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The Sacrifice: Mark Bouton

Satanic Cult Kidnaps an infant

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The Sacrifice

  • Sep 17, 2012

The Sacrifice: Mark Bouton
How do you describe fear? Why would someone about to commit a crime sweat, get cold chills and panic that the job would not be completed? A young girl is about to abduct a child from the hospital as part of an assignment she was being paid for by a satanic cult. Entering the hospital on a stormy night, taking every precaution not to get caught she manages to leave the building with the child unnoticed. Completing one task and taking the newborn child of a state senator in Texas, she then performs a ritual on the child’s forehead that will make you shudder and cringe. What will happen if she’s not found and what is the reason behind the kidnapping? Sacrifice by best selling author Mark Bouton: Will they get there in time? Author Mark Bouton lets the reader go right inside the mind’s of the investigators, explains the procedures and allows you to try and piece the information together along with the FBI. Jack Ramson and Kathy Devereaux team up to find this infant along with members of the police force and FBI as author Mark Bouton takes you inside the investigation with the team. Learn the manner of fingerprint identification, how they match footprints and how one witness can make all the different in a case. The author relates tot her reader the possible motives for a kidnapping and the mentality behind those who committed this crime. Added in is Jack’s tenuous relationship with his daughter and son.
Trisha Baldazar, the mother of the child kidnapped did not think anything special or unusual she stated when this nurse appeared in her room to take her daughter April back to the nursery. But, in most cases the mother rings for someone and it’s odd that someone would come on their own. Door alarms, tapes that show nothing, and staff that claim they have no idea how this could have happened. Strange to say the least and much too easy and smooth. So, could someone working in the hospital be linked to the kidnappers and kidnapping? Who ordered it and why haven’t they contacted the kidnappers?
Motives are man when kidnapping is involved from a woman who lost a child, miscarriages, deaths, ransom money, killer or just someone with a low self-esteem that wants to get noticed. As Jack tries to as he states find the interconnectedness of the crime, which would join the motive, events and much more, then he could solve it. But, that link has not been made and the reasons for the kidnapping still unknown. They need to find the rationale behind the kidnapping and the motive.
The author bring you right inside the room and the mind of those involved as you learn more about one man you realize these robed men and this man belong to a cult. Tantrists want to achieve a heightened state of consciousness he states through sexual union. As the woman arrives the authors allows the reader to experience the union of these two people with his graphic description of how she submits to the man she calls master. As we forehead to Ransom and his girlfriend Gloria attending his daughter’s recital, hearing the resentment in both Gloria and the daughter’s voices and their final coupling at the end. Followed by a phone call from the Senator stating he received a phone call asking for ransom. But, there is something about the Senator’s demeanor and actions that seem odd. No one at the hospital noticed anything out of order or strange. No one saw this Mary at all.
The Senator states what he thinks the caller sounds like but is he telling the truth? Added in the author relates the procedures followed when the drop is made, how they hope to catch the kidnapper and hopefully find April. But, the main interconnectedness has not been revealed. Then, a phone call from an informant telling him of a group that is going to do some type of blood sacrifice in the woods but no one took this too seriously at first. Added in the truth behind what caused the malfunction of the baby’s bracelet, the M-U metal that can disable it or some type of foil gives the team something to start with and then they realize even more. What about the security guards monitoring the tapes? Did one of them disable the system? Why?
What happens at the drop site and how they catch the guy will definitely make your heart race and bump real fast. Just who is Herman Manson and what is his link to the kidnappers? Did he kidnap her or was he used just for the drop? Why does he think he’s going to get a free pass?  Why does Jack realize there is more to this man and that he’s in this for another reason? Just why would he want him to take him to supposedly bring back April? Why does he go?
Added into what happens and what the man’s real motive was for trying to trick him his ex-wife calls to discuss his kids and the fact he needs to devote more time to them. Hearing what she says he sort of blows her off because of the case yet knows she’s right. But, what happens next alerts the reader that the Senator might have an agenda of his own, stating he is not happy with how the case is being handled. Not thrilled with Ransom and each one poking at each other with their own brand of sarcasm and quotes. But, one man enters a discount store and buys some formula and spends quite a bit. Will anyone make the connection? Added in is the son of one of the agents born too soon: Michael was born 14 weeks too early and the hope for his survival is slim. But, the search for April is hanging in the balance the evidence, clues and hope for finding her slim at best from what they have found so far. No one seems to have made the connection between what an undercover agent has seen and those he’s associating with just yet. Will they?
A Palo Mayombre cult wants a human sacrifice. The suspect list is growing and one woman seems at the top but is she? The Senator appears more concerned with his office and job then finding his daughter? Why? Leaving his wife at this time the agents question his judgment. As the pieces start to fit together an informant gives them a clue they need to pay attention to but will they in time? They interview a man called the Exalted Shepherd, they learn more about the Senator and a nurse he is too close to and a cult that may be the answer to why the child was kidnapped. Added in is a drug bust, several hospital workers that are suspect, a cold- hearted nurse and a boy newborn named Michael who never had a chance. When the FBI learns that there might be a human sacrifice, finds the kidnappers and understands the reason why, you won’t believe how it all comes together but not in the way you would expect. Just who are the members of the cult and why would they want to sacrifice April? How will they stop the ceremony that the author describes so vividly it will haunt your dreams?
Just what the rationale behind the kidnapping is and the head of the cult’s reasons you won’t believe. Who wanted to rid the world of this child? How does his motives relate to what Ransom is going through in his life? Fathers are supposed to protect their children and take care of them even if they are not living in the same house. Just how this all plays you have to read for yourself as once again author Mark Bouton leaves the reader wondering what is next for Ransom and Kathy. An ending that will endear you to one young girl and a father that will have to answer his own questions as it what he wants in life. An FBI agent that has questions of her own and decisions to make and a team of agents that prove that both the police and FBI can work together to try and save a child but do they? Will the cultists sacrifice the child? Life’s distractions, life’s responsibilities, and life’s decisions: Personal liberty at what and whose cost! Read The Sacrifice and decide for yourself just how many were made in this outstanding thought-provoking novel. These characters are true to life. The story is definitely believable, the characters are quite unique and the lessons learned are many.
Fran Lewis: reviewer

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