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The confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

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Well, You Gotta Have 'FAITH'...

  • Dec 30, 2009

My friends Sean Rhodes and Trashcanman have already written such compelling pieces about this data point; I’m not sure what else I can add. I guess this is where my ‘strawberry tart” (heart) comes in, I’ve always been better in expressing myself through letters and essays, so let’s give this a shot. Faith is something very special to me; I think I can safely say that it has given definition to who I am and what I may become. Being raised by a Catholic mother and a Christian father, I saw several things that sometimes clash and cancel each other out. Not to worry, this won’t be one of my religious musings but since my “Journey that is Life” write up was well-received, I will just give everyone another glimpse of the philosophies behind the man called “Woopak”.
The Dictionary defines “FAITH” as: belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit; belief that is not based on proof; confidence or trust in a person or thing; the obligation of loyalty or fidelity to a person, promise, engagement, etc.: the observance of this obligation; fidelity to one's promise, oath, allegiance, etc.; the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures and belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion. 

I have always said that I am NOT a religious person, I see no need to trust in the teachings of any specific religion but I am a VERY spiritual person. I do take a look at things that have affected my life, I have the utmost Faith in God, and yes, currently, I have experienced/seen several things that most people haven’t even heard of (a review of this will come at another time). I’ve been laid low, betrayed, looked down on, and yes, I went through several things that most people would have given up because of. You know what kept me going? My FAITH and my sense of Hope.
So what is Faith for me?
Faith is about something that is truly intangible. This emotion or feeling lies deep within our soul. Christians, Catholics, Agnostics and Atheist all have a semblance of “Faith”. A wise woman once said to me; there is one thing that no one can ever give you, not even the Devil can ever fool you with; is that sense of hope that even though you are at the end of your rope (poverty, sickness, betrayal) somehow, you can still find the courage to continue and somehow, find a reason to smile. Religious or not, one would wonder how one so sick can still find the strength to smile; it is Faith and Hope. Faith that is something at the end of the line and Hope that things will work out for the better.
Faith in your Parents- My parents made me what I am as a person. They taught me how to become a man and taught me much about respect, kindness and strength. Without my parents, I am not sure just how I would’ve turned out. I was taught that money wasn’t the most important thing but character was. I had Faith in my father that what he said was true and Faith in my mother that she gave me my sense of compassion. I guess I was fortunate that despite the fact we weren't rich, things worked out for the better. I guess my parents wanted to believe and have Faith that I would turn out for the better. I do hope I didn't disappoint them.

Faith gives you COURAGE- The will to overcome comes from Faith and Hope. It gives us mere mortals the determination to confront the things that tests our character. It allows us to continue, rather than give in to life’s hardships. That courage is channeled through our belief that things will be better. The courage for a boxer to win, for a family man to support his family, for a woman to say the things she needs to express and the courage to stand up to what is wrong.
Faith gives us our PRINCIPLES- One’s principles can make or break a man. The things we believe in are the anchor from which our individuality can come from. It is hope and trust that our principles are on the right path. We begin to see things with our own eyes. Principles may be a part of one’s soul and I believe that Faith plays a large part of it. Yet, there are also dark principles that threaten to destroy one person. Is this channeled by misled faith? Yes it is, albeit with the malicious of intentions. 

Faith gives us HOPE- we have to trust in our doctor to make us feel better, trust in the Airline pilot to bring us to our destination safely, trust in our friends to be there when we need them, trust in our spouses not to betray us and so on. Hope that everything will work out, despite things that point to the contrary. Hope drives us, uplifts us, and gives us a feeling of contentment. Without Hope, it would very difficult to live one’s life and life may prove empty. 

There is however, the sense of Blind Faith. The Christian Knights in the Crusades committed murder to follow their churches’ leader's directions/teachings (or what they thought) and during the time when some were persecuted for their beliefs. Blind Faith in your parents that even though they are abusing their children, the kids still trust them. Blind Faith in your spouse that even when he/she commits adultery, one believes that they are still in love. Blind Faith in your government; as in countries that are being ripped to pieces into poverty yet, they stand supportive of the corrupt government. (another example is Faith in dictators) You know why these things happen, because some people have nothing else to hang on to. 


 Faith in the wrong things and persons can lead to ruin. History has taught us this, idolizing flawed human beings is always a mistake. This is where we have to talk about Informed or “Smart FAITH”. This is where all your principles, your Heart, your beliefs and the way you are as a person comes into play. I have faith that I will make the right decision, and I will study the consequences of my actions. We were after all given a brain to think for ourselves. The CHOICE is ours. I guess this is my way of saying that Faith without any sense of responsibility can be evil and harmful. You have a brain; USE IT. 

Faith is something that is hard to grasp; since there can be many different ways to define it. Channeling a trust or belief in something that one has never seen, something set by a certain code, or belief in a God that may or may not exist. Faith is something that can be either good or bad. But it is there and we cannot deny it. I guess humans need to hope, to feel and have Faith. Faith sometimes comes from the need to belong. Faith is what makes us human. Faith gives us our strength. Faith is not all about religion. Faith is not the same as having strong religious beliefs, and even then, having strong religious beliefs doesn’t mean a strong Faith in God.  At the end of the day, Faith can define you as a person; for better or for worst. Faith lets us see more, not less; and because we may be willing to see more, we are able to see less.
Faith is something to be wielded and channeled properly. Believe in Yourself.

Faith is rated 8/10.  Leaving you now with a song....

Well, You Gotta Have 'FAITH'...

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October 16, 2012
Everything you mention makes perfect common sense.
March 14, 2011
I once listened to Iyanla Vanzant taking about the concept of faith in broader terms than just religion. I don't remember everything she said, although I do recall her saying how simple, everyday things -- such as driving, walking, or even taking a breath -- count as faith, since they require a belief in something that can't be proven. When you drive, you believe you'll get from A to B unharmed. When you walk, you believe you can put one foot in front of the other. When you take a breath, you believe it will not be your last.

This makes a lot of sense to me, and when it comes certain things in my life, I, like you, have a lot of faith. When it comes to God and the afterlife, I can't say that I'm a person of faith. I can say that I'm a person of hope, and that isn't the same thing. I hope there is a God. I hope that when we die, we don't simply die. But that's probably more information than you wanted.
March 15, 2011
awesome comment, Chris. I actually am curious now since you brought about several interesting points. I agree; I go to work, do my chores, hang out with friends...I always hope for the best and have faith that everything will work out. As for your hope that we simply don't die....hey, have you seen "Sunset Limited" yet? There is a similar thing in that film....I am curious what your thoughts would be on it.
January 05, 2010
I always love your breakdown of these concepts and the way that you elaborate on each point. Reading reviews like these always get my brain jogging to think more critically about life, so thank you, Woo!
January 05, 2010
You're welcome, Devora! I try my best to be as expressive and as sincere as I can so that anyone can relate to the write up. Life is complex which is why it is beautiful, but it does suck sometimes LOL! This was the second, let's see how everyone likes my third philosophical musing... ;-)
January 06, 2010
I've noticed! :P By the way, did you see that your review was featured in that newsletter that J.R. sent out the day before? I'm checking out your third philosophical musing now!
January 06, 2010
Yes, I did. I was actually surprised; I thought I wrote better ones than this but I guess this was different. Yes, please check out my third one on MIRACLES (it isn't religious, I stay away from those); it may be my last one 'coz my bros are telling me that I was getting sappy LOL! I need to review more horror ha-hah.
January 10, 2010
Haha, well, it looks like your philosophical reviews are garnering plenty of attention!  And those reviews on the list were just from last week ;)
March 15, 2011
maybe I'll do one more ;)
January 01, 2010
This review ......(Actually I don't know what to name it )..... was honestly stated and amusing. I was raise a Catholic but don't practice it no more but I do believe in Christ. I do admire someone who sticks to their principle and you certainly do that Woopak, Great Write up!
January 01, 2010
I guess this is was more of my musings than a review. How are you, Lady Jen? I hope you check out my "Journey That is Life" write up...This is why I like this site, you can express yourself in many ways...
December 31, 2009
Nice job Woo. Very insightful and poignant. You could easily have stuck a few actual people's pictures next to Darth Maul, you know?

Now, let's see your take on Fate!
December 31, 2009
Thanks, Orlok! my pix on Hitler and other dictators wouldn't stick so I got stuck with Maul by his lonesome. Fate...hmm. I may just do that. But not before I do something else.
December 31, 2009
Just so you know... I sent out a New Years e-mail and apparently it didn't format properly, so if you get a weird e-mail that just says "Happy New Year!" over and over, I apologize. It was supposed to form a smiley face, but it got screwed up when I sent it.
December 31, 2009
that's cool. If I did, I'll probably just think you started drinking that early LOL!
December 31, 2009
Nah, I don't drink on New Years. As someone who doesn't believe in the concept of time, at least as people usually see it, I don't celebrate New Years, so I don't drink.
December 31, 2009
Yeh, I agree on that....but it's still an excuse to drink! LMFAO.
December 31, 2009
For me, it's an excuse to eat like a pig and go crazy and then pretend the next day that I'll be returning to a strict diet and exercise regiment. Sometimes, self-deceit can be quite enjoyable. : )
December 30, 2009
Great review. I will re-read this one again relatively soon but I'm pressed for time so I'll bookmark it & re-visit when I can meditate on your thoughts William. So far, this must be one of the most amazing reviews I've read in some time which really captures the spirit of what it means to have faith. But only a three sir?
December 30, 2009
Hey, Thanks Brian! I figured I'd follow up on 'intangibles' after the Zhu Zhu winning "LIFE" review. I look forward for more of your comments, bro. Christy made one on this too; would love to see your take on it.
December 30, 2009
I've kinda sorta toyed with the idea so to speak but not sure how to tackle this one just yet. I'm debating on what approach to use & actually questioning whether or not cenobiters will even want to read it. I am digging your take on it though.
December 30, 2009
Thanks, man! I am a cenobiter LOL! I approached this as a review on FAITH as a whole and not "Religious Faith" or "Faith in God". I'll await your take on it.
December 31, 2009
Alright, you got it! I have no estimated time arrival but...I will deliver.
December 31, 2009
oh I rate these 'intangible' topics to Lunch's rating system so it'll be from -5 to +5 whereas in movie reviews I use the 5 star scale. So I guess my overall rating is a 8/10.
December 30, 2009
Nice review. The dictionary definition is sterile...I prefer the definition provided in Hebrews: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Another great write up. And another common denominator...I am more spiritual than religious although I was raised in the church.
December 30, 2009
Thanks, man. I went through a lot as a kid and even more as an adult. The more I look into, the more I study, the more I lean towards spiritualism and not religion. Check out the other write ups by Trashcanman and Sean Rhodes, mine was more spiritual and emotional while theirs were more in-depth and informative IMO. I'll be back...
December 30, 2009
Interesting... so you think it is immaterial? I'm surprised it's a +3. By the way, a trick is not to read others' review before you do yours ;-) Now that I've read this one, hehe... no more Faith (review) for me :-)
December 30, 2009
Yeh, I managed to stay away from Sean's write up until I drafted mine but I read Trashie's take beforeheand since he made the data point. I gave Faith a three rating because of the way it can be used to mislead and manipulate. It is definitely intangible and something that cannot be touched either through a physical or metaphysical way. (did I say that right?) :-) How's your friend doing?
December 30, 2009
Last 2nd paragraph, I think you mean intangible & not immaterial, right? ("Faith is something very immaterial. ")
December 30, 2009
Oh, may be u mean spiritual & NOT unimportant.
December 30, 2009
There you go! Fixed it, I went for an easier definition; I get so lost at times. Thanks for the input! :-)

So when are we going to see your HOPE review? ;-)
December 30, 2009
December 30, 2009
You didn't think I'd have given that a miss, would you? ;-)
December 30, 2009
I'd say Faith is something that can only be experienced & not foster :-) It's very personal and can't be taught! :-)
December 30, 2009
Yeh. I see that the word has tons of definitions and thanks for making the write up an easier read. All I thought was "lacking in material form" so my brain just gave me the word...I'm on auto-pilot sometimes LOL!
December 30, 2009
Will-you did indeed add something- a story not only about faith, hope and love, but a wonderful narrative about who you are as a person. Now we all know more about that man behind all those reviews, and it's refreshing, really. As the producer of Sunday Morning on CBS said (four words)...Tell Me A Story! Putting aside what you said about faith and hope you're a fine storyteller who doesn't mind sharing behind the scenes anecdotes about his life and times. And storytelling is powerful....it's binds us as human beings- the need to know about the fellow siting across from us. Now about your content..... every day of my life I experience faith and hope. Not a day goes by that I don't think the next day will be better....it's why I get up in the morning. I have a lot of faith in myself and others too, but mostly myself, since I've been blindsided a couple of times, as you say blind faith can destroy us. But we must trust in others and have faith....in our doctor, the pilot, etc. Those are excellent points. Your parents taught you well.....to be a man and have respect. I like when you add kindness as well. Some people think being kind is a sign of weakness when actually it is a sign of strength, and you do have so many signs of strength. I do hope you continue on your philosophical journey. I, for one will be reading!
December 30, 2009
Thanks, Donna! Glad you enjoyed it, after Sean and Trashie's write ups, I was hard to follow them without sounding redundant, so I had to dig down deep. Till next time...I'll see what else I can up with. This is harder than my movie reviews LOL!
December 30, 2009
And you said you had nothing to add.  This was a very thought-provoking read, William.  It got my memory going.  Your pictures drove some messages home and I think you added quite a bit.  A more spiritual look at it (a place I couldn't really go in my own write up).  I think you got something, especially when you talk about having Faith in the face of adversity.  Very sound. 
December 30, 2009
Thanks, man! Glad you dug, coming from you, that means a lot. You and Trashie had my head spinning and digging down deep! I tried my best not to sound preachy. Thanks, Sean, it sure is fun piggie-backing on you guys' ideas!
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