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Blueprint Cleanse

a nutritional juice cleanse

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Blueprint Cleanse: The Juice, the Whole Juice - and Nothing but The Juice.

  • May 8, 2009
  • by

I love these juices the way some people love drugs. Most likely because it makes me feel like I'm high on crack - or what I might imagine being high on crack is like, which I'm fairly certain I can speak to, since I've had Dunkin Donuts coffee on an empty stomach.

I prefer the three day package, although I've also done one-day, two-day, and five-days. I find that on the third day of the cleanse, I become super articulate, clearer thinking, and overflowing with a strange, unmitigated (unmitigatable!!) joy. I LOVE everyone and everything, and I will probably kiss you and tell you you're gorgeous if you so much as look at me. It's quite a nice feeling, really.

Most of my friends have done Blueprint as well, and they report the same experience.  Bottom line: it's a great way to kick start to a new healthy regime.  And actually?  The juices taste really, really good.  :)


1) What … is … it?

Level II (the one I most frequently get) is six pressed juices a day: three all greens, two fruit based juices and one nut combo at the end of the evening. You drink them spaced at intervals of two hours each. They're in portable bottles which are delivered to your apartment in cute green lunch sacks, ala fourth grade. You will come to love these lunch sacks.

2) Are you hungry?

Never. Ever. You're less hungry than if you eat normal food, because you're getting more nutrients than 95% of people's average diets.

3) Is it hard?

Not even remotely. It's much easier than trying to figure out what to eat three times a day, preparing it and then realizing you're still hungry after you eat it.

4) Do you lose weight?

I really don't do the cleanse to lose weight, I do it to feel better (and I'm not just saying that, the way actresses say they never diet). But yes, of course you lose weight. You also poop a lot. It's awesome!

5) Is it worth the money?

I do believe it is.  If you were buying these green drinks at your local juice store (like the one near my apt, The Westerly), you'd pay about $8 for every 20 oz juice, but they wouldn't keep (fresh juices don't last for more than 15-20 minutes).  Also, if you want to do comparisons, think about how much you would spend on a dinner out - especially if you live in New York city, that runs you at LEAST $30-60.  So that, added to what you might already spend for breakfast & lunch?  $85 doesn't sound unreasonable.

6) Do you just have to drink them as a cleanse?

Nope. In fact, frequently I use them as supplemental drinks throughout the day (especially the green juice, which has romaine, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, spinach & lemon).  We've dubbed this "Juice till Dinner."

7) What if ... you want to travel with them?

So often I've wanted to take the juices with me on trips - (two words: airline vomit "food") and no one likes that feeling of desperate hunger setting in just as they've gotten to the hotel and they have no clue where to find affordable, healthy food.

Since Blueprint juices are good for three days, I decided that I would order some in New York, then smuggle them in my checked suitcase in their little insulated carrier (with ice packs).  When I arrived at my destination, the first thing I do is unpack the juice, which is still perfectly cold.  Victory!

8) What if ... you don't live in New York?

They're actually opening a location in SF later this year, but you can order them to be sent to any location in the US via Fedex.  I've had juices sent to Chicago, SF, Austin - anywhere I'll be, especially if I know I won't have access to a fresh juice place or healthy food. It's worked so well that I've been able to resist peer pressure by friends to eat the grilled cheese at In-And-Out Burger.  Now THAT'S a real victory.


I've been such a big fan of Blueprint for so long that I've become friends with the owners, Erica & Zoe.  They are two amazing, accomplished women, and they've built an incredible business with an awesome product - which I'm drinking as I type!

I receive a limited number of juices every month, gratis, for which I pay only delivery charges.

I joke with Erica that the day I'll be happy is the day I can get their green juices from vending machines, instead of candy.  I might have to wait a bit for that ...

Blueprint Cleanse In the Blueprint Cleanse kitchen With Blueprint Cleanse founders Erica & Zoe Drinking Blueprint Cleanse at NY Fashion Week The famous blueprint clenase lunch bags!

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May 09, 2009
Ooooh, this sounds like an easy and tasty way to do a cleanse! How sugary are these juices?
May 12, 2009
The pineapple juice is pretty sugary (I love it, though), but only natural sugar. No additives, of course!
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  The Trick: Wean off of all starches, sugars, caffeine and alcohol at least a week before you start the cleanse. Trust, you will feel so much better. And don't eat a big meal the night before you start. My opinion:  I was really excited about this cleanse when I saw it in Allure magazine. I did the Foundation Cleanse with my mom and aunt (not only do you get a discount for group orders, but you need the support).  However, it wasn't as enjoyable or as easy as I thought it would …
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my first cleanse, but i liked it. Only did 2 days, but it felt good. I need to try it again for a bit longer.
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Blueprint Cleanse is a nutritional liquid cleanse that helps the body detoxify itself. Due to pollutants in the air and chemicals in the foods we consume, our body accumulates toxins. Blueprint is a way to rid your body of these toxins when you start to feel unwell. Blueprint Cleanse supplies the blood with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that one is able to assimilate. The process is also recommended for many illnesses, as it gives the body the opportunity to rest, recover and heal.

The Juice used in Blueprint Cleanse is 100% fresh and unpasteurized. The cleanse involves drinking 6 bottles of juice per day, for a 2, 3, 4 or 5-day period. The juice is accompanied by ice packs, in an insulated cooler bag when delivered and must be immediately stored in the refrigerator.

The calories in each cleanse vary from level to level by about 100-200 calories.

The Renovation Cleanse, Level I - 1200 calories

(1) Green Juice (2) Pineapple, Apple, Mint (3) Green Juice (4) Spicy Lemonade (5) Carrot, Apple, Lemon, Ginger, Beet (6) Cashew Nut Milk

The Foundation Cleanse, Level II – 1100

(1) Green Juice (2) Pineapple, Apple, Mint (3) Green Juice (4) Spicy Lemonade (5) Green Juices (6) Cashew Nut Milk

The Excavation Cleanse, Level III – 1000

(1) Green Juice (2) Green Juice w/ Ginger (3) Green Juice (4) Spicy Lemonade (5) Green Juices (6) Cashew Nut Milk

For more information, visit http://www.blueprintcleanse.com/

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