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Sarah Palin in running shoes

The cover picture of the November 23, 2009 Newsweek issue, featuring Sarah Palin

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Does She Want to Be a Talk Show Celebrity or a Serious Politician?

  • Nov 20, 2009
I saw this cover and her book out this week and I am saying to myself that this is really the Sarah Palin "celebrity" personna and not the Sarah Palin "politician" that is going to lead this country back into prosperity.  I have watched her on Oprah and Hannity this week and I see someone that could probably be a super successful host who is a lot more entertaining than Hannity.  I see nothing this week of the person who could be that fresh new politician that is going to institute changes in Washington and get a lot of new ideas through.

One thing that did come through and this was on Hannity is that Palin has a lot of unique experience dealing with energy issues (a key topic affecting our nation) and dealing with powerful people in politics that did not like her because of her being a woman, her lack of experience, her different and sometimes crude approach to things, or a combination of all the above.

I think that she has a lot of potential even given all the negative things she had put out there through dumb remarks and bad choices.  Over time those mistakes can be forgiven (Joe Biden's plagerism).  What I think she needs to do is make a serious decision on what she wants.  She can cash in on her celebrity now and easy become a much more interesting host than what Foxnews has now (Sean is painfully boring and annoying to watch most of the time).  This would alleviate those financial problems she was complaining about from her legal costs.

Her other option is to try to groom herself as a politician.  I do not think the route she has taken so far will serve her in this regard.  I think she needs to take the Hilary Clinton approach.  That is relocate to a major state and run for office there.  This will help her to polish her image and make people forget some of her crude faux pas' of the past.  She will also get a bigger insight as to what goes on in Washington and be in a much better position to bring her unique experiences to a larger stage.

Regardless of what she decides and whether you hate her or like her, I do not think she will go away anytime soon.  With the right choices she can be very successful.  With the bad choices she will remain a caricature that is interesting and fun but not taken seriously.

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November 20, 2009
I never really thought about it, but I agree with you.  I can, and would much rather, see Sarah Palin as a pundit of sorts, like an Ann Coulter character, than a politician.  Thanks for weighing in on this!  It's hard to believe she could have possibly been VP of the U.S.
November 20, 2009
Being VP wouldn't have been a problem as long as McCain didn't get ill or worse. Having the job though might have ensured that she would be a president someday.
January 11, 2010
Did you hear the news today?  Premonition? :P  By the way, I was wondering if you would like me to move your review over to the Sarah Palin data point.  It would fit well over there and might get more exposure!
January 12, 2010
I did hear something about her moving to FOXNews? If you think it would be better in that data point then by all means.
November 20, 2009
I agree with much of what you are saying, but that holds true for all our public officials. For instance our current president, can anyone truly say he is more political leader than celebrity. I have yet to see anyone besides FOX, hold Barrack's feet to the fire, on unemployment promises, stimulus failure, tax increases, lack of any decision making on the wars. What was his experience level before Senator and President, accomplishments on the board of education in Chicago and community organizer? Take a look at those massive failures, what was his experience before taking office. The problem is that the masses don't want to be involved in critical thought, they vote as though this is a reality television show, and for the most part it is, our politicians are celebrity. The media slants and paints a foolish picture of her and there we have it she is a clown, no need for the masses to dig any deeper. The media decides she is awesome and poof she is awesome. I applaud her for NOT taking the Hillary road, I don't need a botox filled celebrity politician. I want a leader in office and in politics. Before you go crazy about that comment know I am not naive enough to believe what any of these people tell me.  But all in all I like the fact that she stands up for what she believes, that she also fought back against MCcain's people when they pushed her and that she calls things the way they are.  Newsweek had no idea what they were getting into when they put her picture on the cover.  But as I said on the other review about this cover....it nice to see a new face other than Barrack or Pelosi on a magazine. 
November 20, 2009
You make a lot of great points. Maybe you could expand your response a little bit and post it as a review? I agree with your comments about Obama and thought that when SNL did that skit about him doing "nothing" since he took office it would light a fire under him. I guess Tina Fey was a lot more effective that the guy that does Obama. The reason I think Palin should try in a big state is that she can erase the "hick" mentality that she was portrayed as having and what re-inforced by Tina Fey's takeoff.
November 20, 2009
Thanks. Yeah the hick thing gets me, you know I have lived in L.A., NYC, Vegas, Long Island, FL and currently in Texas. It is funny how people are portrayed, that hole redneck shotgun chick thing they labeled her with because she hunts and enjoys outdoor sports. The media outlets want everyone to believe if it does not walk like a Clooney, look like a Jolie and talk like Winfrey then it is just backwards. They are out of touch with the taxpayers. I don't want to look like I work at TMZ (funny show by the way).  I don't want to wear skinny jeans, extra tight affliction Tees and worry about my eyebrows. I want to raise my family in safety with out Uncle Sam's help and give to my community as a Christian. But say something like that and they will paint me as a selfish intolerant redneck from Texas, even though I am from Iraq.  Keep the reviews coming man. 
November 20, 2009
Thanks to you too! And I would love to see you more active on this blog because you bring excellent perspectives on what you do write.
November 20, 2009
Excellent review. I suspect Sarah Palin is not quite sure herself which direction she is heading in. She could do either. I think she definitely merits watching and could actually be a thread to win in a 3 person Presidential race in 2012. Of course, she would be running as an Independent. Remember that Ross Perot had a big lead in the summer of '92 against an incumbant President and Bill Clinton. It's far-fetched but it could happen!
November 20, 2009
You did write that in your own review of her. I really don't think anyone can win the race as an Independent for 2012. Maybe if the party starts gaining more followers, it could be possible for 2016.
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review by . November 20, 2009
posted in That's Beat
Strangest Newsweek cover I've ever seen
It's kind of hard to give this a numerical rating because I'm not even sure what my opinion of it is.  it's very odd for so many reasons.      I was traveling yesterday and walked by this on the news stand 5 times and it kept distracting me, so i finally had to go buy the magazine.      Here are the things that jump out as VERY STRANGE:      1.  Caption: "how do you solve a problem like Sarah" - the double meaning …
Quick Tip by . March 31, 2010
posted in That's Beat
this cover what just so strange that i had to put in the "that's beat" community.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
Glad I unsubscribed from Newsweek. Don't recall Newsweek ever having a male political figure in jogging attire. I think this is sexist.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
It's really just the overly tanned legs that get to me, though the rest of the photo *is* bizarre.
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
Sarah Palin on NewsWeek. Strangest photo ever?? Could be. here's my take:
Quick Tip by . November 20, 2009
This photo didn't really bother me... I'm not sure what all the hype was? It's not like she was holding an assault rifle.
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