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Michael Savage

A nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host based in San Francisco.

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Too much wasted time!

  • Jan 15, 2010
Make no mistake about it.  Michael Savage is a conservative talk show host.  I count myself as a conservative as well.  Savage outspokenly opposes illegal immigration to the United States, supports the English-only movement and argues that Liberalism is degrading American cultureSavage believes that unless a nation is willing to control its borders, have a common language and encourage new legal immigrants to assimilate into the culture what you wind up with is a hopelessly splintered nation that ultimately cannot survive.  He squarely places the blame for what he considers to be the demise of this country on both political parties who for their own selfish reasons have failed to make the maintainance of  "borders, language and culture" a national priority.  I would concur.  In fact, I find myself in agreement with a good many of the positions that Michael Savage espouses.  But trying to listen to his radio show....well that's another matter altogether.

"The Savage Nation" is a daily talk show that originates from of all places San Francisco.  On the West Coast  the show airs during afternoon drive from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M.  Many stations in major markets on the East Coast and in the Midwest air the program "live" as part of their early evening lineup.  Evidently the program gets relatively good ratings but on the majority of evenings I find that the show is simply awful.  Michael Savage is certainly no dummy.   He holds master's degrees in medical botany and medical anthropology and he earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in nutritional ethnomedicine.  He is also a successful author.  In recent years he has written four fairly successful political books including "The Savage Nation", "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder""Psychological Nudity" and his latest "Banned in Britain".  Several years ago I did read "The Savage Nation" but came away duly unimpressed.  Anyway, I used to be a fairly regular listener to the program but find myself listening less and less these days.  Increasingly, I find that it is a very frustrating show to listen to.  Michael Savage has an extremely short attention span and as a result he often bables on incoherently for long stretches of time about the most inane topics.  It really is too bad because on those rare occasions when he is focused and on point he can be great to listen to.  I have largely moved on to other options on the radio dial.

Currently "The Savage Nation" is the 4th highest rated syndicated talk show in the country.  Michael Savage recently signed a new deal with the independent syndicator Talk Radio Network to keep the show going for at least another three years.  He appears to have a very loyal following but I am less and less willing to tune in because on far too many evenings I learn nothing new.   Sadly, I must conclude that "The Savage Nation" is for the most part a disappointment and is much too often a waste of very valuable air time. 
He babbles on and on about nonsense.....what a waste of precious air time! He babbles on and on about nonsense.....what a waste of precious air time! He babbles on and on about nonsense.....what a waste of precious air time! He babbles on and on about nonsense.....what a waste of precious air time!

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January 14
Thanks for sharing.
September 11, 2011
Berkeley of all places? Now I'm curious about his conservative conversion story! I think of pundits like Savage, Ann Coulter, Michael Moore, and Rachel Maddow as entertainers first and foremost. I'm a fan of Stewart and Colbert - maybe not your cup of tea since you're a conservative - but they at least know what they are.
December 07, 2010
Hmm. Well, I've only listened to Savage in passing, and I've read one of his books. Sorry, but I don't see him as all that much a true "conservative" though he certainly leans that way. To be honest, I wasn't all that impressed with his book, either, which read like a bloated vanity project. I tend to lean conservatively as well, but I guess it takes diff'rent strokes to rule the world.
January 28, 2010
I actually think this comment is a bit more appropriate here.

When you reviewed Keith Olbermann, you talked about how he was spewing a lot of hate filled speech, which to your credit, I agreed with.  What I actually don't understand is why you slammed Olbermann for doing that, but couldn't bring yourself to note that about Savage for doing the same thing, and he does it, in some cases, to a greater extent.  Savage has talked about how we should kill large groups of people at one point.  He proposed killing 100 million muslims so that there wouldn't be a billon of them.  He suggested that most autistic children are faking it and that they're just bad kids who need a man around the house to tell them to quit being an idiot.  He's also suggested that we kill people who are in this country illegally.  Not to mention he, for some odd reason, called a man who challenged him on his show a homosexual (Uh... I don't get it). 

I guess what I'm saying is that why is it that all that is worth ignoring when it comes to Michael Savage who also happens to do it on a nearly daily basis.  I guess what I'm saying is... why does he get a free pass on doing that?  Why is his -1 simply him "wasting air time talking about nonsense" when he's also engaged in some pretty big hate filled stuff?  I know that you agree with him on many things, but I don't actually think that makes the things Savage says to be worth ignoring.  It just seems like your ratings are based more so on whether or not you agree with said commentators rather than being based on what it is some of them are actually doing.  I can't imagine even Conservatives would totally ignore how Savage hijacked some of their beliefs and used them to suggest murder, genocide and in some cases, even suggest that it's totally okay to kill people who don't agree with you.  That to me seems far worse about Michael Savage than talking on air for 3 hours about nonsense.
January 16, 2010
Those who believe that America isn't a severly divided nation simply haven't been paying attention.
January 15, 2010
Diversity is wonderful but at the same time very expensive. Having to offer so many students ESL has bankrupted our schools. I have a buddy who works in NYC. He tells me that some ATM's offer 14 language options. Again, this increases costs. Everyone has to be willing to cooperate to some degree to make this country work. I fervently hope we can find common ground to make that happen.
January 15, 2010
Is air time that valuable? I mean, think of all the morons on TV and the radio. I have to assume it's not valuable at all....
January 15, 2010
Given his background, I'm surprised that he holds the views that he does.  I'm also surprised that he chooses to work in San Francisco.  I've never listened to his show or read his books, but I've heard some of the appalling things that he said and I can't believe that this guy is still on the air and as popular as he is.  Nice to read a review about him from someone who has listened to his show, so thanks for sharing, Paul!

By the way, some of the links in your review are dead links.  Feel free to let me know if you need a hand :)
January 15, 2010
Was never schooled properly in how to make those links work properly. Feels free to do whatever you like or let me know how to do it. Thanks
January 15, 2010
It's because of those apalling things that he says that people are listening.  In the early 1990's or the late 1980's (I forget which) a guy named Rush Limbaugh came on the radio and discovered that  if you say something inflammatory or offensive... people will listen.  Because if you get media attention for what you say then people will be curious as to who you are and pay attention.  It's an entertainment business more so than a news business.  And they have to keep listeners there for three hours usually.  Michael Savage probably doesn't even believe half the stuff he says, he's just doing it because it gets him ratings.  If he's not getting his ratings... he'll lose his job.
January 16, 2010
Hey Paul, to make those links work properly, you have to add each of those as a data point and then find the URL, and add it to your review. I helped you link all the links in this review, but please do let me know if you need a hand in the future! ;)
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Michael Savage is far right talk show host, broadcasting from San Francisco, and syndicated nationwide. He was born Michael Weiner, and lived most of his adult life as a closeted conservative in generally liberal circles. Weiner's father was a Russian-Jewish immigrant. A perpetual student through the 1960s and 70s, he collected four degrees: biology, anthropology, ethnobotany, and nutritional ethnomedicine. Before becoming Michael Savage, he authored more than a dozen books.

One of his books was a work of fiction called Vital Signs, in which the protagonist wrestles with his attraction to masculine beauty. "I choose to override my desires for men when they swell in me", Weiner wrote, "waiting out the passions like a storm, below decks." At one time, Weiner self-published his own zines featuring inflammatory pieces about gay sex at San Francisco bathhouses. He was apparently opposed to such things. But he was a friend of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, the very, very out gay author of Howl. In a 1970 letter to Ginsberg, someone signed Michael Weiner described a semi-erotic encounter he had had with another man in Fiji. Weiner says he did not write the letter, though the return address was in Honolulu, where Weiner resided at the time. Savage now describes his one-time friend Ginsberg as "latrine slime," and says that upon hearing of his death, "I clasped my hands together and prayed to God. I said, 'Thank you, God, for answering my prayers. One of ...

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