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reviewed Rebel Monkeys. July 05, 2010
Rebel Monkeys
With the closing of Fox Reality Channel I've been missing my fix of Solitary and other trashy Reality show reruns. One day, still thinking the channel was there, I switched over and was surprised …
The Amazing Race 16 - Episode 12 (Season Finale)
   Source: http://www.realityrehash.com/amazing-race/am...eason-16-concludes.html The Amazing Race ended where it all began: the USA. The three final teams were all very different. We have …
Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 13
   Source: http://www.realityrehash.com/survivor/surviv...ero-bites-the-dust.html It's a sad day when it's the last Thursday episode of Survivor and with Heroes vs Villains coming to an …
reviewed Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 7. April 02, 2010
Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 7
After the craziest Tribal Council in Survivor history, the Villains and Heroes returned to their camps as the game continued. Over at Villains beach the two sides were obvious. There was Rob/Sandra/Courtney, …
reviewed Banana Etiquette -- Survivor Heroes v.... March 25, 2010
Banana Etiquette -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 6
Survivor Heroes vs Villains had two amazing Tribal Councils this week and for two very different reasons. Once again I'm getting way too far ahead though as we return to the night following the vote off …
reviewed The Celebrity Apprentice 3 - Episode One. March 22, 2010
The Celebrity Apprentice 3 - Episode One
The Celebrity Apprentice has always been exciting since watching celebrities go crazy on TV is actually fun sometimes. I mean you get more "real-ness" out of Celebrities on this show compared …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Finale. March 21, 2010
Solitary 4.0 - Finale
Solitary 4.0 had a great season, even if they brought back Tyler from Solitary 2.0 and his unfair advantage almost sent him to the final two yet again. I was SO happy when he was the first to quit at …
reviewed The Amazing Race 16 - Episode Five. March 15, 2010
The Amazing Race 16 - Episode Five
   The Amazing Race had a slow start but with a close call in the end, and yet again thanks to a twist in the leg, the finish was once again surprising. While on their trip from Germany to France, …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Episode 7. March 14, 2010
Solitary 4.0 - Episode 7
Solitary 4.0 is nearing its end as the final three competed to see who would make the final two. We won't know exactly who that is until the next episode, the shows finale, when either Pod #2, Pod #3 …
reviewed Knights of the Round Table -- Survivo.... March 12, 2010
Knights of the Round Table -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 5
   The Heroes tribe sure is sucking on Survivor Heroes vs Villains. After sending Cirie out of the game, JT and his fellow "heroes" returned to camp. While Tom/Colby gloated that they …
reviewed Amazing Race 16 - Episode Four. March 08, 2010
Amazing Race 16 - Episode 4
After last weeks crappy episode, the Amazing Race 16 is BACK and I couldn't be more happier. This episode featured so many things in such a short hour that it was crazy, fast paced and everything that …
reviewed Jenny Slate. March 07, 2010
Jenny Slate
 I just started watching Saturday Night Live for this first time this season and I'm really enjoying the new crop of people they have on the show. Some of them honestly are better then the old-timers …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Episode 6. March 07, 2010
Solitary 4.0 - Episode 6
Solitary 4.0 become somewhat unbearable to watch this week as the final four competed in a "chair of nails" elimination challenge. Some of the more enjoyable moments of this season happened …
reviewed Tonight, We Make Our Move -- Survivor.... March 05, 2010
Tonight, We Make Our Move -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Episode 4
Tonight's Survivor Heroes vs Villains is a sad one, not only because it started off with Coach's fake tears, it also say the end of one of my all time favorite players Cirie. It really sucks to see her …
reviewed Amazing Race 16 - Episode Three. March 04, 2010
Amazing Race 16 - Episode Three
I'm really not liking the challenges in the Amazing Race 16. Ok the last one was good with the cows kicking an old lady, but the latest venture through Argentina had the teams picking bags up off the …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Episode 5. February 28, 2010
 The latest episode of Solitary saw most of the cast break down at some time. The whole point of Solitary seems to be to torture the players lately. After going through the pain of wearing a monkey …
reviewed Big Brother 12. February 28, 2010
Big Brother 12
I'm so excited that Big Brother is yet again casting for its twelfth season! It seems like the show just ended with Jeff and Jordan returning to our screens but they are opening the doors to the house …
reviewed That Girl is Like a Virus -- Survivor.... February 26, 2010
That Girl is Like a Virus -- Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 3
This episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains really showed the Villains tribe in a new lite, well technically an old lite: they are still bad asses. I really enjoyed seeing the Villains tribe have to strategize. …
reviewed Amazing Race 16 - Episode Two. February 22, 2010
Amazing Race 16 - Episode Two
I'm really liking this season of the Amazing Race after almost somewhat drifting away. The show is kind of getting too repetitive, but Jeff and Jordan drew me in but I'm enjoying the other teams as well. …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Episode 4. February 21, 2010
Solitary 4.0 is getting really good this season and I'm glad that most of the people are still around. The challenge that they did though was simply crazy, who thinks to make people dress in a gorilla …
reviewed Getting the Best of Me -- Survivor: H.... February 19, 2010
Getting the Best of Me -- Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 2
 Survivor Heroes vs Villains continues as the Heroes and Villains continue to battle. The night the Heroes went to Tribal Council, the Villains were losing something of their own: Sleep. Many of …
reviewed Amazing Race 16 - Episode One. February 15, 2010
Amazing Race 16 - Episode One
 The Amazing Race has returned for its sixteenth season and to be honest it somewhat feels like it never ended. The eleven new teams began their journey from Los Angeles and include a grandmother/granddaughter, …
reviewed Solitary 4.0 - Episode 3: A Pain In t.... February 14, 2010
Solitary 4.0 - Episode 3: A Pain In the Neck
 Solitary 4.0 seems to be giving out the pain this season as both the last treatment and the most recent are meant to test the pain tolerance of the remaining solitarians. After Pod #4 quit last …
reviewed Ace of Cakes. February 14, 2010
Ace of Cakes
 If you’ve never seen the Ace of Cakes on the Food Network you are really missing out. Now I know when you think of the Food Network you aren’t thinking “hey there is a good reality …
reviewed Slay Everyone, Trust No One -- Surviv.... February 12, 2010
Slay Everyone, Trust No One -- Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 1
 Survivor Heroes vs Villains started off in a big way, a two hour season premiere, three injuries and and huge scramble before the first Tribal Council. The two tribes arrived in Samoa in style with …
reviewed Celebrity Fit Club. February 11, 2010
Celebrity Fit Club
 Celebrity Fit Club has returned for another season of Boot Camp, bringing together eight new overweight semi-celebs to hopefully drop the pounds. This season features several reality tv stars, well …
reviewed Pirate Master. February 11, 2010
Pirate Master
 If you know the fate of Pirate Master then you know that it was pulled from CBS mid run and ended up only being shown on CBS.com. It was unfortunate that such a beautifully shot show was canned …
reviewed Meet the Natives: USA. February 11, 2010
Meet the Natives: USA
 Meet the Natives: USA plucks five native men from a tiny island of Tana and travels them around the United States to meet the "natives" of the USA. The show airs on the Travel Channel …
reviewed REALITY REHASH. February 09, 2010
 RealityRehash.com is one of the newer stops to find reality television news, reviews and recaps. You can stop by and join in the fun as well with comments and discussion with fellow fans!
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