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posted a Quick Tip about Doctor Who. June 22, 2011
Haven't seen much of it yet, but I'm loving what I've seen. I like the idea that the Doctor can use his machine, TARDIS, to go absolutely anywhere in space and time, and that he can interact with a lot of famous figures, and that it makes for incredible flexibility in its plots.
posted a Quick Tip about Doctor Who. February 22, 2011
posted in SF Signal
Doctor Who is a fantastic show with a rich history. It's so much fun and the reboot does a great job of updating the show while keeping the heart of it intact. Can't recommend this show highly enough.
reviewed Ghost Adventures. January 15, 2011
Ghost Adventures
Ghost reality TV is big business, and the show format has quickly cemented a formula that makes most of these shows hard to tell apart:      1. Find "locals" to provide authentic creepy stories about a location.   2. Stay at the location overnight with stacks of infrared cameras and voice recorders.   3. Make dubious claims about hearing things and …
posted a Quick Tip about True Blood. November 22, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
True Blood Logo
The first season was awesome. The second season, not so much. This show is unravelling fast in my opinion.
posted a Quick Tip about Ghost Hunters. November 22, 2010
posted in Pass The Remote!
Ghost Hunters
I used to really love this show, but recent developments off screen have me questioning the validity of the program.
answered a question about Star Trek: The Original Series. November 06, 2010
Star Trek
the Enterprise Incident: Captain...Well you look like the devil himself. Never a better line on TV.
answered a question about Star Trek: The Original Series. November 06, 2010
Star Trek
You can watch original ST episodes on channel 6 at 12AM. Great for the Tivo.
reviewed Destination Truth. October 22, 2010
Destination Truth
I think that growing up in England and being forced to watched endless Jane Austen remakes has caused me to rebel in my 30s and watch non-stop garbage on TV. But Destination Truth has caught my Medusa-like gaze, and now they can't make them fast enough for me. It's tragic really, but still better than another BBC Pride & Prejudice.      One recent episode promised the …
reviewed Ghost Lab. October 22, 2010
Ghost Lab
Oh God I've got to stop watching these shows but this one grabbed my attention because it has two things that Ghosthunters doesn't: A truck. A ghost lab in a truck. As fans of Ghostbusters will know, it's a very scientific business running around scaring the living brown stuff out of yourselves, and you should never, ever cross the streams.      A PhD in BS   …
reviewed Waverly Hills Sanatorium. October 19, 2010
Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Ah, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. I live in Louisville and I'd always heard stories about haunted Wavery Hills: the thousands of tuberculosis patients who died there, the girl with the red eyes, the boy who likes to roll balls down the hallways, the nurse who hung herself outside of room 502 and the death tunnel. I'd always wanted to visit. In 2008 I got my chance.      The …
posted a Quick Tip about Star Trek: The Original Series. September 25, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
Star Trek
Cheesy production and cornyness doesn't stop the impact the show had on society at large as well as TV barriers at the time. It was fun too.
reviewed True Blood. September 08, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
True Blood Logo
Remember how Heroes, the perfect melding of X-Men with cable-quality soap, imploded on itself? Remember how "Save the cheerleader, save the world" became "Kill the cheerleader, save the show?" It was one of those shocking TV betrayals, like when The Simpsons became crap, that made you want to withdraw any support you ever gave the show. Let's just hope the circus doesn't …
reviewed My Ghostly Encounter With Samara. July 30, 2010
My Ghostly Encounter With Samara
A few years ago, I used to fly from London to New York for a week every month or so on business. Sat in business class on my third glass of Champagne, I decided to watch The Ring on the in-seat TV. I broke my cardinal rule about watching horror films on my own, and needless to say spent most of the rest of the week sleeping with the lights on at the hotel.      Then the impossible …
posted a Quick Tip about Winchester House. July 29, 2010
Winchester House
Went here a year ago - I wouldn't say it felt haunted. Very interesting building though.
reviewed Star Trek: The Original Series. July 25, 2010
Star Trek
The effects are awful.      The acting was at times like a plate of nachos ranging from too corny to real cheesy.      The guy with the ears freaked the suits at the studio out.      It rarely turned in good ratings.      Who cares.  it's a classic.       This shabby little gem from the …
reviewed Winchester House. July 02, 2010
Winchester House
The Winchester Mansion was owned by the Winchester family (firearms makers) and built in the 1800's.  It is located in San Jose California, just South of San Francisco.  I visited this site about 15 years ago and writing a review does it very little justice as you really need to experience it to understand it.      I was given a formal tour of the building …
posted a Quick Tip about Ghosts of Cape May, NJ. June 15, 2010
Ghosts of Cape May, NJ
a couple of interesting places. beautiful too!
posted a Quick Tip about True Blood. May 31, 2010
posted in Awesomeness
True Blood Logo
The best miniseries I've seen in a long while, and it doesn't even need gunfights & explosions to manage this. Seductively addicting TV!
posted a Quick Tip about True Blood. May 24, 2010
True Blood Logo
Seriously the Best Thing to Happen to Television since the X-Files.
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