this track and kills it with a great flow, especially the second verse. This could be a great single because I would love to see a video for this one.

9.THA PAPER-Young De returns as does Roscoe along side Kurupt who kicks it off with a lethal verse and flow. Roscoe comes in next with a money oriented verse as Kurupt goes off next then Roscoe returns to drop a great verse. Kurupt is up again as they talk about what they did at what age. Young De is on the hook as Kurupt and Roscoe do their thing on this track over another great Tek beat.

10.BACC 2 THA HOUSE-Tek drops a nice east coast yet southern influenced sounding production for this Philly track. Gillie Da Kid, Reed Dollaz, Young Hot, and Kurupt each take turns on this one. Each one sounds good on this track and kill their verse. Still this one is a posse track so there really isn't a hook. Kurupt has the best verse on here as one would expect and ends things nicely.

11.DO WHUT I DO-Tek drops another Dre influenced track here but Joins Kurupt on the track and sounds good on the hook. Kurupt kicks things off once again with a great flow and verse, poetry analyst. And then finishes things off with another great verse that may be better than his first, lyrical puzzle.

12.I GOT U-easily one of the best songs on the album, this track is all about family and has that feeling to it as well. this has an instrumental that really brings the feelings out in these two brothers. A-Dub's vocals on the chorus are amazing and helps make this track a classic and adds to the feeling of love between two brothers. Kurupt is up first with a wonderful verse about his life and his brother and with lines like "I put my brother in the game at 13, I exposed him to all kinds of negative things [wish I didn't]" you can feel the emotion in his words. Roscoe is up next and just like his brother expresses nothing but love for his big bro, this track makes me think of my brother man, excellent song.

13.RAP OR DEATH RMX-this is a remix of a track that Gail Gotti put out and this new version is excellent. Gail starts it off with a wonderful verse as one would expect, I can't wait for her album. The whole Penagon is on this track including the head, Kurupt who kills it of course over Tek's epic sounding production.

This is a great album that I think everyone who likes this kind of music would really enjoy. It is full of great production and some wonderful verses full of venomous flows and lyrics, good stuff.]]> Mon, 26 Nov 2012 05:43:04 +0000
<![CDATA[ The story of the tragic fire at The Station nightclub is an all too familiar one.]]> This is a story that I have read more times than I care to remember. Back in 1903 a total of 602 people, mostly women and children, perished in a fire at a matinee at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago. Six years later 259 miners were killed in a fire at a coal mine in Cherry, Il. Then in 1911 another 146 young immigrant workers lost their lives at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City. And history records that 492 people lost their lives at the fabled Cocoanut Grove nightclub in downtown Boston back in 1942. It just breaks your heart to read about the deaths and serious injuries of so many due to the greed, incompetence and irresponsibility of others. Now in 2012 attorney John Barylick presents the definitive book on the 2003 Station nightclub fire in West Warwick, RI that killed 100 people. "Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert" is the riveting and comprehensive account of a tragedy that really did not have to happen. The tragic tale that John Barylick relates in his book is bound to elicit the full range of emotions from his readers. I was hooked from the outset and could not put this book down.

In "Killer Show" John Barylick paints a very vivid picture of just what was happening inside the walls of The Station on that fateful night. Barylick spends considerable time describing the floor plan of the nightclub. His verbal description is supplemented by a very helpful illustration at the beginning of the book that the reader can refer to as needed. He then introduces us to a number of the people on hand for the show that evening. Some were regulars, others were fans of the band and still others were there by happenstance. They had no inkling of what was about to go down. For most, it was just another night out. What makes the unspeakable tragedy at The Station particularly unique is the fact that a local television crew was at the club that night filming a story on of all things "nightclub safety". The camera was rolling when the Great White concert began and tour manager Dan Biechele set off the pyrotechnics. The blaze would begin in a matter of seconds. When viewing the horrifying video shot by photographer Brian Butler it quickly becomes apparent that there were a number of obstacles confronting patrons as they attempted to escape the toxic smoke, heat and flames. First and foremost due to the foam on the walls of the club the fire completely engulfed the building in a matter of moments. The problem was further exacerbated by the fact that the club had exceeded its "maximum allowed capacity" by close to 100 people. Due to the gross negligence of club owners, Great White and a whole host of others it is abundantly clear that most of those who died or were seriously injured never had a chance.

So just who was responsible for the holocaust at The Station? As you will discover in "Killer Show" there were no shortage of potential candidates. Jeffrey and Michael Derderian had operated this venue for several years. Clearly they were going to be forced to shoulder a large portion of the responsibility for what took place that night. One small but extremely damning piece of evidence against the brothers was a fire extinguisher discovered in the rubble the day after the fire. According to the tag it had not been serviced in 7 years! Many would assign a large portion of the blame to West Warwick's fire code inspector whose job it was to enforce a myriad of safety regulations. Enforcement of these rules, codes and requirements at The Station appeared to be lax to say the least. In the final chapters of "Killer Show" John Barylick writes of the intense seven year long struggle to litigate this tragedy and to obtain well-deserved compensation for the victims. This was a battle the author was intimately involved in as a lead attorney investigating and prosecuting the wrongful-death and personal-injury cases arising from The Station fire. As such, he was uniquely positioned to write this book.

All in all I found "Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert" to be a terrific read. Being a native Rhode Islander I can still recall the sheer horror of turning on the TV on the morning of February 21, 2003 and learning of the monumental tragedy that had unfolded overnight just a mile or two from where I worked. And it is no coincidence that the circumstances surrounding this fire turn out to be eerily similar to the fires that I mentioned at the beginning of this review. We just never seem to learn. "Killer Show" is compelling and well written book that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences. Very highly recommended!

]]> Sat, 17 Nov 2012 20:52:02 +0000
<![CDATA[Dysfuntional Family Soundtrack Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Thu, 15 Nov 2012 06:14:21 +0000 <![CDATA[ IT'S STILL THA ROW]]>
a little listening music


Finally tha Row had returned the best label ever in my opinion as far as my taste in music. This was supposed to be the big comeback album that introduced the mainstream to the next generation of Tha Row. This was the soundtrack to Eddie Griffin's stand up film "Dysfunktional Family" Let's get started right away.

1."STILL THA ROW"-The original one was better in my opinion, in fact much better, but this song still knocks. I am not sure why they decided to put the remix on the wide release CD and the original for free download on the website. Anyway Crooked I and Virginia Slim do a good job on this joint together, with Slim basically being involved for the hook. Crooked of course rips it up as I always knew he would. Luckily for me I was one of the few people that was up on Crooked since his debut on C Style's compilations back in the day. I remember that BET and MTV refused to play the video because the Westside hand gesture was considered a gang sign while they both played Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube videos with the same thing.

2."I'M BACK[RMX]"-this was the first track on the album to feature my favorite MC, Kurupt. Another remix but it was still cool because I was excited to hear some new Kurupt at the time, he had just returned to Tha Row. The production here by Tha Row Hitters is very East Coast influenced.

3."DYSFUNKTIONAL FAMILE [THEME]"-Crooked.I, Eastwood and Danny Boy work very well together on this slow paced joint. Crooked starts thing off and sounds excellent over a smooth production from Tha Row Hitters again. I always wanted to see a video for this song especially when Danny Boy starts kicking in the second verse. Eastwood ends the track with a really good verse. If this had been a single with a video I think it could have done well.

4."HOVY BABY[RMX]"-Ok I'm not really a huge Jay Z fan, but the beat is bumpin here by Just Blaze or was it the Trackmasters. He displays a West Coast style instrumental for the remix, and of course that fits here on Tha Row. Probably the least listened to song by me on the album.

5."I'M A GANGSTA"-now this was the down south contribution to the album featuring UTP members at the time Juvenile, Skippa, and of course Young Buck, yes that Young Buck of G Unit fame. Both Juvie and Skippa sound good here but it was the up and coming pre G Unit Young Buck that stole the show here. His flow over the West influenced track was excellent, not the best on the album but still good.

6."WE BALLIN"-Eastwood and Crooked I come up in the mix again, and rip it. This should have been the first single without a doubt as it is possibly the best track to be found here. It would have showcased everything new from Tha Row at their best. You had the new age Row artists Eastwood and Crooked I who do excellent here. Eastwood sounded great and when did Crooked I never steal the show. But also it would have showcased the excellent production team of Tha Row Hitters. Honestly if you have not heard this song check it out now.

7."WHO WANTS TO *** TONIGHT-This is a pretty good track right here with Danny Boy, Crooked I, and Eastwood holding it down for Tha Row, while Ja Rule comes by as the guest from Tha Inc. I love the production from Tha Row Hitters it kinda reminds me of that darker sounding Christmas music. Eastwood starts the song off with a good verse and handles the hook as well. Danny Boy kills it next and sounds excellent here followed by a killer verse from Crooked I of course. Ja Rule sounds good here but is my least favorite on the track.

8."ALL MY"-this was another Murder Inc. song for Tha Row but this time it is a solo with Ashanti. China Black and Irv Gotti gave her a very West Coast style track which once again fits the label could have been a single based on who was on the song. Over all a good track for any Ashanti fan, not bad.

9."GANGSTRESS[HOW I ROLE]"-This was the only track to feature Kurupt's wife Gail Gotti over a street style beat from Tha Row Hitters. Gail sounds good on this track and it shows how she would eventually sign with G Unit. This track was rumored to be a diss towards Kurupt's ex Natina Reed [R.I.P.] and you can hear how that could be said. But then I also heard it was about an ex of Suge's and that the "It's Over" part was referencing Kurupt not dissing Reed.

10."THA ROW[YA'LL HOES]-this was the diss song to Snoop, Doggystye Records, and basically all of the DPG. This track featured Eastwood, Spider Loc, and Gangxsta Rid from Tha Boo-Yaa Tribe. I have to say that I love the beat here from Tha Row Hitters, it is a slow very Row sounding track. First off is Eastwood who had me cracking up with a line about Snoop. Next up is Spider who drops lyrics on a more personal level about Snoop and Daz mostly but also mentions a situation between Tha Row and Bad Azz. Ridd finishes it off with a classic verse Boo-Yaa style.

11."I KNOW WHERE I'M GOING"-this is by far one of the best songs on here and may very well be the best. Mi'chele is in perfect form here and sounds amazing over what may be the Row Hitters best production on the album. Very gospel feeling track, highly recommended.

12."1 CALL[REAL TALK]-This is one of my favorite songs on the album with Gangxsta Ridd holding down all the verses with Kurupt Young Gotti on the hook. Tha Row Hitters provide an excellent production here for Ridd and Kurupt, very bouncy production. I listen to this track regularly.

13."TOO STREET 4 T.V.-A nice song from N.I.N.A. who is also known as Lisa "Lefteye" Lopez [R.I.P.]. Danny Boy supplies the hook for this track and all this song does is make want to hear all the material she recorded on Tha Row. Tha Row Hitters came with a very West Coast style beat for N.I.N.A., she sounds good over this style track.

14."GET OFF THA BLOCK"-Crooked I once again rips the album up along side Phobia. This is a banga for sure with more production by Tha Row Hitters. This was the track playing at the beginning of the video for Crooked I's "Still Tha Row" single from this album. Crooked I blows this track away and like the other track mentioned Phobia like Slim was only on the hook and back ground vocals.

15."ON THA RADIO"-Skippa holds it down for Deathrow South, and yes that is Skippa from UTP with Juvie. This was a solo track he recorded for this soundtrack and over all it is a good track. His slower southern flow sounds good over this West Coast instrumental from Tha Row Hitters.

16."I THOUGHT YOU KNEW"-A nice track from Crooked.I, Eastwood, Danny Boy, Eddie Griffin and The Fabolous Dramatics. Crooked starts it out with his excellent flow followed by Eastwood who kills it. Eddie Griffin raps up the last verse with a rap from him and he does a good job. And of course Danny Boy and the fabulous Dramatics are on the hook.

17."DYS-FUNK-TIONAL-The final track is another hit this time produced by the great Sir Jinx, Spider lays down a more deeper song for the ending. I love the piano in this song and Spider showcases a different side here. Eddie Griffin provides the hook here which kinda surprised me at first.

I was very excited when this album was released and I can honestly say I still listen to it. It didn't end up having the impact it should have mainly because the industry didn't want to help promote it like with the video. But when I look back I wish Suge would have released all those albums. They had Kurupt, Crooked I, N.I.N.A. [Left Eye], Danny Boy, Ray J among others, they really could have been successful.

Here is the video for Crooked I's Still Tha Row that appears on the album

Now here is the video but with the original song that appeared on the website previous to the album release.
]]> Thu, 15 Nov 2012 06:12:24 +0000
<![CDATA[Kurupt - Bacon & Eggs Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Thu, 8 Nov 2012 01:39:33 +0000 <![CDATA[ KURUPT DOES HIS THING, SNOOP TRIES HIS HAND AT PRODUCTION AGAIN]]>

A little listening music - Kurupt - Bacon & Eggs


This ep was put out by Snoop Dogg as a little preview of his production style, personally he does an ok job on the beats but his production on his "The Big Squeeze" album was much better.

1.BACON & EGGS-the first song on the album is excellent and has that Deathrow Records sound, classic. Snoop's beat on this one is real cool and you can picture all that is said in your mind. Kurupt does a great job on this with his story telling style on this one, kinda like Lil C Style on "Who Got Some Gangsta" on the "Murder Was the Case" soundtrack, of course was really Ice T which was based on... well you get what I am saying. This is a great way to start the album and this could have a cool video to it, good song.

2.ROCCS-this is some interesting production work from Snoop here as it is not his usual style but I kinda like it. Kurupt sounds great on this track and drops gems over this unique track from Snoop. I like the way they stop and have no hook and start it all over, it sounds cool. This is short but cool track from Snoop and Kurupt kills it as usual, good track.

3.COMFORTABLE-the beat from Snoop on this one reminds me of something but I can't think of what it is. Any way this one sounds good as well and Snoop shows he is coming along as a producer. Kurupt does his thing on this one about the ladies and switches his flow to match the beat. I like the way the hook is a play on some old Prince stuff, you will know from the hook and beat kinda, this is another good song.

4.ONE TIME-some more interesting production from Snoop here as once again it is not the norm that neither man is known for. But Kurupt sounds great over the beat from Snoop as he drops some great verses. The hook is a little weird but that matches the instrumental so I guess it is cool, I like the way it flips.

5.SOMETHING LIKE THIS-I don't know why but Snoop's production on this one reminds me of Insane Clown Posse's "Real Underground Baby" from their "Hell's Pit" album. Kurupt of course drops more gems on this track and his flow is excellent on this track. This is good song and fits right in on this ep.

6.BALL OUT-this one sounds more like Snoop's style on this one and it has a weird baseline but it is cool sounding. Kurupt does his thing once again on this track and kills the track like we all know he can. This one is mostly about the ladies and like the title says balling out, a nice end to the ep. Kurupt's last verse on this track is excellent, from the flow to the lyrics.

This is cool little ep that Snoop put out of Kurupt on his beats, this far from Kurupt's best but it is good.]]> Thu, 8 Nov 2012 01:38:57 +0000
<![CDATA[Kurupt - Down & Dirty Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Thu, 8 Nov 2012 00:47:49 +0000 <![CDATA[ AGAINST THE GRAIN RE-RELEASE WITH NEW TRACKS]]>

A little listening music - Kurupt, The Dayton Family- Calico


This album is pretty much the same album as "Against the Grain" which was released many years ago. The only difference is there are some songs that were replaced with new ones, and even some of them have been released before. Still for any one thinking of getting this I highly recommend it; it is still a good album. I reviewed the original when it first came out.


2.SPEAK ON IT-the first song on the album comes out bumpin' hard, courtesy of a bangin beat by MARK SPARKS. What a great way to start an album, plus VAL C on the track, and a guy just telling him to speak on it. And Kurupt definitely does that speaking on different situations in the world like the DPG break up, racism, the east/west war, and certain individuals getting paid off of this type of music. Also this song as got a lot of attention due to the supposed dissing that goes on at the beginning of the song. Other then the 50 CENT part the others could have been mentioned dissing everybody that says that DMX, JA, and NAS are the new Pac's & Biggie's, not necessarily the individuals mentioned. Of course I could be completely wrong, so over all this is a great track, and even though it only has one verse.

3.ANARCHY-Mark Sparks returns to drop another hot beat that switches up on ya during the hook, and the verse. The hook is more up tempo while the verse is more smooth and gliding with its bass and claps. Kurupt rips the track up easily with his lethal flow, and even throws in a little DAZ diss. I also love the fact that he brought back the hook from "BEHIND THE WALLS" for a lil portion of the song. Over all this is an excellent track.

4.THROW BACK MUZIC-this has to be one of the best tracks to come out THA ROW in awhile, definitely a classic. Non surprisingly Mark Sparks returns to drop this straight west coast track for our listing pleasure. Kurupt giving it up to a time period he came up in, mentions a gang of things some will definitely remember. This is definitely a must have right here, no wonder it's a single.

5.RIOT IN THE CLUB-the first new track added to the album is a very bouncy single like song. I am sure that if this would have been on the original release it may have been a single based on the beat alone. Of course Kurupt spits that Young Gotti flow over the course of three verses, but the hook is kinda simplistic. This is a Lil Jon produced track that would also be relesed on Kurupt's "Street Lights" album later.

6.STALKIN'-another single from the album, in fact this is the one I would hear on the radio all the time. SIR JINX created a very interesting and intriguing beat for this track, and the samples used add to the beat greatly making this psycho girl more believable. Of course u all know Kurupt holds it down on this track, this track happens to be my girls favorite song on the album, should I be worried.

7.CAN U FEEL IT-ok I guess every album has to have that summer time, radio friendly track. DOUG MAYHEM is the producer of choice on this track, and he was very successful in making a bouncy summa tyme track. To be honest I even bump this track from time to time. This is probably the closest thing to mainstream on this album, not that it's bad, in fact it is catchy to a point, and that includes the simple hook from POTION. This is another fav of my girls. This is this album's "IT'S OVER", & "SUNSHINE".

8.SLIDE N SLIDE OUT-the ever reliable BLAQTHOVEN drops this nice beat, and this tack features Y.A. representatives EASTWOOD, BIG TRI, & YOUNG TONE. Surprisingly the star of the album Kurupt only drops a lil something at the end adding up to nothing more then a cameo, not even a verse from Young Gotti. Of course this technique has worked well for albums like "THE CHRONIC", & "DOGGYSTYLE" were there were 1 to a few tracks were the star wasn't on the track, just giving their boys shine. Over all though for the most part this is a nice addition to the album, all though to be honest I really don't listen to this track much, also Daz gets dissed.

9.U DON'T KNOW-the second new song was actually released on the "Against the Grain EP" but still for those who have not heard it this is a nice addition. This song basically is going at those who were against Kurupt at the time. Featuring West Coast legend Kokane on the hook and verse this one has a nice beat that will have your head nodding along. His last verse kinda reminds me of his verse on "I'm Back".

10.JEALOUSY-this is by far an excellent addition to the album, a great choice for a single in my opinion. Mark Sparks returns to continue his winning streak on this album, the instrumental itself is enough to get anyone to bump this joint. Lyrically this is an interesting track, seeing that the ex roc-a-fella signed M.O.P. is in the house making u "Ante Up". Also Kurupt in his verse mentions the hatred towards him for returning to Deathrow, and his so called lose of flow on this track. But to this reviewer it's ROSCOE that steals the show with his fiery verse. This is definitely a great addition to the track.

11.THA PAST-Dough Mayhem returns to drop the definition of what an instrumental should be. I could go on and on about how perfect the beat is for this song, but the lyrics are just as powerful. I love that a track was included that addresses Kurupt's {at the time} former boys in tha Pound. I also appreciate the fact that this isn't really a song hating on the others, plus DAVE HOLISTER is excellent on the hook.

12.BS & NONSENSE-the second song that is strictly from Kurupt's boys, in fact Kurupt doesn't even get a cameo credit from me, he only says a few words. But the thing about this track is that it is a better track then the last Kurupt less album, the beat from JOSHUA ANDREWS is a really well put together track featuring great pianos. SPIDER and Eastwood come real correct with their verses, though I prefer Eastwood's flow better in this one. Over all this is an excellent track.

13.CALICO-what more can I say other then this is a highly energetic track, the beat from THE SCREWFACE MUSIC GROUP is highly bouncy and to quote another track with Kurupt "off tha chain" {THE VERY BEST OF DEATHROW, that song also has PETEY PABLO}. Kurupt drops two hot verses; he even adjusts his flow to fit a southern type of flow. There's even a shout out to Snoop and the Doggpound in his verses. Also the DAYTON FAMILY hold it down hard on this track, especially during the hyped up hook, this track also appeared on their album. Over all this is a great song, also the Dayton Fam shout out RAS KASS.

14.HUSTLIN-another song that's been moving around the internet for a while now, actually it's been years. This track was known then as "FAMILY", and the audio wasn't as good. This version seems cleaned up to a greater extent, it has a much more clear sound. This track sees Kurupt rip it up with Big Tri & Young Tone on this smooth Sir Jinx track. Each verse from the artist is off the hook, this happens to be one of my favorite tracks on the album.

15.IT'S A WRAP-mark sparks returns to drop one of his best instrumentals on the album, the way each instrument is put together sounds incredible. Kurupt holds it down nicely on this track easily, the only problem with this song is that it's to short. The song comes in at a short 2:58, becoming the shortest song on the album. I just wish the song would have had one more verse.

16.ONE THANGS FOR SURE-the next new track is also one that was released on the "Against the Grain EP" but is part 2. This is a wonderful track with excellent production and Danny Boy kills it. I have a feeling they put this one on here because his album was the next release from Deathrow. But for a Kurupt release they should have put the first version of this song with Kurupt killing it. Still a great track.

17.PUT THIS MONEY RIGHT THERE-the final new track is a very worthy addition to the album with a brand new song never released from what I can remember. This one has a great bouncy beat that fits Kurupt's style. Former Deathrow artist Petey Pablo also features on this track providing the hook and a verse as well. Kurupt kills this track with two excellent verses; I would have liked to see a video for this one. Petey's verse is nice as well as he sounds right at home over the excellent production.

Tracks taken out that are on original "Against the Grain" release, here is what I said about them.

DEEP DISHES-ah yes a favorite of mine, even though some people don't really like this track. I love the way Kurupt rips this track, the way he flows to it fits the track perfectly. And the beat by RICK RUDE is amazing, very creative on his part, it kind of reminds me of that video Method Man & Red Man did where they were in those chains; I think it was called "THE ROCWILDER" or something. Any way this is a personal fav of mine, u have yours I'll have mine.

I'M BACK-to be honest this track fits the album nicely, but surprisingly here it is not labeled as a remix. As we all know this track was indeed on the "DYSFUNKTIOANL FAMILY" soundtrack, but there it was labeled a remix. So logically one would assume or at least think that the original version would be on the solo album from the artist. Or the other way around would be more logical since it would have came out years before the remix, but for some reason the remix was released first, and then re-released on this album. Well I have reviewed this track before and like before I do like this track, and the eastern influenced beat by the ROW HITTERS is nice. But I still wish the other version was included on the album.

MY HOMEBOYS {BACK TO BACK}-finally I got my wish 2PAC on a Kurupt album, man it felt great to see this track on the track listing. And how appropriate that this come after the previous track. Also it was great to see that Mark Sparks returns to create this masterpiece of an instrumental, I love the flutes. Kurupt was right it feels good to see a Pac verse on a track with some one he actually got down with. Also Eastwood held it down nicely on this track with a verse and an excellent hook. U know I was going to give this a 4.5 or something for a recycled verse {"ME & MY HOMIES" from NATE DOGG'S album} but since a lot of people are using verses from Pac on their albums {usually the one from "THUG LUV"} I' am going to give this the classic rating it deserves.

YOU WITH THE BEST-when I first heard this song on the internet I could have sworn that an in house producer for DOMINATION & BANG EM had producer this track. I had always loved that underground sound this song had, and I always felt it had an east coast feel to it. So to say the least I was surprised to learn that BABY C-STYLE had produced this banger, and to his credit the beat is hard. It has the perfect underground sound to it that fits Kurupt and Domination's styles nicely. And to be honest I love the hook for this track, "I came in this mf with a mask on, so lay ya a## on the floor, or get blast on".]]> Thu, 8 Nov 2012 00:47:13 +0000
<![CDATA[ From]]> Marshall Barnhouse
2012 / Marshall Barnhouse
34.3 minutes

"Meditations of My Heart" is the debut CD by Marshall Barnhouse, a pianist, composer, and teacher who began his life as a musician at the age of eight and became his church’s pianist at the age of ten. This album is a collection of ten pieces that come from diverse origins but that Barnhouse came to know in the church. This is and isn’t a collection of hymns in that while some of the melodies are familiar, Barnhouse has created arrangements that transform each song into a “meditation of his heart.” All of the arrangements are for piano and strings, and the settings are emotionally very powerful, making this a richly rewarding listening experience spiritually and for the music itself.

The album begins with “Receive Me,” a beautiful Byzantine melody played with simple directness on the piano with sweeping strings that make it soar. Tchaikovsky’s “Russian Trisagion” is a favorite. Dark, haunting, and very powerful, the title comes from a form of ancient prayer that dates back to the Greeks and translates as “Thrice Holy.” “Russian Entrance Hymn” by Dimitri Razumovsky is graceful and serene. “Nettleton” is the name of the melody for “Come Thou Fount,” and this arrangement is contemporary while still reflective and prayerful. “St. Elizabeth” is my favorite track. It is the melody for “Fairest Lord Jesus,” this time in a minor key, which is gorgeous, eloquent, and very poignant. “Trentham” is the melody for “Breathe On Me, Breath of God,” a beautiful and thoughtful arrangement. “The Nativity” is a dark Romanian melody that I also really like. It isn’t a familiar Christmas carol (to me, anyway), but the graceful melody and fluid strings go right to the heart. The closing hymn, “Jerusalem” by Sir Hubert Parry, is also a favorite. Heartfelt and spiritually rousing, Barnhouse’s arrangement is an effective call to worship as well as a wonderful song.

"Meditations of My Heart" is a most impressive debut and I hope Marshall Barnhouse will continue to share his arrangements and original compositions with us! "Meditations" is available from, Amazon, and CD Baby. Recommended!

Kathy Parsons

10/23/12]]> Tue, 23 Oct 2012 21:33:07 +0000
<![CDATA[ From]]> Christine Brown
2012 / Key Image Music
1 hour

Whether it’s a collection of original compositions, an album of children’s songs, or a Christmas CD, I’m always deeply impressed by the grace, emotion, and beauty that Christine Brown brings to her music. "A Classic Christmas" only underscores those impressions with her solo piano arrangements of fourteen Christmas songs and medleys, some of which incorporate familiar classical pieces in ways that I find intriguing - AND thoroughly enjoyable. Medleys can sometimes feel a little forced or unnatural, but Christine effortlessly flows from one piece to the next as though they belonged together all along. Many artists eschew the more secular carols, but Brown has included a Santa Claus Medley and some of the other non-religious carols in addition to the hymns of the season, and I find them delightful! All of the music is arranged in a peaceful, flowing style that is perfect for relaxing, decorating the tree, sharing a holiday meal, driving from place to place, etc. Actually, I’d go as far to say that this album is just about perfect in every way. It was recorded and mastered at Joe Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio, ensuring a flawless piano sound that is warm and inviting.

"A Classic Christmas" begins with “Carol of the Bells,” which was chosen for inclusion on the Christmas Whisperings album that will be released November 1. This is one of my favorite Christmas carols, so I’m a little picky about which arrangements I really like, and I really like this one! Brown’s arrangement of “Joy to the World” is slower than usual and more thoughtful than exuberant, but it becomes “Pachelbel’s Canon” and then alternates between the two pieces. “What Child Is This?” includes some gorgeous improvisations between the verses that make this a standout. “Christmas Medley” includes “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” O Christmas Tree,” “Christmas Time is Here,” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” beautifully put together in a little more than four minutes. It must be a daunting task to come up with an original version of something like “Amazing Grace,” but Christine has done it with original sections that bring this song into the present while keeping the simplicity of the melody intact. “O Holy Night” was a total surprise combined with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” but it works wonderfully well! I think this is my favorite track. I’ve heard “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” in a lot of different settings, but combined with “Coventry Carol”? Again, it’s seamless and perfect, and this is one of the most beautiful versions of “Coventry Carol” I’ve heard - another favorite. Another WOW! moment is “Fur Elise” leading into and interwoven with “We Three Kings.” Christine Brown included one original in the collection, “Winter Stars,” a gentle piece of musical tranquility. The closing song is a very peaceful “Silent Night,” ending this wonderful collection with a sigh.

It looks like this is going to be an exceptional year for solo piano Christmas music, but I’m sure "A Classic Christmas" will remain a top favorite for the year and for years to come. It is available from, Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. I give it my highest recommendation.

Kathy Parsons

10/21/12]]> Mon, 22 Oct 2012 00:14:02 +0000
<![CDATA[ Chris Cavanaugh - Country As I Wanna Be - Single Review]]>

  Hailing from the Chicago area, I have heard the name Chris Cavanaugh quite a bit.  He's able to draw huge crowds in the Midwest with just his name on the ticket. (Opening for acts such as Luke Bryan and Joe Nichols has helped too.)  Chris is from St. Louis, but called Nashville his home shortly after graduation.  After years of songwriting, he decided to move back home and do what he loved best - perform.  Frequenting venues in the Midwest, Chris is currently expanding his listeners around the US.
   As a tribute to home, Chris has released "Country As I Wanna Be" as his first single from his new EP that will be released October 25.  This isn't for the dirt road country fans.  Chris has written for us city boys with a country heart.  "I'm as country as I wanna be.  Don't give a damn what anybody thinks. Work an honest job, honestly."  He may not have grown up on classics like Cash and Haggard, but he's still just as country as an animal-lovin' backroad man.  For me, this song is almost an autobiography of my life and that means it probably hits home to many of our readers.
  I highly recommend watching the video and going Chris Cavanaugh a "like" on Facebook.  For all you tweeters follow him @CavanaughMusic. And for those who aren't socially connected head over to!  I promise this is one name you won't forget.]]> Sat, 13 Oct 2012 18:30:16 +0000
<![CDATA[Mo Thugz - IV: Movement Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Sun, 2 Sep 2012 16:36:55 +0000 <![CDATA[ THE MOVEMENT]]> THE MOVEMENT

For volume 4 Krayzie Bone had returned to the group but as a performer only, as he did not serve along side Layzie Bone as an executive producer. Any way I haven't listened to this in a while so here it is.


2.THE MOVEMENT-the first song out the gate is preformed by the MO THUG FAMILY and is produced by DIRTY RED. This song is for the most part good, all artists on the song hold it down, and the beat is banging, but it feels a little sub par for the first track out on a comeback album. Over all a good effort by all involved.

3.TOLD CHALL-the next track is about the same as the previous song, a good song but not as good as it could be. To be fair the beat from MAULY T is really good, and the bell in it makes it sound great. THE E-MORTAL THUGS, SKANT, and LAYZIE BONE all hold it down lyrically, and the hook is catchy. So I would say it is a little better then the first track.

4.IT AIN'T NUTTIN'-Mauly T returns to drop another catchy beat and MEGGABYTE adds a nice talk box ala Roger Troutman for the hook and through out the track. Also KEN DAWG does his thing on this track, this could have been a decent single if handled right.

5.DO YOUR THANG-the next track was the first single for the album, and rightfully so as this song is truly a classic. The very gifted FELECIA delivers an excellent performance on this track and is assisted by Layzie Bone and the returning KRAYZIE BONE. All deliver on this track, especially DENZO who provides an excellent instrumental. Definitely worth getting the album for this song, great song.

6.FA' SHO'-Skant and Dirty Red return on this song to deliver a pretty good song, Dirty Red in particular created a good beat for Skant on this song. Skant does his thing on this track, and brings in a very g'ed up song for the album.

7.ALL LIFE LONG-next up was the second single for the album, and once again it is a song featuring Felecia. Felecia once again delivers with her nice vocals, but this time it is only Layzie Bone who joins her on this song. THE PLATINUM BROTHERS brought forth a nice instrumental for the two to get down on. And while this song is real nice, I think it is slightly less as good as "Do Your Thang", singer/producer THIN C does back up on this.

8.LOVE IS-and speaking of Thin C this track is all his, as he is the performer and producer for this track. He does a good job on this track, both vocally and production wise. But while that is good, the song over all is not to impressive.

9.THA LAND-next up is a track preformed and produced by DJ SKAIL, he reminds me of some one but I can't think of whom. The beat for this song is cool, and he holds it down but it is like the previous track, good but not great.

10.MY DAWGS-Mauly T returns to produce this next track and he does a good job, but the beginning reminds me of that song from the murders off of their first album. But any way The E-Mortal Thugs return to deliver some more music for the streets, they deliver for the most part.

11.IT'S FAST-Ken Dawg returns to the album with another good track, his verses are good and the hook is good 2. Dirty Red also returns to produce this track and also rap on this song, he delivers on both accounts. This song is pretty good, I like this song.

12.MAXIMUM MAXIMIZE-the same rap/producer calabo from track ten returns to contribute another decent track to the album. Mauly T drops another good beat and The E-Mortal Thugs hold it down on this track as well, another decent song to bump.

13.SMOKIN' ON INFORMATION-Mauly T drops another good beat, but it's for Tha Doggfather SNOOP DOGG this time. Snoop of course holds it down on this track and really shines on it. Skant also does his thing as does Ken Dawg with their verses, JOE LITTLE holds down the hook. Layzie Bone closes the track with a good verse.

14.CAN YOU DIG IT-I have to admit that I really like this song, Thin C did his thing on this song. His beat is real cool, he really produced a classic on this track. Plus he and Layzie Bone, and Felecia all held it down hard on this track, I think this is another classic in the rap game.

15.DEAD WRONG-this is definitely a southern style influenced track, Skant, MARK TWAYNE, and KHUJO of the Goodie Mob all do a good job on this track. All of them sound at home over the slow instrumental provided by Mark Twayne. This is a pretty good song, and a worthy addition to the album.

16.BE FREE-Layzie & Krayzie Bone reunite to lace this smooth track to create another Bone Thug classic. Layzie starts the track off with 2 brilliant verses followed by a verse just as good by Krayzie Bone. Thin C really laid down a smooth track for these two, the only thing I think should have been changed is that Thin C should have been on the hook not Layzie.

17.WHO YOU GONNA RUN TO-Felecia and Thin C come back together to create other good song together, though not as good as previous attempts. Felecia sounds good as usual and Thin C's beat is cool, but the song just doesn't have that classic feel to it. Over all I would say the song is pretty good, but not classic.

18.THUG FINALE-the album ends just how it should, with a banger. Skant, E-Mortal Thugs, and Layzie & Krayzie Bone all kill this track with some great verses. Plus Thin C really held it down on the production, the violins really make this track sound good. This was really a great way to end the album, better song then I thought it would be.

Over all I would say that this album is a little better then the previous album, the album also has a music video on it when you put it in your computer.]]> Sun, 2 Sep 2012 16:32:38 +0000
<![CDATA[ Up In The Saddle with Todd Fritsch]]> “Up Here in the Saddle” with Todd Fritsch

 Todd Fritsch who hails from the Lone Star State of Texas has released another CD “Up Here in the Saddle” and the songs are as true as a genuine riding and roping cowboy.  Todd spent many years in the saddle working the cattle ranching business with his family in Willow Springs Texas. The last three years were after a horrific roping accident that de-saddled him and made him put his music on hold while he handled the business end of the ranch.

“Up Here in the Saddle” is riddled with cowboy songs true to the Texas and country genre and he’s been called Texas’ answer to the late and great Chris LeDeux.  His single from the album, “Calls I Haven’t Made” has been well-received and is a reminder to all of us to make the calls that count to the people who have shaped your life. The calls he sang about included his high school coach, ex-girlfriend, his Dad and reminding us to call before it is too late.

“You’re My Kind of Crowd” is a song about living for the weekend and loving a kick-butt band – wearing cowboy hats and standing up and fighting for your hometown.  It’s about not doing dress codes, the police showing up at your door telling you to turn that music down (umm, yep – guilty!) – all of these kinds of people make his kind of crowd.  This song is a great look into that Friday night honkey-tonkin’ crowd at the local watering hole and the instrumentals will take you to a new level in music.

“Texas Girl” is a catchy tune about crossing over to a “Lone Star State of mind” and the gals roping and riding, not backing down from a good cat fight and making a man’s head swirl!  It’s about their tight fitting Wranglers or their daisy dukes and they sure look good in both!  You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen a Texas girl who can love you up and break you down and then give you what you want!  I’ve heard lots of songs about Texas cowboys and this one about the girls is about as good as it gets about the gals!!

“Up Here in the Saddle” from the name of the CD is a Texas tune about how things look from the saddle in comparison to feet on the ground.  There’s a unique companionship between a cowboy and his horse and everything looks different riding the range.  Life’s a breeze and the cowboy is at ease and can handle whatever comes his way while in the saddle.

The CD covers life on the range in the saddle, loving Texas women, cowboys who have to hang up their spurs and just about everything you might find during life in Texas with a cowboy.  It’s heartwarming, honkey-tonkin’ and nostalgic for those of us who’ve lived the cowboy/cowgirl life.  The CD is well worth a listen and a buy for your music collection.  Todd does an excellent job bringing Texas cowboy-style to you in music!

You can find Todd at, MySpace, Facebook and all digital download sites so check him out on YouTube and purchase your music from Todd today!

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Contributor

CalamityAnnie1 on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace

]]> Sat, 1 Sep 2012 17:22:29 +0000
<![CDATA[ Art almost got it right.]]>
It goes without saying that no Art Garfunkel collection would be complete without a sprinkling of tunes from his days as one half of Simon & Garfunkel. "The Singer" offers up more than a half dozen Simon & Garfunkel tunes including their #1 debut single "The Sound of Silence", the haunting 19th century folk ballad "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" as well as lesser known tunes like "Kathy's Song" and the luscious "April Come She Will". It has been years since I have enjoyed that tune! Also included is the boys biggest hit of all time "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which topped the charts for 6 big weeks in the Spring of 1970. I have always contended that Art Garfunkel's lead vocal is the greatest performance in the history of rock and roll.

When Simon & Garfunkel parted ways in the early 1970's some wondered if Art could make it as a solo act. Garfunkel dispelled those fears by recording a pair of Top 10 albums before the middle of the decade. "The Artist" must not have been a big fan of his debut album "Angel Clare" because he chose to include only a pair of songs from that disc including his popular debut single "All I Know" and a tune called "Barbara Allen".
Now I think that most Art Garfunkel fans would agree that 1975's "Breakway" was probably his best album. I was pleased to discover that Art chose to include a half-dozen tunes from that album including a trio of personal favorites namely "Breakaway", "Disney Girls" and his comeback single with Paul Simon "My Little Town". The remainder of this two-disc anthology features songs from other albums that Art recorded over the years including 5 from his 1993 album "Up ‘Til Now". Somehow I missed that one and I found each and every one of these tunes to be an absolute delight. In 2007, Art Garfunkel recorded an album of tunes from the "Great American Songbook" that he dubbed "Some Enchanted Evening". Along with the title tune "The Singer" also includes Art's moving rendition of Lerner and Loewe's "I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face". Great tune!

As I indicated earlier I was a bit taken aback by some of the songs did not make the cut for "Art Garfunkel: The Artist". Perhaps my very favorite Garfunkel tune of all-time is "Traveling Boy" from the album "Angel Clare". I would have to say that Art's vocal on that one ranks right up there with "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Likewise it is inexplicable to me why "Looking For The Right One" was also not included. And having seen Garfunkel in concert some years ago I know he is a big fan of doo-wop and early rock and roll. I figured it was a slam-dunk that his marvelous rendition of "So Much In Love" would have been among the 34 tracks. Despite my disappointment I am going to bite the bullet and order this collection. Art Garfunkel is one of the finest male vocalists of his generation and release of the long overdue "Art Garfunkel: The Singer" corrects a glaring oversight by his record company. Highly recommended!]]> Wed, 29 Aug 2012 00:01:58 +0000
<![CDATA[ Starring Johnny Maestro....without a doubt one of the great vocalists in the history of rock & roll.]]>
The long-awaited release of "40th Anniversary Edition" turns out to be everything I had hoped it would be. Anyone who has ever seen The Brooklyn Bridge perform in concert marvelled at the vocal prowess demonstrated by lead singer Johnny Maestro. My wife and I had the great good fortune to see the boys perform in Woonsocket, RI in September 2009. Much like Jay Black of Jay and the Americans fame, Johnny Maestro, who was 67 at the time this particular concert was recorded, sounds as good or better than he did when he was a young man. As you might expect among the 23 tunes included on this DVD are a number of the hits first recorded by The Crests including the aforementioned "Sixteen Candles", "The Angels Listened In", "Trouble In Paradise" "Step By Step" and "My Juanita". You also get to sample Johnny's sensational solo hit "What A Surprise". I love that song! Also featured in this concert are a pair of powerful acappella numbers "At My Front Door" and "I Thank The Moon" that spotlight the amazing vocal prowess of The Brooklyn Bridge as a group. These performances definitely left me longing to see more! Meanwhile you can enjoy once again the biggest and the best from The Brooklyn Bridge including the group's biggest single of all-time "The Worst That Could Happen" (written by Jimmy Webb) as well as the haunting "Blessed Is The Rain", "Your Husband, My Wife" and perhaps my very favorite Brooklyn Bridge song "Welcome Me Love" which appeared on their first album. The set concludes with Johnny's thrilling lead vocal on the Rogers and Hammmerstein favorite "You'll Never Walk Alone".

For those who enjoy the music of the fifties and sixties "An Intimate Evening with Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge: 40th Anniversary Edition" would be a wonderful addition to your library. I have always considered Johnny Maestro to be one the greatest vocalists in the history of rock and roll and this concert has certainly done nothing to change my opinion. To me it is truly remarkable how Johnny is at much at home with an intimate doo-wop tune as he is with a rousing rock and roll number. Wait until you see his renditions of the venerable rock and roll anthem "Gimme Some Lovin' and the great R&B standard "Lonely Teardrops". You will be simply be blown away! Aside from the concert (about 90 minutes in length) the DVD also includes a number of bonus features. There are brief interviews with all of the group members, a montage of the history of Johnny Maestro and The Brooklyn Bridge and footage from the group's induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. As for the production values I would assign this disc a solid "B" as there are some minor variations in the sound quality along the way. Having said that I found that these very minor flaws in no way diminished my enjoyment of this very special concert. It is quite obvious to me that this was truly a labor of love for just about everyone involved in this project. I am thrilled that such a fine video record exists of of of my favorite groups of all-time. If you love this kind of music as much as I do I would snap this one up real fast. Trust will not be disappointed! Very highly recommended!]]> Fri, 13 Jul 2012 22:32:29 +0000
<![CDATA[ Susan Cattaneo "Little Big Sky" Review]]> Already released to radio, "Little Big Sky" is the first single from Susan Cattaneo's upcoming EP of the same name to be released in August.  The song is a strong track and shows promise for a successful EP, however I don't believe that the song is the right song for country radio at this time.  The vocals are a blend of country and blues that leave you wanting more, but the melody is sub-par.

Susan wrote the song with fellow songwriter Scarlet Keys.  The song's message is written about getting out of the day-to-day routine and "go home to where you can count the stars."  Although it is a great message and could lend way to a great feel good song, this is more of a mediocre feel good song.  It will have a permanent place on my iPod, yet I just can't see radio pulling it sky-high!

Feel free to listen to the song yourself on YouTube, or head over to iTunes and purchase the song for 99 cents.  You can also head over to and get two songs for FREE.

I hope to hear much more from this artist in the future, but I don't think this release will get her name out there.  To stay up to date with Susan Cattaneo follow her on twitter (@SusanCattaneo) or

Scotty B. - @stupidkid2150]]> Tue, 10 Jul 2012 17:33:13 +0000
<![CDATA[ Chris Cagle is Back in the Saddle!!]]> Chris Cagle was born in DeRidder, Louisiana and, according to him, was “raised all over”. After attending college in Texas he found the pull to music too much for him to stay so he moved to Nashville to try his hand at the music industry.  And, after working many odd jobs (one included, yes….a nanny!) just like so many have done before and after him, he released his debut album “Play it Loud” which was certified gold in the United States and produced the Top 10 hit “Laredo” and his number one hit “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out”.  Pretty good going for a debut album I’d say!  In 2002 he released another album, “Chris Cagle” which also went gold in the U.S., and produced 2 Top 5 Hits followed by yet a third album, “Anywhere but Here” in 2005 and produced a number 12 hit “Miss Me Baby”.  But he didn’t stop there!! In 2008 he released a fourth album titled “My Life’s Been a Country Song” producing a number 3 hit with its lead-off single, “What Kinda Gone”.  Wow – I’m thinking about renaming him Chris “Tornado” Cagle! And he has not slowed down yet, just releasing “Back in the Saddle” on June 26th of this year.

His passion for his music, family and ranch shine in his work, as he “burned out” in Nashville and moved to Marietta, OK where he reconnected with his roots, worked his small piece of dirt into the homestead he calls “Big Horse Ranch” and met his wife, Kay, whom he says “owns him” and gave him a beautiful daughter in 2010.  Chris’ life is as big and beautiful as his music and, although I’ve not seen them, I am sure his cutting horses are as big and beautiful as well!  Being a rodeo and horse woman myself at one point in time, I can appreciate where Chris is coming from with his homestead, family and passion for all, as well as for the cowboy life he lives when his rowdy self onstage takes his homey-self back to the range to tend to family and horse business. He is living a large and wonderful life and now appears to have it all! If ever I’ve seen “Cowboy Up” in a man, I see it in Chris Cagle and, once you have listened to this amazing CD, you will agree.

“Let There Be Cowgirls” of course is my favorite!! Hard country beat, lots of great drums and guitar to accompany Chris’ very masculine voice singing about God creating the night and day, wind and rain, and angels singing about letting there be cowgirls – for every cowboy and make them as strong as any man!  Something you can’t tame - she’s a Mustang – she’s the salt of the earth - !! Well, you get the picture of this awesome song and take it from a Cowgirl who knows the meaning of Cowgirl Up as well, this song pays tribute to Cowgirls!

“I’ve Got My Country On” – “Living the song of a ramblin’ man…..treating my truck like a Cadillac…..this is all I know….gettin’ it done with my own two hands….” In this song we are redneck – we are country – we are a working, singing ramblin’ man “puttin’ some green in a coffee can” – another hard country beat with all the things that country folks can swear to. Enjoy it with a cold beer in your hand – after spending some of that “green in the can” that is!

“Southern Girl” showcases the softer side of Chris with a ballad.  His description of this southern girl is melodious and sexy as he compares her to sweet honeysuckle, hotter than a July day taking his breath away and honest as an angel with a voice like a song.  This would be a great song to have sung to you sitting out on a porch swing at sunset, enjoying fresh lemonade with your honey. Gals - hint – hint – give this CD to your honey and maybe……and guys.….this is a wonderful love song to sing to your sweetie.

“I’ll Grow My Own” and “all I need is G-O-D to bless the seeds I’ve sown and pray for a little rain” is as grass roots and country as a song can possibly get.  The song is about values, being true to one’s own beliefs and living life without all the politicians and bad press in this world.  It’s a song to make you think – about raising children the way you believe they should be raised and not the new ways that break down families and trust. This is a strong song not only musically but morally and is a great listen.  The chorus is strong and meaningful and will bring a sense of pride to one who has “done all his way” – the right way.

“Back in the Saddle” is one of this year’s best new CD’s – Chris is headed for another gold one in my book and there is something on this CD to please all music lovers.  “Cagleheads” all over the world will want this new album, available on iTunes, Amazon, his website “” where you can order the deluxe edition which includes a T-shirt, an autographed CD and a meet-n-greet VIP pass.  Or you can order either an autographed CD or download the album instantly. So run your fingers quickly to the website of your choice to order this amazing CD and bring Chris up on YouTube as well to see some of his videos.

Calamity Annie, CMTT Music Contributor

CalamityAnnie1 on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook

]]> Tue, 10 Jul 2012 01:28:44 +0000
<![CDATA[ Luke Pilgrim isn't Taking a "Back Road" in Latest Release]]>
With the difficulties of signing to major labels, more and more artists are taking independent routes to get their music heard.  Last year we brought you Luke Pilgrim's debut release and two of his videos that he independently created.  He is back and doing just that with "Back Road Lullaby."  

In the recording studio, Luke lent his skills to every instrument that you hear on the track.  The video follow up to "Sweet Tea" was also produced, edited, and colorized by the singer himself.  How much more independent can you get?  The single is getting shipped to radio shortly, but until then support an artist trying his best by simply watching the "Back Road Lullaby" video.

To keep up to date with Luke during the recording process, be sure to follow him on twitter (@LukePilgrim) or by "liking" on facebook at 

Scotty B. - @stupidkid2150]]> Mon, 9 Jul 2012 17:01:48 +0000
<![CDATA[ Something Original]]> Sun, 8 Jul 2012 15:34:53 +0000 <![CDATA[ D. Vincent Williams - Nashville's Hit maker Ready for Impact]]>
What does Ty Herndon's "Hands of a Working Man," Rascal Flatts' "I'm Moving On," and James Otto's "Just Got Started Loving You" have in common?  D. Vincent Williams had a hand in writing all of those hits!  The road hasn't always been easy for D. Vincent, however.  Williams began playing guitar at the age of 11 and by age 14 had penned his first song for his mother.  In college his time was spent with the group 'Five's A Crowd' until they split in 1995.  At that time D. Vincent Williams decided to make the move to Nashville. He nearly turned around in Arkansas, but music pulled him through as he penned a song on the side of the road.

Just hours after being in Music City, a job opened up and Williams began flipping steaks.  Six months later, he had signed a deal with a major label.  After two years and no record, D. Vincent left the label with the hopes of something better.  He got just that a week later when Ty Herndon requested to record a song with intentions of releasing it as a single.  The success of "Hands of a Working Man" led way to artists such as Reba, Kenny Rogers, Jason Aldean, Ronnie Milsap, and others to include songs by D. Vincent Williams on their albums.

D. Vincent Williams has now created a musical masterpiece of his own for us to hear.  On Bigger Picture Records, Williams has released a self-titled EP.  All songs are self-penned and one may actually sound familiar.  "Down By The River" was previously released as the final track on the 2012 ACM Awards Spotlight CD.  This upbeat song with a classic country feel is different than the rest of the EP which contains more ballads and intricate lyrics as opposed to the playful skinny dippin' song that acts as the opening track on the EP.  As an avid country listener, I am one for a great melody and lyrics which is exactly what D. Vincent Williams does throughout the entire EP.  It is hard to narrow down just a few songs to highlight, but whether you are going back to the days when everything was "Plain and Simple," sitting next to a beautiful girl with "Those Wings," or wishing you could relive your life with a "Second Time Around" all of these songs show the pure talent that Williams has in writing and performing.

The standout track to me is "Seventeen."  A simple song about growing up and looking back, this song starts off as D. Vincent is standing outside the liquor store looking for a guy to buy him alcohol and progresses as he wonders what has happened to his neighbors.  "It's a trip/ I won't lie/ watching years flying by/ it's the ride of my life/ yeah it's a scream/ I'm aware middle-age is getting closer everyday/ I'm almost there, but I swear I don't feel anything/ any different than I did at seventeen."  As the song closes, Williams is no longer getting carded, but he still feels the same as he did at seventeen.

The single "Down By The River" is at radio now and available on iTunes now! Unfortunately, the EP is not available to the public yet, but you can head over to to get your fix of the tunes and check him out.  This is just the start of a long recording career, so expect a full-length debut soon from the hit-maker.  Until then, check D. Vincent Williams out on or

Scotty B. -
@stupidkid2150]]> Thu, 5 Jul 2012 19:30:31 +0000
<![CDATA[ "Cut."]]>
This is a gimmick movie; a silent, black and white homage to silent and early talkies. The actors mug and ham it up throughout the film, the story is sweet and predictable, and the dog was my favorite part. It was a good try at doing something different but after ten minutes I was saying, "I get it, already. It's a silent movie." I would have liked it better if it were 20 minutes long.

I don't think it deserved 5 Oscars. The novelty got old fast for me. I watched most of it in 2X FF.

I loved "Uggie."
]]> Wed, 27 Jun 2012 03:20:27 +0000
<![CDATA[ Kip Moore: New Album that Keeps You "Up All Night"]]>  
I expected Moore’s album Up All Night to be full of typical, redneck songs just like his single, but I was proven wrong.  I found myself loving his voice and tone, and how well his voice fit with the many nostalgic, melancholy love songs on the record.  Each one, especially “Drive Me Crazy” (written with Kiefer Thompson of Thompson Square) and “Everything But You”, are chock full of emotion and passionate images.
Up All Night includes a bunch of great strong-tempo ballads, contrasting with “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck”.  Tracks like the catchy “Beer Money” and “Up All Night” seem to be written for summer evenings and young love, saying “let’s wake the town that never stops sleeping”.  We also get to hear some of Kip’s personal stories set to music, as in “Reckless (Growing Up)”, telling about his journey to his career.  All tracks were co-written by Moore, one of the ‘cuter’ ones and Kip’s lesser-known first single, “Mary Was the Marrying Kind”, having creative lyrics and rhymes.
I cannot say after listening to Up All Night that “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” has grown on me one bit.  But I do look forward to the release of Kip Moore’s next single, as ANY of the other tracks on his record will be welcomed to radio!
Kip’s been working towards his success in Nashville since 2004.  Catch up with him at, on Twitter, or on Facebook!]]> Tue, 12 Jun 2012 02:43:59 +0000
<![CDATA[Tangled Thoughts - Philly 2 Cali Quick Tip by FM_ALEX]]> Fri, 8 Jun 2012 19:21:25 +0000 <![CDATA[ I'LL BE PLAYING THIS TILL THA SUN COME UP]]>

A little listening music


This is a group that Kurupt put out of a group of guys from Philly, Young De, Casanov, and Tek Nizzle who is also the group's producer. This was the groups first official [and might be last now] release but before this they had a couple great street albums out.


2.PHILLY 2 CALI-this first track is great, it is a good introduction to the group if you have never heard them. It has a great east/west sound to the beat along with a southern influenced hook to it, to any new comers to the group that can appeal to any one. Lyrically all members hold it down on this track describing themselves and were they come from. Each member sounds great over this production and come off as very charismatic which is what is needed to appeal to all listeners.

3.ALL I EVER KNEW-now this a very west oriented song right here, as he beat from Tek has a some what old school west sound to it. The hook to this song is very well put together as well and matches the style of the track. This is also the first track Kurupt appears on as he opens up the song and as usual sounds great. AK & Toray appear on this track as well, and all 3 members of T.T. do a great job on this track.

4.JUMPOFF-this was the first single to the album and rightfully so, it has a great horn driven instrumental to it that gives it a very east coast influenced sound. Tangled Thoughts sound amazing over this track basically giving you an introduction to the crew, the video for this is great as well. Kurupt holds it down hard on this track with his second appearance, and Kurupt's little brother Roscoe makes his first appearance. He starts the song off with a cool flow and verse, can't wait for his next album.

5.CHEDDA CHASIN'-another west coast sounding production on this one here, reminds me of Westside Connection for some reason. Any way this is another great song were Tangled Thoughts and Ab Liva all deliver well and create another banger for all the rides out there. This is another worthy addition to the album.

6.TAKE U HOME-now this right here should have been a single for the album, this is a very catchy and cool song. Production on this song seems simplistic at times but that works to its advantage, and the piano in it sounds great. And the hook from Natasha Ramos sounds smooth and mesmerizing, the hook over this instrumental makes for a very catchy song. Of course Tangled Thoughts come off great on this track about the ladies, could have been a great single.

7.PUTTIN' WORK IN-another banger for the amps right here, the beat on this is great. Production on this track is another blend of east/west that makes for an interesting sound. T.T. come off great on this track as does guests Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and Mellow Man Ace. Another good addition to the album but something seems like it is missing.

8.THAT HOOD -another west coast sounding production and this one is banging, also Kurupt is back dropping the hook and a great verse. AK is back as well holding it down, and Tangled Thoughts hold this one down as well. I think this is one of the best songs on the album. This one kinda gets me pumped up a little, don't know why.

9.KEEP ON PUSHIN'-Roscoe is back in the house and kills the first verse with a lethal verse, and AK once again returns to help out on the album. Of course you know that Tangled Thoughts kill this track as well and each deliver wonderful verses. I think the highlight of this song though is the dark type beat and the hook, both of which are good.


11.ANUTHA NIGHT IN L.A.-Kurupt returns and once again helps to create a classic, this could have easily been a single for the album. The easy on the ears instrumental is real catchy and will leave you nodding your head along to it. And the hook sounds amazing over this production, and all involved drop great verses. Another great song on the album, would have loved to see a video for this.

12.LIKE A '64-Roscoe's last appearance is not a wasted one as this is another potential single for the album. Much like the first song this one can appeal to different regions, a west coast production with a down south type hook. Every single person on this song delivers a well put together verse, and every one of them kills this.

13.REAL ONE-now this one here really should have been the single for this album, and I really mean that. The beat for this song is one of the best instrumentals I have ever heard, I even want the instrumental to this song. Of course Tangled Thoughts destroy this one as does Baby Down. Of course Kurupt and wife Gail Gotti kill this track, Gail really impressed me on this song. Another banging thing about this song is the excellent hook. This would have made this album go multi platinum in my opinion.

14.EVERY HOOD'S THA SAME-the beat on this one really reminds me of old school hip hop, and that is a good thing. The beat for this one is real cool instrumental, and they sound great over this one. Also the hook for this one is simplistic in a great way, I think this could have been another single. Also Promo co produced this one along side Tek.

15.'TIL THA SUN COME UP-now if there was a song on this album that would get regular rotation in the south would be this one. The beat while not entirely a southern influenced beat it still fits right in with the rest, and the hook is another down south style chorus. Tangled Thoughts, Rokbottom and Freeway all kill this one, Freeway in particular adds a whole new style to this album. Another great track on this album.

16.BIG BOSSIN'-smooth production on this track, kinda reminds me of instrumentals you hear inside elevators but not the cheesy kind. And the hook by Gene Wood sounds amazing and fits the style of this beat perfectly, wonderful combo right here. Of course all of the members of the group really go all out on this smooth joint, to bad they split.

17.PRODUCT OF MY ENVIRONMENT-another good song, great production on this one once again. It takes a little while for them to get into it but that's ok, all of them do good on this track. Gillie Da Kid does his thing on this track, and the hook is real well done.

18.THESE JAWNS-this is a funny song right here, and it has a wonderful instrumental to it. The beat on this one is real smooth and playa like, and each one sounds great on this track. Each one adjusts his flow to fit the style of the song and the beat, and the hook is funny. I recommend every one check this out, I' m pretty sure you will be laughing. Allen James co produced this one.

19.BEEN THRU SUM THANGS-the album ends on a very west coast influenced track that helps end the album on a high note. The beat is very west coast in sound, and each member of the group take turns dropping some gems about them selves. I think that this while a typical closer is a good one, maybe if it would have been placed else were though it might have been ranked higher.

This was a great album and it is really sad that they are no longer a group, they created a classic in my mind.

Presents Tangled Thoughts: Philly 2 Cali]]> Fri, 8 Jun 2012 19:19:26 +0000