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Dungeon Hunter: Alliance single player review

  • Jun 4, 2011
This is my first review so bear with me on the layout of this review.  I started playing DH:A a few weeks before the psn went down, and focused on the single player only, was going to try out the multi player side, but haven't gotten around to it due to the psn outage. With that said here are my thoughts and impressions on the game.

Character Selection -1
With any dungeon crawler game, I was expecting a wide selection of races/character types, clothing and such.  I was quite disappointed with what the game offered for character selection.  You get to choose 1 of 3 characters.  A mage, a warrior or a combo style of character(archer/sword).  Each of these characters allowed you to play the game slightly different. I've played through the game with the mage and warrior.  With the warrior I felt I needed to use a bow once and awhile anyway. All the characters are male, there are no playable females in this game.

Character Progress +1
As with any RPG, character development and progress are key.  This is one of the areas where I believe this game really shines.  New clothing, weapons, shields and accessories are always dropping, and you're trying to find the right combo.  You also control the characters attributes at each level.  I got my characters to level 45 or so, but I've read that you can keep leveling them up to 75.  At each level you get to spend points on abilities: dexterity, endurance, strength, and energy, as well as assigning 1 point to a special skill.  You have to have certain requirements for your abilities to equipe certain equipment.  All your equipment changes your look, and the way you might play the game.  

You can customize your Left/Right hand weapon,shield, hat/helmet, chest plate, gloves, shoes, waist band, and 2 rings.  The game will let you load 2 different left/right hand load outs that you can quickly switch between the two loads with a quick button press in game. 

The special skills will effect how you use each character, and it uses up your magic bar, though both our MP and HP can recharge using certain special skills and equipment.  

The equipment has 4-5 different types, Gold equipment, purple, blue, green and base.  The base has no bonus, green has 1, blue 2, purple 3, and gold has 4.  The gold ones are harder to find, and you can increase your chances by playing with others, and/or playing against harder bad guys.

Getting the right character created and fine tuning him is great fun.

Storyline -0
I wasn't playing this game for the story, I wanted to simply roll through and have fun.  The story is not good at all and I'm not sure why they included much of one, but I'm not playing this style of game for a great story anyway.  If you are looking for a good story look elsewhere.

Gameplay +1
It's your standard flair, line up bad guy, slash away.  I thought the collision detection was fairly good.  Meaning, when I thought my guy should hit something he did.  There are some 'that arrow should go through" moments, but they weren't horrible.  Being able to switch quickly between 2 weapon loadout's was a good touch that worked decently.  

Enemies +0
I never felt tired of fighting the same characters over and over, so I believe the enemies were done well enough.  There was enough variety with them.  There are your angry ants/spiders/wolfs, and the varying sizes that go along with each.  You have all your typical dungeon characters.  The bosses were decent.  Some were really well done.   Overall i'd have to say the characters didn't add or detract anything from the game.   

Dungeon layout +0
The dungeons were fun to explore, but playing through a second time felt like i'd seen it before.  They did a good job with offering variety with types of area's, including outdoor area's, but there is no diablo style of mixing the maps/layouts up.  Once you memorize an area it won't change.  

NPC's + 0
The NPC's added very little to the game, and I felt very little reason to talk to people other than buying merchandise, reseting my level, or picking up quests.  The quests are generally easy to accomplish and may require you to go back to an already explored area 1 or 2 times total.  They were generally linear though.

I enjoyed this game greatly, and plan to play with some friends at some point.  The game lets you play through multiple times, greatly increasing the difficulty in the second play through. I believe the ps3 has very little to offer gamers looking for this style of game, so I think that maybe why I have enjoyed this more than I should have, and I haven't played this kind of game in quite some time.  I'll look at adding a multiplayer update at some point. 

What did you think of this review?

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June 04, 2011
This is a great first review, Hobbes! Thanks for sharing :)
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