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  • Jan 18, 2002
  • by
Pros: covers a lot of questions/territory from secular point of view-excellent analysis

Cons: although excellent reference, I wish it were longer!

The Bottom Line: For such a heated topic, I found this book to be one of the more impressive from science's point of view. Not "religious doctrine" and loaded with science, it's enjoyable.

The "E" word.

It is one sure way to get an immediate reaction from many people, you can count on that!

I remember the first time I had heard of the "E" word. It was never referred to that in school. It was just told as truth. Although I found myself confused and unable to make sense of it at the time, I had just accepted it as fact.

I mean, after all, they were the experts, who was "I" to question "them"?

That was before I learned about people hiding behind titles not always telling the truth.


It was not until college that I began to show obvious signs of prejudice. Yes, I was indeed an anti Christian bigot.

I did not realize it, of course. I mean, after all, I believed in God. I was a good person. I went to church, well, once in a while. I was not a pervert or a criminal.

I just could not STAND Christians who waved the Bible all of the time. It was, just so , IGNORANT. I mean, the name Jerry Falwell brought my eyes promptly to the ceiling as well as Pat Robertson, and God forbid we even mention Oral Roberts in my house.

Those names brought about disdain and immediate disregard. I mean, after all, they were just more religious ignoramouses that did not use intelligence or tolerance in their lives. Just the mention of their names was enough to completely discredit them......

Did I ever meet these people?

Did I really ever listen to them?
No. I would not be caught dead doing that.

Did I understand what they were trying to say or do?

Had I really read the Bible with an intelligent open mind? Well....not really. (Geez it is getting hot in here, mind if I open a window?)

Where did I get this information about these people I did not know or never listened to?
Um....from...well, so and so said, I mean, I heard it on television....you know, the newspaper said..... Hey, don't look at me like that, everyone knows that these people are ignorant idiots....

Are these people the same people that say that all Negroes are dirty and stupid?
No way, THEY are not prejudiced!

Then why do they refuse to call them Christians and refer to them in a derrogatory terms such as "right wing extremists" and "anti tolerant"?
Well, um, they are, aren't they?

What is the difference between calling black people "negroes" or "n*ggers" both terms which bring shudders to people and bad impressions and calling Christians by the same kinds of names?
I think I have to go to the bathroom now, could you excuse me?

......I was beginning to get the idea that I had a problem with prejudice when being confronted by people who would not let me get away with it anymore.

I had become an antichristian bigot.

Just substitute "black people" or "women" for the christian people or terms into the sentences I originally made about Pat Robertson, christians etc. and see how it sounds.....


Although I had believed in God, I had merged the religions of Evolution and Humanism with my twisted perceptions of God and come up with an abberation of mish mash that simply did not stand up against logic, but after all, I was not the expert....

I was not willing to take responsibility for my performing my own thinking, at least, not yet. I have always been a science and history buff, so reading and learning was a passion of mine, but in this field, if I left it to the experts, then I could blame the mistakes on them and let them handle the fallout....or so I thought.

For some reason, I was willing to accept things that did not make any sense in this area of evolution, when I always questioned and researched other areas constantly.

One day, a really nice looking guy I knew asked me if I wanted to attend a science lecture at a world-renowned college that I had always wanted to go to. He volunteered to come pick me up and take me there.

Wow. This was going to be something. I could not wait.

When we walked into the auditorium, it was pretty crowded. My friend was rather quiet, and I was pumping him with questions, as is my typical demeanor.

He maintained that this scientist was one of the top in the world and I would love this presentation.

Imagine my dismay when the man got up and started saying that he had at one time been one of the top evolution experts in the country. Then when he got to the very top, he found that it had all been based on unscientific data and misrepresentation of truth.

I was a bit bewildered, but fascinated. This man was a fantastic scientist, I could tell by his vocabulary and understanding of issues that most people do not take the time to explore. He had my full attention.

For the next three hours, we were graced with the insights and experience of a very fine scientist. He was not a religious zealot. He was simply a scientist that found copious data to support that creation was most definitely a consideration for our foundation whereas evolution did not have a leg to stand on.

The end of the speech had some of the finest "experts" on campus challenging this man with all kinds of verbal weapons. Fortunately, I understood most of their questions and was truly speechless on his quiet yet firm replies.

This man knew his stuff. Not an "expert" in the room could reply after a while, they just sat scratching their heads and finally left shaking their heads, but could not argue.


After that, I began to look into creation as a theory. I found some very interesting information, but so much of it was difficult to read and lacking in continuity.

For any of you who have read a lot of scientific information, scientists are not always known for their grand communications skills. The average "joe" is not usually enlightened after wading through most scientific articles.

I was disappointed that there was not a person who subscribed to Creationism that could supply me (with the exception of the man I had seen years ago now) with the scientific explanations I wanted to know about.


Some years ago, I had been watching a television station and a new show came on. I was about to turn the station when I saw that they had a guest on a talk show who was a creationist.

I rolled my eyes (anti christian bigotry reactions are a hard habit to break) and then took hold of myself.

I decided to watch. After only a few minutes, I was amazed at this man. He is a scientist, no doubt. However, he has the patience of a saint. He breaks down very complex concepts taking great pains to explain them in ways that anyone with any motivation could understand easily.

Now, he does not load up people with things they can not grasp, although he mentions things that are higher levels now and then.

It is rare for scientists to have the ability to do this.


We have seen a couple of videos with Carl Baugh and have seen him speak now and then on some talk shows, with updates from interesting findings.

Dr. Baugh is one of the people that found dinosaur footprints with human ones in them at Glenrose TX. He has developed a hyperbaric biosphere based upon the concepts of the bible's description of the earth before the flood, thereby well on the way to scientifically supporting the biblical record of Genesis by recreating similar conditions and results in a scientfic atmosphere.

In this biosphere, he has raised fruitflies who are hundreds of times older than the fruitflies in this present atmosphere. In this biosphere, multiple generations of copperhead snakes had resulting changes in their venom cells. Poison cells are winding like dna sort of, and non-poison are similar to onion cells- all in a row and order.

The poisonous venom in later generations of copperheads had their venom change to non-poison. I saw the slides of the cells. It has been a major finding in the biosphere research. However, once returned to this atmosphere, they return to the way they were.

He has found perfectly fossilized human finger that was found with fossils supposedly only in existence way before man was supposed to be around.

Dr. Baugh located a dinosaur (like pterodactyls) that flies and glows in the dark I think it was in New Guinea (yes, found it in the book here). He got a government permit to capture one and bring it here for observation.

He has worked with NASA to aid them in developing a biosphere to help astronauts not to age so rapidly from the atmosphere of going in space and he speaks there.

He also participated on the search team for Noah's Ark, and personally negotiated a 49 year lease of Mt. Ararat from the Turkish government.

He also has a museum in Texas and you can visit his web site at:

On that web site, you can find extensive information about him and his qualifications and experiences. The above information I have personally seen Dr. Baugh speak and show evidences of at various times through the last few years. There are a few references in the book to some of these things as well.


The essence of this book, WHY DO MEN BELIEVE EVOLUTION AGAINST ALL ODDS by Carl Baugh is that Evolution takes so much more faith to believe in that it qualifies as a religion. He shows how evolution is impossible also analyzing Darwin's theory and showing a correlation between Darwin's mounting physical, emotional, and anti-social problems and the time that he started to forcefully promote his resurrection and modernization of ancient religious ideas.

In very concise scientific fashion, Dr. Baugh presents some very solid and easily confirmed tests that show whether or not evolution is a legitimately scientific system, or one based upon a religious belief.

Here is one outline found in the book with explanation and documentation:

a. Naturalistic evolution cannot be harmonized with special creation.

b. Naturalistic evolution cannot be supported scientifically.

c. Naturalistic evolution cannot explain the origin of life.

d. Naturalistic evolution cannot address the issues of life.

e. Naturalistic evolution offers no personal hope.

f. Naturalistic evolution can provide no lasting peace.

g. Naturalistic evolution concerns itself with no meaningful dignity or future accountibility.

h. Naturalistic evolution cannot reconcile the present events with future destiny.

i. Naturalistic evolution reflects on no meaningful lasting accomplishments.

j. Naturalistic evolution permits no alternative.

In the above outline, Dr. Baugh takes each of these points, and provides insights, copious quotations(mostly from evolutionists and secular sources), support and examples for his arguments.

In his typical no-nonsense approach, he is direct and concise in his presentation. Each chapter ends with a list of the documentation and references where you can look them up, should you so desire.


According to Dr. Baugh, " By definition the scientific method requires that the objects or events under study must be observable, repeatable, and refutable. Evolution certainly cannot be observed or repeated in the field or laboratory." (page 14 of the book).

Also from the book, Dr. Baugh maintains that: " Since evolution is not empirical (that is, cannot be proved with rigid and unbiased scientific procedures), it must hold an imperial, exclusive position." (from page 23 of the book).

Dr. Baugh points out that there are two sections of evolution that are argued- MICRO-EVOLUTION and MACRO-EVOLUTION. Micro evolution is where you find small changes, also known as adaptation. These changes allow for the organism to survive certain circumstances, but the changes are inherent within certain genetic boundaries. Mutations will exceed those boundaries(a bird will not develop from a mouse, etc), but will not allow the species to survive, as the results of mutations are detrimental and ultimately unviable. They do not lead to a development of higher life forms.

There are excellently laid out charts and outlines that list the hypotheses of evolution and then the objection to it, again, using scientific method of testing.

You will find many photographs in color of findings that outright disprove some of the tennets of the evolutionary belief system by putting man in with ages that are not supposed to have any life at all.

I particularly enjoy the axe made of a form of metallurgy that is very rare with a unique coating of FeO on it making it rust-resistant. This formation is not a "natural occurence". It was found with fossils that are not supposed to be anywhere near humans, in fact, only dinosaurs were supposed to roam the earth at that time- again placing dinosaurs with man.

There are many findings in here which demonstrate that the order of life is completely different than the evolutionary belief system says it was. In fact, the evidence points more toward creation (sudden appearance of advanced life forms) than it does anything else.

There is so much interesting and thoughtful information in this book, that it actually feels much longer than it is.


As much as I enjoy this book and the topic, space does not allow for the type of discussion that I would like to engage in here.

But for those of you who might be interested, here is a breakdown of the book in chapters:

Marks of Evolution
Evolution is Religious
Universal Physics
The Origins of Life
Development in Life Forms
The Geologic Column
The Time Factor
Why Good Men Believe in Bad Science

This 160 page book is published by a small publisher called Hearthstone Publishing Ltd. It is hard cover (with paper jacket) and is loaded with color photos and charts.


Because this book was published in such a small budget, it is not as glossy and high tech as some books. However, it is pleasantly peppered with nice color photos and nice charts. It is not boring to read, and the color adds a nice touch. I am impressed with the professional layout of the book and its clarity.

The book itself is extremely well documented with scientific journal articles, as well as some documents that might be religiously avoided by anti christian bigots like I used to be (and try to not to slip into again) that are written by Christian organizations or people. I must say, though, that Dr. Baugh sticks almost exclusively with the secular science and philosophy world for his quotes and information.

The scientific support (with specific references )throghout the book is extensive and can still keep the science buff busy for quite some time. I am impressed with the variety of sources he uses in this book.


Dr. Baugh has a presentation of this topic not like any I have seen before. He approaches creationism like he does a scientific thesis of any sort. He looks for the information and sees if it meets the proper requirements to be fact or not. The information in here is extensive, but not exhaustive in such a short book. There are lot of photos and pictures.

I found this book to be refreshing. It is not inundated with churchy rhetoric that clouds the science of the topic. In this book, I found myself easily comfortable in the scientific discussions, atmosphere, and presentation of the information. It is easy to forget that this is written by a creationist in some parts.


I want to point out here that this is a christian-based book and you will find references to christian beliefs and information in this book. I do not find it gets in the way of the other interesting and science-based parts, and it is very scant. This is really an approach from a more objective position than I have ever seen in such a topic.

It is fascinating and informative. Even if you do not go in to the book as a believer in creationism, you will find things that you may not have known before about discoveries and scientific principles in general. I find that part of the book to be enjoyable. I do not have to waste energy weeding through church doctrine to find the information.

My only regret is that the book was not thicker, allowing for a more thorough coverage on the topic. For what it is, however, there is still a lot of interesting information in here despite my wishing it were more complete.


If you are a person who enjoys knowledge, loves truth no matter what it is, and loves science, you will probably find this book enjoyable for the most part.

If you love to learn about history, and like color pictures, this book again is very interesting and enjoyable.

If you are a headstrong staunch and argumenative person who hates creationism and nothing is going to convince you otherwise, I imagine you will have a lot of ranting you can get out of this book - just think of the entertainment you can have. It still provides a lot of thought provoking insights and discussion starters.

If you are an unsuspecting antichristian bigot who rolls their eyes at the mention of anything potentially "right wing extremist" this book will probably not be objectionable or offensive for you either, unless you hate science and could care less how we got here......

In case you missed it in my review, the web site where you can get this book and learn a lot more about Dr. Baugh, is


It is a colorful and enjoyable site. The site is better than a lot of science-oriented sites I have seen. The staff is very good about answering emails too. I wish it were more extensive, however, I just enjoy it and wish there was more.

You can buy this book at some bookstores, Amazon.com and on the Creation Evidences site for about $20 or so. Used it is about $15 if you can find it.


Before I leave I want to tell you about a man who has made it his mission in life to try to destroy the credibility and integrity of Dr. Carl Baugh. I have misplaced his name. However, I have confronted Dr. Baugh and the staff of the museum about this and was given very thorough response to this.

Upon trying to confront the accuser who has tried to attack Dr. Baugh, I was told at every address I tried from his web sites that he was no longer at his addresses.

I am not one to accept only one thing, as I try to explore both sides of such accusations such as this man made. None of the accusations made against Dr. Baugh stood up to further investigation.

Some people are just so bored that they can not think of anything better to do, I guess.

It is possible that if you do pursue this topic and/or Dr. Baugh's studies or reports, that someone will come to you and mention the questions about Dr. Baugh's integrity or qualifications. At least you know ahead of time about the origin of the "reports" and that they are unfounded.


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