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Youtube celebrity, known for his rants against "ginger persecution."

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An annoying, melodramatic, and idiotic guy. Seriously, he needs to chill out. 11%

  • Nov 2, 2012
  • by
Now before any of you start to think that I'm making fun of CopperCab, keep in mind that I'm merely addressing his asinine behavior and I can even sympathize with him to a little extent. I'm a red-head myself and I've been bullied in my youth for it as well, but he's just making a huge ass of himself on the internet and even goes off on tangents saying totally stupid shit that's nowhere near close to true.




In one of CopperCab's most famous videos, entitled “DEAR SOUTHPARK...” (yes, he entitles all of his videos in all-caps), he claims that South Park made it popular to make fun of red-haired people. Oh how fucking wrong he is. I was bullied for being a red-head when CopperCab's mom was probably still wiping his rear-end, and this was long before South Park made their well-known “Ginger Kids” episode in 2005.




One of CopperCab's most asinine claims is that red-heads are the biggest targets for bullying. Kids being made fun of by other kids has been around ever since schools have been around, probably even longer. Bullying is a horrible thing no matter what. Bullies will pick on and make fun of anyone that's different from them, it's not just red-heads. People from every group (ethnic, religious, economical etc.) have been bullied and made fun of at one point.


In one of his videos, he's claimed to be a “peaceful person” and would never resort to violence. This may be a good thing in principle, but if he's talking about people bullying him in real life (not just on the internet) for his hair color, then referring to Madpenguin's fantastic review on bullying, he needs to ball up his fists and throw some punches at his tormenters. He might get in trouble, but chances are the bullies will back off forever when they realize he won't let them walk over him. In my youth, I fought back, and the bullying, verbal and physical, stopped.




Oh man, CopperCab has said a ton of stupid things ever since he opened his YouTube account back in early 2010. In his “APOLOGY FOR SLAVERY” video, he claims that red-heads are their own race. Bullshit. Having red hair and freckles are physical traits, not a race, and the overwhelming majority of red-heads are of white/European descent.


CopperCab has even gone after violent videogames by claiming that they cause people to murder others through desensitization of blood and gore (this video is entitled “VIDEO GAMES KILL PEOPLE”). He even said that there's so many wars today (as of 2011) because of video games. Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. All the wars and military engagements America has been in for the last thirty years had nothing to do with video games. Ronald Reagan didn't launch air strikes against Libya in 1986 because he played too much Missile Command and wanted to attack something (I bet Reagan never touched a video game), he launched air strikes because it was believed that Libyans directed a terrorist attack at a Berlin discotheque, injuring 63 American military personnel and killing one serviceman. Similarly, Bill Clinton didn't order airstrikes in Kosovo in 1999 because he was playing too much Starfox 64 and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (again, someone who probably isn't into video games), he wanted to stop the nationalist Serbs in that region from killing all of the Albanians. All of the military operations launched by Barack Obama were not because of him playing too much Call of Durty 4: Modern Warfare and Crysis. Similarly, the aggressors (the Libyan government, Serbian nationalists, al Qaida etc.) in these military engagements weren't playing video games, either. I can keep going but I made my point pretty clear.


CopperCab has made some extremely stupid arguments on marijuana, too. In his video “DEAR POTHEADS,” he claimed that pot is one of the leading causes of death in America, and is one of the most dangerous drugs to take. Bull-fucking-shit. If he bothered to do research on marijuana, it's not nearly as toxic compared to drugs like meth and heroin. Hell, tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous for you than marijuana is. He even went as far to say “Marijuana is just like masturbation, it's not good.” Seriously? No wonder this kid is so angry in his videos.


His most idiotic video was his “WTF GANGNAM STYLE” one. He actually claims that the North Koreans are trying to invade our pop culture. Holy motherfucking shit. He then goes to claim that we're going into a civil war with North Korea. First of all, “Gangnam Style” is from South Korea. Second, it's impossible for America to be in a civil war with North Korea, since civil war can only take place between two enemy groups within the confines of one nation. He then says that PSY came on the Ellen DeGeneres show and they all danced with Kim Jong Il. Wow, just wow. Aside from the previous fact that PSY is from SOUTH Korea, “Gangnam Style” came out in July 15, 2012, Kim Jong Il died in December 17, 2011.




CopperCab always spits and screams into the camera. This guy is supposed to be in his late teens, and he's still acting like a ten year-old throwing a temper tantrum? He needs to grow the fuck up.


In his video “CAN'T AFFORD IPHONE 5,” he complains that he can't afford the iPhone 5 and says he's “being left out” again. Boo-fucking-hoo. There's a lot of things that I want but can't afford, and you don't see me posting videos of me whining and on the verge of crying because I can't get it. I have a very basic Samsung AT&T phone from 2007 and I really don't plan on getting rid of it because I don't need a smartphone. Grow the fuck up, CopperCab.




You may be wondering why I'm not giving CopperCab a total goose egg. That's because despite being so stupid and melodramatic, he does nonetheless give me some unintentional laughs.

Here's a collection of videos of CopperCab making a huge ass of himself.

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November 23, 2012
I kinda hope that this guy gets an Iphone 5, and that he uses the shitty map app and gets led into the middle of traffic or something.
November 23, 2012
That would be awesome.
November 15, 2012
Is this guy for real?
November 15, 2012
I wish he wasn't.
November 09, 2012
heh. quite an entertaining write up!
November 09, 2012
Thanks, William.
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