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Google Wave

A new model for communication and collaboration on the web

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Twitter, Facebook & IM, Watch Out!

  • Oct 21, 2009
  • by
In an earlier review of Getting Productive with Google Apps, I wrote about how great working on the cloud can be and how revolutionary the concept of the cloud was for smaller businesses.  Well, time to take your head out of the clouds for a minute and go on a surf on Google's latest, potentially revolutionary project, The Wave. 

The Wave is actually just another part of the cloud, but unlike most other cloud computing mediums, it also has a social media aspect to it and if I were twitter, Facebook or an instant messenger client, I'd totally be shivering in my boots over this new release.  In case you need a little catching up about what Google Wave is, check out this video of 15 features of the Wave:


Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to check out the preview release of Google Wave.  Those who have been keeping up with tech blogs know that an invitation to preview this new Google product is a hot ticket, garnering the same hype as Gmail did when it was first released several years ago, invite-only as well.  So when @justiceerolin was kind enough to extend one to me, I was stoked (by the way, please don't bother him for an invite.  I'm pretty sure he's out by now anyways!).

So how sought after is an invite to the Wave?
Here's how sought after it is: right after I got on the Wave, I updated my status update to "is on Google Wave".  I don't have too, too many friends on Facebook, yet almost instantaneously, mostly within half an hour, about 15 of my friends came out of the woodwork through direct wall post replies, private messages, IM, text messages, and best of all, a couple of phone calls from friends who had "called to catch up", only to coyly mention that they had seen my FB status and that he or she wouldn't mind an invite if I had one.  For shame, you guys.  For shame!

How does the Wave compare to other social media mediums?

My Wave page is pretty stark right now, but this is what I've gathered from it thus far: The Wave reminds me of Facebook in that the waves are like wall posts; ideas in plain text, videos, links, pictures, etc, can be shared.  The major distinction, though, is that people can be added to, and removed from a wave and it becomes something like a private thread, great for covert collaborations and conversations.  Just think of it as a much more interactive Facebook.

It's also like instant messaging because these real time updates pop up on the screen and you can actually see when and what other people on the wave are typing.

In a way, the Wave also reminds me of twitter because it can potentially be noisy if too many people are on the same wave.  However, wave noise can be controlled as it is also reminiscent of tweetdeck in that every wave is like a customized column.

Cool features of the Wave:
  • Through the rich text editor, I can embed images and videos.
  • One can also reply inline (apparently, this was proper form to reply to an email back in the day).
  • There's a simple Google search button on the Wave RTE where I can search for videos and images to add to a wave.
  • If I'm planning a trip or a get-together, I can embed Google Maps into a wave with a click of a button in the RTE as well.
  • Another fun and handy feature (or I guess it could potentially be nightmarish/embarrassing depending on how you look at it): everything is documented and archived.  Heck, you can even replay the entire wave like a video or go play by play. 

What I hope for Google Wave in the future

The user interface is a bit lackluster right now and almost nothing is self-explanatory on the Wave.  I'm just going through the Wave through trial and error, using my contacts as lab rats.  I've been sending in feedback, though, on what I'd like to see and how my user experience could be better (other people on the Wave should do this, too!). 

So far, I only have three contacts on the Wave, so it's no surprise that I haven't been getting much action on it nor have been able to poke around too much.  I can see that it has a ton of potential though, and that once more of my friends and acquaintances are able to join, it will be much more fun and useful.  I can't wait till I get more contacts on the Wave.  It's literally x's on my calender until Google hands out more invites!

And just for the lulz...

I thought I'd throw in these epic Google Wave interpretations that were made by a friend of a friend... of a friend.  They were featured in this TechCrunch article.  If you're a movie buff as well as a nerd, a nerdy movie buff if you will, then you'll probably appreciate these videos, which were made to help people see the functionality of the Wave in a fiercely hilarious way.  Beware though, they're NSFW.  The second video especially has a lot of profanity and screaming.

From the Google Wave Cinema, I present to you... Good Wave Hunting and Pulp Wave Fiction:

Good Wave Hunting

Pulp Wave Fiction

You're welcome.
Google Wave

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October 28, 2009
October 29, 2009
You're welcome, Stephon! :)
October 28, 2009
Thank you. I like to get updates on this site. At least i know they are from industry experts! good one- thanks again alison
October 29, 2009
Thanks for you comment, lady, and I'm glad that you like getting update from Lunch! I don't know about being an industry expert... but I sure do like my technology :D
October 26, 2009
I just waved at you! Umm hmm... Nice overview of what is a difficult product to describe!
October 26, 2009
Thanks, JD! I waved back atcha ;D
October 25, 2009
This sounds like it has tremendous potential! Thanks for the heads up, Devora.
October 25, 2009
My pleasure! Definitely has tremendous potential. Thanks for the comment, Woo! :D
October 21, 2009
Great review! I got a preview in March and it's come a long way since then. Real time is the future...
October 21, 2009
Thanks, James! I can't imagine how it looked a few months ago. Despite its capabilities, it still looks archaic. And you must be super special considering this wasn't even announced till May! ;P
October 21, 2009
Nice review and good detail. I like the way you have put your hopes for the future as well.
October 21, 2009
Thanks, Corin! Hopefully you'll get to check it out soon, too! :)
October 21, 2009
Nice...I definitely want to check this out and now, more so, after your review! Maybe you'll get more invites because of your incredibly helpful tips that you sent in ;p
October 21, 2009
Thanks, babe! And I hope so! *fingers crossed* ;D
October 21, 2009
October 21, 2009
It is indeed! :)
October 21, 2009
You should give ME one of those invites so that I may check it out. But if not, no worries. This is a pretty nice review. Hopefully someday I can check this stuff out.
October 21, 2009
Thanks, Sean! I really wish I had invites to give out, but so far, they've only been given to select users. I'm crossing my fingers for some though!
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Okay... I'm going against the grain here and stating that I don't get it.  I simply do not get the hype surrounding Google Wave.  After figuring out that you had to have an invite (yeah I got one - thanks B3) and sitting through the most boring, over an hour (you read that right) tutorial, I sat down to give it a go.  It reminds me of an early-day AOL chat room gone bad converged with a modern-day wiki-like communications environment.  Dare I call this Chatiki? …
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Did not get to use most of its features, just a brief chat with devora , but it is very similar to an old chat program we used to use before the year 2000 called PowWow where you could actually see the words people type as they type them. A little weird but familiar to me at the same time. The wave can also be persistant and other people can read it too, which is interesting, it can also play video inside as well, so its great for sharing links and just BSing with friends.      …
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future of communication and calibration!
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 Google wave is one of the best e-mail clients because it is not only a e-mail but messenger as well in a way. This changes the way we will talk to each other and will change how we get together simply by using widgets.       Google wave uses widgets/bots to make make stuff easier for all of us, for example if you want to know who will be coming to the to a wedding, you can just add the yes or no gadgets to your wave and people can click yes no or maybe instead of responding …
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Need major work still. but a good idea.
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Since most people are nerds or wannabe nerds lately (or almost forcibly nerds due to the ever-growing world of technology), I suspect that most of you have heard the term "Google Wave" in the recent months. It started out as a small murmur amongst techies and is gradually becoming more and more talk-worthy. Not everyone cares to understand or use this new process of online communication, but with inundation of social media in today's society, even internet novices are curiously asking …
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For now, it gets a +1. Brilliant app, but learning curve is too high. Once someone else learns how to use it, I can move my rating up.
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Love the concept, but after using it a bit more, it just looks like a big mess. Guess that's what being in beta's for!
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I see the potential for Google Wave to change the way we communicate on the Web, but I've yet to figure out exactly how!
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Google Wave is a product coming soon that helps users communicate and collaborate on the web.

A "wave" is equal parts conversation and document, where users can instantly communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. The concurrency control technology will let participants reply anywhere in the message, edit the content at the same time and add participants at any point in the process. The program also allows anyone to rewind the wave to see how it has evolved.

Google Wave is also a platform with a rich set of open APIs that allow developers to embed waves in other web services and to build extensions that work inside waves.

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