Stephenie Meyer's New Moon

The second book in the "Twilight Saga" by Stephenie Meyer.

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Not worth your time.

  • Jul 13, 2010
  • by

Warning: This review contains spoilers.  

New Moon is the second book in the popular Twilight series.  Shortly after her disastrous eighteenth birthday party, Bella Swan's vampire boyfriend decides they're too different and his entire family packs up and leaves.  Without her boyfriend (Edward Cullen) and best friend (Alice Cullen), Bella falls into a deep depression and stays locked up in her room for several months.  When her father finally forces her to go out, she meets up with a childhood friend, Jacob Black, who has a serious crush on her.  Jacob is lighthearted and fun to be around and whenever she is with him, her depression lifts just a bit.  He teaches her how to ride a motorcycle and she discovers that putting herself in dangerous situations triggers hallucinations of her ex-boyfriend, Edward, telling her to be safe.  Bella becomes so desperate to see Edward and to hear his voice that she throws herself into dangerous situations.  She runs after some rough looking boys who she suspects are dangerous downtown, and even starts to consider jumping off a cliff.

            At night, she has terrifying nightmares about Edward and wakes up screaming.  The agony Bella goes through rings truer of post-traumatic stress disorder than an actual breakup.  Dangerous situations give her flashbacks to the relationship and she has frequent nightmares about losing Edward.  With post-traumatic stress disorder, people who have been through traumatic events (abusive relationships, war, deaths in the family, etc) will have vivid flashbacks of the events that are triggered by things that remind them of those events.  They will also often have extremely disturbing nightmares.  In the last book, Edward stalked Bella and watched her sleep without her permission.  He also expressed violent desires toward the other boys who had interest in her and accidentally put her in quite a bit of danger.  In New Moon, Bella still has a teeth shaped scar on her wrist from the time when James, an evil vampire, bit her and Edward had to suck the venom out to keep her from becoming a vampire.  There are many websites and essays out there devoted to the idea that Edward and Bella have an abusive relationship.  In New Moon she seems downright traumatized.  Her self-esteem drops to zero and she doesn't cease hating herself until Edward comes back.  Stephenie Meyer explained on her website that this is simply how someone would react to losing the greatest soul mate ever. 
            Even if this relationship isn't abusive, it worries me that this is the idea of love that young girls are getting.  The idea that if your first boyfriend doesn't love you, it's the end of the world.  In most cases when a girl's first boyfriend leaves her, he doesn't love her and he isn't coming back.  Rather than pursuing other love interests like her friend, Jacob Black, Bella refuses to move on or even try to build a life for herself without Edward.  Aside from being disquieting and rather depressing, this book starts to get boring a couple hundred pages in.  Other than Bella's incessant misery, the only real plot action revolves around Bella figuring out that Jacob is a werewolf.  Sadly, the fact that he is a werewolf is so obvious to most readers that it is painful to watch her spend roughly two hundred pages piecing the clues together. 
            I have heard of fans skipping past a good four hundred pages of this book just to get to the part where Edward comes back.  I can't really blame them, but at the same time Edward's return is pretty anticlimactic.  He tries to kill himself when he believes that Bella is dead (after all, Bella DID jump off a cliff so it's a reasonable concern) and Bella has to take a crazy trip to Italy to save his life.  Once the couple is reunited, they spend fifty pages arguing about whether or not Edward truly loves Bella.  Once she is convinced, she gets the other vampires in the house to agree that she should become a vampire, like him, so their relationship can work.  Does this happen in New Moon?  Of course not.  Does it happen in the next book?  Negative.  If you are reading the series just waiting to see when Edward turns Bella, you'll be in for a very long ride. 
            This series really went downhill after the first book.  When I read Twilight I figured that the series was going somewhere and that it would become more interesting as the series progressed.  New Moon was dull and the next book, Eclipse, was pretty much filler comprised mostly of Jacob and Edward fighting over who loves Bella more.  

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review by . June 22, 2010
New Moon is the second book in the Twilight series.  And coming off of Twilight, I was excited to read NM.  But the first half takes forever to get through, understandably to get through Bella's depression and her life without Edward.  However, it is very sleepy and could cause readers to quit reading all together.  If you can muster the strength to get through the beginning, the second half is more than worth the first half and will have you reading through the pages as …
review by . July 07, 2010
    Despite the other reviews, this happens to be my favorite book in the twilight series. This is really Jacob's book. This book puts a lot of the puzzling and cliff hangers of twilight all together and sets up for the next two books. Seeing the deep passion of all characters in this book leave the readers heart broken for all involved because you know that someone is about to be crushed.          I love the involvement and character building …
review by . June 27, 2010
After reading the first book in the Twilight series I was very excited to move on and read the next. However, I was very disappointed in this second book. I found it considerably boring to read chapter after chapter of how upset Bella was. I understand that she loved Edward, but it's not enjoyable for me to read about somone whose whole world has ended merely because a man stepped out of the picture. (Possible spoiler) When she met Jacob she started doing better and I found that slightly …
review by . June 17, 2010
I enjoyed the Twilight series as a compelling and quick read, but this book dragged on and spent too much time on Bella and Jacob. Jacob lovers probably loved the book for that reason, but if you prefer Edward to Jacob or if you prefer reading about a Bella who isn't angsty, you will be sadly disappointed in this novel. It does build Bella and Jacob's character slightly, but as the whole series is focused on the love between Edward and Bella, this book does not fit.       …
Quick Tip by . October 12, 2010
my least favorite of the entire twilight saga. I really learn to dislike both Bella and Jacob in this book. and thats a dislike that leaves a bad tasted in my mouth for the rest of the books.
Quick Tip by . October 01, 2010
This one didn't feel as good as the first--too many people making bad decisions. But fewer longing looks into beautiful eyes.
review by . July 17, 2010
i will say right off the bat that this is my least favorite book in the twilight saga. i found myself angry a lot while reading it. (if you havn't read the book and don't want to know what happens, stop reading here!) in the first few chapters edward decides that bella is so unsafe in his world that it would be better for her if he and his family leave and never return. so of course im mad at edward for leaving, for one because hes my favorite character, and for two because hes just hurting …
review by . July 15, 2010
This is the second book in the Twilight saga, and if the first book was not enough to rope you in then this one will. The story is so romantic and I bet everybody wishes they have found a fellow like Edward to love them and care for them like the way that he cares so much for Bella. New Moon events occur in Forks Washington state and then also they go to Italy when Edward goes out to seek out the Volturi. New Moon's story is about when Edward come to the harsh conclusion that he must leave that …
Quick Tip by . August 09, 2010
Really horrible, poisonous messages about the nature of love and relationships.
review by . June 15, 2010
Being a Jacob Black fan, I found it very emotional, very heart-warming, and very realisitc. I enjoyed the plot. The starting was kind of slow, and I felt as though the plot repeated its self many times in the middle of the book, but by the ending the book was kicked into high-gear and all was very entertaining. I found myself sucked into the story and captured with Jacob's caring nature, and Bella's denial that Edward had actually left, and it was interesting to see how the plot developed, …
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New Moon is a fantasy-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer, and is the second book in the Twilight series. According to Meyer, the book is about losing true love. The title refers to the darkest phase of the lunar cycle, indicating that New Moon is about the darkest time of the protagonist Bella's life. The book was originally released in hardcover in 2006, following the successful publishing of Meyer's debut novel Twilight. A film adaptation was released on November 20, 2009.

Upon its publication in the United States, New Moon moved quickly to the top of bestseller lists, becoming one of the most anticipated books of the year. It peaked at #1 on both the New York Times Best Seller list and USA Today's Top 150 Bestsellers, and was the biggest selling children's paperback of 2008 with over 5.3 million copies sold.

New Moon has been translated into many diverse languages, including Czech, Thai, Russian, Norwegian and Arabic.
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