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Target, I just can't quit you.

  • Dec 9, 2008
  • by
It's a sad but true fact that if we suddenly found ourselves inhabiting a post-apocalyptic world, I would have serious trouble existing without Target.  Even having one outside of easy reach has proved difficult for me.  When I realized that the nearest Target here in New York was a 40-minute bus ride away, I heaved a deep inward groan that probably caused aftershocks in Los Angeles.

What is it about this place, anyway?  It's like the upscale cousin of Wal-Mart, peddling the same cheap kitchenware and clothes and furniture.  Yet I, and others I know, shy away from shopping at Wal-Mart while we self-deprecatingly confess our Target addictions.  What it really boils down to, I think, is that Target's stuff is simply cuter.  Magnetized notepads with little penguins on them?  Painted square plates that wouldn't look out of place in a sushi restaurant?  Little boxes of chocolate covered in mod polka dots?  Come on.  It's like throwing a freshly killed cow to a shark.

Along similar lines, it's a matter of store aesthetics.  Target is brightly lit, with easily navigated aisles, relatively neat displays, and that invigorating red logo plastered all over the place.  Wal-Mart is poorly lit, industrial blue and beige, jammed up with people who seem bleary-eyed and angry.  Whereas Wal-Mart invokes a feeling that you're cattle, Target invokes the feeling that you're a sophisticated consumer with spending power.  And what are you going to spend it on?  Cute stripey knee socks.

All joking aside, Target really does have a nice selection of merchandise.  I can usually go in there and find what I need at a good price.  They run some nice sales every week, and there are additional bargains to be found on their discount endcaps.  I really hope that post-apocalyptic scenario doesn't come to pass, or I'm in trouble.

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February 27, 2014
Oh, God, I know the feeling!
August 04, 2009
I can't quit Target either! Wouldn't wanna be without it.
December 09, 2008
do you even have time for people in your life who don't like Target... i think not.
December 09, 2008
I completely agree with everything in your review. I can spend hours in the dollar section commenting on every item.. everything in Target is cuter, for only a little more money than at Walmart ( a walmart is about to open nearby and I'm terrified). The quality of merchandise is also noticably better, and they actually stock things on SHELVES in Target, as opposed to leaving them in the boxes they were shipped in. I'm addicted to Target. Side note: Velveeta Mac&Cheese is about $4 at our grocery store when not on sale. It's $1.57 at Target!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 09, 2008
LOL! We just had a 5.1 quake near Los Angeles last week. Perhaps it was the result of your "deep inward groan" that you heaved?
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There are plenty of department stores in the area I call home (Lake Charles, LA).  The bulk of them are Wal-Mart stores with one K-Mart and Target in the bunch.  Of all of these stores, Target is tops.      Why?  For the simple fact that Target beats both Wal-Mart and K-Mart in almost all areas.  The most obvious area that they beat the competition in is cleanliness.  The local K-Mart is trashy, with many of the products for sale apparently just …
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Target: A College Fashionista's Heaven on Earth
   Target is often overlooked by the seriously fashionable shopper.  The seriously fashionable shopper should look again though.  To put it simply, Target is a magical place.  Not only can you pick up your everyday needs like paper towel, face wash, and notebooks, but you can also restock your wardrobe and be undeniably hip.  Never have I walked into Target and not been able to find an article of clothing that I want in my wardrobe.  This sounds terribly dangerous, …
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Let's start with cleanliness:   Target is alway's immaculately clean and orderly. I'm sure that they've had a spill at some point in time, but I can't recall every having seen one. Which simply means that they have employees and managers who care about the store's appearance. Plus, their merchandise is always accessible and orderly. You know when retailers have so much crap that they literally pile it on the racks? I'm talking three different shirts clinging …
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Converse's clothes are the perfect balance btwn casual urbanity & budget savoir-faire; I rarely run into a style that isn't worth my money.
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I just love Target. It's dangerous when I go in there after pay day.
review by . December 22, 2008
Store Front
The one-stop-shop.  To me, Target seems like an online mall that you can actually visit in person.  Sounds completely illogical since real-life shopping was invented long before the internet, but when you grow accustomed to seeing e-commerce in your face now-days, you begin to appreciate the brick and mortar stores that still exist.    I like Target because it's on the list of places I go through in my mind if I think I might need something.  "Let's see, there's …
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I tried to return an item to Tar-Jay WITH a receipt & they would only permit an exchange for an item in the same department. Basterds.
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Me and the wife love shopping at Target once every couple of months.  We find great deals on clothes, DVDs, home furnishings, kitchen and bath accessories, etc.    We do spend once a month - or every other month - at Wal-Mart for many of the same items, as well as groceries.... but we find Target to be much cleaner and better-organized.  Maybe this is a local issue but we prefer Target.  Unfortunately our Target does not have as much in terms of grocery items, …
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When I use to come home from college to my parents house in the Bay Area... me and my best friend would think of things to do ... and going to Target was ALWAYS something we had to cross off the list... even when we have nothing to buy. And that is one reason why I hate this store.. if I ever step foot in Target.. it's like signing away at least $20 of your life. On what? I have no idea?    For some reason once I step into Target, I suddenly need to look at the ridiculous cute …
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For some reason Target inspires fanatical devotion amongst people. I am one of those people. And yet I still have a hard time understanding why I can't get enough of it. Let me preface this by saying that I do not like WalMart and I despise (yes despise) K-Mart. But Target is different. No really!     I find myself going to Target for no reason what so ever except for the fact that I haven't been there in a while. There is comfort I find in wandering the aisles of Target, as …
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Target Corporation is an American retail company found in 1902 in Minnesota.  Target is the fifth largest retailer in the United States and competes against other similar retailers such as Wal-Mart and Kmart.  

Target was originally named Dayton's until the first "Target" store was opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962.  In 1968, Target adopted the new bullseye logo (the current Target logo, as opposed to the original which was the red bullseye with Target in italicize in front of it).

In the 1980's Target began expanding to the west coat and opened it's first SuperTargt hypermarket in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska.  

Most Target stores currently carry everyday household products, clothing, an a limited variety of groceries.  Many stores also carry seasonal merchandise such as patio furniture and Christmas trinkets.  In recent years, Targets have also began to include "food courts" with Taco Bells, Pizza Huts and Starbucks located within the retail store.  

Target Greatlands are stores larger in size than most Targets, and carry more merchandise and food products.  

SuperTargets, however, carry everything Greatlands do, in addition to housing delis, bakeries and meat departments.  

Target aims to attract younger, more educated and an more affluent crowd than many of its competitors.  Most shoppers have completed college and earn a median income of $63,000.  Instead of just being a discount store, Target has aimed to be a "discount department store," ensuring that merchandise is of ...
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