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A Comic Book Mini-Series published by DC Comics

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Deadly Secrets and Private HELLS Can Destroy The Justice League!

  • May 25, 2010

Back in 2004, DC Comics came out with a 7-issue mini-series that they promoted as the “comic event of the year”. I know from experience that claims of this kind often lead to disappointments but I have to admit writer Brad Meltzer and the art team of Rags Morales and Michael Bair’s “IDENTITY CRISIS” did make its mark and may indeed have been the comic event of the DC Universe during that year. (Please note that I said “DC Universe” and not in all of comic fandom). The title became DC”s top selling series during that year, coming out with multiple reprints and variant covers. (one word of advise, you DO NOT need multiple covers, trust me). This series has finally been collected in a hardcover volume and is a must-see because it launched the plot thread in which the Justice League of America begins its breakdown of relationships and precedes the company-wide money grab called “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and the “Crisis of Conscience“ story arc in the pages of JLA.
Sue Dibny, the wife of the Elongated Man (while he was on stakeout) is murdered apparently dying of severe burns. Because of Ralph (the Elongated Man) and Sue Dibny’s links to the super-hero community, (Sue is an honorary member of the JLA) they mobilize to find the killer. They break down into groups to cover more area but a group of the JLA (Zatanna, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Black Canary, Elongated Man, The Flash and Green Lantern) has decided to stay behind to seek out who they believed was the prime suspect, the super-villain called Doctor Light. Why? Dr. Light had raped Sue Dibny in the past and this detail has been kept from the rest of the League. But there is more to this murder than it seems as it seems to be a direct threat to the heroes’ loved ones which also leaves the father of the new Robin’s (Tim Drake) a victim of murder. Secrets are revealed that threaten to destroy the Justice League…and how does the Atom fit into all this? The Batman may have the answer…

                                Covers were illustrated by Michael Turner

For a comic series that boasts of a stellar cast, I was impressed how writer Brad Meltzer was able to find a balance to all of this. Meltzer doesn’t appear overwhelmed with the series’ story and he seemed to have found his footing by not relying on a world-shaking threat to generate excitement but rather drawing out a simple murder mystery. I was also impressed that the tale seems mostly focused on a small group that didn’t have the big three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but rather the second leads that include Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) and Wally West (The Flash). Ok, so maybe Wally’s not a second lead but you get the point. I feel that this is one of the rare occasions that the stakes feel very personal for the League. This is no easy task since DC has a habit of portraying their heroes as almost infallible.
The artwork by Rags Morales received mixed reactions from critics as some said it was ugly and uneven, while some praised it as being a style all his own that produced a lot of emotion especially in the panels that depicted Batman’s anger and fear. For my money, it was good but not great, but honestly, I am just glad not to see every other artist trying to draw like the overrated Jim Lee or Marc Silvestri. True, it is no John Buscema or Steve Epting, but it fit the series’ tone and mood. I felt like I was reading a detective story from the 60’s, and it felt good. 


You see humanity in the script as we see Ralph Dibny opening up to Firehawk on his birthday about his beloved wife. It is well-known that Ralph and Sue are among the heroes who went public with their identities, and this can be seen as either an advantage or a disadvantage. Meltzer took his time, gave new readers a chance to be introduced to the couple and once you feel invested, then the story goes into overdrive. Much of the story is about the investigation, autopsy and other possibilities that lead to some action and even some heart-breaking moments. We see glances at the relationships between Ray Palmer and Jean Loring, Tim Drake and his father, Lois and Clark, and many more. I appreciate the fact that Meltzer remembered to give the heroes a very human side and that they do have a lot to lose.

It also offers a lot of surprises as two and even three significant characters (third one possibly) are killed in the series. The script was able to generate the needed suspense and I was kept guessing as to what happen next especially the first 4 issues/chapters. Meltzer made a goal to establish an idea that there is distrust in the League and the revelation of secrets may just succeed where most opponents have failed. The series does manage to generate a feeling of dread but it does make some minor missteps as some revelations felt too convenient and it does present the identity of the killer as more shocking than one built on strong credibility. The identity of the killer does present a lot of questions but sometimes, things like this do happen. It may be a little far-fetched but I have to say it was necessary to get its point across; That sometimes the strain may be too much for a super-hero and his family.
For action fans, the encounter between Slade (Deathstroke) and this team of leaguers was pretty good. It was nice to see someone rely on skills and ingenuity take on opponents with the firepower of the Flash and Green Lantern in its roster. It was a good battle and it was real surprising to see someone outmanned, outgunned, give the League a good fight. (it was strange as I saw myself rooting for Slade at times). Other heroes such as Superman, Mister Terrific, Doctor Mid-Nite makes appearances but they were there for the investigation.
“Identity Crisis” re-established a concept that the JLA is no perfect fighting unit and that it is a group made whole by some secrets and somewhat dirty decisions. It was real fresh and a relief to see the otherwise invincible “League” feel much more human, but the comic series THE AVENGERS had done this many times before. (remember the domestic physical abuse by Yellowjacket on the Wasp?). DC didn’t do anything different from the pages of superhero fandom, but finally they had the nerve to go on a mature concept such as rape. It is a gutsy move and nicely executed, it may well be indeed be one of the gutsiest move DC had ever done.
Highly Recommended! [4+ Stars]
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Deadly Secrets and Private HELLS Can Destroy The Justice League! Deadly Secrets and Private HELLS Can Destroy The Justice League! Deadly Secrets and Private HELLS Can Destroy The Justice League! Deadly Secrets and Private HELLS Can Destroy The Justice League!

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May 26, 2010
Excellent review WP
May 27, 2010
thanks for the read as always, Alex.
May 25, 2010
Ooh, angst and internal conflict in the DC Universe. I'm in. You know, I have plans to write a 3-part storyline sort of like this with the big three at DC. Getting myself published first would probably be a good idea. LOL! Nice job on this. I'll feature it.
May 25, 2010
actually a similar tale took place in Crisis of Conscience and the OMAC Project. I am actually trying to do Independents, DC and Marvel for your community; let's see how far I can go. I'll post another one soon--which I can guarantee you will love! But I will be slowing down with my reviews obviously, I wrote this last Thursday but never posted it till today.
May 25, 2010
Did you get my last e-mail response about the Google account?
May 27, 2010
yup I did.
May 29, 2010
Btw, check out the newest REBELLIOUS RABBLE RADIO community contributions LOL!
review by . July 06, 2010
They will never be the same (analysis)
Spoiler Alert - I am planning to talk about this comic pretty in depth. There. You are warned.      Alan Moore's Watchmen. Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. These were comics that made an impact on the genre so big we still feel the aftershocks. Now Brad Meltzer had done it. DC will never be the same after what Meltzer did in Identity Crisis.       Most comics look at superheroes with a telescope. The big three (Batman, Superman and …
Quick Tip by . July 02, 2010
All comics books look superheroes with a telescope. Meltzer tried to look heroes with a microscope in Identity Crisis and succeeded. This is another book which shows you how 'real' superheroes are. They eat, breathe, love, and lose as we do. The plot revolves around the murder of the wife of a superhero (Elongated Man) and the search to find the killer.
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According to Publisher's Weekly, "This seven-issue miniseries by bestselling author Meltzer (The Zero Game) was both wildly popular and reviled."
The miniseries was selected by The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)'s 2007 recommended list of Great Graphic Novels For Teens.
One of DC's top-selling series, the first issue was released in June 2004 and was ranked first in comic book sales for that period with pre-order sales of 163,111. The second issue saw a decline in sales and ranked third in comic book sales in July 2004 period with pre-order sales of 129,852.  The story also adheres to the continuity changes introduced by Crisis on Infinite Earths, as heroine Wonder Woman was retconned out of the pre-Crisis JLA. In all further references to the JLA's pre-Crisis adventures, including its origin story and the Secret Society incident, Wonder Woman is replaced by Black Canary. Following Infinite Crisis, however, Wonder Woman is restored as a founding member.

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