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Heaven on Earth is Chocolate.

  • Oct 2, 2010
Mmm the Succulent, Creamy, Rich, Sweet and Scrumptious taste of High Quality Chocolate is really a Heaven on Earth. High Quality chocolates come with higher Cocoa content and Cocoa butter and do not use cheap fats and use less sugar and also stay away from artificial ingredience.
So if you'l find me with a good cup of Tea and some exquisite Chocolate, I'm pretty content.

I have a Fridge Magnet which says " SAVE THE EARTH, IT'S OUR ONLY SOURCE OF CHOCOLATE"
That's the best argument for it I've heard so far.
The Chocolate Companion - A Connoisseur Guide - Chantal Coady
This book is by Chantal Coady who founded the Chocolate Society and is a Founder member of the Academy of Chocolate. She runs a Chocolate shop in London called Rococo. The first part of the book is about the history and manufacture of Chocolates and then comes a Chocolate Directory where top manufacturers are rated and explained. Should be better edited but is still the best Chocolate Book I've read.
Pierre Marcolini - Pralines
Pierre Marcolini from Belgium makes the Best Chocolates in my opinion. It's a real treat to go in to his shops and choose individual Chocolates that are on display like pieces of jewelry behind glass. He is a real Master Chocolatier who approaches Chocolate making from a Perfectionist standpoint. He has made lots of inventive products and his stuff is Rich and Sweet and Creamy and oh so tasty. http://www.marcolini.be/
Pierre Marcolini Carre Chocolat
These Chocolate Bars from Marcolini are the best Bars I have ever tasted, they have a complex taste that's in many layers and they are sooooo smooth and silky. One interesting thing that Marcolini does is to use High quality Cocoa Beans from Great farms and also he blend Cocoa Beans from different sources and creates new and inventieve blends that are just Fantastic.
Neuhaus Chocolates
Neuhaus is one of the most famous Belgium Chocolate makers who make excellent chocolates. with wonderfull fillings.


Mary Belgian Chocolates
Mary from Belgium is perhaps not as famous as Neuhaus but their Chocolates are just as good. Sweet, Rich and Creamy.


Godiva Chocolatier Chocolates
Godiva from Belgium is another famous Chocolate firm that makes top class chocolates,


Galler Amandes
Galler from Belgium make excellent Chocolates and Chocolate Bars that are blended with fruits and nuts and with wonderful fillings.


Galler Blended Venezuela - Papouasie
This is a very good Milk Chocolate with 43 % Cocoa. A blend of beans from Venezuela and Papua New Guinea.
New Tree Lavender Chocolate
New Tree from Belgium make top quality Chocolate bars which they spice in interesting and innovative way. This bar comes with lavander and is sweet and floraly and very interesting.

New Tree Cinnamon Chocolate
I love Cinnamon and when used in top Chocolate the blend is Fantastic.
New Tree Pink Peppercorn Chocolate
This is very interesting, the contrast between the Sweet taste of Chocolate and the Spicy Pepper is great fun for the taste buds.
Dolfin Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon from Ceylon
Dolfin from Belgium create Great Chocolate bars and here is another oh so tasty Cinnamon - Chocolate blend. I also love the packaging they come in, handy plastic bags which are easy to close again.


Dolfin Milk chocolate with hot masala
Unusual and spicy blend from india. Hot Masala usually taken in Tea but here blended in Milk Chocolate.
Dolfin Milk chocolate with grilled almonds
Great Milk chocolate with Grilled almonds.
Cote D'Or - Milk Raisins Hazelnuts
Cote D'Or from Belgium make Great Chocolate bars and this one with Milk Chocolate with Raisins and Hazelenut is very scrumptious.

Amedei - Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts
These Italian Chocolates are one of the best in the world. They taste so smooth, I'm pretty sure if Silk were edible it would taste something like Amedei Chocolates it flows so smoothly and the taste is Heavenly.


Amedei - Toscano Brown Chocolates
A very creamy milk Chocolate with hint of butter, vanilla and honey. Rich and smooth and not to sweet.
Valrhona Grand Cru Tanariva Bar
Cru means growth and refers to a particular and usually very good plantation of cocoa beans and Grand Cru means a Plantation which produces very fine Cocoa Beans. Valrhona is a French manufacturer of High quality Chocolates. They put great value on certain Cocoa Beans from great sources and their manufacturing process in top class. Fantastic Chocolates.


Fortnum's Favourites
Fortnum and Mason is my favorite shop. Situated in piccadilly in London England. They have fantastic Teas and Brilliant Chocolates. This box is a collection of some of their best morsels. http://www.fortnumandmason.com/
Green & Black's Maya Gold
Green & Black's is an English firm that make really good Chocolates and they are all Organic. They make many Chocolate bars and Maya Gold is one of their Best one, it is blended with orange and spices and it is really good and the flavor is unique.
Lindt Swiss Tradition
Lindt from Swiss make some of the best Milk Chocolates. This box of Chocolates from Lindt is so smooth and creamy.


Lindt Gold Tablets.
These big Bars from Lindt are one of the best Milk Chocolates available. Rich in taste and very creamy.
Lindt Petits Desserts
These are great. Chocolates with fillings inspired by classic deserts like Tiramisu, Creme brulee and Chocolate mousse.
Lindt Tiramisu
I love this rich Tiramisu chocolate bar.
Lindt Creme Brulee
Creme Brulee Chocolate Bar which blend perfectly the Rich taste of good milk chocolate with the creamy caramel of Creme Brulee.
Lindt Swiss Classic Milk
Classic Milk Chocolate. Smooth, Sweet and Creamy.
Lindt Excellence Orange Intense
Rich Dark chocolate with orange pieces and almonds. Very good and interesting.
Lindt Excellence Chili
Here is an interesting and unusual Chocolate. Rich dark Chocolate with spicy red Chilies.
Niederegger Marzipan Schwarzbrot
Niederegger from Germany make the best marzipan in the world. Rich and full taste that comes from not being stingy with the almonds.
Then it is coated in smooth dark Chocolate - Just Perfect.

Niederegger Kirsche auf Marzipan
This is Fantastic. Great Marzipan as always from Niederegger with sweet Cherries covered with rich and smooth dark Chocolate.
Reber Chocolates
Reber from Germany create the famous Mozart Kugeln which are Chocolate balls with hazelnut nougat and pistachio, almond marzipan.

Anthon Berg Marcipan Bars
Anthon Berg from Danmark are Famous for their Marsipan Bars and rightly so. This is a very good marzipan coated with rich dark Chocolate.

Anthon Berg Gold Box
This box with a collection af Chocolates from Anthon Berg is really good. So many sweet morsels to tickle the taste buds.
Anthon Berg Fruit and Marzipan
These Great circles of Marzipan and Fruit in liqueur covered with succulent chocolates are some of my favorites Chocolates. They come in Plums In Madeira - Strawberry in Champagne - Apricot in Brandy - Cherry in Rum - Grape in Muscat Wine and Rasberry in Orange Liqueur.
Mayana Chocolates
USA - I have not tried these but have often seen them mentioned and they sure look nice, each morsel like a piece of art, I do hope they taste as well as they look. -


What did you think of this list?

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October 10, 2010
One piece of really good chocolate will satisfy.
October 10, 2010
Yes it is an interesting fact that the higher the quality of the chocolate the less you need of it.
October 06, 2010
great list Orn... very thorough. I got a tooth ache just reading it. i'm going to keep an eye out for a few of these.
October 06, 2010
Ha Ha thanks - well if you love Chocolates you should definitely try some of these. I was so lucky that a very good friend of mine lived in Belgium for 8 years and she was always sending me some of these goodies to Iceland because not all of them are available here.
October 04, 2010
What a delightful and informative post - not to mention drool-worthy, lol!
October 04, 2010
I am speechless since I am so drooling from this list :) Thanks!
October 04, 2010
Oh no, Orn, why are you doing this to me?! This is bringing back intense cravings I had back in my days as a chocolate addict! ;) From your list I've only tried Godiva and Lindt, everything else I'll be dreaming of tonight.
October 04, 2010
Ha Ha - Well at least you can take comfort in the fact that unlike mass produced Candy Bars, Quality Chocolate is actually rather good for you.
October 05, 2010
:) Yes, that's what I love about REAL dark chocolate. I never liked the candy bars, always go for the genuine stuff!
October 03, 2010
Although I've tried a great deal of chocolates, I haven't try majority of these! Great Stuff, Orn! Thanks again for your great contribution to the community! These are certainly my kind of love bites :-D
October 03, 2010
Whoa, Orn, you're a tea AND a chocolate connoisseur!  Awesome :)  Of the chocolates on this list, I've only ever heard of Lindt, so I've got some catching up to do.  By the way, I think you'd appreciate these reviews of Max Brenner and Chocolatier Nauhaus.  Thanks for sharing this!
October 03, 2010
Ha Ha yes my idea of heaven is a cup of Good Tea with some Exquisite Chocolate, then I'm happy :-) I have a friend who lived for many years in Belgium and always when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said - Well you can always give me Tea and Chocolate. Like Oscar Wilde said - " I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best "
October 03, 2010
Oooh, didn't know that Belgium was known for tea as well! I just know chocolate, coffee and fries :) And nice quote by Oscar Wilde!
October 03, 2010
Well Belgium is perhaps not known specially for Tea but like any big city in Europe you can buy good Tea's there.
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