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Death of Osama bin Laden

The death of Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011.

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Is it the end of it all?

  • May 4, 2011
After almost 10 years, a few wars and death of countless people, the leadership of Osama bin Laden has finally reached an end after his death last sunday on May 1. Since early this year we had seen a lot of instability and activities in many part of the world, be it natural disasters, revolutions or royal celebrations. From the last quarter, we can further expect more escalations in deterioration of weather and possibly even terrorism.

Bin Laden's death does not quite spell the end of terrorism. It does spell justice for many who lost their family members on Sep. 11 and also those who went on to fight the war of terrorism. It is a closure for many people. An emotional closure very much needed for those who suffer from the horror of losing loved one's in a madness that many of us who didn't personally suffer can associate and imagine. No matter how much we try to empathize, the loss of loved ones create a vacuum and emptiness in the survival's lives.

Many Americans celebrate Osama bin Laden's death. It is a war won against terrorism as far as the western world is concerned. It is a victory and a justification for the resources spent on a 10-year war. It is also one which hopefully will bring the many soldiers stationed in the Middle East home. That is more meaningful for those families who have their sons', husbands' and fathers' lives at stake. I didn't keep a count and I wonder how many lives have been lost in the process?! This war has almost crippled the US treasury among other things. Budget that could have been spent on other ways to help one's citizens and saves lives have instead been spent on a war that is crucial for a democratic, open and safe world.

Now, is the world going to be more open and safe with Osama's death? We do not have answer to that. As it is, the governments are emphasizing about safety and staying vigilant for retaliations from other factions and supporters of Osama and of terrorism. Is it going to escalate further? Are others going to try to emulate Osama and may be even with the intention of making themselves an icon of a war that they believe in fighting against the West? 

So many questions, so little answers. I haven't traveled much in the last two years to the U.S. or European cities so I didn't have to put up with the awful airport security devices imposed on all air travelers. What I do know from what I heard from friends is that in order to maintain the freedom we all love, we have lost personal freedom of movement in the process. And if one thinks about it, this will not be the end of it all. It is not likely to end terrorism. Without Osama, there would be someone else to take up the seat. The seed of hatred and revenge had been planted long before Osama bin Laden. How the plant will grow depends on environmental conditions and its survival instinct. So, until the western world is able to uproot that ugly seed, things are not likely to stop. For awhile, the enemy will stay low but they will rearrange themselves and will emerge again. For all our sake, we'd better pray they do not form into a cyclone and thunderstorm which will cause even more nightmares and destructions for the rest of the world!!! New leaders (of whatever kind) have the tendency to try to prove themselves to the world and their supporters. They have an energy that existing leaders might have depleted during their reigns. That is clearly not something we all will look forward to (esp. where it will threaten our basic right of movement and survival)!!!

In the mean time, stay tune to the war In Libya! It is another tornado in the making, if not already!
Is it the end of it all?

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July 03, 2011
The Bush wars were Iraq and Afghanistan. Somehow, the USA must extricate itself from these messes and concentrate on energy development at home. i.e. solar, artificial sun, coal gasification, wind, geothermal etc.
May 04, 2011
Nope. This will not be the end of it, I pray that it will be but I am I think it won't be the end of it. Please see the doco "My Trip to Al Quada". It was a pretty compelling watch.
May 05, 2011
Thanks! If I can get hold of a copy of it, I will!
May 04, 2011
I agree, this is not the end of terrorism. Besides Osama, there are plenty more out their, and directly linked to him, I'm sure that there are more than a few possible successors. I'm just amazed that Osama was able to fly under the radar for so long, and in a brand new mansion of all places. I have mixed feelings about the way he was found and died, but I guess to some, they can sleep a little easier knowing that he's gone.
May 05, 2011
Yeah, it's a total waste of resources. Had the intelligence been better, those resources could have been more productively spent elsewhere!
May 06, 2011
I agree. I just can't believe it took so long to find someone so high profile.
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Death is not something I'd wish upon anyone, be it in return for retaliation or justice. However, it is hard to feel pity for a man's death when he has killed thousands of innocent beings and made even more orphans. Hopefully, his death will spell the end of the terror the world has been made to face for the last decade or so. It may be too much to hope for but we cannot condone his past actions and extremism. All we can hope for is that with his death, the horror ends!
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The death of Osama bin Laden was reported on Sunday, May 1, 2011. U.S. military forces had shot and killed Osama bin Laden in a 40-minute firefight in Abbottabad, Pakistan and then seized his body. U.S. President Barack Obama publicly reported on May 1, 2011, that bin Laden had been killed by a small special operations team. The operation was carried out by Joint Special Operations Command forces in Pakistan working with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). After careful monitoring of a compound suspected to be bin Laden's residence in Pakistan, U.S. military forces were sent across the border of Afghanistan to launch the attack. Pakistani officials confirmed that bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by the U.S. military. The body was recovered by the U.S. military and is currently in its possession. ABC News has reported that the body has been identified by DNA testing.
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