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posted a Quick Tip about Steve Jobs. November 21, 2012
Steve Jobs
I know I'm late talking about this, but the ugly truth about Steve Jobs is that he wasn't the "genius" that everyone thinks he was.       The people that compare Jobs to folks like Nikola Tesla don't know what they're talking about.  Tesla not only had great ideas, but he actually got his hands dirty to actually create machinery and other devices …
reviewed Steve Jobs. October 06, 2011
Steve Jobs
Death is always sad, but I've never been one to get too emotional over the death of a public figure.  Someone who I didn't personally know.  Someone who I had never met.  However, in the case of Steve Jobs, I'm deeply saddened to the point of numbness.       Steve Jobs literally changed the world.  He revolutionized technology and in turn, those …
reviewed Steve Jobs. October 06, 2011
posted in Inspirations
Steve Jobs
      Death knows no boundaries. It does not recognize nationalities, age, demographics, beauty, bank accounts nor fame. We can't really tell who will live to a ripe old age or who will pass on the next day. All we are left with is how much a person has effected in his lifetime, not how long he has lived.      Steve Jobs is the inspiration behind this review. …
posted a Quick Tip about Steve Jobs. October 06, 2011
posted in iPad Buzz
Steve Jobs
A legend. Too young to die at 56! He will live on in many of his fans' hearts though... Go get the iPad 2, it's now officially the last product Jobs launched! A sad day as I type this QT on the iPad 2.
posted a Quick Tip about Anders Behring Breivik. July 30, 2011
posted in People Power
Anders Behring Breivik
Whatever his "grand" designs are, like his father said, he might as well kill himself! Is the guy trying to change the world or is he trying to change his world?      Taking innocent lives can never be the way, can it?!      For a country like Norway, where it was once the safest and one which has the highest GDP per capita in the world, this incident …
posted a Quick Tip about Cousin. May 19, 2011
posted in People Power
As long as I can remember, my cousins have always been first and foremost, my friends. I've many cousins and I live around them as a child. There were many older and younger children at my grandparents' home each day after school and my childhood was filled with games and fun time with my cousins. As we grew older, we were spread out in different corners of the world but I still managed to …
reviewed Death of Osama bin Laden. May 04, 2011
posted in People Power
Death of Osama bin Laden
After almost 10 years, a few wars and death of countless people, the leadership of Osama bin Laden has finally reached an end after his death last sunday on May 1. Since early this year we had seen a lot of instability and activities in many part of the world, be it natural disasters, revolutions or royal celebrations. From the last quarter, we can further expect more escalations in deterioration …
posted a Quick Tip about Death of Osama bin Laden. May 03, 2011
posted in People Power
Death of Osama bin Laden
Death is not something I'd wish upon anyone, be it in return for retaliation or justice. However, it is hard to feel pity for a man's death when he has killed thousands of innocent beings and made even more orphans. Hopefully, his death will spell the end of the terror the world has been made to face for the last decade or so. It may be too much to hope for but we cannot condone his past actions …
posted a Quick Tip about Osama bin Laden. May 02, 2011
posted in People Power
Osama bin Laden
The news and President Obama announced his death. It's a victory for the American people, especially for families of those who were killed in the Sep. 11 terror attack in New York City. Many children had been orphaned because of him!      However, retaliations from terrorists are now expected so governments have to be vigilant.       In the mean time, …
posted a Quick Tip about Robin Li. May 01, 2011
Robin Li
He could have stayed in the U.S. Instead, unlike many of his predecessors, he flew home to China and began his influences in the world-wide-web. We are referring to his search engine and company, Baidu. Baidu is the most popular Chinese search engine which even supersedes Google's influence in this part of the world.      Robin Li may have been criticized for many things but …
reviewed Wedding of Prince William & Princess .... April 30, 2011
Royal Wedding
If the theatricality and utter ridiculousness of the hats and fascinators parading into Westminster Abbey didn’t force you to watch the royal wedding, surely the pomp, circumstance and theatricality of the whole event did. Still didn’t bite? Fine, then I shall be forced to regale you with all of the dirty details of the Royal Wedding.       Since I know very little …
posted a Quick Tip about Drew Barrymore. April 30, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Drew Barrymore
Love her since ET days. She may have problems in real life but that makes her more human than the awesome little girl she once was.
posted a Quick Tip about Catherine Zeta-Jones. April 30, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Catherine Zeta-Jones
She's charming, sexy and seductive. Even a woman thinks she's beautiful, what more a man?!
reviewed Wedding of Prince William & Princess .... April 29, 2011
Royal Wedding
A university romance, 16 years of dating and after the ups and downs of any relationship, they are finally tying the knot! It is a day of joy as the world looks on! And starting from 8 am local time, the broadcast begins! 3 hours to go before the actual event and I'm penning this down as it is progressing.      10000 media reporters, 1900 guests, 180 countries broadcasting …
posted a Quick Tip about Wedding of Prince William & Princess .... April 29, 2011
posted in People Power
Royal Wedding
Absolutely fabulous and what a beautiful couple with a most exquisite wedding gown! Everything is perfect!
posted a Quick Tip about Donald Trump. April 29, 2011
Donald Trump
This is a guy who is not only egoistic but also bad for business. All I hear of him say is "fire, fire, fire"! You are fired, that's it! Now, he not only shows no respective for his own President, he also showed he has not the skill to be diplomatic and know nothing about international trade. Even if he has been successful on America soil, he's not going to be popular by calling …
reviewed Wedding of Prince William & Princess .... April 22, 2011
posted in People Power
Royal Wedding
Well, the European royal families haven't had a more looking forward to wedding of the decade since the last century when the parents of the bridegroom (ie. Prince Charles & Diana) was wedded. Yes, Prince Frederik of Denmark, Prince Haakon of Norway and Princess Victoria got their fair share of royal weddings in the last few years. Nonetheless, this is one wedding that those interested in …
posted a Quick Tip about Elizabeth Taylor. March 28, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Elizabeth Taylor
How can you rate someone who has made her mark and done so much in the halls of filmmaking? You simply cannot. I loved the way her family kept her funeral private, so I was reluctant to do a review on one of her best movies and I think it is wise to let it be.      I think she would prefer to not get too much attention and she gave me the impression that she wants to keep …
posted a Quick Tip about Moammar Gadhafi. March 27, 2011
posted in People Power
Moammar Gadhafi
Insane and certainly a failure when it comes to being a good leader. This guy turns on his own people! How he ended up a leader is beyond me!
posted a Quick Tip about Elizabeth Taylor. March 27, 2011
posted in People Power
Elizabeth Taylor
She was the most beautiful and desirable for a long period of time. A talented actress with many facets and a highly interesting personal life with some 7 marriages or is it 8? Anyhow, an icon of her time as well as a well-loved actress! She'd certainly be missed by many. I love her portrayal of Cleopatra and have not seen anyone done that better than Liz Taylor!
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