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Japanese film directed by Noboru Iguchi

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A Tale of Sisterly "What The EFF?!" Moments in PINK-Violent Doses!

  • Dec 1, 2010

Let’s get a few things straight; if you’re the type of movie watcher who likes to see boatloads of blood and enjoys outrageous scenes that make you say “what the $H!+ was that?!” then writer/director Noboru Iguchi’s “ROBOGEISHA” may just be for you. He and his partner in gore-tacular flicks Yoshihiro Nishimura have given Japanese cult movie fans the fantastic pink violent films “Tokyo Gore Police” and “Machine Girl” and now they are poised to give their fans more reason to rejoice. The film is silly, goofy and those factors make the film quite entertaining albeit in a bizarre kind of way. If you’re the type who likes taking their movies seriously, then you’re better off watching something else.

Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) and Kikuyakko (Hitomi Hasebe) are to sisters who have a love-hate relationship. Kikuyakko appears to be the more fortunate one as she is the money-making geisha who always picks on her sister Yoshie who is a mere servant. One day, when a rich young man, Kageno (Takumi Saito) who is also the son of the owner of a Steel plant, becomes taken by Yoshie’s simplicity, and finds an inner strength within her. You know that this isn’t a love triangle and Kageno’s intentions prove less than honorable. Yoshie is supposed to be trained to be part of a geisha hit squad, leaving her sister the servant this time. But sibling rivalry prove too much to be contained and the two sisters continue to try to out do the other through murder, body modifications that soon turns them into….ROBOGEISHAS!! But seems like Japan is about to be become the target of an evil conspiracy and Yoshie must fight for the protection of Japan’s citizenry…even against her beloved sister.



“Robogeisha” is a tale of sibling rivalry, butt-swords, armpit blades, napalm hair, boob machine guns, shurikens from the ass and geishas that can change their shape at will. Actually, I’d love to go drinking with director Iguchi and effects director/choreographer Nishimura so I could suggest more outrageously bizarre ideas; seems like this was the way the two always get their ideas for a film, alcohol and fun. This film is not to be taken seriously, the film was intended to be silly, bizarre and definitely odd. Those Japanese cinema fans who love their trash cinema would be impressed with the amount of stuff the two have “thrown up” (you’ll have to see the film to understand this joke) in this latest film. The film also has a lot of energy and forward momentum going for it; the pacing is brisk except for some parts when the drama develops the two sisters' charcterizations. There is also a surprising twist in the last act of the film.  


Yes, the film’s effects is cheap, fake-looking and goofy, but it is what it had originally intended. “Robogeisha” provokes a reaction from viewers, whether it is a more positive one or a negative reaction, the filmmakers don’t seem to care. Their intentions are to commit those insane ideas to the screen and have fun doing it. This time around, “Robogeisha” is much more cartoonish and whackier than “Machine Girl” (that film had some insanely dark moments that had some tonal shifts), this film allows the silly comedy to take over. This film is bloody but not as insanely gory as Iguchi’s other movies; the film extracts laughs and intentional moans as a guilty measure. There are some sexy scenes but it was made to be more funny than sensual (c’mon, panties show humorously during a kick?!) and the tone of the film feels more consistent than their earlier movies. The action scenes are silly as ever, but the shots were more refined on some scenes moreso than others. The action does have that slight anime influence, complete with cool posturing, freeze frames and slight use of slo-mo.



One complaint I have would be the film is not as GORE-RIFFIC as the previous films, and the blood and violence seems a little toned down. The film feels more polished and definitely more commercial; this may be a positive for newer fans but honestly, it may alienate their loyal fans. I am not sure I feel that I prefer a more ‘cult’ feel since honestly, a film like this won’t really be appreciated by mainstream viewers. The film does have its moments of oddities as when a giant castle-robot chops a building and the whole building becomes a geyser of blood (?) (now if bleeding buildings doesn‘t make you laugh then I don‘t know what will). Yes, the film still has a lot of blood to spare, some are in CGI while some are the traditional red ink; I just loved old fashioned special effects in this type of movies and “Robogeisha” has enough nostalgia going for it to keep me happy.

The performances are sub-par, but really, you don’t come to see a movie such as this to see excellent acting; you come for the gore and the blood splatters. However, I thought the two actresses did a good job in doing the outrageously goofy things they were supposed to do in the film (enter butt swordfight) . What I do enjoy with these Japanese gore flicks such as “Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl” is the fact that they get these gorgeous bikini models (like Aya Kiguchi) get down and gory; while ignoring all the blah around the silly scenes. The film does have some bits of melodrama but it was kept at a minimum and was just a prelude to a climactic encounter of…you guessed it, more blood.

I suppose “Robogeisha” isn’t the best movie of its kind, but hey, I’ll take it. I had enough “What the heck?!” moments that I almost felt like a baloney sandwich. It is a display of what Japanese trash and shock-tacular cinema is all about. Iguchi and Nishimura came through with a cult film that had enough laughs, body modifications and loads of blood to satisfy their fans. The film does slow down a bit when it got to the canned melodrama, but it is still worth a look see to witness its insane last act. It is a hoot!…

Go, go Robogeisha-PUNCH!!! Tan-tan-tan-TTAAANANNNNN….!!

Recommended! [3 ½ Out of 5 Stars]


3 ½ Stars: A Tale of Sisterly 3 ½ Stars: A Tale of Sisterly 3 ½ Stars: A Tale of Sisterly 3 ½ Stars: A Tale of Sisterly

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December 07, 2010
Hah, omg this looks absolutely CRAZY and out of this world.
December 08, 2010
ha ha! glad you enjoyed the review, I pride myself in finding the obscure Asian stuff.
If you think this is weird, check this one out: Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl--very weird!

Thanks for the read, my friend! 
December 04, 2010
Did Trashie review this earlier? It all sounds very familiar--and this isn't the type of thing you see every day!
December 04, 2010
I haven't been to his ammie profile lately--I know he reviewed Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl before I did, I just recently dropped that one too right here.. You know us two, we have a weakeness for the bizarre. How have you been, Karen? getting better I hope....
December 04, 2010
A little. It's the white walls in here. Sometimes I feel like I've been institutionalized. I want to paint everything Bollywood colors, but can't get the okay. Shit, right now I'd be happy to paint them beige!
December 04, 2010
wow! your walls are white. My, you'd better hang some paintings. My place has black and white motifs and walls, not bad but I need to hang stuff to liven it up.
December 04, 2010
as for B-wood colors....can I come over? ;)
December 05, 2010
I've got a lot of movie posters up, mostly foreign, but there's still so much white! If I ever got the go-ahead to paint I'd be glad to have you over to help with the 8 coats of red, orange, cobalt and electric blues, and apple green, and red purple. I've got lots of rooms for a condo.
December 07, 2010
Ok, make some rice and I'll be over to paint LOL!
December 07, 2010
You good for next Saturday?
December 07, 2010
Sure! I'll bring Cronos over to watch...then we won't have any work done LOL!
December 07, 2010
That would defeat the whole purpose.
December 03, 2010
all i can say is WHOA!! lmao
December 03, 2010
ha-hah! glad you dug it, Keith! more on the way...LOL!
December 06, 2010
lol Im serious pakman I'm all over this flick, Ive gotta see this one. Thanks for letting me know about it. Great review man cause I dont think I would know about these types of movies without you so thanks
December 02, 2010
Another unique review as always. Nicely written. Probably won't see this one. :-P
December 02, 2010
Thanks for the read, Adri! My reviews of this type of movies wil never get a lot of hits but I really like sharing the obscure even bizarre gems!
December 02, 2010
lol, and we love reading them! Nothing wrong with writing an obscure piece. I have some of those floating around myself. :)
December 02, 2010
Aerin wants some armpit blades...napalm hair and boob guns for Christmas now :)
December 07, 2010
LOL! I think I could only deliver one of the 3. Since losing my diamond, we're really tight for cash. *cries* Who knows when we will be able to replace it!?!?
December 07, 2010
Yup...been feeling miserable about it. I lost it on Friday. The setting was bent and it slipped out when we were about town. It's lost somewhere in old town Eureka. We've looked a lot...don't think we will ever find it...I'm trying to stay as hopeful as possible.
December 07, 2010
geez....sorry Adri. :(
December 07, 2010
Yeah, you're telling me...I've been so down about it... :(
December 01, 2010
Man this seems like a great flick WP, I must get it. ""Robogeisha" is a tale of sibling rivalry, butt-swords, armpit blades, napalm hair, boob machine guns, shurikens from the ass and geishas that can change their shape at will. Actually, I'd love to go drinking with director Iguchi and effects director/choreographer Nishimura so I could suggest more outrageously bizarre ideas; seems like this was the way the two always get their ideas for a film, alcohol and fun." - WP you are the best at this, that right there proves it.
December 01, 2010
LOL! glad you liked the review, Alex! Seriously, have you seen Aragami and 2LDK?...they got the idea for that concept while they were drunk. I seriously would love to go drinking with these directors ;)
December 01, 2010
Whose idea was this? It looks outrageous. LOL! Just in the pictures there are spoofs of about six sci-fi / action films.
December 01, 2010
I know this movie was silly, goofy and real fun. I think the directors and writers go drinking when they write these scripts LOL! That's how they got the idea for the DUEL PROJECT: Aragami and 2LDK after all. Movies to be shot in only 7 days.
December 02, 2010
you'd better check out Aerin's funny comments LOL!
December 01, 2010
Well Woo my man, what can I say -- terrific review again, and you just might get me interested in Asian films yet!! I love reading your stuff!!
December 01, 2010
wow! you are so quick to get to this review, Brenda! I did first get into reviewing to promote Asian cinema the right way. Thank you very much!
December 02, 2010
Ok, Aerin wants some armpit blades for Christmas, what do you prefer? ;)
December 03, 2010
I could probably get more use out of the boobie guns...ready, aim, fire!!
December 04, 2010
me and Aerin are at it again... ;)
December 06, 2010
now that is a comeback! LOL!
December 06, 2010
LOL Aerin -- I'll just paint 'em with that no-rust outdoor paint to prevent the corrosion! Pretty new colors all the time for variety LOL
December 06, 2010
well, asian cinema fans are as whacked out as I am! toe-sies rule! >I=
December 06, 2010
You may not be helping the Asian cinema a whole lot, but you're helping me with some cool evil ideas! LOL Boob-ies rule!! HA!!
April 05, 2012
Oh, Brenda...if you had fun with this review's outrageous descriptions, then you may like this one.
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