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  • Dec 18, 2011


{The state of being deprived of something or someone : the loss of a loved one by death.} That good people is a quick definition of the word that lays claim to the title of this film. Makes sense since this is a prequel to a film called "Malevolence", both by writer/director Steven Mena. Check out the definition of that word and it all makes sense, would be interesting to see what a third film in this series would be called. Of course the first film was an indie success for the filmmaker that garnered awards and such leading to an easy decision I am sure to do this film.

Graham Sutter is a sick man who preys upon women and savagely murders them, but the man is looking for a little help. In 1986 he goes on the hunt but this time it is not for women, it is for a little boy. Someone he can mentor and teach, someone who can help him with his own personal demons, he finds such a boy. Six year old Martin Bristol is the unlucky boy who just happens to be in the right place and time for the killer. It also just so happens that he suffers from a disease that allows him to feel no pain. Upon discovering this after the boy is lured into his truck while the boy's mother is inside with a potential sitter the man thinks it is a sign.

From this point on the boy is subject to all kinds of mental torture as he is forced to watch and sometimes help in the murder and disposal of this man's victims. Enter a young women named Allison who has moved to the town to live with her Uncle, Aunt, and cousin. Being a city girl things are not going exactly as she had hopped but finds comfort in meeting a boy her age. They begin to hang out to the Uncles non liking of course, in his mind the boy is no good. But that is the least of his worries as Allison is growing more and more interested in a young boy she sees in an abandoned farmhouse. As her curiosity grows so does the chances of her being the next victim for the local killer.

I have to say that this is a much better film then it seems to be getting credit for amongst other reviews. That's cool every one has their own preferences for what movies they like and such. Although I will say this film seems so much better if you have seen the first movie. "Malevolence" was a pretty good slasher/horror film that worked because it knew exactly what it was. This film is very different from the first one but works even more in my opinion because it does the exact same thing and still sets up what is to come in "Malevolence".

Where "Malevolence" was a straight slasher film and had the look and fell of that kind of film this one is more a psychological horror flick. A good horror/drama in many ways with both elements bending into the other in a somewhat natural way. An example would be "The Silence of the Lambs" of the type of style and feel I am talking about. Now of course this film is not the classic that "Silence" is but it is in that same vein of filmmaking. In fact this one seems even more realistic with the way it is written, shot, and presented. Of course that could also be the killers lack of charisma when compared to those of "Silence" but still it makes for a good movie.

Writer/director Steven Mena knew what he wanted to do with this film and it shows as he has taken what he learned the first time around and added to it. The story while from a new viewer may come of as just another serial killer flick really does help explain the mystery of the first film. Like who is this guy and why is he doing what he is doing to these people. While this film certainly can be an entertaining ride for any one who hasn't seen the first flick I will say it does help to see them both. In fact watching them in the order they were released is the best way to go. The first film is helped by the fact that you really don't know why this killer is doing this and the second is helped because it explains it, does that make sense to any one other than me?

I have to say that this film was really well done especially from how it was shot. There are some masterful shots in this film with brilliant and beautiful cinematography. The opening of the film in particular is just so well done and magnificent. From the wide shot for the title card to the truck passing right into frame driving away from the camera, and even into the journey from start to finish looking for a kid it all looks good. I would be honestly surprised if some one disagreed with me here. You can not like the film, acting, or what ever but i bet we would all agree on how it was shot.

Speaking of acting our lead actress Alexandra Daddario did a good job as newbie in town Allison. She comes off very believable as the city girl hating her new life, teenagers. She has a good look and quality about her that lends to the role. Spencer List plays the young boy who is kidnapped by the killer and comes off well in the film, especially for a child actor who has some pretty rough scenes to go through. Every one else in the film is really good especially Michael Biehn as the girl's Uncle. But it is Brett Rickaby who is the show stealer here playing the psycho of the town. He comes off very well in every scene even in ones where he is afraid of a deer skull he thinks orders him to kill. Now that could have came off very silly for lack of a better word in another actors hands if portrayed wrong. It is a low budget film but that does not mean it has to be a B film.

The DVD copy that i got a hold of comes with some excellent special features on it which is always a plus for me. There is a great behind the scenes feature that takes you into the everything you would want to see. From set ups to performances it can all be found here. Then of course the making of which goes into not only thins film but the previous one and how they both came about. But among even more special features we get an excellent audio commentary from the writer/director himself. This of course is my favourite thing about the bonus stuff as it goes deeper into the making of this film and even more facts about the previous one.

Now this is not a perfect film and might not make every ones personal favourites list but it is a good flick. I can see how some would not like it as much and how others could love it. It could be another low budget classic that picks up viewers the longer it is out. I personally think it is a really good movie especially if you have seen the first one. I feel like i am repeating that to much but it does need to be said, I recommend both to any horror fan. At the very least it good make for a good rental for and movie night one may have. In fact i may even say that I like this film more so than the previous one, but while very much connected they are very much two different beasts. Check them out if you get the chance, you just may find yourself enjoying some low budget entrainment. {something that entertains; interesting, diverting, or amusing thing; esp., a show or performance}, definition of that last word [from yourdictionary.com]


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December 18, 2011
Yeah this is in my queve but netflix is procrastinating. I think Brian and Chris liked this one, but I needed to take a break from horror when it came out. I could really feel your enthusiasm for this movie from your review, good work! Glad to know that this was good, the chick on the screenshot looked hot LOL!
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