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reviewed New York Rangers. February 22, 2013
New York Rangers
New York City is to baseball as Nebraska is to corn. Hockey is a whole other matter.     When the NHL decided it should probably try to place a team in New York City if it was going …
reviewed Boston Bruins. February 16, 2013
Boston Bruins
Sooooo…. Does anyone really feel sorry for "OWAH SPOTS TEAMS-ER ARE-AH MOAH TAH-CHAHED THAN YOUR-AH SPOTS TEAMS-ER!" Boston anymore? Nah, I thought not, especially considering how Boston sports fans were …
reviewed Montreal Canadiens. February 14, 2013
Montreal Canadiens
We all know Canada is, along with Scotland, one of the most important ancestral homes of hockey. It's where the game as we've come to know it today was developed into modern form and perfected. …
reviewed Chicago Blackhawks. February 13, 2013
Chicago Blackhawks
Looking at a list of NHL teams, one can't help but wonder: Where are all the teams in the pacific northwest? It seems like a perfectly natural area for hockey to thrive, after all, being so close to Canada. …
reviewed Columbus Blue Jackets. February 12, 2013
Columbus Blue Jackets
So its come down to this: There is actually an NHL team residing in Columbus, Ohio. How did this happen? Did Gary Bettman think this was just an untapped gold mine? Was he banking on the idea of Zombie …
reviewed Buffalo Sabres. February 09, 2013
Buffalo Sabres
The National Hockey League in Buffalo. Now really, this should have been obvious right from the very beginning. Buffalo is still known as one of America's snow capitols. Professional hockey was naturally …
reviewed Youngblood. January 03, 2012
Do you enjoy Hockey? do you enjoy Patrick Swayze? do you enjoy montages? Keanu Reeves with a French-Canadian accent? wait, why would you POSSIBLY enjoy that last one? well, lucky for you there is a movie …
reviewed One Hockey Night. December 16, 2010
One Hockey Night
Owen and Holly had just moved to Nova Scotia. They missed their friends back home in Saskatchewan and they especially missed the frozen pond where they used to play hockey. Skating on the ice in the driveway …
reviewed Los Angeles Kings. November 05, 2010
Los Angeles Kings
For the first time in.....uh...ever! The Kings are first place in the NHL in November. Yahoooooo!!!!
reviewed Score: A Hockey Musical. September 25, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Score: A Hockey Musical
SCORE: A HOCKEY MUSICAL   Written and Directed by Michael McGowan   Starring Noah Reid, Allie McDoanald and Olivia Newton-John      Canada is a different country …
reviewed Miracle. May 10, 2010
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
      This review was written after my mother passed, the first one after.      MIRACLE       There are two things that lead me to write this …
reviewed Hockey Talk: The Language of Hockey f.... February 17, 2010
Hockey Talk: The Language of Hockey from A-Z
Being a proud Montrealer and quite use to all things hockey! This book was an absolute joy to read and enjoy! Hockey Talk is all about hockey - from mini biographies on somce of the well known broadcasters …
reviewed Slap Shot. January 05, 2010
Slap Shot
I really love Slap Shot.  It's one of the few sports films that capture the essence of the sport it's portraying.  Paul Newman stars as Reggie Dunlop, a rough and wizened veteran who inspires …
reviewed Detroit Red Wings. May 26, 2009
Detroit Red Wings
As a Michigan transplant living in Chicago, I am a little torn sometimes about my sports. Not torn as in who to root for, because no matter where I live I will always stay true to my hometown teams, but …
reviewed Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection. February 07, 2009
Hockey Haiku: The Essential Collection
I am very fond of haikus, but in this case it is necessary to understand the game of hockey to appreciate most of these. Since I have only watched one hockey game in my life, the U.S. Olympic team defeating …
reviewed Miracle. January 04, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
I am not a sports fan. Period. I'll watch the occasional few minutes of Michael Jordan in a tense playoff or a fantastically close Super Bowl on occasion, but beyond that, I have no interest.     …
reviewed Open Ice: Reflections and Confessions.... December 13, 2008
Open Ice: Reflections and Confessions of a Hockey
Being the hockey fan I am, I was drawn to Open Ice: Reflections and Confessions of a Hockey Lifer by Jack Falla mainly by the title. Born and raised on the west coast, I knew nothing of Falla's history …
reviewed Hockey: A People's History. February 27, 2007
Hockey: A People's History
If you're a hockey fan with an appreciation for the history of the game, *this* is the book you need to read... Hockey: A People's History by Michael McKinley. This both entertained and educated me, and …
reviewed Miracle. March 03, 2005
posted in Movie Hype
1979-1980 was a critical time in U.S. history. In fact, the post-9/11 world in which we now live in many ways resembles the beginning of that fateful decade. The Middle East was in turmoil and terrorists …
reviewed Miracle. September 04, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
Miracle is the true story of the "Miracle on Ice" when the1980 US Olympic hockey team won the gold medal by defeating the Soviet Union and Finland. This movie centers around the coach, Herb Brooks, and …
reviewed Miracle. June 14, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
Absolutely not! "Miracle" takes a simple hockey game(a sport deemed regional to this day), and shows viewers how it not only captivated a nation, but also how a game can come to represent change.This …
reviewed Miracle. February 06, 2004
posted in Movie Hype
Pros: Russell and nostalgia.     Cons: No substance given to supporting roles.     The Bottom Line: A rousing and enjoyable film that although light, delivers the …
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