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A characteristic that distinguishes objects that have self-sustaining biological processes from those which do not.

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The Journey That is LIFE....

  • Dec 23, 2009

With the promise of a New Year looming, I always like thinking back at the past year. Not just the events itself but what I did and what I didn’t do, my mistakes and my triumphs. I guess you may say that I tend to think about life itself. Not life as the bond between all human beings or a term from biology but the force that gives us our self-awareness and the ability to feel physical and intangible things.
The dictionary defines life as the force that makes or keeps something alive; the vivifying or quickening principle: the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual: the general or universal condition of human existence.
Sure we all know the literary meaning of life but do we really know what gives life its meaning?

Life is about EXPERIENCES- Life is one magical and arguably one very complex journey. Just how much experiences can an individual take as he learn and develop a persona? The significance of one’s life cannot be measured. To some life is a grand affair; some are more fortunate than others, while some tend to struggle more to get by. To some life is all about riches, to some it means poverty, to many it is all about friends and family. Life is full of tragedy whether we like it or not. Rich or poor; life and nature has a way of balancing things out. Even the rich have their complications that vary differently from the poor. Just how much experiences can one get from life? Well, it all varies from one’s different lifetime. What makes us alive? Experiences shape who we are as human beings and it aids us in learning from our mistakes.

Life is about EMOTIONS- Life has taught us different types of emotion. Love, envy, respect, anger, happiness, doubt, sadness and much more. Each emotion can interact with one another or work independently. Emotion is what makes us human and what separates us from the usual animals that only gets driven by instinct. Human beings are tied by our emotions; as to how we express or control them. Emotion allows us to feel; to appreciate what life is all about and to fight for our beliefs. Emotions have also brought as much happiness and heartache; good or bad, don’t worry, my friend, you are human.

Life is about PROBLEMS- I’ve mentioned that rich or poor, everyone has their share of baggage’s to carry. Sometimes, we bring unto ourselves the problems that life may carry and sometimes we fall victims to life’s ugly side. Did some people ask to be cheated on by their husbands? Did he feel remorse about cheating on her? Are human beings destined to destroy themselves? One thing I know life has taught me, life isn’t easy. I learned to roll with the punches and get back up. Life is the journey and I am sorry to say, life is about the issues that we have to confront. Yes, my friend, you are not alone. Everyone has problems that they need to overcome. I will not put blame on anyone or anything about life’s many obstacles and evils. They are here as part of life; to make us stronger.
           Little Miss Problematic by girloblivious.
Life is about your HEART- How can one tell how significant his life has been? It is not how much money nor how many friends and family you have who love you, it is all about how you affect other’s lives and how you affect your own. Life is about developing character and your own individualism. Sure, we often have to deal with things we don’t approve of and makes us question ourselves (I do this a lot). It all comes down to one’s heart as to how they deal with it. Never ever compromise your character and as long as you feel good about something; roll with it.


Life is about CHOICES- this doesn’t mean choosing what you want to be in life; I mean choosing how you live your life. It is anyone’s choice and freedom to live their own lives and hopefully they don’t choose to hurt anyone in the process. Choices that can make one question one’s conscience is truly testing. This is where everything else comes into play; your experiences, your emotions and your heart will show you how to make any choice. How you make any difficult choice defines you as an individual.   

Life is a JOURNEY- The glory that is life comes from the journey itself. Whether you have to take the hard road or the easy road. It helps when things are a little easier when you are more fortunate than others but things have a way of evening out. This is what makes life complex and the fun part of it is that it can get very unpredictable. How you go about this journey will define you as a man. It isn’t who or what you are but what you have done that makes you. 

Life is about the Pursuit of HAPPINESS- Just how can we define happiness? Is it being satisfied   with our family or what we have in our garage? Is it our jobs or something else? Well, I think we can all say that humans are insatiable. Each one of us have the power to define and find our own sense of happiness. Sometimes we attain it, but believe me, happiness may well be another intangible that we may not even be aware we already have it. Is happiness and fulfillment reachable? Maybe or maybe not…but I am most definitely going to find out.



Life is about the years that we live; day by day, month by month and year by year. For better or ill, I want to see what else life has in store for the future. Let's make the most of it.
I wish you all a prosperous Life!!     


                          I leave you now with a song...

The Journey That is LIFE....

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December 28, 2009
Pak-man, your skills as a critic know no boundaries. I dabble in the "gray area" beyond the solid walls of critiquing tangible goods but it is write-ups like this that separate the men from the boys. Great work my man.
December 28, 2009
Thanks, Jason! It was hard to rate this data point; life is priceless but it does suck at times. I guess I was just thinking out loud when I wrote this one and I am just surprised with the reaction it received...
December 26, 2009
Congrats, you are getting Zhu Zhu for LIFE ;-) That sounds funny to me, LOL... Great piece of writing, as always :-)
December 26, 2009
ha-ha! Yes it does! I'm a grown man so what would I do with a Zhu Zhu? check this out to find out..
December 26, 2009
Give it a little TLC & get your life back on track, lol...
December 26, 2009
ha-hah! life is just so complex.
December 26, 2009
Ok, now I get it, you'll now have to give Debbie TLC instead ;-)
December 26, 2009
if only I can give zhu zhus away for the whole world... ;-)
December 26, 2009
Hey, not everyone is turn on by Zhu Zhu!
December 26, 2009
Will, just got back from a Christmas get-together and read your very beautiful write up. Well said, perhaps you are even better at reviewing intangible things than movies! :)
December 26, 2009
uh-oh this may become a habit. Thank you for the read, Anastasia!
December 26, 2009
Well put, Woo. What a lovely and thoughtful review, and perfect for this time of year when everyone's reflecting on 2009. I just read it out loud to some of my friends and they loved it, too. Thanks for sharing, and happy holidays to you and your loved ones! :)
December 26, 2009
To you too, Devora. wow! I didn't realize me pondering the past and the future would get this much reaction from folks. Really, you read this out loud? I hope your friends didn't think I was too serious and philosophical...I'm a nut ha-hah!. ;-P
December 26, 2009
Yup, I did indeed read it out loud to my friends. Wait till they hear your Santa or Count Orlok one! :P
December 27, 2009
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
December 30, 2009
most often I feel like a nut ;-P
December 24, 2009
Nice to see your writing about something different- more on a philosophical level. It shows your range and a broader more distinctive you. I like it and would like to see more of it.
December 24, 2009
Thank you! I'll see what I can do. Things like this usually just strike me from out of the blue. I'm glad you enjoyed the write up! Merry Christmas!
December 24, 2009
That's life, that's what all the people say. You're riding high in April, shot down in May---only the old farts are gonna get that one. Way too serious for me, Woop. You certainly can express yourself well. But who's trying to change you and make you write about other stuff?
December 24, 2009
Not so much as change me but Trashie expressed some interest on me writing stuff like this; and I noticed that the reviews in the site is mostly about movies, so I am trying to branch out and see what develops.
December 24, 2009
If it was Trashie, that's different. I thought maybe the staff... Most of the other reviews I see are about food and make-up and gadgets. And the occasional political thing. Lots of books too.
December 24, 2009
I'll ask Christy to review some make-up LOL!!
December 24, 2009
Good idea. He/she/they probably use a lot of it.
December 24, 2009
maybe I'll review my hair conditioner...LOL
December 27, 2009
That's getting into the true Lunch spirit!
December 29, 2009
December 23, 2009
Thoughtful...glad to see you mention the good and bad alike...because that really is life.
December 24, 2009
seen AVATAR yet?
December 24, 2009
I have not. I wanted to see it last week, but my son insisted first on The Road and then on Chipmunks. I feel cheated.
December 24, 2009
you should...your son wanted to see THE ROAD? Damn, smart kid. I dunno if oyu read my review, but AVATAR is pretty good.
December 24, 2009
I have not read your review yet. I try to avoid reading the content because spoilers are not always indicated in reviews. I did see your 4.5 star rating, which is the extent I normally go for a film I am planning to watch. Impressive rating. I also tend to look for the rating level only by those film reviewers I tend to agree with (or at least know put some thought into the rating). You are in that "elite" group for me, so your rating carries a lot of weight. I will have to remember to come back and read your review once I have seen the film! Thanks. I may go see it today, when my wife gets off work. Regarding The Road...my son is too smart for his own good. He actually enjoys good film and was not bored or frightened by this one. His movie taste is broader than mine, because he can watch The Road and turn right around and watch the Chipmunks Squeekel!
December 25, 2009
Your son has the makings of a cinema fan! Pretty soon, he'll be telling you what movies are good and bad. I intend to see THE ROAD as well. I like Mortensen. You're too kind, man, putting me in your "elite". Hey Merry Christmas! I'll be back to full reviewing mode after two days. Give me a holler when you drop a new review; there are about 12 people I follow religiously here now and you are one of them!
December 25, 2009
Glad you follow. My son gives me a star rating after every film. He is usually in the 4 to 5 star range...he is easy to please.
December 23, 2009
So each year the "coalition" decides on a theme of sorts for the new year. For example, a few years ago we all agreed 2007 was the year of no BS. You didn't take it nor did you dispense it. Another year was from the movie Steamboy and it was about going for it. Would you like to throw in a suggestion for the final year of the decade? e
December 23, 2009
How about 'change' through self-reflection? Sorry, this write up may not be for everyone; I guess I was just thinking out loud LOL!
December 23, 2009
Wow, that's an abstract data point. Might have to hand you an award for creativity on this one. I'm impressed!
December 23, 2009
Thanks! Folks have been asking me for some non-movie reviews so I guess I am opening up a little...this was really a hard one to rate; I love life but sometimes it does suck.
December 23, 2009
When are you going to review death as a companion piece? LOL!
December 23, 2009
after the holidays..I have one on existentialism that is almost ready. he-heh.
December 23, 2009
By the way, how does one review life when it's only half over? That's like reviewing sex before you've reached climax or reviewing food after you've smelled it but before you've eaten it.
December 23, 2009
It may not be over but life has thrown a lot of things at me ;-) I may be young, but I feel quite old because of my mileage LOL!
December 23, 2009
Life is like a dirt road, it's bumpy, leaves you scratched up, and dry in the mouth. Anyone want to buy us some drinks? LOL!
December 23, 2009
Hell, I need a drink or two myself...I guess I just wanted to think out loud since I just got done pondering this 'life' thing the past two weeks. LOL!
December 23, 2009
Any good advice for the kiddies reading this at home?
December 23, 2009
It's a little cliche, but once you get hit hard, get back up. Then you see your true colors and just who you are. Ok, shit, I'm getting too philosophical-Rocky Balboa here. so why do you hate waffles?
December 23, 2009
Why do you dig Japanese "Pink" films?
December 23, 2009
oi. I've opened a can of worms. LOL! I'll tell you if you tell me...
December 24, 2009
December 24, 2009
Some dude ate them up with a bottle of red wine and plate full of strawberries.
December 24, 2009
Yeah, but I was making an absurd joke.
December 24, 2009
oh, sorry. I saw Gump but my brain is a little frozen tonight LOL!
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In biology, the science that studies living organisms, "life" is the condition which distinguishes active organisms from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, functional activity and the continual change preceding death. A diverse array of living organisms (life forms) can be found in the biosphere on Earth, and properties common to these organisms—plants, animals, fungi, protists, archaea, and bacteria — are a carbon- and water-based cellular form with complex organization and heritable genetic information. Living organisms undergo metabolism, maintain homeostasis, possess a capacity to grow, respond to stimuli, reproduce and, through natural selection, adapt to their environment in successive generations. More complex living organisms can communicate through various means.

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