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Green Day The Band The Band (when Michael Stipe still had hair) The Band (love that '80s hair)
reviewed In Utero. November 09, 2013
posted in Music Matters
In Utero
"Teenage angst has paid off well; now I'm bored and old."    We know, Kurt Cobain, believe you me, we KNOW. Over the years of Nirvana's dominance, you've made that abundantly fucking clear.     That little snippet is the opening line of "Serve the Servants," the first song from Nirvana's final album, In Utero. It really sums up a lot of Cobain's attitude. Nirvana's …
posted a Quick Tip about John Lennon. August 05, 2013
posted in Inspirations
John Lennon
A serious contender for The Most Overrated Musician Who Ever Lived. John Lennon started out as one of those guys who pissed and moaned about his fame, but to his credit, he did manage to get over that. However, he basically wrote boy band music in the early years of The Beatles, and wrote like he was more concerned about his reputation as a pretentious artiste in their experimental years. Although …
posted a Quick Tip about Rage Against the Machine: Evil Empire. October 23, 2012
posted in Music Matters
Evil Empire - album cover
Rage Against the Machine's follow-up to their 1992 debut (which wasn't anything great) dissapoints even more, and is a prime example as to why I think so many of the mainstream bands in the 90's are all fluff and no stuff.  While their debut at least had some good rock riffs and solos here and there, "Evil Empire" throws those away and trades them in for oddly-crafted riffs …
reviewed Rage Against the Machine: Rage Agains.... October 15, 2012
posted in Music Matters
Rage Against the Machine cover
  If you traveled back into the late 90's and early 00's, and asked me what favorite band was, I'd quickly answer Rage Against the Machine. Especially around 2002 up to around 2004, I drank up the Kool-Aid and bought into their political views and thought their music was the epitome of metal music (little did I know that I was terribly mistaken into thinking that RATM was a metal …
reviewed Tool: ├ćnima. July 11, 2012
posted in Music Matters
If you went back into the late 90's/early 00's and asked me what my favorite bands were, I would have gladly answered Tool and Rage Against the Machine. Back then, I thought both bands were such musically-brilliant, insightful bands because of the fact that they were marketed as bands that were heavy metal yet were insightful and thought-provoking, and being the gullable kid I was due to my …
posted a Quick Tip about Faith No More. June 28, 2012
posted in Music Matters
The Band
Faith No More was a band who I liked upon first hearing them in my senior year of high school, but after venturing deep into the thrash, death, and black metal niches in later years, I'd grow to hate FNM.      Now that isn't to say I hate Faith No More because they're not "true metal," it's that all the songs I've heard from them are cartoony, nasaly …
posted a Quick Tip about Rage Against the Machine: Rage Agains.... May 31, 2012
posted in Music Matters
Rage Against the Machine cover
Before I elaborate in this Quick Tip, keep in mind that the band's politics are NOT taken into account when rating the album, I only point out how childish they feel and how hypocritical they are.      I used to adore this album back in the late 90's and early 2000's since at the time, I thought it was the heaviest and most intense music out there.  I also …
posted a Quick Tip about Bob Dylan. March 20, 2012
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan turned 50 yesterday!  I know, Robert Zimmerman is 71.  But his first recording as "you may call me" Bob Dylan is now 50 years old.  Wow.  So, lets put things in perspective. My children still listen to and love (some of) Dylan's music and lyrics, even though it was recorded 30 to 40 years before they were born.        Now, go back …
posted a Quick Tip about Living Colour. February 11, 2012
posted in Music Matters
The Band
Despite the band's goofy fashion tastes of the time, Living Colour cranked out some good and diverse music in their prime days. Dabbling into a variety of styles and meshing them properly with some solid lyrics, this band is one to check out if you like funk rock.
posted a Quick Tip about R.E.M.. January 12, 2012
posted in Awesomeness
The Band (when Michael Stipe still had hair)
REM is a rather hit or miss band with me. They make some grandiose and emotional music and are a band of true idealists angry with the state of the world, and so they tend to draw the same crowd of fans as U2, one of my favorite bands. They sing some powerful songs - "Losing my Religion," "Orange Crush," "The Great Beyond" - but when they're off, they're OFF.
posted a Quick Tip about System of a Down. November 22, 2011
posted in Music Matters
System of a Down
This band was nothing more than an unimaginative, uninspired amalgamation of pseudo-thrash metal fused with banal nu-metal and peppered with the occasional Arabic-sounding guitar noodle. The band's attempts at being "wacky" really make me sick. Look, guys, you aren't Frank Zappa just because your lyrics string together random words, and your political views are no more insightful …
posted a Quick Tip about Linkin Park. October 06, 2011
posted in Music Matters
No joke, this is the worst band I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. To me, they embody all the worst aspects of mainstream music, whether it be the nerdy rapping, cringe-inducing emo whining, nu-metal guitar flatulence, and laughably bad DJ scratches.
posted a Quick Tip about The Breakup of R.E.M.. September 21, 2011
posted in Music Matters
The Breakup of R.E.M.
Over 30 years of great alternative pop and modern rock records and they've now announced that they've broken up. This is truly a sad day for music fans!
answered a question. August 02, 2011
Wowww....just one?!? You know how much I suck at that but, OK, here it is- Stars and Stripes of Corruption- DK:  
answered a question. August 01, 2011
For me, it'd have to be The Clash's "The Guns of Brixton".
answered a question. August 01, 2011
Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Wendy O. Williams.
posted a Quick Tip about The Sex Pistols. June 29, 2011
posted in Music Matters
The Sex Pistols
OVER. RATED. WILDLY. A manufactured band - better known as the kind of group Johnny Rotten would hate - created for the sole intent of causing controversy, the Sex Pistols released all of one album. Ever. This band is part of the reason the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is such a joke. They are coasting on one album and an explicit TV appearance without a ton of talent. Coasting, that is, when they're …
posted a Quick Tip about Nine Inch Nails. May 12, 2011
posted in Music Matters
The Band (love that '80s hair)
One of the all-time great rock groups. Trent Reznor and company prove that music can be produced in a unique and collage-like manner by creating songs using sampling, live performance, pre-recorded elements, and multi-layering. In terms of atmosphere and mood, Nine Inch Nails is the epitome of the Goth Industrial band. Inventive, controversial, and undeniably one of the most influential bands of the …
posted a Quick Tip about Bob Dylan. April 04, 2011
posted in Music Matters
Bob Dylan
I saw the headlines on Yahoo last week, didn't read the stories:  Academics are studying Bob Dylan.       Here's all you need to know:  No other artist, singer, songwriter, poet, philosopher, theologian, preacher, or prophet has ever written the full range of what it is to be human nearly as well as this.       If you have an alphabetical …
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