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Richard Joseph – the Cruise Director
The most approachable and obliging cruise director we’ve encountered.  He says what he means, and means what he says - it isn’t just “lip service” when Richard is involved.   He bends over backwards to “accommodate”, even when it involves outside organizations like CC (a group that other directors have been known to ignore).  Plus, he is a smiler – what’s not to love about a smiler.  He’s a great guy which makes listening to him an uplifting experience, which happens many times a day.  J)

Jen – Deputy Cruise Director
The second half of the “Morning Show” team and right-hand to the Cruise Director, Jen is “everyone’s” BFF, or at least you want her to be.  She is just fun to be around.  What’s not to love!!!

Tertia from Australia
We had previously met this adorable girl on a Crown Princess cruise in May.  What a great surprise when we bumped into the “Hostess of the Casino” on the Sapphire.  She’s friendly and charming on and off the job.  And when she takes the microphone, her professional, but spunky, voice makes you want to come in and have fun.  This is a great little gal!!

Sadudee from Thailand
Sadudee has one of the best smiles on the ship…even his name is happy!  Smile and the world smiles with you is what Sadudee is all about…this should be his motto!!  And his service is spot on!  Happy is as happy does!!

Goran from Serbia
Never on a cruise have we found the person behind the ice cream counter to be so friendly. He’s happy, funny, and a great worker.  This young Serbian fellow’s facial expression is naturally a smile.  Being around him made us smile…what a gift!! 

Marijana from Serbia
Another gem from Serbia is this absolutely delightful young girl.  She is always being welcomed with hugs from passengers because she’s so terrific.  I think everyone wants her to be their daughter.  You always feel that she’s delighted to see you, when in fact it’s the reverse…we’re all happy to see her!


Fabrizio from Brazil
Also known as Antonio, dances to the music as he serves cocktails on deck.  Watching a young man make the most of his job can’t help but put you in a great mood…needless to say, we started dancing.  Pass it on Fabrizio!!

Bus Driver - Seattle Transport
This terrific lady was the bus driver who transported my husband and me from the airport to the Sapphire Princess cruise ship.  Not only did she drive the bus, but she also lifted and loaded our heavy luggage in the most positive manner that you can imagine.  As we conversed on our way to the ship, we uncovered that this was her second job.  Her non-weekend job was at Lowe’s.  Wow, what an inspirational, hard working lady.  Sadly, I didn’t get her name.  If you know her, give her our regards!
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