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Survivor Nicaragua - Episode 12

The Twelfth Episode Of Survivor Nicaragua

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"We're Just Turning The Clock Right Now...Turning The Clock"--Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12

  • Dec 15, 2010
  • by
This season of Survivor rolls right along with this newest episode. The end of the game is near and the remaining players are battling it out amongst themselves to see who will be the last person standing. Earlier in the game, an alliance of five people (Sash, Brenda, Naonka, Purple Kelly, and Chase) seemed to be calling all the shots. It seemed almost certain that these five individuals would be the last five contestants left in the game. However, certain events in the past couple of episodes have changed all of that. Holly and Jane decided to go after the core five alliance and they succeeded in this effort by getting enough people together to vote out Brenda in Episode 10. Then in the very next episode, the core alliance of five was weakened even more when two of its members (Naonka and Purple Kelly) decided to quit the game. Now Sash and Chase are the only members of that core alliance still alive. Will they be the next two people to be voted out or will they find a way to make up for their misfortune? We'll find out the answer to this question and more as we review Episode 12 of Survivor Nicaragua.

Sash-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12The episode begins with the Libertad tribe returning home from Jeff Probst's very special "emergency" tribal council last episode where Naonka and Purple Kelly quit the game. The remaining tribe members are not too happy about Naonka and Purple Kelly's decision to walk out. Holly says that she's mad at the two quitters because they're dry now while the rest of the tribe is stuck out in the rain. Benry also shows his anger toward the two quitters by saying that he's naming the chicken that they have "Kelly-Nay" after the two girls because they're both "chicken" (Get it? They're scared, they quit, so they're "chicken". Get it? Yeah, Benry. Good one (rolls eyes). Don't become a comedian anytime soon, lol). People need to lay off Naonka and Purple Kelly. It's stupid for the tribe to be this upset over them leaving. Now that they're gone, everyone left has a better chance of winning the game, so if anything, everyone should be ecstatic that they're not there anymore. So why all the hostility? It makes no sense to me. Anyway, Sash says in a confessional that the two girls leaving puts him in a bad spot (and I agree with Sash on this. I don't understand why everyone else is so mad over it, but I can understand why Sash is upset since he just lost his two closest allies in the game). Sash says that he is now in between two major alliances in the game (Holly and Jane vs. Benry, Fabio and Dan) and he has to choose which one he wants to go with. Sash concludes by saying that he feels the odds are in his favor, but getting to the end will be harder than he initially thought. I agree with Sash here. He's lost his entire alliance pretty much and now, things will be tricky for him from this point onward. But let's not forget that Sash has a hidden idol, so that might help him here as well. Now that Sash is a loner, has his time in the game come to an end? We'll find out Sash's fate later on.

Sash and Chase-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12The next day, Sash decides to have a private chat with Chase, Benry, and Fabio. Sash tells the boys that he will give up his hidden immunity idol at the next tribal council so that it'll be up for grabs and people will stop considering him a threat. The boys thank Sash for this gesture of his (although whether or not he will actually follow through with this promise is very much up in the air).Later, Sash and Chase talk alone by themselves. Chase tells Sash that he's playing the game with people that he trusts and he feels that it's in both of their interests to align themselves with the women (Holly and Jane) and go to the end of the game with them. Sash tells Chase that he trusts the women too and he also thinks it's a good idea to join with them. Next, Chase tells Sash that he will take either him or Holly on the next reward if he wins another reward challenge. Chase's reasoning for this is that Holly and Sash are the two people in the tribe who have gone the longest without enjoying a reward, so Chase feels that it's only fair that one of them should be the next one to enjoy themselves. Sash likes this idea and he also promises Chase that he will take him on the next reward should he win. Both Chase and Sash shake hands and promise to take each other on the next reward without question. Okay, it's very obvious that if the editors are taking the time to show us this exchange followed by a handshake, it means that one of these two is going to break their word on this promise sooner rather than later, lol. But the question is who will it be? Regardless of who it is, I will admit that it is nice to see the last two remaining members of the dominant five alliance working together here. They both seem like nice, decent guys who just want to help each other. But you have to remember that this is Survivor and nothing is ever that simple, lol. One of these two will screw over the other one. It's only a matter of time. Let's get to the reward challenge in order to see this screwjob take full effect.

Reward Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12We have now arrived at this week's reward challenge. Here, the contestants will relive challenges that they've done earlier in the season. This competition will happen in three parts and the contestant who wins all three parts will win the reward, which is a trip to a private resort, a great meal, and a hot shower (sounds pretty nice). The first part is a rehash from Episode 2's immunity challenge where each contestant must plow through mud, find a ball in a huge stack of hay, and then bounce the ball off a shield onto a barrel. The first four contestants who do this will move on to the next round which is a rehash of the immunity challenges from Episodes 3 and 9. The four contestants must retrieve a set of keys using a stick, use the keys to open up a chest containing four bags and then throw those bags on top of a barrel. The first two contestants to do this will move on to the final round which is a rehash of Episode 6's reward challenge. The two finalists must use paddles to dig up three rings from the sand and then throw those rings onto three hooks. The first contestant to do this will win the reward for this episode. Sounds like a fun challenge, so let's get right down to it. Chase, Holly, Benry, and Jane advance to the second round. Chase and Benry prevail and move on to the final round. After it's all said and done, Chase is victorious and ends up winning the reward. Now Jeff will allow Chase to take two people with him on this reward. The two people that Chase chooses to go on the reward with him are Holly and.......Jane. Oops. Chase completely broke his word to Sash here. Chase shook Sash's hand and promised him that he would take him on the next reward, but now, that's not going to happen. How does Sash feel about this betrayal? Will Chase regret what he's done here by turning his back on Sash? Let's find out.

Sash, Dan, Fabio, and Benry-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12The people that did not get to go on the reward head back to camp. Sash says in a confessional that it was a risky and incredibly stupid move for Chase to not take him on the reward because now, he can align himself with the guys (Benry, Fabio, and Dan) and vote Chase off if he wants to. Later, Sash speaks with the three guys and he says that he knows it's 3 against 3 right now (Chase, Holly, and Jane vs. Benry, Fabio, and Dan) and that he (Sash) is the middle man. Sash says that he's willing to talk to the three guys about possibly joining their alliance. Dan tells Sash that he should join their alliance, but Sash responds by saying that if he does join, he'll only be the fourth and most expendable person in the group. So while Sash is still considering joining the boys' alliances, he's considering other options as well. Dan then says that this must mean that Sash is really with the girls and once Sash hears this, he starts to kind of stutter and stammer his words nervously. Dan then concludes this statement by saying in a confessional that he doesn't trust Sash because of the way he betrayed both Brenda and Marty earlier in the game. But Dan then says he may have no choice but to work with Sash since it might help get the numbers on his side. I have to admit, Dan was very perceptive of Sash here. Sash is a very slick talker, but Dan seems to be able to see through his lies pretty well. Sash seems to be aligned with the women now, but that could all change and if Sash does decide to join the guys, Dan might be in the driver's seat for the first time this game. Let's keep an eye on Sash and see what he does later on.

Reward-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12Now let's join Chase, Holly, and Jane as they enjoy their reward. The three contestants enjoy a nice dinner outdoors to start things off. Then they go into a tiki hut and take a shower in order to cool off. While this is going on, Chase pulls Holly off to the side so that he can speak with her privately. Chase tells Holly that he made a huge mistake when he decided to not take Sash on this reward. Chase is now worried that Sash is back at camp plotting with the three guys and that all four of them will gang up and take Chase out of the game. Holly agrees with this assessment and she argues that they need to talk with Sash once again when they get back to camp in order to make sure that he is on their side. Chase spelled it out perfectly here. Not taking Sash to the reward could backfire on him tremendously. Plus, Chase went out of his way to make this promise with Sash that he would take him on the next reward and now, Sash might have some hurt feelings over what Chase did. If I were Chase, I'd be very worried right now. Chase's time in the game may be coming to a close this episode. Will Chase be the next person voted out? Stay tuned and we'll find out.

Sash, Chase, Holly, and Benry-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12When Chase, Holly, and Jane return to camp the next day, a few interesting things happen. First of all, Jane discovers that the chicken named "Kelly-Nay" has been eaten by the other contestants. Jane is not happy at all about this, so she decides to build a little grave in memory of the chicken. Hmmm...Jane is a major animal lover, I guess. I don't really get what Jane did here, but to each his or her own, I suppose. Later, Chase meets up with Holly and Jane again to discuss what they should do with Sash. All three of them decide that they will tell Sash that he'll be in the final three with Chase and Holly and that they'll dump Jane at final four. They hope that by telling Sash this lie, he will be more likely to align himself with them and not with the boys. Eventually, Sash and Chase talk privately. Chase apologizes to Sash for not taking him on the reward and then tells him that he'll be in final three. Holly comes along later and reconfirms Chase's story to Sash. Sash feels pretty comfortable now with this deal. Next, Chase, Holly, and Sash discuss voting out Benry next, but then Benry sneaks up on them and joins the conversation. They quickly change the topic to voting out Fabio instead in order to fool Benry. Benry buys into this lie and then he says that he is perfectly willing to vote out his friend Fabio if he has to. Benry says that he'd rather not vote out his friend, but Benry only cares about surviving every tribal council and he'll do whatever he can in order to make that happen. Benry has played a good game so far. He has laid low and stayed in the background as much as possible. But Chase, Sash, and the girls are coming after him and Benry doesn't even know it. Will Benry survive this round or are his days in this game numbered? We shall find out Benry's fate in just a bit.

Immunity Challenge-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12It's now time for this week's immunity challenge. This challenge will be done in two parts. For the first part, the contestants will be tied to a hitching rail with rope. When Jeff says "Go!", each contestant will try to untangle him or herself from the hitching rail by going over and under the rail in an attempt to loosen up the rope. Once a contestant thinks that they have enough slack on their rope, they must run to a bag of coins located on the other side of the beach. If a contestant doesn't have enough slack on their rope when they try to run to the coins, that contestant must go back to the rail and try to untangle themselves again. The first three contestants to reach their bag of coins will move on to the second and final part. In the second part, the three finalists must take their coins out of the bag and rearrange them to form a puzzle. The first contestant that forms the puzzle completely will win immunity and be safe at the next tribal council. The other contestants that don't win this challenge will be eligible to be eliminated. This sounds like an interesting game, so let's get right to it. Fabio, Sash, and Benry win the first part and move onto the final round. After it's all said and done, Sash completes the coin puzzle first and wins immunity. Sash is looking pretty good right now. He has won individual immunity. He still has his own hidden immunity idol, and he seems to be the swing vote heading into the next tribal council. Things seem to be going Sash's way at the moment, so he should be pretty happy right about now, lol. The others, however, are not as lucky and one of them will be leaving the game next. I liked this challenge. The coin puzzle looked to be pretty difficult. Jeff mentioned in his blog that it took the contestants a very long time to complete that puzzle ( much longer than how quick they made it look on tv). I'm not suprised. It did seem like a hard challenge. Oh well. It was an ok competition. Not the worst challenge, but not the best one either.

Benry and Fabio-Survivor Nicaragua Episode 12The tribe returns back to camp and as usual, discussion begins as to who will be the next person voted off. Sash says that he's only been giving 70% to 80% in all of the challenges while Benry and Fabio have been giving 100%. Their determination in these challenges makes them both a physical threat and that's why one of them has to be the next person to go home in Sash's opinion. Meanwhile, Fabio is a little concerned about his place in the game now, but he decides to lay back and not make any waves right now. Fabio feels that the more he stays quiet, the better his odds will be of making it to the next round. Later, Dan asks Chase who is being voted off next and Chase tells him that Fabio is the next to go. Dan then asks Chase what will they tell Fabio and he says that he'll tell him that Jane is going next, but Benry intervenes and says that it's best to tell Fabio that Holly's going next because he'll be more likely to believe it (Benry believes that due to Chase and Jane being so close, Fabio won't believe that Chase would turn on Jane, so that's why Benry feels that telling Fabio that Holly will go home next is more believable).Benry then talks with Fabio privately and feeds him the lie that everyone has agreed to vote off Holly. Fabio buys this lie hook, line, and sinker. Fabio is more than happy to vote Holly out of the game. Finally, Jane and Sash talk privately right before tribal council. Sash really smooth talks Jane here. He says that Jane is like a second mom to him and that he will always have her back (Sash is somewhat lying here, but he is a pretty slick talker, I'll give him that). Meanwhile, Jane says that her alliance (which consists of herself, Holly, Chase, and Sash) have meshed pretty well and that the four of them are spokes on a wheel working together. Jane concludes by saying that like the spokes on a wheel, the four of them are "just turning the clock right now...turning the clock". Jane's alliance of four seems pretty tight, but it all depends on what Sash does. Will Sash join Chase, Holly, and Jane or will he join the boys? Well, once we get to tribal council, it all becomes clear. Dan and Benry both vote out Fabio. Fabio votes out Holly. Sash decides to stick with Chase and the girls and joins them in voting out....Benry!!!! Benry has been voted out of the game and he is now the sixth member of the jury. They made it look like Fabio was going, but the real target was Benry all along. Nice editing, I must say. lol.

Benry-Survivor NicaraguaWe really didn't hear much from Benry all throughout the season, but from what we saw of him, he seemed to play a good game. He aligned himself with Shannon early on in the game, but then, he voted Shannon out when he realized that Shannon had dug his own grave in this game big time. Afterwards, Benry was on the outs in the La Flor tribe. He was not a part of the core five alliance and it seemed as if the other La Flor tribe members would vote him off pretty soon. The the tribal switch happened and Benry joined the Espada tribe. There, he joined up with the youth members and Holly to vote out older members of the tribe (Tyrone and Yve). All this time, Benry never really stirred anything up and just sat in the background. Later, the merge occurs and Marty succeeds in bringing Benry into his inner circle in an effort to get Jane voted off. But when Marty got the boot, Benry became a free agent again and was very worried. Luckily for him, Holly and Jane formed a major coup against Brenda and voted her out which bought him some time. But unfortunately, it was not enough. Sash joined Chase and the girls and he was given a one way ticket out of the game. Benry had a good strategy in being laid back and playing the flunkie role, but still, it wasn't enough to win him the game. Did the tribe make the right call in voting Benry out? Overall, I would say yes. There's no point in voting Dan out right now because he's completely useless at challenges and most likely won't win the game. That leaves either Fabio or Benry as potential boots because of their ability to win challenges. Both Fabio and Benry are pretty interchangeable to me, so I don't think it really matters to Chase's alliance which one of them goes first as long as it's one of them and not Dan. So in that respect, I think the tribe made the right call in voting him out. I also think Sash made the right call by choosing to align himself with Chase and the girls. If Sash makes it to the end, then he can say that he's been loyal to Chase (his core five buddy) the whole time and that might just help him get the votes to win the game. We'll see, though. Anyway, Benry played a good game. I didn't think he'd get this far in the game, but Benry surprised me. He did a good job. He'll be missed.

That ends my review for this episode. I'll be back next time. Till then. :-)

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December 20, 2010
Very detailed and great review, Pard, as always. I'm still shocked and reeling over last week's episode review! :-P
December 21, 2010
Thanks. Yeah, it's kind of hard to top the previous review, lol. But I liked the different things that were going on in this episode. The strategy sessions kept going back and forth every five seconds and you couldn't really tell whether Benry was leaving or Fabio was leaving. It was kind of up in the air until the votes were revealed, so that was a good way to edit this episode in my opinion. I usually give Survivor episodes either a +4 or a +5, but this one got a +3 mainly because I was still upset over what happened in the previous episode. But overall, this was an ok episode, I suppose.
December 22, 2010
Yeah, I understand your reasoning entirely.
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Original Air Date: December 8th, 2010
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