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Sarah Palin in running shoes

The cover picture of the November 23, 2009 Newsweek issue, featuring Sarah Palin

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Strangest Newsweek cover I've ever seen

  • Nov 20, 2009
It's kind of hard to give this a numerical rating because I'm not even sure what my opinion of it is.  it's very odd for so many reasons.

I was traveling yesterday and walked by this on the news stand 5 times and it kept distracting me, so i finally had to go buy the magazine.

Here are the things that jump out as VERY STRANGE:

1.  Caption: "how do you solve a problem like Sarah" - the double meaning of a) Sarah being the problem, or b) how Sarah solves problems had me wondering about this from the beginning.  I've later learned (from reading the article and from some friends telling me that there is a Sound of Music song about a problem child named Maria that this is an obvious pun from) that the former choice above is the accurate one.

2.  Running shoes? And shorts? - the caption says that the photo comes from a Runner's World photo taken in June.  But that actually raises more questions than it answers... like ... why put an old photo from another magazine on the cover?

3.  Two blackberries - i don't get it at all?  Why a blackberry... and why 2?

4.  American flag over the chair - and she's leaning on it.  i know it's a far cry from burning the flag, but as a self proclaimed maverick and patriot, I'm shocked she would agree to be photographed with the American flag haphazardly thrown over a bar stool like an old sweat shirt.

5.  Shag carpet - just had to point it out... she's wearing running shoes on shag carpet.  Odd.

Please feel free to weigh in on any other oddities about this photo... this is kind of like the kids game... which one doesn't belong.  Enjoy!!
Strangest Newsweek cover I've ever seen

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September 29, 2010
When you pointed out all those difficulties of the cover it really does make it odd. Surface seems okay but then it gets odd as you peel away.
January 13, 2010
She has to look after McCain's Blackberry since the old man keeps trying to beat the demons out of it. This truly is a strange picture, not least because the photographic quality is just lousy. Still, as one guy said to me a while back "I'd rather be Nailin' Palin than Ridin' Biden." Yep.
December 03, 2009
I have to say, this cover is pretty ridiculous, but how about the cover from October of last year? Super upclose and personal! (http://youthinkwhat.com/a/wp-content/uploads...-newsweek-oct132008.jpg) is Newsweek trying to redeem themselves by showing off Sarah's better assets and not her upper lip fuzz?
November 25, 2009
Oh, please. A snap like this on a major mag just gives snarky narcissists (sp?) & talking heads everywhere something to moan about. Everyone keeps dissecting Sarah while giving Newsweek mostly a free pass. In short, I'm a runner, & I take no offense from it. Great gams, too. Not mine, but hers. Interestingly enough, I'm reading her bio on my lunch hour, and I actually had a person suffering Palinphobia -- a complete stranger -- ask me why I was wasting brain cells on "a book like that." ME: A book like what? STRANGER: A book like that! About Sarah! Sarah Palin! ME: Well, did you know it was about Sarah by the picture on the cover ... b/c, with such an inquiring mind like that, I'm guessing you don't read many books. STRANGER: What?! Why, you sovuva -- ... and the lunchroom descends into general chaos as two grown men duke it out for dear life. Just kidding. I ignored his comment, but I was surprised how little boundaries the Sarah-haters have. I guess speech is free so long as it isn't hers. Or mine. Sad commentary on the world, really.
November 21, 2009
Great Review! I also saw this issue in an airport and thought the cover was bizarre....but I did not realize just how strange it was until I read your review. Yeah...two blackberries and shorts? Very strange.
November 20, 2009
This is so funny. Awesome review. However..I have to give credit where credit is due - I hate Sarah but I CERTAINLY I hope I look that great at her age! :) I guess cruel Alaskan hunts (and I guess..uh...running...) really do wonders for the physique.
November 20, 2009
Very funny review, J.R.! What I want to know is did she choose the cheerleader pose herself or was it the photographer's idea? LOL!

You bring up a very good point about the rating system on the site. Would it be possible to allow reviews that wouldn't require an actual rating? For example, someone might want to review a historical event such as Pearl Harbor or the September 11th attacks. Initially, you'd want to give these a lower rating since they were horrible events, however by giving it a lower rating almost implies that it is of lesser social or political significance, which certainly isn't the case. So how does one rate something that may be of great importance yet unpleasant? Any ideas?
November 20, 2009
This falls into the general problem of context. Depending on the context your rating of any data point can vary greatly. We are working on allowing for more contextual ratings... Stay tuned... This is not a simple thing to fix actually.
November 20, 2009
I'd imagine not. The only idea I could come up with was to offer the option of a neutral or 0 rating that would allow reviewers to weigh the pros and cons of a data point without either liking or disliking it. Very tricky to do. I wish you good luck. ; )
November 21, 2009
I think it would depend as to where your actual write up was coming from. Example if you see Pearl Harbor as a horrendous, traitorous attack then it is definitely a negative but if you write it up as a political significance, then it is obviously a posititve. It would be tricky to approach this kind of topic.
November 20, 2009
This is a case of a picture tells a thousand words or more. As for if those words are positive or negative, it's subjective. The "problem" if there is one lies more with Newsweek although being a political & public figure, she's subjecting herself to lots of speculations. If she has been an actress, she would have generated lots of talks and opinions & that keeps her in the mind of people. I'd have thought for Newsweek, anything that sells the magazine is good for it. The fact that it bothered you to the extent you even bought a copy, I'd have reckon it's a successful tactics for Newsweek ;-) AND to the extent that a review was even been put up on Lunch, that's a double success. So, Newsweek sells... be it a good cover or not, it's a controversial one. Controversies are what medias are all about & it seems to me if there is nothing else, keeping oneself fresh in the mind of the public is what most politics is about! :-)
November 20, 2009
I like that *most* of the comments have ignored her politics and just looked at this specific "issue".  I find partisan bickering pointless.  If you like the person's politics, you'll defend stuff like this.  If you dislike the person's politics, you'll attack.  

That being said, I think all parties involved could have done better. Sarah Palin should not have taken this photo even for a running magazine. It's just a bad P.R. move.  I have to wonder about the caliber of people around her that let this stuff happen.  Really, I think it would have been equally strange in "Runner's World"

Newsweek should really consider if they are reporting news or trying to create it.  Is it really appropriate to take an image created for a specific purpose and use it in this way?  Horrific "journalism".
November 20, 2009
well said! I agree with what I believe is the main point, "Horrific "journalism".
November 20, 2009
7. Is that a political statement to be wearing Asics? A Japanese brand? I feel like is the new "Where's Waldo!".
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review by . November 20, 2009
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I saw this cover and her book out this week and I am saying to myself that this is really the Sarah Palin "celebrity" personna and not the Sarah Palin "politician" that is going to lead this country back into prosperity.  I have watched her on Oprah and Hannity this week and I see someone that could probably be a super successful host who is a lot more entertaining than Hannity.  I see nothing this week of the person who could be that fresh new politician that is going …
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this cover what just so strange that i had to put in the "that's beat" community.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
Glad I unsubscribed from Newsweek. Don't recall Newsweek ever having a male political figure in jogging attire. I think this is sexist.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
It's really just the overly tanned legs that get to me, though the rest of the photo *is* bizarre.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
Sarah Palin on NewsWeek. Strangest photo ever?? Could be. here's my take:
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
This photo didn't really bother me... I'm not sure what all the hype was? It's not like she was holding an assault rifle.
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