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Life termination choices

Actions by which an individual helps another person voluntarily bring about their own death.

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End of Life Termination choice

  • May 27, 2011
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I watched a documentary last night on HBO about how in Oregon you have the right to choose when to end your life. I found it so caring and compassionate ! This is the law in Oregon and now Washington State that you can go to an end of life group that calls themselves"Compassion and Choices" and I think they get the prescription( I did not hear on this program how you actually get the medication to end your life ) but somehow you can get a prescription to get Nembutal and Seconal that you mix together and drink that puts you in a Coma and ultimately you die when you choose in a dignified manor. The group will be there also to help you when its YOUR time when YOU choose. They have been doing this in Europe for decades now . This is not what Dr. Kevorkian was trying to do although the way he was doing it is fine with me It is NOT DOCTOR ASSISTED SUICIDE. The doctors do not go to your house and give you an injection YOU mix the drugs when YOU want. You get them and can keep them for as long as you want and if you choose to toss them down the toilet you can. This is all supervised by this group of people and is handled very strictly you need to be of sound mind and have to have a terminal diagnosis you have to have 2 witnesses as you sign the papers. I feel this is long overdue. They have been doing this in Europe for decades already. Because science has gone so far as to lengthen our lives to the point that the elderly now have exploded in size that the nursing homes are overflowed and the cost to live in a nursing home have soared that elderly have to stay at home because of these costs. But back to the point of suffering I know first hand what its like to watch someone die a slow gruesome painful death and I wonder what are is the point? I feel very strongly that the doctors out there want so much to make money that they will do anything to a patient to experiment on them and at the same time to make more cash so they can buy that extra car or pool . Now as usual I know a lot of people out there especially the Christians and other Religions hate this idea so much that they think its Gods wish when to end your life What I say to these people is where the hell is YOUR compassion? And secondly where do you get the idea that a God would wish so much hell on a person ? I have seen first hand two of my friends die a horrible painful deaths They both told me that they wanted this to end this NOW and in the end they wound up begging for the pain to stop and died horrid deaths going through procedure after procedure that did not lengthen their lives but only made them more in pain My dad and mom right now are at the end of there long lives and my poor mom is suffering from Parkinson's disease this disease has slowly taken away my Moms ability to do everyday things that we all take for granted like doing dishes or just walking across the room without the aid of a cumbersome walker Now she is suffering confusion because the Parkinson's has gone into her brain now comes the hell of this disease and its just the beginning she has fallen 4 times now and has gone to the hospital each time because she gets so restless and confused at night and walks around the house trying to clean or stand on a chairs So she almost broke her arm in one instance the other she had huge bruises on her bottom Where is she going to be in 6 months ? I have heard also that after awhile you are unable to swallow and start to choke on your own spit She is starting to show signs of this happening also She is starting to droll My Dad has to watch her decline and can hardy see any more due to his Macular degeneration He can no longer read the bottles of pills to give her and most of the time she is not given the correct pill Nursing homes cost a fortune and my dad never made enough money to save for there old age so the burden of this falls on us 3 children I am not complaining at all but as they get worse and this is a certainty what are we supposed to do???? We are not trained nurses !! And its getting to the point where I cry myself to sleep everynight wishing that I could make everything better for them but I don' t have the money that it takes and even if we all did What good would it do? My mom would still die a horrible death of chocking and my dad will still go blind This is played out in many many homes I am sure because of the age that people are living to is so much longer now I have talked with my dad about this subject and believe it or not he has been a strict Catholic all his life but he told me that he would like to have the right to choose when to die I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS THOUGHT ME DAD WOULD SAY THAT!!! But he has always been intelligent and knows that he loves his wife so much that he doesn't want to watch her die is such a horrid manor Please feel free to let me know what you think on this matter Thank you Michele

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May 27, 2011
What a thought-provoking review, Michelle! You bring up a lot of good and interesting points. Do you remember the name of the documentary that you watched? I'd be really interested in seeing it. By the way, this is just a suggestion, but your review would be much easier to read if you edited it broke it up into paragraphs! Would just be easier on the eye ;) Let me know if you want a hand with that. Thanks so much for sharing this.
May 28, 2011
I know I am not much of an editor I do know the name and should have put it in the review its "How to Die in Oregon"
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Assisted suicide is the common term for actions by which an individual helps another person voluntarily bring about their own death. "Assistance" may mean providing one with the means (drugs or equipment) to end their own lives, but may extend to other actions. The current waves of global public debate have been ongoing for decades, centering on legal, religious, and moral conceptions of "suicide" and a personal "right to death". Legally speaking, the practice may be legal, illegal, or undecided depending on the culture or jurisdiction.

In religious contexts, while a "suicide" is considered to be an offense made out of unknowing, confusion, or despair, assisted suicides are ostensibly actions made in faith, with no expectation of incurred sin or such that would bar transcendence to an afterlife. In certain religious denominations, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, suicides are considered a serious sin, and thus many Catholics oppose the practice of assisted suicide.
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