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What is more awesome than the loyalty and love that your pet gives you!?!?

  • Sep 10, 2010
As I'm sitting here writing this review, my cat Peanut, my Pomeranian Raven, and Buffy my black lab/border collie mix, are all surrounding me.  Peanut has to sit on my hand (making it rather difficult to use my mouse), Buffy is sitting next to me in a guard-my-master stance, and Raven is curled up on the couch watching my every move.  This scene is an every day occurrence and it never ceases to amaze me not only the love and loyalty they show me, but the everyday habits and personality pets have.  

I suffer from anxiety and short bouts of depression, and although my husband (bless his heart) tries to understand, he really doesn't get it - but my pets DO get it; it is amazing how perceptive animals are to their owner's moods and how they interact not only with me, but with each other; this gives me pleasure and peace. 

You bring your new pet home and they are curious in their new surroundings; you can also see they may be a little unsure of both you and their new home.  Quickly though, with your love and care, they settle into a daily routine.  All three of my pets came to my home at different times, and it amazed me that all of them got used to each other, and they know each other's personalities and moods as well.  To have an animal actually show you the undying love and loyalty that only they know how to do, is just too awesome for me.  

Buffy has a rather laid back personality; when Peanut and Raven play hide-and-seek with each other, she just lays there and watches them with obvious amusement.  Yes, my cat and dog do play hide-and-seek; the cat chases the Pom, the cat hides behind furniture, the Pom looks for her, the cat jumps out from behind the furniture and scares the hell of the Pom, then the Pom chases the cat; it goes on for about 30 minutes.  You can see the happiness in their eyes when they play like this and is heart-warming and comical for me to watch.  My cat is unusually possessive when it comes to me, so I was tickled to death that when I brought Raven the Pom into my home, they took to each other quickly.  Buffy also tolerates Raven when she decides to roll her whole body into Buffy's face when she wants her attention.  I can almost see Buffy rolling her eyes at her.  They look at each other and it seems they communicate with their eyes; amazing!

Raven has a ritual when I feed her.  I put the food in her bowl, then I give her one piece. She playfully growls at it, runs around in circles 2 times, lays on the little piece of food, stretches herself out it, lets out a big yawn, then rolls on it 5 times, picks it up with her mouth and throws it in the air 2 times, rolls on it again another 2 times, then eats it. Whew!  The first time she did this I had tears from laughter.  What goes through her mind when she does this is beyond me, but she will not let me forget to give her that one piece; if I do make that mistake, she stares at me as if to say "Well, aren't you gonna give me my piece of food?" - she won't eat until I do.  I can be in the worse mood ever, but this never fails to cheer me up.

What goes on in my house when I have to use the bathroom?  Well, I can never pee alone, that's for sure.  As soon as I get up from where I'm sitting, all 3 instinctively know where I'm going.  They arrive at the bathroom door before I do.  Peanut and Raven help themselves into the BR where as I'm trying to do my business, I have the cat sitting on my shoulders, a Pom sitting there watching me, and Buffy is outside the door waiting for us to finish.  No privacy for me for sure, but I don't always have the heart to not let them come in - if I do refuse to let them in, all 3 faithfully wait for me at the door.

When I decide it's time to snuggle on the couch, God forbid if I should do that alone. Same scenario every time: Raven jumps on the couch and performs her famous "groundhog" act.  She sits up straight on her butt, cocks her head to the side, has her front paws up, wanting her belly rubbed.  Peanut the cat can't stand for this, so she jumps up on me, goes right in front of Raven as if to say "you don't get all the attention" and tries to block my hand from rubbing her belly.  While I'm rubbing Raven's belly my other hand is scratching Peanut's cheek and they are both happy.  Buffy in the meantime sits there and watches all this commotion.  After about 2 minutes of this pleasant rivalry, Peanut then proceeds to lay on my shoulder with her front paws on my face, purring and keeping watch, while Raven lays on the floor next to me; well, not actually the floor, as she HAS to have a piece of my blanket thrown over on the floor so she can lay on it.  Not any blanket, but MINE.  After they are settled, Buffy lays next to Raven on the floor, lets out a huge sigh, and finally we are all comfortable.  After 5 minutes of guarding me, Peanut decides it is time to just lay on my legs and curl up and fall asleep.  Sleeping in the bed, all 3 have to be in the bedroom.  Peanut curled on my shoulder, Raven against my legs (they both have to be touching me) and Buffy on the floor.

The instincts of any animal is amazing to me, but to watch my own pet's instincts in action is amazing and awesome.  My cat is an indoor pet, and Buffy knows this for sure. The few times Peanut has tried to sneak out of the front door while I was letting the dogs out has not been successful, as Buffy, even if she's across the yard, hears me yelling for the cat, runs like a bat of hell toward the porch, and literally pins Peanut down until I get to her and carry her back in the house.  Buffy then proceeds to wag her tail and look at me with pride; she knows she did a good thing!

A couple of years ago I broke both my tib and fib in my foot.  Peanut, who is overprotective of me to begin with, did NOT like the fact that I was on crutches and was clumsy (I never did get used to those damned things) - I fell more than one time, and Peanut was always there, mewing, licking my face and looking at me to make sure I was OK; she was horrified when I fell.  She literally took care of me during this rough time. Never did she leave my side for one second except to use the litter box and to eat. When I would get up to use the BR, she did not run to the door as usual; instead, she walked right next to me, taking baby steps the same as I was.  I was never alone and you have no idea how awesome it was to have my cat take care of me when the hubby was at work.  Animal instincts are truly amazing.

The affection, love, loyalty, and everyday habits and personality of a pet is something that is hard for me to describe - it is heartwarming, endearing and truly unforgettable.  I realize I am never alone, even when I feel lonely at times, and I appreciate the love of my pets.  An animal has the ability to love you no matter what:  unlike humans, they are never prejudiced, they don't find fault with you, they expect nothing from you except love, shelter and food, they are easy to please and always faithful and loyal.  If people could be the same, the world would be a much better and loving place.  
Buffy Peanut and Raven Peanut Raven

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September 11, 2010
Awesome review! Pets are so cool. Each of them has a personality all their own. As you indicate they make us laugh, feel needed and loved. I am a cat person myself and not a day goes by when out cat Rascal dosen't make me laugh. And have you ever had the experience when you are home alone that one of your pets is staring intensely at something you can't see? It's happened to me with every one of our cat's and is really creepy.
September 11, 2010
Yes!! My cat does the same thing!! It is creepy isn't it - you look to see what they're looking at and there's nothing!! Awesome and I thought I was the only one! LOL Thank you for reading Drifter.
September 11, 2010
I love reading about other people's pets--especially cats since I have a definite preference for them. I was looking for a place to put my review of my cat Twiggy, I should have thought of this community since she was definitely awesome. All of our cats could roll back on their butts and beg like a dog. Fang was the first one we taught to do it. You could get him to do almost anything for a piece of chicken or ham. Then one day I looked over and damned if the other 4 cats weren't sitting up too! It looked like a lion act at the circus. They picked it up from watching him. He could also shake hands but none of the others seemed interested in doing that.
September 11, 2010
Awww--how cute is that?! You have some good Fang stories; that was the cat you had talked about before. You should definitely do an "Awesomeness" write-up about Twiggy and Fang!
September 12, 2010
I posted the Twiggy story. It's under the title Nothing was safe When My Cat Roamed the Night. She was a stray who had adopted us and she was an incredible hunter. A junk food junkie too, and the healthiest damn cat we ever had. There are just so many Fang stories I would hardly know where to start. The old guy deserves a tribute though.
September 10, 2010
"The affection, love, loyalty, and everyday habits and personality of a pet is something that is hard for me to describe - it is heartwarming, endearing and truly unforgettable."...man, oyu are making me miss my dog when I was a kid. :( Thanks for sharing this Brenda!
September 11, 2010
Bless your heart Woo
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