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Time to ban reality TV celebrity marriages?

  • Nov 9, 2011
  • by
It's not that I hate Kim Kardashian so much as a toxic media culture that enables these kind of shallow, vapid avatars to thrive. It seems like there's no end of Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans to fill the airwaves with countless hours of inane bullshit.

There's something screwy with our priorities when people freak out about gay marriage but think that a $10mm televised sham is just fine. We worry when Janet Jackson's nipple makes an unscheduled appearance but will cancel meeting friends if this week's Mafia Wives promises a fist fight over dinner.

The really insidious virus that is threatening to destroy Western culture isn't gay marriage, abortion,  union rights or anything else that gets people riled up. It's this reality-based media that couldn't be further from reality, completely devoid of any sort of intellectual, creative or productive content.

As much as people claim not to listen to the guttural murmurings of the Kardashians, she has 11 million followers on Twitter and a TV show that does nothing more than follow her around. This is more than just The Truman Show gone bad - people genuinely find this drivel engaging or comforting and I'm really not sure why.

It's one thing to milk the media machine for self-promotion. It's another to actually get married for a few moments in the spotlight and a big check. But then this is probably nothing for someone who leaks their own sex tape the day before their TV show goes live. 

But if you think my predictions for the decline of Western culture may be premature, just cast your mind back to mid-September. Researchers at CERN may have found particles that travel faster than light - possibly the most important scientific discovery in decades. But Kim had some important tweets discussing a poodle she had found ("OMG!"). Guess which news item was read by more people.

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January 30, 2012
Americans can only surprise me by lowering their standards further - which they do, perpetually.
November 11, 2011
Awesome post. I've been guilty of finding some of this stuff entertaining, but actually getting married is taking things too far.
November 11, 2011
It's a tough stunt to beat. Faking your own funeral for ratings will be the next bellwether of bad taste!
November 11, 2011
I think she'll fake her own disappearance first, a la Gatecrashers ;)
November 11, 2011
Let's hope she can fake it for a few years :-)
November 10, 2011
I don't understand all this reality TV crap in general. I mean sure, I enjoy Master Chef, and can tolerate American Idol as long as the contestants are worth watching, but other than those I can't stand reality TV. And who do we have to thank for all this? MTV. I remember watching the very first music video when that station first went on air, and was so sad when they stopped showing music videos and replaced them with...what was it, Road Rules? The worst thing though is that people continue to eat this stuff up like candy. A couple of months back I tried watching...Survivor I think, and literally felt my brain cells dying. My little sister is in her early 30s and still is almost obsessed with these stupid shows. My brother has this habit of getting up in the morning and turning on some kind of reality show too. I personally can't watch something that doesn't force me to think, which I guess is why I enjoy crime dramas so much. And on weekends I love to watch The History Channel.
November 10, 2011
I quite enjoy Masterchef too, though the editing, dramatic music and endless post-commercial recaps are draining. There is some kind of weird addiction that people have to watching other people doing very little on TV but I agree that you can actually feel brain cells fading away.
November 10, 2011
One of the things that kind of disturbs me is that a lot of people think these shows are actually real. One thing I've found interesting though is something my Mom told me a while back. She loves that game show - I can't even remember what it's called but it's on NBC and has people racing through obstacle courses - I asked her why she likes it so much, and she said that with the lack of people buying furniture, and the abundance of bills, it's something that can take her mind off of these things for an hour. I can understand that way of thinking when it comes to older people, but I don't know why young people are obsessed with reality TV, celebrities, and things like that.
November 11, 2011
So true. It's sad that anything that takes longer than a Tweet to understand has no focus anymore.
November 10, 2011
Amen here too! Reality TV started because of the writer's strike but, when the strike was over, we were left with all this craziness. I admit to watching some from time to time, heck I enjoy not having to think for a bit. However, there is a line and I think it was crossed a long time ago. The Bad Girls Club is a show about females that drink, fight, party, sleep around and yell constantly. They get a free mansion, free food and booze, and free trips to Barbados. KUWTK does nothing but promote the Ks products (?), of which they had a barely successful little clothing boutique in Calasbasas of all friggin' places when the show started and their dad repped OJ and KK went to high school with Paris. Now, it's just way too much. I'm not going to hate on someone that takes advantage of their opportunities or uses the media to further their cause (well, depending on the cause) but, to make a farce of something that Americans already have such difficulty maintaining (marriage) or to shove wasted resources and money in our faces when the rest of the country cannot even provide for their families, their kids can't read, their kids have to walk through war zones to go to school, and they work 24/7 to afford fake food full of chemicals to poison their families with....that is just disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.
November 10, 2011
Great points. There are going to be more and more of these shows simply because TV networks are cutting costs all over the place. Fox dumped much of its drama this year in favor of more reality so I expect the trend to continue. *Sigh*
November 11, 2011
*Double sigh* it's just ri-cock-ulous as my friend would say! There are quite a few good new shows out there (I made a list of course lol) but, unfortunately good shows like The Playboy Club are getting ditched for more crap. And get this- NBC dropped it because it was thought to be too risque (which I'm STILL trying to figure out) yet, we can dress our little girls up like little whores and parade them so that they're judged, give drunk sluts a mansion and free trips, watch grown women degrade themselves into screaming, crying, fit-throwing children while throwing their money around uselessly (well, except to donate to the economy crisis, I guess someone's gotta keep it going!), and men punch each other until they're knocked out. Yeah...that's not offensive AT ALL....
November 11, 2011
Ricockulous is a word I must start using! I think South Park said it best:

"Kim Kardashian. Paris Hilton. Or whatever, you'll watch it. F*** you!"
November 11, 2011
I love that one!
November 09, 2011
AMEN!! I completely agree with you on all counts--I HATE reality TV and all the BS, and have never figured out why some people love to see the hatred, arguments and any other negative content that these shows have on them....there are more important and fascinating things that should be followed besides the idiots that will do anything for attention and you're right; priorities are really messed up...nice write-up!!
November 09, 2011
Thanks! In the words of Will Farrell, "I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!"
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After 72 days of marriage and a $10 million wedding, Kardashian filed for divorce from Humphries.
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