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Music Tells, Music Heals, Music Connects... Music MOVES

  • Oct 31, 2009
I love music... not music per se but also what it is able to reveal.  Most people appreciate music of some form and depending on where you are brought up, what kind of music you are being exposed to, when you are listening to it and how you perceived it, you know you like certain kind of music. Perhaps not all kinds, but undoubtedly, you'll like either classical, pop, new age or easy listening. I don't have to write a review on all that. It's foregone conclusion to each individual. He/She knows her taste.

The why of music is a bit more complicated and is something I'd like to explore, not for the sake of mankind but for my own development, I guess. Music has always been something that I respond to subconsciously. Either I like this piece of music or I don't. Either I respond well to this artist's voice or I don't. Either I am uplifted by a musician's work or I'm not. It's like a knee-jerk reaction, on the music and the response follows. The emotional response is instantaneous. That's how it's been for me. If a piece of music doesn't sound good to me, it'll probably not sound good no matter how long I tried listening to it. 

But wait, let's not dwell on what doesn't sound good or what's not right in life. What about those that sounds good? What about those that brings out strong emotional response? What about those music like those of Secret Garden or Omar Akram which gets in touch with the soul? I don't know about you, but I do at times feel (yes, I can feel or draws out) the soul within. It's like you feel your heart beating after a hike or scare. Getting in touch with yourself, that's what I feel Music does for me. It's also what many movies do best; a great musical score brings out the best in a movie and let the audience go home feeling they connected with the movie. Have you ever respond to a singer voice so much so you feel misty after listening to him/her? There you have it, that connection.  Life is so great being moved that way!

I've a great many appreciation for music from all over the world; classical, pop, opera, operatic pop, new age, rock & roll, jazz, etc. Sometimes, the connection is real. Sometimes it is superficial. Still, there is some form of connections. At best, it is spiritual. At worst, it is simply noise. Simply put, music tells. It tells you about yourself, your outer world, your inner world and your response to them. A life without music is a life without balance; the balance of your internal & outer world. I believe music connects us to our inside, what we know exist but cannot touch or get in touch with without a conscious effort. Music at times take away that effort and easily connects us to our heart & soul. Isn't that great?! Thank you for the music!

Music Tells, Music Heals, Music Connects...

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December 03, 2010
Nice thoughts on music Sharrie  I have one objections though. You say " If a piece of music doesn't sound good to me, it'll probably not sound good no matter how long I tried listening to it. "   well, at least my experience is that a lot of music specially in the Classical field can be very complicated and using new and complex structures and patterns that you may not be familiar with so you need to give it time.

There is a lot of music that i like today that I did not like the first time I heard it.
Aural patterns show the same level of complexity like any other patterns and they go from very simple to very complicated and like any other patterns you need to give the complex ones more time.
Music has both form and content and if the content is complex, paradoxical, ambiguous, multy layered or just simply Deep, then the form must mirror that.
December 03, 2010
Agreed. I think a good term is "accessible". Complex music of this type doesn't make good concert material because the audience only gets one kick at the can. But in a recording you can listen over and over for structure, nuances and the subtleties that will allow a piece to grow on you.
December 04, 2010
You are absolutely right. My only trouble is I hardly give it time to grow on me. Life is full of choices in today's world and for most part, I moved on to other choices. I still have many of the CDs which I've not listened to since the first time I bought them. Granted, one day in my old age, I might just find a bunch of treasures right under my "warehouse", lol....
November 28, 2009
music calms the savage beast...(or something like that) nice one, Sharrie!
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