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Liberal Agenda

The agenda of the Liberal party.

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Musings about the Liberal Agenda

  • Apr 14, 2010
  • by
I live in the most liberal Congressional Districts in the South.  It is one of those gerry-mandered Districts that has slowly slid into the far left agenda.  To put this District into perspective, although located squarely in the South, Obama won by more than a thirty percent margin in my District.  Having received the recent results of a survey that I participated in not too long ago, there are some very troubling trends.  I am shocked at the statistics and wanted to share that information for others to muse over.

First of all, I participated in this survey as an active voter and citizen.  I seem to recall a portion in the survey that asked which issues were important to me, to which I responded taxes, jobs and the economy and National Defense.  None of these issues made it into the actual poll, even though they are a reflection of the mood of the Country.  Surveys repeatedly have shown that these are the most pressing issues facing Americans.  So what made it in and what were the results?  

It seems over six thousand residents responded.  Because the survey came as a mailing, I figured the results were somewhat empirical, but there are issues with that assumption that I will deal with in a minute.  One issue that I take with the survey is that I received one ballot for my household of two voters.  I will deal with the other, more troubling issue after reviewing the facts.

Before the statistical analysis, there was a breakdown of all the graft our Congressman brought back to his District.  Nauseating.  People are actually happy about this?  Oh yeah...the concept of the day is "I got mine."  So the 28.8 Million dollars that was used to expand broadband access to underserved communities was a good thing.  We all know how access to fast internet speeds is a basic human right.  We wouldn't want to short change anyone.  

But I digress....the stats...

What is your perspective on Health Care?

Have coverage, satisfied.....................39.4
Have coverage, could be improved....40.1
Have covers, unsatisfied......................10.6
No coverage.............................................3.5

Bush tax cuts expire next year, what should Congress do?

Allow to expire, use for programs........37.9
Allow to expire, pay off debt...................31.5
Make tax cuts permanent......................22.2 (it appears they actually got my response)

Which elements of health reform do you favor?

Forbid denial for pre-existing...............75.5
Provide subsidies to purchase............67.3
Public Option...........................................55.9
Reward providers for outcomes..........49.2
Require businesses to cover..............45.5

How serious is global warming?

Major threat...........................................59,.8
Minor threat...........................................16.3
No threat................................................13.8

Which elements of clean energy legislation do you favor?

Reduce fossil fuels...............................66.2
Set limits on greenhouse gas............54.8
Increase R and D.................................79.5
Prov ide incentives to conserve..........68.8

Looking at those statistics...which cover issues less than most important according to recent polls...I am shocked.  If this is an indication of things to come, America better wake up.  Nearly forty percent of the respondents want to use tax cut money to expand social programs.  Yikes!  We haven't expanded it enough already?  More people want more stuff free (like internet access) rather than paying down the debt.  Are you kidding me?  So what happens when our debt reaches 90 percent of the GDP in 2040?  Are we just going to default?  Are we going to destroy our money so that greedy Americans can "get theirs" for short-term reward?

Actions have consequences.  Out-of-control spending is testing the limits of the experiment we call freedom.  Any country that has ninety percent of the GDP in debt is not free.  We are becoming less free every day.  Every time the Government takes over a private business, increases taxes or expands...we lose a bit of freedom.  This survey should make Americans angry and resolved to change our course.  The concept that more people would want to spend money than the number that would pay down the debt is alarming.  And that doesn't factor in the number that want the tax cuts to become permanent.  Here is a news alert...those people paying the taxes are the ones driving the economy.  When you tax them more you slow the economy.  That has a negative affect on important things...like jobs and the economy.  You know...the things the President said he was concentrating on during his SOTU Address.  You know...the things that Americans have consistently said are most important to them in polling.

There is one major problem with this poll.  Reading the fine print under the results, six thousand people responded...but some responded using the website.  Here is the issue.  Six thousand represents a small fraction of the population in my District, so it is not necessarily a good sampling.  More importantly, what measures prevent users from repeatedly voting at the website.  All you need is a different IP address (I am guessing) to vote more than once.  Even with only one IP address, you could conceivably double vote with one mail entry and one internet entry.  I hope that these results were gerry-mandered like my District was.  Otherwise, the trend is beyond troubling.  Or maybe all those people who got a piece of the 28 million for expanded broadband access used their newfound "rights" to access the website and vote.

I hope America can reverse this spending trend before it's too late.
Musings about the Liberal Agenda

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April 14, 2010
So wait, because people are in favour of universal health coverage and feel more should be spend on social programming which would help the less well off? Maybe those with millions to spare should be taxed more, or is that swimming pool just too good to pass up? I find it amusing when people try to blame the way the survey was put together, the questions that were asked etc. when the responses don't agree with their opinions. Maybe those against the "liberal agenda" should follow the Fox News way of doing things and present statistics as percentages that go beyond 100% which will just give a better narrative to express their opinions. Face it, the country's poorest are tired of being treated as second class citizens compared to the rich and are voting to change that..
April 14, 2010
I understand your position, but it supposes that people with "millions" are paying those taxes. It is not. It is the business people whose income appears to be larger than it really is because they are self employed and the actual source of new jobs. My point being that taxation supresses jobs, which is among the most important issues stated by Americans in surveys.

Although I don't own a swimming pool, I surely wouldn't consider it fair to have to sacrifice my personal recreation to make internet available to an "underserved" population.  Internet is NOT a basic human right.  The more rights people vote themselves, the worse this recession is going to be.

Also...I wasn't "blaming" the way the survey was put together.  I was pointing out that the information may have been skewered based on the small sampling size and the lack of controls on the feedback.  My point was that there is hope that the numbers really don't reflect a disparaging trend.  I certainly hope these statistics are skewered...otherwisee it is an indication that people want to increase their freebies with no concern about the affect it will have on future generations.

I am not sure what you are asking me to face.  That 47 percent of the population don't pay taxes and they are angry about it and want more free stuff on top of not paying taxes?  We are not a communist or socialist nation.  Not everyone is given the same opportunity, but opportunity will only exist when capitalism is protected.  Try your luck moving into the ranks of the wealthy in a communist state.  With only two classes, you  are pretty much stuck in the one you find yourself.  With capitalism, the opportunity to excel is present, even if everyone isn't equally equipped (or willing to put in the work/risk necessary to excel).  The idea that the rich are paying the bills is also false...it is the Middle Class that feels the pinch of taxation the hardest.  That would be ME.  I likely pay a true higher percentage of my income in taxes than either the wealthy or the poor.  This is true for most of the middle class.

The nations poorest are certainly not treated as second class.  That is a generalization that fails all logic.  Even the poorest of the poor in this country have far more than the majority of citizens in the rest of the world...especially those places who practice socialism or communism.  Go ask the Chinese worker who made your clothing how much he gets paid and what his living conditions are like.  I am certain he would consider our "poor" to be wealthy.  Perspective has a funny way of making people think they are getting the short end of the stick.
April 14, 2010
We hate Fox News because they like to manipulate the truth in an ambarrassingly obvious manner even though they are constantly caught at it. Take two of the more blatant examples 10 their attempt to make a Tea Party rally in the late fall look better attended than it was by showing footage shot in the summer of a differnt rally--the trees in full foliage gave them away, and 2) their reportin over and over again that the new niclea treaty would prevent us from retaliating against those who attacked is with biological weapons even if a million American were killed even though wording to the CONTRARY appears in it in black and white. I wish the other news networks would call them on this crap more often.
April 14, 2010
I'll respond to each question in kind.

A) I don't hate it when people who earn their money want to keep it, I was just taught as a child of the notion of sharing and selfishness and greed being bad. I hope to be a success both financially and in my career prospects when I graduate from university and hopefully are admitted to the Bar of the UK, and I can imagine there being a possibility of my perspective of sharing the wealth changing somewhat when I have a bit more cash in my pocket.

B) I don't think it should be taken from them without their consent, I just believe that when you claim to be a citizen of the same nation of someone less well off than you, then I believe the money you earn should help towards helping others out of the apparent poverty they exist in through the funding of social programmes paid for by the taxes I am contributing to society.

C) I don't agree that people should get a hand out for doing nothing. In my country of the UK, there is regular controversy of the welfare system being too generous spawning this reliance on the system and meaning that people are more likely to sign on to this welfare system than get a job. I, for one, am choosing to vote for a party looking to change that. I don't however, include health care in my opinion as health care is a basic human right that should be available to all and people who earn should be taxed to pay for that.

D) Fox News lie, regularly. You were given an example in my first comment about how some of their polls, so seem like there is a more dramatic split in opinions, decide that 100% shouldn't be the barrier for their statistics. They have guys like Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly spouting their nonsense as if it's Gods truth and the so-called Conservative patriot believing every word of it. Not Bill as much, as some of his shows take on a more two way approach, but even he is quite manipulative in his ways. Glenn Beck, well his insane rantings just piss me off and the fact that people watch his garbage and believe that nonsense is shocking to say the least. If you want to terrify the easily scared, perhaps showing a horror movie in his time slot would be much healthier.

QUEENBFLIX gave two other good examples as to why I, and many others, detest Fox News.
April 14, 2010
I read the Huffington Post and the Major networks and see plenty of data manipulation, so to suggest that FoxNews is unique in this approach is naive. Also, Fox presents many statistics from respected sources and simply do commentary on them. I don't think those statistics are really questionable. Maybe the Fox Dynamic Opinion Polls, but certainly not Gallup, Pew and others of that established rep. 

Your assumption that it is "poor"  or "poverty stricken" people on the dole is inaccurate and big source of the problem.  47 percent of Americans pay no payroll tax...that includes plenty above the "poverty line."  The S-CHIP legislation that was passed a couple of years ago covered medical expenses for children in families making somewhere in the 70 - 80 K range.  
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