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4 1/2 Hearts!

  • Apr 6, 2011
  • by
I've only had this phone for about two days, so it's highly possible that I'm jinxing myself by writing this review.  So far after spending several hours customizing and setting up my email account, YM, and browsing apps and games I have decided that I am one hundred and nine percent in love with the LG Quantum.

I had my previous phone (an LG Shine first gen) for a long time and was very happy with it.  It was sturdy and easy to use so I hesitated to trade it in for something with updated technology.  With that in mind, I spent several hours over the course of non consecutive days looking for something similar but with more features and online capabilities.  However, I had a major problem to keep in mind: I have small hands, so I was looking for something that wasn't too wide, too responsive, or with a QWERTY keyboard that's keys were too difficult to press.  I played around with my Mom's new iPhone 3Gs, and while it's definitely cool and easy to use, I found that my wrist started hurting after only five minutes or so when holding it.  I determined that this was due to not being able to wrap my fingers around it properly.  Needless to say this was frustrating as smart phones tend to be the same size across the board. 

After more searching, I settled on the red-headed step child of the smart phone family, the Samsung Flight II.  (Which isn't technically a smart phone, but it is similar though with a much lower IQ.)  It was small, about the size of my Shine, the QWERTY board was easy to use and so were (most) of the widgets, but getting on the Internet and getting my email was like pulling teeth.  There was a menu bar at the bottom of the screen that took up way too much space, and the bar at the top of the screen showcasing the Yahoo trademark wasn't much better.  So basically, there was this small space in the middle of the screen that was pretty much worthless.  Not only that, selecting multiple emails to delete was impossible, at least by touch.  Another annoying thing was trying to set up my Yahoo mail via the Mobile Email widget.  I'd select Yahoo Mail from a list, tap Add Account (or something like that) and it would go to a screen asking me to sign up with AT&T mail free for 30 days and $5.95 per month after. Seriously, why should I have to pay At&T to access free Yahoo Mail?  Somehow I suspect this is some kind of devious plan to convince people with zero to little tech savvy that they have no choice but to shell out unnecessary cash to access something they use for fee everyday on their home computers.  I also decided to visit the mobile version of a website I visit almost daily, which is basically links on a white page, and the Flight II couldn't even pull up the site at all.  After using this phone for about two weeks it went back to the store as soon as I could find time to take it.

In stark contrast is the LG Quantum Windows Phone.  Of course the salesperson at my local AT&T store set up the phone for me, and thankfully I didn't have to jump through flaming hoops just to transfer my contacts like on the Flight II.  (Don't ask.)  The screen is big and bright and the clarity is amazing.  Everything just looks fantastic.  The icons are big and spaced nicely so there is absolutely no chance of accessing the wrong menu or app.  It's very easy to add and delete anything you do or don't want to use.  For instance, I am not on Facebook, so I didn't need that icon in my main set of programs.  It's easy to "pin" items from the next screen over to the main screen as well.  Just "long tap" what you want and then tap "pin to start."  Conversely, long tap an item on the main screen and a little push pin icon with an X through it will appear and you just tap the x-ed pin to delete that icon from the start screen. 

Downloading and updating pre-installed apps is as easy as tapping "install" or "update."  Between LG and AT&T there are a lot of downloads, many that are free, and the ones that aren't are very reasonably priced.  So far I have a free weather app and an app that I can access an archive of beautiful wallpapers and it only cost me $1.99  Gamers will also appreciate being able to game on this phone via XBOX Live.  I am predominantly a PC/PSP gamer, so I haven't decided yet on if I want to get into phone gaming.  Well, really I have no idea if there's a subscription fee and whathaveyou as I've never looked into it.  However, I did customize my 3D avatar. 

Alright, enough about the cool fun stuff.  For a long time I hesitated to get a smart phone because I had heard so many complaints that they shut off without warning, the screen and touch keyboard freezes, the battery life is awful, it's too heavy (mostly specific to this phone if I remember correctly), etc.  So far I have not encountered any of these things.  As far as the weight, I prefer a heavier phone as they seem less likely to break if dropped and yes, it is a bit on the weighty side.  The touch screen is insanely easy to use and navigate, and the GUI adds to that ease of use.  With the Flight II a lot of the menu fields were spaced tightly together and I kept hitting the wrong fields even with my small fingers.  I did get a stylus with the Quantum however.  It is very useful for making sure to hit the correct letters that are in the smaller boxes on the touch keyboard.  And of course it doesn't leave fingerprints.  :p 

My own complaints with this phone are fairly minor.  The battery level icon is not always on top.  As I was customizing my 3D avatar I must have run the battery down as this morning I took the phone out of sleep mode and it automatically turned off and wouldn't come back on until I put it on the charger.  For me this isn't much of an issue since I am rarely in a situation where I can't charge my phone.  (And to be fair, I used the heck out of it for something like four, maybe five hours straight on just the battery life.)  Speaking of the charger, it is USB which is great, but unfortunately the cord is very short.  Lastly, and the most minor of complaints because I am a customization freak, you can't put a wallpaper on the start screen.  Wallpapers only show when you take it out of sleep mode.

Over all, the LG Quantum is more user-friendly than I imagined it could be. There's no clutter at the bottom of the phone, only a search button (Bing), a previous screen button, and of course a Windows 'home' button that gets you back to your start menu.  I really have no use for the productivity tools such as Office or accessing multiple email accounts, and truthfully I only have a use for getting calls, sending the occasional text, and getting my email, but it is nice that, not only can I get my email I can also compose and send as well with little effort.  I also got this phone with the intention of using YM, but until I fully get used to the Quantum on the whole, I've decided to wait a bit.  Finally, (and I don't know if I consider this just plain sad or not) but this phone is faster than my PC.  Then again, my PC is going on six years old.

Highly recommended.  4 1/2 of 5 stars!
4 1/2 Hearts! 4 1/2 Hearts! 4 1/2 Hearts! 4 1/2 Hearts!

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April 09, 2011
Excellent review and the phone sounds like a good one, thanks for posting your review here.
April 09, 2011
And I am glad for this community! So yeah, right after I posted this review the phone started acting a little quirky, but not so bad I consider the quirks terrible.
April 06, 2011
Great review, this phone sounds like a good investment. I added tags to your review, so that it gets the attention it deserves! Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)
April 06, 2011
Oh I never do think to do that. Thanks so much! :)
April 06, 2011
Anytime ;p Lunch cross posts your review into multiple communities based on the tags, so if you add them, your review is more likely to be placed in more places!
April 06, 2011
wow! I recently got a Motorola android phone and while I liked it so far, the battery takes a lot of getting used to. I am not sure, I may exchange my phone for this or another model. Nice one, Stephanie!
April 06, 2011
I almost got a Motorola BRAVO, but I really wanted a physical QWERTY board as well.  Also, I forgot to mention the Quantum is wi-fi capable, so if you have a home network you don't have to use your provider's bandwidth, which is nice, especially if you don't want to go all out on an unlimited data plan.
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