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reviewed Miracle. May 10, 2010
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
      This review was written after my mother passed, the first one after.      MIRACLE       There are two things that lead me to write this …
reviewed Buffalo Sabres. February 09, 2013
Buffalo Sabres
The National Hockey League in Buffalo. Now really, this should have been obvious right from the very beginning. Buffalo is still known as one of America's snow capitols. Professional hockey was naturally …
reviewed Columbus Blue Jackets. February 12, 2013
Columbus Blue Jackets
So its come down to this: There is actually an NHL team residing in Columbus, Ohio. How did this happen? Did Gary Bettman think this was just an untapped gold mine? Was he banking on the idea of Zombie …
reviewed Chicago Blackhawks. February 13, 2013
Chicago Blackhawks
Looking at a list of NHL teams, one can't help but wonder: Where are all the teams in the pacific northwest? It seems like a perfectly natural area for hockey to thrive, after all, being so close to Canada. …
reviewed Montreal Canadiens. February 14, 2013
Montreal Canadiens
We all know Canada is, along with Scotland, one of the most important ancestral homes of hockey. It's where the game as we've come to know it today was developed into modern form and perfected. …
reviewed Boston Bruins. February 16, 2013
Boston Bruins
Sooooo…. Does anyone really feel sorry for "OWAH SPOTS TEAMS-ER ARE-AH MOAH TAH-CHAHED THAN YOUR-AH SPOTS TEAMS-ER!" Boston anymore? Nah, I thought not, especially considering how Boston sports fans were …
reviewed Toronto Maple Leafs. February 26, 2013
Toronto Maple Leafs
It had been a long time in the making, but in 2008, the Toronto Maple Leafs finally did it. Led by Darren Roanoke, they overcame the long odds and won the 14th Stanley Cup of their long and storied history, …
reviewed Detroit Red Wings. February 28, 2013
Detroit Red Wings
Poor Detroit is on the receiving end of a lot of bad things these days. It's the most impoverished city in the country. It's the most violent city in the country. The housing crisis there is so nasty …
reviewed Dallas Stars. March 02, 2013
Dallas Stars
I can clearly remember when the Stars were given to Dallas. It was the first time I ever started giving thought to NHL politics, because I was questioning the logic behind it. Hockey in Texas. It seemed …
reviewed Los Angeles Kings. March 06, 2013
Los Angeles Kings
There are three NHL teams in California. Yes, I know the thought is pretty weird, but then again, so is the state of California, or at least that's how the reputation goes. Amidst the hockey hoopla in …
reviewed St. Louis Blues Hockey Club. March 17, 2013
St. Louis Blues Hockey Club
There are many things about the St. Louis Blues that bucked the odds. About everything. Things like the fact that they're the only team from the 1967 expansion to have never won the Stanley Cup, even …
reviewed Philadelphia Flyers. March 21, 2013
Philadelphia Flyers
Yeah, we all know those famous stories revolving around Philadelphia fandom. Aren't these the fans that booed Santa Claus some 40-odd years ago? The guys who cheered when Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael …
reviewed Phoenix Coyotes. March 23, 2013
Phoenix Coyotes
I'm going to take a brief moment right now to do something I don't ordinarily do in my hockey-related musings: Give NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman some of the props he deserves. No, I don't mean that in …
reviewed Carolina Hurricanes. April 03, 2013
Carolina Hurricanes
You know, there are times when I feel like we arrogant northern hockey fans have got it all wrong about this whole hockey in the south thing started by Gary Bettman. Mostly I think a lot of the Carolina …
reviewed New Jersey Devils. April 09, 2013
New Jersey Devils
Usually in sports, stories of underdog teams rising to their potential make us all warm and fuzzy inside. Then there's the New Jersey Devils of the NHL. The NHL owes a number of things to the Devils, …
reviewed San Jose Sharks. April 11, 2013
San Jose Sharks
The first wave of NHL expansions ran from 1967 to 1974. Then there was the merger with the WHA in 1979. Yeah, that was an awful lot of upheaval for a league which survived with all of six teams starting …
reviewed Tampa Bay Lightning. April 16, 2013
Tampa Bay Lightning
There's a very popular pastime in the northern United States, especially along the Rust Belt: Moving to Florida! So naturally, if you're the NHL and you're trying your hand at southern expansion, the …
reviewed Florida Panthers. April 17, 2013
Florida Panthers
There's not very much to say about the Florida Panthers. They've mostly been living an existence that's as unfortunate as it is inauspicious. This was after they began with more promise than most expansion …
reviewed Nashville Predators. April 18, 2013
Nashville Predators
The Nashville Predators have at least one thing no other team can claim: Their head coach, Barry Trotz, is currently the longest-tenured head coach in the NHL. He was hired in 1997, just a couple of weeks …
reviewed Winnipeg Jets. April 20, 2013
Winnipeg Jets
Now, let me see if I have this right, just so I know I'm being completely clear on the subject: Hockey team to Atlanta called the Flames. Flames out of Atlanta to Calgary. Hockey team to Winnipeg …
reviewed Minnesota Wild. April 24, 2013
Minnesota Wild
Team placement really confuses me sometimes. I mean, how does a small market get a team back after losing a first team because it wasn't doing well? How the hell is the Minnesota Wild created when there's …
reviewed NHL '94. June 26, 2013
NHL '94
It's a very off fact of gaming that there are so many sports video games that are good, but yet so few that become transcendent - memorable years after their initial releases and played fondly for many …
reviewed Hockey: A People's History. February 27, 2007
Hockey: A People's History
If you're a hockey fan with an appreciation for the history of the game, *this* is the book you need to read... Hockey: A People's History by Michael McKinley. This both entertained and educated me, and …
reviewed Youngblood. January 03, 2012
Do you enjoy Hockey? do you enjoy Patrick Swayze? do you enjoy montages? Keanu Reeves with a French-Canadian accent? wait, why would you POSSIBLY enjoy that last one? well, lucky for you there is a movie …
reviewed Detroit Red Wings. May 26, 2009
Detroit Red Wings
As a Michigan transplant living in Chicago, I am a little torn sometimes about my sports. Not torn as in who to root for, because no matter where I live I will always stay true to my hometown teams, but …
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