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A 1968 film by Stanley Kubrick.

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The cure for insomnia or a method to suicide?

  • Aug 7, 2007
Could someone please tell me what the big deal is about this movie, please? I do enjoy Stanley Kubrick a great deal, Dr Strangelove, The Shining, Clockwork Orange, Eyes Wide Shut, all great movies. But this movie is called a "Space Odyssey", it was an odyssey I stayed awake while I watched it, or didn't kill myself. I already know that I am going to be abased by "film buffs/experts in film history" about my review of "this fine cinematic masterpiece". Consequently, whenever someone states they are an "expert in film history/film buff" it is just euphuism for "my opinion is better than yours and you don't know any better." Now we have a two disc edition, as if the movie by itself isn't long enough, we now have all extras. I think I have discovered a way to reduce crime in the world, show the violators of law the two disc special edition of "2001: Space Odyssey". I bet within three months there will be less crime.

There are some positive aspects of this movie, honestly. The cinematography in this film was wonderful, the music was amazing, the special effects were great (for 1968), but come on the story was very weak. I mean I did get the point about man, where he was, where he has been and where he is going, and all that fun stuff. However, did there really need to be ten and fifteen minute gaps with no dialogue!! Rather there would just be this classical music played at these silly points that never really seem to fit. "Look Sally it is a pen floating in the air!" There was not a single word spoken the first twenty-five minutes of the movie, just cheesy primates!!! "Are they monkeys or are they people dressed in really bad monkey costumes?" This movie could have had the same effect in an hour less, even ninety minutes less.

The characters were pointless and shallow. I think a great word here to use kids is moot. Then there is the super computer Hal 9000. I just love Hal 9000 "Dave, Dave". Drop a rock on my skull. The movie needed to focus on one aspect and stick with it. Too much trying to be "artistic" that it missed whatever point it was trying to make. I also loved the big black "surf board" that was the link to our past, present and future. I thought that was the economy that did that.

If you try and tell someone this movie was poor in quality they get bent out of shape. If someone tells you they like this movie I can accept that...maybe....not likely..., but if they tell you they enjoyed it because they feel the power of the film, then they are full of #@*! It is almost like people hear that "2001: Space Odyssey" is a great movie and therefore when they watch it they must conform or they'll be gunned down. Citizen Kane is another movie that shouldn't be accosted or the result is heresy. I will give you the 4-1-1, Citizen Kane sucked too!

When witnessing "2001: Space Odyssey", I felt like I was watching a two hour and thirty minute screensaver, after it goes for a bit the computer turns off. Sort of like my mind watching this tomfoolery disguised as marvelous motion picture. I think it would be fun to play a drinking game (alcohol will be needed) while watching this movie. The game is this; only put your mixed drink/beer/straight liquor down when there is a scene with dialogue. Unless a person has a stomach of steel and strong endurance, they will be trashed within the first fifteen minutes of regulation. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure your sofa will look a lot like a space station and your living room another planet by the time you are done watching 2001 and playing this game.

In all honesty, "2001: Space Odyssey" is one of the first space movies that was ahead of it's time in a technical aspect, with regards to special effects and camera work. However, if you want some great science fiction watch the "Star Wars" saga. As for a science fiction film that has a philosophical vibe to it, watch the original "Solaris". Hell the remake with Clooney (which is honestly a great film) is light years better (pun intended) than this languid drivel!!!!!

What did you think of this review?

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December 16, 2010
Yes indeed this is way over hyped.
December 16, 2010
It is nice to know that someone else views this movie the same way. The Straw Man
September 14, 2010
One of the first lists I made on this site was jokingly going to be called "I Hate Your Favorite Movie" but I thought that title sounded a tad too confrontational so I changed it to "Movies I hope I Never Have to See Again" and 2001 was definitely among them. This flick just struck me from the beginning as boring and pretentious. It seemed as if Kubrick was out to make a flick that every acid head in the world would stumble out of going "Wow, man. That was heavy."
September 22, 2010
Ha ha, I love it!!! I might be the "bad guy" and just call it "I Hate Your Favorite Movie"!! I agree with you about what Kubrick's intentions were when he made this film. Was it just to trip people out? I really enjoyed "Eyes Wide Shut". I know many people didn't care for this movie, I think it is amazing. It has layers and every time I watch it I notice something else. With 2001, I think that Kubrick should have gotten some money for setting the foundation for that first screensaver.
September 22, 2010
lol. Were kindred spirits.
September 13, 2010
Also, I have not actually seen the 2 disc DVD version. Do you have any info on the special features and so on?

If you want, you can see my review too and comment or not:  Sadly, the video clip and some pix disappeared, but the gist of it is there.  Thankx.
September 11, 2010
I loved this movie. I saw it when it first came out. And all the things you mention, the special effects, no dialogue but the viewer putting his own understanding and view into the film, the trip to the station and then to the Moon where we meet the crew that will investigate the strange Monolith. Your review is like saying Casablanca is a tourist movie for Morocco! Well written, though. Seeing this on the big screen is the best way to watch it.
September 12, 2010
Hi, Aerin -- thanks for that. You know, I met one of the actors from the 2001 film; great guy, had some stories about working with Kubrick. Such an honor, really. A lot of work went into this film with Arthur C. Clarke and so on. Yeah, the plot's not the greatest and some of the scenes are surreal. But to say there's no dialogue is not a bad thing -- see Wall-E! And the special effects for the time were excellent which led the way for production studios to make more sci-fi films. Important film all around, really.  And a minus three is pretty harsh!  Oh, the actor was Gary Lockwood who played Dr. Poole.  He was also in the first Star Trek episode (remember with the psionic powers and the silver eyes?).
September 12, 2010
Hi. I could have worded that better, sorry. I felt SM's rating was harsh. I agree, I loved Moon, great story and old-school effects with models rather than CGI. Maybe we're going backward to a more traditional sci-fi! If you like alien invasions and lots of explosions, look for the new sci fi movie Battlefield Los Angeles coming in a few months! That's pure eye candy with no plot, love it!
September 13, 2010
Scotman, Ok, I don't care if someone doesn't like a film, and Straw man is coming from how he feels about the film--WALL-E gets a 3 out of 5 rating from me (sorry it is formulaic, the story was dull); and if you want a great example on movies with no dialogue you should see Kim Ki-Duk's movies; the silence is part of the narrative--WALL-E has dialogue and even the beeps and clicks made the story. We encourage all sorts of opinions here in this community....I don't care if they give a favorite a great or a bad rating as long as they are sincere on their opinion (this is what Movie Hype is all about!), this review was honest on how he felt and never mis-represented anything and never made assumptions presented as fact. I really don't know if this paved the way for more sci-fi, but I doubt it. I liked the movie but I never exactly thought it was perfect.
September 13, 2010
Woopak, Thank you for your insight and for "backing me up" in a manner of speaking. I have noticed that over the years my dislike for this film has really upset many folks who love this movie. I am not stating the Scotman (or anyone else) has done so in this forum. I think everyone has been super cool about me not being fond of this flick. In contrast, I have had people ask me what my IQ is, did I go to college and want to know how daft I am because I didn't care for 2001. I understand the epistemology of the movie and respect Kubrick for it. However, I just don't feel this movie lives up to all the hype, but that is just me. There are some movies out there that I think are amazing. For instance, I just recently watched a Van Damme movie called "Until Death" and I thought it was awesome. It had a great story, good production value and Van Damme did a wonderful job. I told a friend of mine this and he said "an amazing Van Damme film"? I am not comparing Kubrick to Van Damme, I am just reinforcing that everyone has their own opinions. I just find it so befuddling that so many "intelligent" people adore this film because they are so smart and seasoned. Yet when another person expresses their dislike of this film these "intelligent" people resort to callow ruses like name calling and judgment of character. Again, nobody in this forum or on Lunch has demonstrated what I am describing. I think that members on this site, regardless of their view on this film are too opened minded for that.
September 13, 2010
Thanks guys/gal. I was not criticizing Strawman and if you took it that way, then that's my fault. I thought his review was well-written, just that minus three is harsh. And yeah, I would love to see that documentary. Will look it up on Amazon. Thanks again, keep those reviews coming!
September 13, 2010
Here it is, though I can't see the trailer:
September 13, 2010
Scotman, Much love. I enjoy your thoughts and feedback. Your words weren't at fault at all. You were very classic and astute in your thoughts. Sometimes I just go on and on......
September 13, 2010
Thanks, no worries. :)
September 13, 2010
@The_Straw_Man, you bet. I know exactly how you feel, it is nice how this community is more accepting of different views. I was attacked in amazon for a review I wrote a year ago, I was disliking an 80's French movie and I was insulted, said my review was harsh (though I gave it two stars) and I had to react to the insults. Movie tastes are movie tastes. I have often been criticized for liking "Watchmen", questioned for giving "The Happening" 3 stars, liking cult Japanese movies--I will always defend opinions as long as they do not mis-represent. I actually encourage 'different opinions' in this community; it is how we learn. This is a well-written review and I appreciate the honesty; and Movie Hype is all about Movie Tastes. ;)
September 13, 2010
@Scotman, just to be clear, I know you weren't attacking Joshua's opinion; I just think no rating can be harsh--it all depends on how people feel. I like having negative ratings on movies in this community. Disagreements can be fun. :)
September 13, 2010
OK, that's fine.
September 13, 2010
I thought it was my work computer's filter. I will search more carefully when I get home! :)
September 14, 2010
I've only seen so much of this movie and found what I saw to be slow. One day I'll take it on again. It is shocking to me that if you don't fall in line with whats popular how you can get in trouble. It hasn't happened to me much here but I DISliked Watchmen when I first saw it and had people respectively tell me where I might have gone wrong. I tore Family Guy to shreds and did get someone trying to tell me how wrong I was. I like this site since so far there have been no flame wars and people do respect opinions and will listen to you.
September 14, 2010
I can see that.
September 11, 2010
Nice review. I have to say, it has been many years since I saw this movie last. I liked it, but I would never say that it was a perfect classic. Nice review, great work in giving a negative on one movie that is seen as a true classic.
September 13, 2010
I realize my view of this movie is a little different than the norm, but I am happy you liked the review.
September 13, 2010
Hey, I like different opinions--too much agreement can be boring LOL!
September 14, 2010
Too much agreement isn't always good since it can keep more challenging things out that you never would have thought of.
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2001: A Space Odyssey (occasionally referred to as simply 2001) is a 1968 epic science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and written by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. The film deals with thematic elements of human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life, and is notable for its scientific realism, pioneering special effects, ambiguous imagery that is open-ended to a point approaching surrealism, sound in place of traditional narrative techniques, and minimal use of dialogue.

The film has a memorable soundtrack—the result of the association that Kubrick made between the rotary motion of the satellites and the dancers of waltzes, which led him to use the The Blue Danube waltz by Johann Strauss II, and the famous symphonic poem Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss, to portray the philosophical evolution of Man theorized in Nietzsche's homonymous work.

Despite initially receiving mixed reviews, 2001: A Space Odyssey is today recognized by many critics and audiences as one of the greatest films ever made; the 2002 Sight & Sound poll of critics ranked it among the top ten films of all time. It was nominated for four Academy Awards, and received one for visual effects. In 1991, it was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in the National Film Registry.
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