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William Stillman: Autism Taboo-Breaker

  • Jun 17, 2010
There's no doubt. I'm biased. In fact, I'll openly tell you, the reader, that I support the work and writings of author William Stillman at Basil & Spice. William Stillman dares to go where few have gone before; without a doubt, he is the forerunner of the beginning of a movement which will alter the development and future of mankind. His audacity speaks beyond the borders of race, creed, nation, and religion--and ultimately will affect all people in some form. Why? Because he can.

Do you remember the deaf-blind girl Helen Keller who was uncontrollable, and Anne Sullivan, her incredible teacher who brought the gift of sign language to Helen? This was the beginning of a new form of communication between individuals. This history lesson has always intrigued me, and today reminds me of William Stillman, the man who communicates with autistic individuals using mental telepathy.

William Stillman has written The Autism Prophecies as the third installment of his unusual and intriguing trilogy, which began with The Soul of Autism and Autism and the God Connection. All three books study the profound spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical gifts of several people with autism. The Autism Prophecies includes direct views into the minds of autists, through written interviews conducted by Stillman. Topics focus on innate healing abilities, compassion, mind control, gift of language, spiritual behaviors which can be misplaced as hallucination, and future insights (prophecies). To be sure, this trilogy is groundbreaking, and readers will need to open up their own perceptions to possibilities of the mind's capabilities. William Stillman is a taboo-breaker.

In a statement, exclusive to Basil & Spice, regarding the use of telepathy already being employed among autistics, William Stillman states:

"Telepathy is not as far-fetched a concept as some might think. Many of us practice telepathy every day---it's what we call prayer. We pray with the intention of silently sending thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the Source of our Creation with the expectation that our prayers will be received, heard, and acted upon. (If we didn't believe in the power of prayer, we'd cease doing it.) And if we are created in God's image, then why wouldn't we be able to swap similar information with one another? This kind of synchronicity occurs regularly for many of us through "mother's intuition," or thinking of someone and they text us in that very moment. These exchanges are perhaps most conducive to those among us who are exquisitely sensitive, such as persons with autism. In fact, telepathy and other forms of spiritual giftedness are often commonplace in such individuals; and I have documented in three books the extraordinary accounts experienced by me or reported to me by families who are relieved to learn they are not alone. In fact, in some instances, the person with autism transfers telepathic impressions not only between himself and another individual, but with animals as well."

Helen Keller was in her childhood an unreachable girl, one who lived in silence and solitude, much like those with autism. Anne Sullivan, her teacher, was also visually impaired. William Stillman is much like Anne, he himself is an Asperger's advocate and on the autism spectrum--possessing a deep empathy to help his fellow man. Helen Keller went on to become a famous speaker--as an advocate for people with disabilities, and an author, publishing 12 books. Exceptionally honest, William Stillman is a man who has repeatedly championed the rights of the victims--publicly pointing out the assaults they've encountered spiritually, emotionally, physically, and even sexually.

Autism's rate of occurrence in the United States is approximately 1 in 100, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. The world of advocacy is expanding through the approach of neurodiversity, an awareness and acceptance of difference, toward autism. Mr. Stillman understands this well and approaches autism from the standpoint of 'What can we do with autism now that it's here?' He describes in The Autism Prophecies that many autistic people already possess higher sensitivities, just as he himself does. These abilities are neither evil nor strange, but are in fact inherent within us all, but have been enhanced in this group of people.

This neurodiverse group is a generation of aging people now entering adulthood with families struggling to communicate with them. Indeed, parents of the youngest too are desperate to converse with their children. It is pertinent to point out that every year, millions of dollars are spent on various methods to "cure" the condition of autism. Telepathy--the language of God, advanced beings, and possibly autistics, is the language of the future. We are at a juncture in human history. Many think that there is nothing to be lost with implementing an awareness and use of telepathy as human-to-human communication between autistics and their families.

As a supporter of William Stillman's gifted avenue to helping those with autism, I urge you to read The Autism Prophecies for a better understanding of what he knows, what he's seen, and how he understands autistics. Solutions are not yet beyond our reach, rather, we must realize that sometimes all we need is a fresh approach. In the words of William Stillman, "Still, do not be afraid. Trust, have faith, and know that true love conquers all."

William Stillman is a nationally recognized autism spectrum self-advocate, speaker, and award-winning author of numerous special needs parenting books. He's been dubbed "TWilliam Stillman, Author of The Autism Prophecieshe Autism Whisperer," by talk show host Frankie Picasso, for his innate ability to understand and interpret children and adults on the autism spectrum. Lisa Rudy, [...] autism moderator, has said, "William Stillman is one of the few who can translate the workings of the autistic mind to the neuro-typical community."

The author of several books on autism, his most recent, The Autism Prophecies: How An Evolution of Healers and Intuitives Is Influencing Our Spiritual Future, is the third in the trilogy of books which explore the spiritual aspects of autism. Visit Author William Stillman at [...].

Kelly Jad'on is the founder of [...], a daily content provider to news sites and libraries around the web and in print. Begun in 2006, using a SquareSpace blogging platform, Basil & Spice has become a dynamic blogsite hosting over 400 contributors.

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“In The Autism Prophecies, William Stillman reveals more startling truths about evolution, the future of our planet, and what the rapidly growing community of (autistic) individuals is really here to teach us.”
Sandra Sedgbeer, editor in chief, Inspired Parenting and Children of the New Earth magazines

“From his unique personal perspective and research...William Stillman presents a provocative case for autistic individuals often possessing special ways of knowing that border on the psychic and spiritual.”
Sally Rhine Feather, PhD, executive director, Rhine Research Center

It is estimated that every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism. No one knows why cases of autism are increasing worldwide. In The Autism Prophecies, award-winning author William Stillman, who is someone on the autism spectrum himself, completes his spiritual trilogy by revealing the truth about autism and its purpose.

In this intriguing book, you will learn:
  • How “impossible” gifts such as mind control and speaking unknown languages could be occurring in some people with autism.
  • How parents can distinguish their child’s spiritual interactions from behavior that might be mislabeled as hallucinatory-- and unduly medicated.
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