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On September 13, 2009, during the MTV VMAs, while Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video award, Kanye interrupted her and proclaimed that Beyonce's video was better.

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Kanye-gate and the Birth of the Kanye Interrupts Meme

  • Sep 16, 2009
Wow, 2009 has been one heck of the year in pop culture what with all the celebrity deaths (R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, DJ AM, Jim Carroll and Patrick Swayze) and high profile public outbursts (hello, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanye West).  Little did I know, though, that one of the folks in the latter would spawn yet another -gate this year, inadvertantly creating one of the best web memes of 2009, or possibly, ever (sorry, Rick rollers, that's so 2008) -- I present to you, Kanye-gate 2009.

I'm going to start off by saying that I'm actually a Kanye West fan.  For the most part, I dig his music and usually find his antics and overly inflated ego pretty amusing.  Unfortunately, in this case, he took it a bit far.  Remember how I wrote in my Gates-gate review that I thought that Gates-gate was the most ridiculous -gates of all the -gates that I listed?  There was Watergate, which wasn't really that amusing (except for the fact that one of the key players was dubbed Deep Throat), but I'm talking about Fajita-gate and Nipple-gate, which were over a couple of fajitas and a nipple shield, respectively.  Somehow, Kanye-gate managed to trump all of those -gates in ridiculousness.

Since I got rid of my television, I didn't catch the VMAs, but as soon as I saw my twitter and Facebook feeds that night and scrolled through a barrage of tweets and status updates that read "screw kanye", "kanye needs to sit down", "what is kanye on?", "what was kanye thinking?", "eff kanye", etc, etc, it was pretty apparent that it was an outburst heard around the world.

Upon Googling, I found celebrity reactions.  Among them, Kelly Clarkson blogged, "Dear Kanye, what happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough??", and Katy Perry was spot on when she tweeted "[...] IT'S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN".  Seriously, it takes a very special/troubled 32 year old man to have enough douchebag-gery in him to ruin one of the biggest moments of a 19 year old girl's life.  Heck, even the President weighed in on this one (as he did in Gates-gate), albeit unintentionally, by telling a reporter off the record that he thought Kanye was a "jackass" because of this incident.

The apology that Kanye posted in his blog that night didn't help his case either.  An excerpt, in all caps, no less, read, "I'M SOOOOO SORRY TO TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER FANS AND HER MOM. [...] SHE IS VERY TALENTED! I LIKE THE LYRICS ABOUT BEING A CHEERLEADER AND SHE'S IN THE BLEACHERS! ........ I'M IN THE WRONG FOR GOING ON STAGE AND TAKING AWAY FROM HER MOMENT!........ BEYONCE'S VIDEO WAS THE BEST OF THIS DECADE!!!!".  Leave it to Kanye to diss someone even when apologizing.

He also publicly apologized on Jay Leno's show the night after the incident.  Too bad it was totally fake.  While Kanye's taking it to be public to apologize profusely and insincerely, I'm sure poor Taylor just wants this to go away.  And please, don't blame it on the Henny, as some others have.

Fortunately, there's a silver lining to this unfortunate incident -- the Kanye Interrupt meme.  They definitely turn this frown upside down!  The first two jokes that I read were in really poor taste, but I couldn't help but snicker: "Yo Patrick Swayze, I know you just died and all and I'mma let you finish, but Michael Jackson's death was the best one this year", and "Kanye West doesn't care about white women" (in case you missed it, the latter is a play on Kanye's 2006 outburst in which he said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people").  Oh, there's also "President Obama doesn't care about jackasses".

Kanye-gate even spawned a tumblr aptly called Kanyegate that keeps a compilation of Kanye-gate inspired images.  The people in this cafe that I'm Lunching at probably think that I'm a freak for clapping and lol-ing at some of these.  I think I'm just too easily amused.  Oh, if only they could see what I can see...

Below are a few of the more tasteful ones of my favorites.  I swear I can hear Kanye West saying all of these things in my head.  With the exception of the last one, I found all the others on the Kanyegate blog and Mashable.  There's something for everyone.  Prepare to take a ride on the ROFLlercoaster.


But what about Google Chrome?

Sorry, Twilight fans.


Oh no he did not just diss my favorite celeb gossip site!

What do you Lunchers think?  Carrie or Gaga?

While the Kanye-gate meme is still hot and fresh off the grill, I guess I might as well hop on the band wagon.

Whatever, Kanye, I'm pretty much done with this review anyways.  I have a feeling that these lolcat styled Kanye Interrupts images will remain a popular meme for many years to come.  I don't think Kanye's ever going to live this one down.

Oh, and did I mention that there are Youtube videos?  Because there are.

Kanye West Interrupts Obama

This one's even better.  Entitled Hitler finds out Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift at the VMAs, this one had me in tears.  Utterly brilliant and so full of win.  Be warned though, there's a wee bit of profanity and a whole lot of screaming.
...You're very welcome.

Okay, one more.  Just one more.  I swear.  This link.

Wow, self-professed Louis Vuitton Don, why you gotta be so classy?
Kanye Interrupts

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April 20, 2010
I who am not up on current events as much as I should be, when I finally heard about Kanye's stupid ass remark thought that he has some nerve. Your lucky to get on the stage and perform, be popular enough to have fans AND win an award, and this asswipe says what he did. I don't care how drunk he may have been or if PR slapped him around and told him to apologize, Kanye is a JERK. Those posters are pretty funny.
September 28, 2009
Helluava time downloading all your reviews features...but worth it! excellently done, my friend! May've been scripted though. You got rid of your television?? how come? Lunch working you too much? ;-P
September 29, 2009
Thanks, Woo!  I dunno about scripted... But yes, I got rid of my TV to encourage me to get out of the house more, and that has been working out! :P
September 17, 2009
I love the Hitler one! Now that's pure genius.
September 17, 2009
Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Like I said, utterly brilliant and full of win :D
September 17, 2009
I passed it on to facebook. It was too good not to share some more.
September 19, 2009
Thanks for spreading the love, Karen! :)
September 19, 2009
Anytime! Just keep 'em coming'!
September 16, 2009
September 16, 2009
Haha, seriously! zOMG!
September 16, 2009
OMG....this is hilarious! I like when he interrupts you lol....
September 16, 2009
I'm afraid that I'll get addicted to making those Kanye images... Dare I make some of Lunch staff? ;P
September 17, 2009
Yes....that'd be hilarious!
September 16, 2009

THe one Devora was too tasteful to post, ill post.
September 16, 2009
lol, where'd you find that? I didn't realize that there was an image to go along with it, I just read it in my twitter feed!
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Quick Tip by . September 25, 2010
posted in That's Beat
"He was drunk, he aplogized" He's a JERK who ruined an important moment in someones life. Thankfully Beyonce had some class.
Quick Tip by . June 26, 2010
posted in That's Beat
Kanye is a DA.
Quick Tip by . February 05, 2010
what a dick head
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On September 13, 2009, during the MTV Video Music Awards, while Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video award, West went on stage and grabbed the microphone to proclaim that Beyonce's video for "Single Ladies", nominated for the same award, was "one of the best videos of all time." He handed the mic back to an apparently distraught Swift who was unable to finish her acceptance speech during the live broadcast after West received a negative reaction from the audience. It was reported later that he was removed from the remainder of the show for his actions.  West later apologized on his blog and subsequently on the Jay Leno Show.
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