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Homemade Compilation CDs: Playlist 3

So basically what we've got here is another data point for people to share their ideas for compilation CDs. :)

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Music Ripe for a Revolution, Vol. 3: Faith of the Godless - The Higher Self

  • May 22, 2009

Who doesn't love what modern technologies can do for us? As if the invention of the CD over twenty years ago wasn't exciting enough, now we can burn our own CDs and create our own compilation albums. For me, this has become a cheap, fun, and relatively easy way to gather my favorite songs and my favorite artists on one CD. Being an obsessive compulsive, I've now created compilation CDs for just about every imaginable mood I'm in. I've got some for when I'm reading, some to inspire me when I write, some that I listen to when I'm out exercising, some that I listen to while meditating, and some that I listen to when I'm just angry. It's nice having a collection of music that accurately expresses my exact mood at the time.

But of all the compilation CDs that I've made, the ones that I listen to the most are the ones that reflect and evoke my politically rebellious attitude: Music Ripe for a Revolution. Though this started off as just a single CD I'm currently working on Volumes 15-20 (further evidence of my being obsessive-compulsive). The music collected here is eclectic and ranges from anti-establishment hippie music to political punk to reggae to metal to folk. So far, between the various discs, just about every genre has been covered... even country music.

There has been a war that spans the length of our history and forms a long and tangled web of political, religious, spiritual, and philosophical conflict. The war to which I refer is that between different organized religions and the results of this war include some of the greatest atrocities ever committed by human beings; genocides, slavery, subjugation, government control, ethnic cleansing, the propagation of lies and the continual perpetuation of cultural profiling. Not only have organized religions made war upon each other, but also on the common people. For thousands of years pagans, atheists, agnostics, scientists, feminists, homosexuals, ethnic minorities and anyone that is perceived as being different have been targeted by organized religions. This must end and the only way for it to end is for people, all people, to embrace their god on a higher level, without the dogmas of religion. Imagine that, if you will, a world without hatred and fear mongering… a world where you can be who you are and believe what you want without being persecuted for it… a world without churches, temples, or synagogues… a world where the only true god is love. The time has come for humankind's ascension and we must rise above the petty differences that divide us.


There have been many artists and musicians who have dared to cross the "line" and express their ideas and their beliefs about religious and spiritual matters. Some of them have done so in anger and disgust, while others have shown their reverence to cultural and religious traditions. Regardless of what you believe or what those around you believe, it is imperative that there remains an open line of communication about religion, regardless of taboos or controversy. The people of this world have done horrific things in the name of their gods and we have all suffered from ignorance and dogma for too long, so through the power of music I call upon you all to rise up from your own limited perspectives and embrace the higher truth: All lives are sacred and all lives must be free.

Here's the playlist for disc three, Faith of the Godless - The Higher Self and the original albums where the songs can be found:

1. John Lennon & the Plastic Ono Band: Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
Taken from the original album: Shaved Fish
Buy the album here.

2. Live: Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)
Taken from the original album: Mental Jewelry
Buy the album here.

3. Alanis Morissette: Forgiven
Taken from the original album: Jagged Little Pill
Buy the album here.

4. Everlast: Black Jesus
Taken from the original album: Eat at Whitey's
Buy the album here.

5. Nirvana: Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam
Taken from the original album: MTV Unplugged in New York
Buy the album here.

6. Soundgarden: Jesus Christ Pose
Taken from the original album: Badmotorfinger
Buy the album here.

7. Godsmack: Bad Religion
Taken from the original album: Godsmack
Buy the album here.

8. Ministry: Psalm 69
Taken from the original album: Psalm 69
Buy the album here.

9. Ministry: Waiting
Taken from the original album: Houses of the Molé
Buy the album here.

10. Nine Inch Nails: Heresy

Taken from the original album: The Downward Spiral
Buy the album here.

11. Tool: Schism
Taken from the original album: Lateralus
Buy the album here

12. Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
Taken from the original album: Violator
Buy the album here.

13. Evanescence: Tourniquet
Taken from the original album: Fallen
Buy the album here.

14. Rage Against the Machine: Born of a Broken Man
Taken from the original album: The Battle of Los Angeles
Buy the album here.

15. System of a Down: Science
Taken from the original album: Toxicity
Buy the album here.

16. Skindred: Start First
Taken from the original album: Babylon
Buy the album here.

17. Disturbed: Liberate
Taken from the original album: Believe
Buy the album here.

Now, enlighten yourself and find the god within...

Music Ripe for a Revolution 3 cover Music Ripe for a Revolution 3 playlist The Truth Will Set You Free The Higher Self

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June 02, 2010
Dude nice list, I need to get these cd's. Great job man.
June 26, 2009
Good list with a good Concept here. I would add, The Meek shall Inherit Nothing - Dumb All over - Heavenly bank account and Jesus Thinks you´re a Jerk by Frank Zappa.
June 27, 2009
Ooh, nice suggestions. Thanks for those. I may indeed put them on a future list.
May 24, 2009
Any list that starts out with Instant Karma can't be all bad. I see I'm going to have to make a list and run over to ammie and do some checking again.
May 26, 2009
Yeah, it starts off with a classic but then very quickly goes on to more modern stuff. I don't know that this one would be up your alley so much as the last, but then again you don't usually do music reviews so I could be wrong. Really, you ought to do some and expose your musical tastes.
May 26, 2009
I don't think anyone would really get too excited about that. Me included.
May 26, 2009
Come on, you said you saw Steppenwolf live in concert. That's enough to get my attention!
May 26, 2009
But do you really want to know that I love John Sebastian more than Steppenwolf?
May 26, 2009
Still, why not review some of the great bands you have seen play? Come on, what do you have to lose?
May 26, 2009
June 03, 2009
June 04, 2009
I think I'm waiting on cable. I think my daughter has already taken the boys to see it so I'm off the hook there.
May 22, 2009
Man, this list brought me back to H.S...well, some of it. I LOVE that Nirvana song, that with NIN. This looks like my junior year boyfriend's dream CD! LOL...
May 22, 2009
Well, it's funny that you should mention those two bands because cenobite7 also just did a compilation list that featured both Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails and i commented to him that I'd never seen the two together on CD until then (other than my own that is). Glad you enjoyed it.
May 22, 2009
Wow! That was pretty deep. Again, you sometimes amaze me with your compilations!
May 22, 2009
:) What can I say, I love burning compilation CDs!
May 22, 2009
I do too. Of course, I've done three compilation lists so I am going to review something else soon. Did you like my review on the classic Horror films? Or the Horror Comedies?
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