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God Bless America

A 2012 film written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait

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I Bet Most Sane And Intelligent People Relate To This Film

  • Jul 6, 2012
I have said it before that I really do not enjoy writing up a synopsis of movies that I review but the beautiful thing about "God Bless America" is that I will definitely enjoy telling you exactly what its about as I have come to relate to the film's protagonist on so many levels. Now I really love dark comedies because for some odd reason they share and divulge into the blunt truth and shows how people truly feel. I honestly feel like they even open eyes to the weirdos of the film industry and tell the world just how the sane people feel being surrounded by the worlds idiots. The movie is actually written and directed by a familiar comedian (Bobcat Goldthwait) and I was really surprised how well this movie was executed cause I had no idea he writes this well.

The movie is plain and very simple, A 45 year old insurance salesman Frank Murdoch goes through a series of incredibly jacked up events one by one. He is divorced, his daughter is a spoiled brat and doesn't want to see him, he just got fired, and to cap it all off he just found out he has a brain tumor and is dying. Not only is his life going through the wringer right now, he has to witness all of America's neanderthals and the blunders of reality Tv. Frank watches a 16 year old girl on MTV's sweet 16 scream at her parents because she got a Lexus for her birthday and not the Cadillac she asked for.

He see's what seems to be a spin on the "Bad Girls Club" where one girl throws her used tampon at her roommate. Dirty politicians and the icing on the cake, an American Idol knockoff with a William Hung type character who is constantly being replayed on Tv. With all this weighing on Frank he finally starts to get fed up and thinks to kill himself but something stops him. He is now set off to kill all the mean people on Tv. At some point in the film he even teams up with a very eager but extremely hostile and outspoken teen girl who is just as fed up with these types of people as Frank is.

"God Bless America" is funny and the dialogue is entertaining, quick paced, and has meaning in every sentence. What I liked most is that it is original and went to a place that has been hinted at but untouched in most films. People look at a film with this plot and think a person must be sick to laugh at a film suggesting acts like killing a person because they are mean, or because they exploit what the television industry is willing to air simply because they are desperate for views. But the fact of the matter is that these shows truly drive you to madness. The movie in my opinion was perfectly done, maybe it is flawed to some people because of how extreme it is but its a dark comedy. This film genre exists so it can go where other writers and directors are afraid to go.

The acting is awesome and truly A+, Joel Murray played Frank as if he was in complete agreement with his characters views and shared the same dilemmas and problems as him as well. His supporting actress and sidekick in the film Roxanne "Roxy" Harmon (Tara Lynne Barr) was a great addition to the movie. She was hilarious and more dedicated to their cause than Frank and does a great job bringing him back to life a little but she was also more ruthless than you'd think. The film is a lot gorier than I thought it would be but these two meant business. I was very surprised about this movie, it had a lot of good components that made it great. It had a good amount of action, comedy, and even though the story was a little crazy, it worked and it was understandable and entertaining. I recommend this movie to anybody tired of watching the same old flicks and in need of something new and something they can understand, laugh at, and possibly relate to.

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July 06, 2012
Looks like a good movie to see!
July 07, 2012
lol trust me it is and when you check it out let me know how you felt about it
July 06, 2012
what if one is inteligent but incredibly insane? LOL I am surprised that I haven't seen this yet even though I have heard of it. Nice one, Keith! No comments here in my ASM movie review?
July 06, 2012
lol if the intelligent is now insane its only cause the clowns of the world have made us this way. Thanks pakman you gotta check this one out I think you will love it
July 06, 2012
well, I am insanely intelligent--but can also be a clown LOL. I am sssooo confused LMFAO!
July 07, 2012
lmfao, its ok pakman and trust me as insane as you may get you are definitely not a clown lol, the clowns are the ones frank goes after in this flick
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