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Adopt Me Puppy

Homeless, lost or abandoned animals in Shelters - October is adopt-a-pet month

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The Most Rewarding Way to Add a Furry Addition to Your Home!

  • Jun 18, 2009
  • by

I was fresh into my move to California, when taking a break from job hunting, began spending some time in the pet section on Craigslist. Minutes later I came across a post with the 3 cutest little faces I had ever seen, and a title that read "Kittens need foster home or they will be Euthanized by 7pm tonight…"

It was 5pm, I wasn't sure I even liked cats, nor had I ever imagined owning one, but something in me couldn't resist responding…

And so, here are my foster kittens making themselves at home at about 10pm on that day…Max, Mumble & Miles, respectfully 


After an amazing few months of raising them to be healthy and adoptable little men, I decided to keep Max (because I was ridiculously attached to him), although I loved them all, and adopted his 2 brothers to a sweet couple down the road.

I saved 3 little lives that night, but unfortunately all shelter pets aren't so lucky.

Nearly 56% of dogs and 71% of cats that enter animal shelters are euthanized, averaging out to an estimated 5 million animals each year, nearly 1 every 6 seconds. Because the number of homeless pets exceed the amount of room in these shelters, they are typically given a few weeks to be adopted before being euthanized. Moreover, many kittens are euthanized within days of arriving, as they require extra care to raise. Also interesting to note is that around 25% percent of dogs in shelters are purebred, unknown to many looking for a new pet.

Despite the statistics, millions of people each year still decide to purchase puppies from breeders & pet stores (wrongly supporting puppy mills) and paying upwards of $1000 for a dog.

Adopting a pet from a shelter not only saves money, but is one of the most rewarding and responsible ways to bring a new addition to the family:

Lots to choose from: From purebreds to mixed breeds and puppies and kittens to seniors, shelters offer a variety of pets to match anyone's lifestyle.



You'll save money: The cost of adopting a pet from a shelter is drastically lower than what you will pay elsewhere, averaging near $60 for cats and $125 for dogs. Not to mention, the small adoption cost typically covers health checks, including vaccinations, de-worming & spay/neuter surgery.

Boycotting Puppy Mills and Pet Stores: Puppy mills are factory style breeding facilities concerned about profit, not the welfare of their dogs, which are raised in horribly awful conditions. Parents are kept in cages to breed their entire life, void of any human companionship and when they are no longer profitable, they are often killed...


Unsuspecting consumers who buy puppies from pet stores, online breeders and the newspaper, are often unaware of where the puppies are coming from, as they are often marketed as being raised with trust worthy breeders.

By adopting a shelter pet, you can have the ease of knowing you aren't supporting the cruel behavior of puppy mills, who will continue to exist until people stop purchasing so many dogs…

Helping to combat pet overpopulation: As mentioned in the statistics, there are many more pets in need of a good home than there are owners willing to adopt them. By saving a life and taking home a companion, you are helping to free a cage in the overpopulated shelters, where workers are forced to euthanize pets everyday due to being overcrowded.

They'll totally appreciate you: Many shelter pets were victims to abandonments, others were surrendered by their owners and yet many were homeless from the start. Victims to divorce, allergies, a move (where no pets were allowed) and more, these guys are more grateful than ever to have a second chance at a happy life. After all, how could they not completely adore you after saving them from lonely shelter conditions?

If you are unsure of which pet is right for you and your family, many shelters offer adoption counseling to help match you with the perfect pet. Although it may take more than one visit, give it some time and you'll find the right one. If you have your heart set on a specific breed and can't locate them at the shelter, before you visit a pet store or contact a dog breeder, adopt a pet from a breed rescue organization that specializes in a particular breed, such as Boxer Rescue.

If you are ready to bring a new pet into your home, search the internet for the closest SPCA or animal shelter near you. If you aren't ready, you can always consider volunteering your time or fostering a pet until you can find them a suitable home :)

I recently rescued a second orange tabby kitten (who my older cat swears is his son) from a local shelter and could not be happier with my feline companions. My little dudes, Max & Ollie..

Picture 1292

Picture 1286

Approximately 30 shelter animals have been killed in the short time it took you to read this review... There's something about seeing a cute little face locked up behind those cages that makes me want them even more, and if you're ready for a new pet, I'm sure you'll feel the same!!

If i haven't convinced you, their eyes will...



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August 01, 2011
I didn't read all of your review but only because it makes me sad - commercials come on TV and I have to turn the channel. You have a great write-up from what I did read LOL and I agree that shelter animals are by far the best way to go when one needs a great companion. I myself saved a dog and a kitten years ago by adopting and found that saved animals really seem to be grateful to their new owners because of it; you can see it in their eyes. I'm glad you were able to get attached to the cat and able to find someone to take the other 2. There is NOTHING in this world better than an animal companion--they love us unconditionally and is rewarding when we have saved them! It breaks my heart to go the shelter though because I want to take them all!! Thanks for sharing!!
October 07, 2009
You've hit the nail on the head. What a great review, and well organized.

Adopting from a shelter is the best way to go. Mixed breed dogs are healthier and have a smaller chance of having genetic disorders, as well. The dog in my profile is a $95 pound-puppy, days away from being euthanized when we picked him up (although he had a collapsed lung and dog flu/phemonia when we took him home).
October 07, 2009
Thanks so much, your puppy is beautiful!! He's a steal for 95 bucks :), although I'm sure he came along with a few vet bills. It was really great of you to save him! I've had two friends adopt from the shelter lately, including my sister just this past weekend... it just feels SO much more rewarding...hopefully October's adopt-a-pet month will inspire some more people to do so!
October 07, 2009
Yes, it was very rewarding, yet so discouraging when we were at the shelter. There were several dogs that had a sign on their kennel that said 50% off and similar things, meaning that they were probably going to be put down after closing time and were making a last ditch effort to find them a home. Charlie (our dog) had a sister (looked exactly the same) and a brother (solid black), and I often wonder if anyone picked them up. I sure hope so.

And yes, there was a nice big vet bill associate with those first two weeks in our care, but now seeing him running around outside, playing with toys, and sleeping on the kitchen floor makes every penny worth it.

I saw a Caesar Milan show where they went under cover to puppy mills and it was so heartbreaking. Puppies from puppy mills are so messed up psychologically; they are either very aggressive or extremely passive and unresponsive.
September 03, 2009
After runnig up huge vets bills with my wo Persians who died within 4 months of each other at the ages of 9 and 8, I went to Friends of Strays for my next cat, a 16 week old kitten I named for Freddy Kreuger because he liked to play with all 20 claws out--not mean, he just forgot they were out. I worked 12 hour days, 6 hours a week so when Fred was about 9 months old I figured he needed someone to keep him company. Plus I'd been passing by a sign at Friends of Strays every day that said "Cat Sale". What they were doing was marking down all the older cats who had been there a long time and weren't being adopted. Fine with me. I'm NOT one of those people who thinks that the problem with kittens is that they grow up to be cats. Two red cats (called "gingers" in Britain) immediately got my attention, and I thought that would be funny if I took one of them. I could name him Ginger and then I would have Fred and Ginger! I gave all the 8 cats a trial spin in the petting area and one cat bonded with me instantly. It was one of the red cats, but although he seemed huge in the cage, when I picked him I knew right off that he was going to have medical problems because he was nothing but a bag of bones. But he purred like crazy and that was enough for me. So I took him home. I didn't name him Ginger though. I called him Bapu which is Hindi for "Father". Fred disliked him at first sight, but Bapu was very happy with the arrangement and took over immediately. There was no hissing or fighting. He just intimidated Fred by his very presence. He had thyroid problems among other things and we had just gotten him to gain a full pound when he had a strok. It was about a year or so after I had adopted him. Fred is now a very happy cat.
December 02, 2010
And he ate as much as he wanted...which was a lot!
August 01, 2009
Hi Lisa: I am the proud owner of a cat and dog, and have had stray and rescue cats my entire life. I'm so happy to see what you have done to save these kittens and educate people on all of these issues. Bravo. We support animal charities and hope that your review will prompt others to do the same....little stuff can make a huge difference. So happy you have a new member of your family :)
July 11, 2009
Now you tell me! (But I do love the dog I have, despite all her problems).
July 14, 2009
maybe down the road you can visit your local shelters and go for pup #2 :)
July 15, 2009
I told my wife I am getting Onyx a companion to boss around! I might, but it's going to take a lot of convincing!
June 18, 2009
These pics are priceless. I want to rescue all of them!
June 25, 2009
me too!! It's sad going to the shelter because I wish I could take them all home with me : /
June 18, 2009
Let's GO right now! I want to rescue that cute puppy on the bottom...oh, we are SO going shelter hopping! This is such a great review, thanks for shedding light on this!
June 18, 2009
Thanks Sam, I told you I'm going with you :) The SPCA in Hawthorne is a little small, but has a much better environment for the animals. The Carson shelter is in pretty bad shape, but has hundreds of gorgeous animals. We can start with those two - looking forward to puppy hunting with you :)
August 06, 2009
Did you get your puppy yet? I have been pondering on the idea of adopting a dog as well. I haven't had any pets since I was 6 and I am sort of unsure if I can handle. Maybe I will looking into providing foster home, as Lisa has mentioned above.
August 06, 2009
Not yet! @raina1up also wants to adopt a dog, we should do an office field trip to the pound during lunch one of these days! Providing a foster home is a great option- I have a feeling I would fall in love and end up with a zoo LOL!
June 18, 2009
A fabulous review that certainly struck a chord with me. I hope everyone reads and rates it. You raise a number of outstanding points. We adopted our current cat Rascal from the Providence Animal Shelter. The online add described this cat as an 8 month old male who had been there for 3 months. Well, as it turned out it was actually a 2 year old spayed female. No matter. She is a great cat and we love her dearly. This is one of the best reviews I have seen on Lunch. Congratulations!
June 18, 2009
Thanks so much Paul! I spend a lot of time visiting the local shelters and wishing I could save everyone in there. I'm always sad to leave after seeing so many adorable little puppies shaking in their cages. The kittens are always crying wishing you would stay and play with them. I have two of the most amazing cats from shelters, who have turned out to be the best of friends. When I'm ready for a puppy.. I'll be back. I'm happy to hear how much you love Rascal :) It seems like the online adds are often carelessly written, outdated and full of the wrong information, simply because the shelters are too busy to handle so many pets. Hopefully this review will inspire others and help save a few lives!
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This review is about Adopt-a-Pet Month. We are free to give our time and money to whatever we want and it should stay that way.
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All creatures are important in the universe. Adopt a shelter pet!
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I agree with Val...animals need to be protected, but children do come first..enough with the pedicures for pets- feed the children first!
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Please think adoption first!! We've adopted all our hamsters and rats! They've brought so much joy to our lives!
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